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Moments after I finished the real wedding interview for the blog, I sent Mrs. Emily Thomas an email with a flurry of excitement and a million exclamation points. The process of filling out the questions brought me right back to my wedding day, and I immediately knew that I would treasure having these answers forever. I also knew that we needed to figure out how to give this gift of memory capturing to ALL our brides. While we can’t feature every reader’s wedding on Southern Weddings (gah, I wish we could), we want to give everyone the opportunity to remember and record this special season of life. Our solution? Meet: Memories of Us: A Prompted Wedding Journal

This sweet prompted journal covers everything from your engagement to the emotional whirlwind of your wedding day, to your honeymoon, to the sweet early days of newlywed life. We know all these memories are precious and we don’t want you to forget a thing! The prompts are inspired by the real wedding interview from the SW blog and print magazine and encourage you to capture all the moments (both big and small) of your marriage journey. We hope that your journal becomes a keepsake for years to come!

Every single one of my girlfriends who gets engaged gets a Memories of Us journal as a gift from KPW and me. Why? Because as someone who self-identifies as an “anti-journaler’ I love this little memory keeper so very much!! The prompts make it feel less like a ‘journal’ (important for someone who is anxious at the thought of free-writing) and more like answering the best and most personal questionnaire. (There are also extra blank pages to capture your feelings and other details if you are a journal kind of gal.)

After getting engaged, I was bombarded with people who told me “good luck, you won’t remember a single thing about your wedding day.” As a gal who had been looking forward to getting married since the ripe old age of four, this was less than encouraging. I knew our wedding season would be a whirlwind, but I was determined to remember as many moments as possible, and I want the same for all my best friends and for all of you. We have a limited number of journals available right here so snag one for yourself or a best friend who recently got a new left-hand sparkler!

I’m grateful that the Memories of Us: A Prompted Wedding Journal is one of my Southern Weddings claims to fame. And even more grateful that our future kids and grandkids will be able to flip back through our wedding memory journal and giggle over the missing candle incident and understand why the first few chords of Strawberry Wine always make me burst into tears.

Happy memory capturing, belles!

PS: Want a peek inside the pages of the journal? Don’t miss the fun video at the bottom of this page: Memories of Us: A Prompted Wedding Journal

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  1. avatar Tu Nguyen reply

    Many people would do a blog but I still love a good old journal <3

  2. avatar Bella Vita Montreal Wedding Photography reply

    love this!!

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Per Emily’s advice, the day after my wedding (actually, while I was on the plane to Italy for my honeymoon!), I opened up a Word document and typed up EVERYTHING I remembered about the magical day before. I included each detail that popped into my head, from what I ate for breakfast, to the way the breeze felt during our first look, to the words my dad whispered to me when he gave me away, to the songs I remember dancing to with my best girlfriends at the reception. I’m tremendously grateful to have recorded all those memories in one place before they could slip away, and while my document served me fine, I would have loved to have the Wedding Day Journal in my carry-on bag as a more keepsake-worthy space for them! We launched this product about a year ago, after hearing time and time again how much brides love filling out our real wedding interview that we send to accompany every feature. Each of the SW gals grabbed a journal as soon as they came in, no matter how long they’d been married, but the closer you are to your wedding when you fill it out, the better!

Want to take a closer look? Here are a few of our favorite pages!

P.S. Have you signed up for our Fruitful Summer series yet? There’s so much goodness in store whether you’re dating, engaged, newly married, or have a few years under your belt! See it all here.

Marissa: After eight years of marriage, BDK and I love reminiscing about our wedding through the prompts in the Wedding Day Journal. It’s surprising how many sweet moments flood right back after chatting through the pages. Even the simplest of questions, like about our first dance, can trigger all the feels!

Lisa: I love that the Wedding Day Journal prompts include the “why,” not just the “what.” Dave and I worked so hard to fill our wedding with things that are meaningful to us, and the Journal provides plenty of space to tell the stories behind everything. The perfect example? The “Why We Chose Our Locations and Date” page. You’ll probably never forget your wedding date or venue, but this will help you remember the heart behind those decisions, too!

