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Per Emily’s advice, the day after my wedding (actually, while I was on the plane to Italy for my honeymoon!), I opened up a Word document and typed up EVERYTHING I remembered about the magical day before. I included each detail that popped into my head, from what I ate for breakfast, to the way the breeze felt during our first look, to the words my dad whispered to me when he gave me away, to the songs I remember dancing to with my best girlfriends at the reception. I’m tremendously grateful to have recorded all those memories in one place before they could slip away, and while my document served me fine, I would have loved to have the Wedding Day Journal in my carry-on bag as a more keepsake-worthy space for them! We launched this product about a year ago, after hearing time and time again how much brides love filling out our real wedding interview that we send to accompany every feature. Each of the SW gals grabbed a journal as soon as they came in, no matter how long they’d been married, but the closer you are to your wedding when you fill it out, the better!

Want to take a closer look? Here are a few of our favorite pages!

P.S. Have you signed up for our Fruitful Summer series yet? There’s so much goodness in store whether you’re dating, engaged, newly married, or have a few years under your belt! See it all here.

Marissa: After eight years of marriage, BDK and I love reminiscing about our wedding through the prompts in the Wedding Day Journal. It’s surprising how many sweet moments flood right back after chatting through the pages. Even the simplest of questions, like about our first dance, can trigger all the feels!

Lisa: I love that the Wedding Day Journal prompts include the “why,” not just the “what.” Dave and I worked so hard to fill our wedding with things that are meaningful to us, and the Journal provides plenty of space to tell the stories behind everything. The perfect example? The “Why We Chose Our Locations and Date” page. You’ll probably never forget your wedding date or venue, but this will help you remember the heart behind those decisions, too!

Kristin: The idea behind the The Wedding Day Journal is so close to my heart. While I remember that day (and all the days leading up to it) so clearly, there’s no doubt that some sweet details are going to fade with time. KPW and I exchanged traditional vows, just like our parents, as a nod to our history and and the beginning of our legacy together. To add our own touch, we also shared promise statements, with very personal promises that reflected the heart and desires for our marriage. I still cry every time I read those exchanges, and love that I have not only our promises written down, but also the reasons why we decided to say them in the first place.

Emily: Since I didn’t know what I would want to remember (or what I might forget!) from our wedding day, I chose to write down everything! In addition to the big moments, I love that our Wedding Day Journal prompts you to record even the minutia, like how you spent your cocktail hour, so that you have it for posterity.

So much fun, don’t you think? Along with plenty of wedding-related prompts, there are also pages to write down memories of your engagement, honeymoon, and the beginning of married life. It’s such a special place to record these things for yourself and your beau, but I also love thinking about how sweet it will be for future generations to read! Treat yourself to a Wedding Day Journal, or pick one up for a newly engaged or married friend, in the Southern Weddings Shop.

P.S. The journal is also part of our super popular Southern Weddings gift set!

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This post is brought to you by Mouth – thanks for your support of the brands that make Southern Weddings possible!

Getting treats in the mail on a semi-regular basis is one of the best parts about working at Southern Weddings, in my opinion. We actually have a whole shelf in the office devoted to sweet and savory goodies! When the kind folks at Mouth offered to send us one of their signature gift packages, we jumped at the opportunity – after all, they love many of the same things we do:

— handmade and small batch food
— discovering the new and the delicious
— beautiful packaging
— tasting things on little wooden spoons (!)

Yes, they really list that last one on their website, which makes us love them all the more. Mouth sent us the Bee Happy Taster, which came packaged in their cute cotton reusable bag.

The goodies were beautifully (and securely – no crushed cookies here!) packaged, and everything was delicious. My favorite was the honey lavender shortbread cookies, while Nicole and Morgan preferred the nectar candies. Of course, this one taster package only whet our appetite for all that Mouth has to offer, which we discovered when we started clicking around their site…

Mouth has SO many options for gifting — perfect for your engagement, when gifting opportunities abound! My husband would love the “pickles every month” subscription (tucking that one away for Christmas!), while I was drooling over the “cookies every night” subscription. I love the story behind the cookie subscription, too – a bedtime cookie and glass of milk was a tradition Mouth’s CEO shared with his Dad as a boy, which is why it’s on the roster today. I love companies with a story behind why they do what they do!

From cocktail hour to coffee, peanut butter and jelly to a grilled cheese taster, there’s something for everyone. Though the whole site is fair game for wedding gifting, they’ve got a special nuptials section, including picks for bridesmaids and groomsmen. There’s also a “gifts under $50” section that’s worth checking out!

Finally, we loved clicking through all the options for wedding favors, starting in the candy section… there’s lots that would leave guests happy here!

The kind folks at Mouth are offering Southern Weddings readers 20% off through the end of November with coupon code Southern20! You can browse all of their delicious offerings right here (though we’d suggest not doing so around lunch time!).

And tell me: What food would you most like to have delivered to your doorstep every month? Like I said, cookies are where it’s at for me, but I also wouldn’t say no to a biscuit subscription…

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  1. avatar Stacy {Woodsy Weddings} reply

    Love the packaging design and my mouth is watering from the pictures. The wedding favor options look fantastic, some must try flavor combinations!

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Happy Friday, lovelies! Y’all know we do our share of work around here, but we also do quite a bit of baking. I’m happy to say that I successfully produced a batch of biscuits to welcome our new intern, Ana on Tuesday and some chocolate rolls for another V6 shoot on Thursday! (Okay, I admit, they were both pre made. But I have whipped up biscuits from scratch before and am proud of it!)

This week was the perfect excuse to bring out our new Southern Recipe Tea Towels from the shop! We adore our mint julep, sweet tea and pink lemonade towels so much that we had to add to the family. The newest additions are berry cobbler, hummingbird cake and pecan pie! (Sorry, y’all, are you hungry now? How couldn’t you be??)

Be sure to head on over to the shop to take a look. They’re sweet as pie :)

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Laura reply

    LOVE these!

  2. avatar Sara M. reply

    What are the dimensions of these? They would be great framed!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Sara M: I TOTALLY agree, and in fact, I plan to do just that in my house! I’m working on getting the exact dimensions for you, but I do believe we’ve measured them before and they’d need a custom frame.

    • avatar Nicole reply

      Hi Sara! I just measured them again and they’re roughly 26 inches tall by 21 inches wide.

    • avatar Sara M. reply

      Nicole: Thanks!!

  3. avatar Emily reply

    Well, I will definitely being buying the pecan pie one for my grandmother for Christmas this year!! How cute!!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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