Kristin: The idea behind the The Wedding Day Journal is so close to my heart. While I remember that day (and all the days leading up to it) so clearly, there’s no doubt that some sweet details are going to fade with time. KPW and I exchanged traditional vows, just like our parents, as a nod to our history and and the beginning of our legacy together. To add our own touch, we also shared promise statements, with very personal promises that reflected the heart and desires for our marriage. I still cry every time I read those exchanges, and love that I have not only our promises written down, but also the reasons why we decided to say them in the first place.

Emily: Since I didn’t know what I would want to remember (or what I might forget!) from our wedding day, I chose to write down everything! In addition to the big moments, I love that our Wedding Day Journal prompts you to record even the minutia, like how you spent your cocktail hour, so that you have it for posterity.

So much fun, don’t you think? Along with plenty of wedding-related prompts, there are also pages to write down memories of your engagement, honeymoon, and the beginning of married life. It’s such a special place to record these things for yourself and your beau, but I also love thinking about how sweet it will be for future generations to read! Treat yourself to a Wedding Day Journal, or pick one up for a newly engaged or married friend, in the Southern Weddings Shop.

P.S. The journal is also part of our super popular Southern Weddings gift set!

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Introducing Delightful Spring!

by in Main on

I think the best way to describe spring in the South is “enchanting”—the days grow warmer and longer, flowers speckle the landscape (don’t get me started on Texas blue bonnets or North Carolina dogwoods, y’all!), and front porches that have been empty for the winter begin to fill with sweet tea and even sweeter conversation. It’s the season to dust off coconut cake recipes for Easter and pull your favorite seersucker pieces out from the back of your closet. It’s a time for celebrating the end of winter, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors before the heat of summer.

For many of you, spring also marks the last few days, weeks, or months before your wedding day. Thanks to all of the above and more, March through May is one of the most popular times for weddings across the South, and if you’re a spring bride, turning this page of the calendar yesterday may have come with an extra dose of excitement—plus a little twinge of nerves.

Our seasonal themes often focus on how to cultivate your relationships while enjoying the best of the season, and while that is something we’re hugely passionate about, we also realize that for all of you spring brides reading this, “Take a break from wedding planning to go on a date night!” may be more discouraging than a pick-me-up. I know because a year ago, that’s exactly where I was! I was proud of how much Dave and I had focused on our relationship throughout our engagement, and we were SO excited to be married on May 2….but if we took a night out in those last few weeks before our big day, it meant that the escort card board we had dreamed up together wouldn’t be assembled and our guests wouldn’t know where to sit for dinner. It meant that our programs wouldn’t be finished and our guests wouldn’t be able to follow along and participate in our ceremony as much as we wanted them to. It meant I’d be giving my dear bridesmaids their gifts without letters to tell them how much they mean to me and how grateful I am for them.

We know that in the thick of wedding planning, sometimes, you just need to get things done. You’ve put a lot of work into choosing meaningful details to include in your wedding, and we want you to be able to finish them! But what we don’t want is for you to get so wrapped up in the last minute to dos that you forget to enjoy these last few weeks of your engagement. Delightful Spring is our challenge for the next few months, and it’s not about checking off a seasonal bucket list or fitting in every spring activity. Instead, it’s about doing the little things that will make your to dos and obligations just a bit sweeter. We know you need to finish up that seating chart—but why not do it on the porch with a glass of lemonade by your side? (Store-bought or Chick-fil-a drive-through lemonade totally counts!) Instead of doing your pre-wedding workout routine alone at the gym, how about calling a friend to meet you for a long walk outside? Why not pick up a bouquet of fresh tulips from the grocery store to brighten up your desk while you’re emailing with your vendors?

It doesn’t take a lot to have a Delightful Spring—all it takes is open eyes to the little ways you can make a busy season brighter. Even if you’re not planning a spring wedding, we encourage you to take part–we’re in a busy season ourselves at the Southern Weddings office, thanks to the beginning of our editorial shoots and lots of big projects in the works. We know our vendor friends are gearing up for their busy seasons too, while our college friends are working hard to finish their semesters strong, and so on and so forth. We’ll be sharing the little delights we add to our days via the #DelightfulSpring hashtag on Instagram, and we hope you will, too. We’d love to be inspired by the ways you make this season delightful!

P.S. Thanks so much to our Blue Ribbon Vendor friend, Faith Teasley, for these lovely photos!

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    Amazing pictures and a gorgeous couple!

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