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I hope you all have been loving the 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas as much as we have! There’s nothing like the thought of a little (unexpected) gift under the tree to put you in the Christmas spirit, don’t you think?

Well, actually, I can think of one thing, and that’s giving back. Turns out my parents were right all those years: giving actually is more fun than receiving! Almost as soon as the Southern Weddings gals dreamt up our twelve days of giveaways, we decided to run a parallel series, as well. Last year, instead of the usual trinkets or sweets, we decided to give flocks of baby chicks through Heifer International to our favorite industry friends. This year, we wanted to do something even bigger, and figured we’d bring y’all into the fold, too! Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that no one in the world has a heart as big as a Southerner’s.

Our goal is to raise $1,500 by Christmas day. If we can do that, together we’ll have collected enough to purchase a “Joy to the World” package from Heifer, which consists of two sheep, four goats, a heifer, and two llamas. These animals mean new hope in the lives of the hardworking poor families who receive them.

On a personal note, speaking as someone who is currently engaged, I know how blessed I feel to be surrounded by SO much love and prosperity, especially at this exciting time in my life. I am thrilled Southern Weddings is spearheading an opportunity to give back in my time of abundance, and I hope you’ll join me in truly spreading joy to the world this holiday season!

Heifer International Donation

Heck, we have more than 17,800 followers on Twitter — if everyone donates just $5, we will have raised $89,000!!! Give what you can, and remember — we are so thankful for y’all! Here’s to spreading joy to the world together!

P.S. OF COURSE we’ll be updating you on how much we’ve raised as we go! Look for an update every Monday from next week until Christmas!

P.P.S. We had to switch the button to say “Buy Now” instead of “Donate Now” because SW is not a tax-exempt organization, but rest assured, all money donated will be going straight to Heifer! :)

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Hi, y’all! I’m so sorry for the unexpected delay in “Emily Plans a Wedding” posts! Can I make it up to you with a loooong post about food, full of pretty photos and even a pair of guest experts? Yes? Okay, let’s go!

When we ask our real wedding couples what their top three wedding priorities are, food and/or drink is almost always one of the areas listed. For all the time we spend thinking about the pretty details, the food is often what guests remember most about the wedding – whether it was tasty, whether it was served at the right temperature and at the right time, and whether there was enough. Food and drink also account for the largest portion of most couples’ budgets, so it only makes sense that we’d all want to serve something that shines!

All that being said, I am VERY excited about what we’ll be serving at our wedding!! What will we be dishing up? In a word (or two): mini food. What does that mean? A little something like this:

From top to bottom and left to right: Baby Greek salads via Martha Stewart Weddings, mini grilled cheese sandwiches from Fresh Tart, mini chicken and waffles by Cru Catering (photo by Bryan Johnson via Southern Weddings), sliders photo by Jose Villa, fancy pigs in a blanket photo by Thorsen Photography via Weddingbee, fancy deviled eggs by Cru Catering (photo by Bryan Johnson via Southern Weddings), mini lobster rolls from Martha Stewart Living, mini crocks of mac and cheese by Martha Stewart Weddings, shrimp BLTs by Cru Catering (photo by Bryan Johnson via Southern Weddings), mini tacos and tequilas by Peter Callahan, mini pulled pork tacos photo by SMS Photography via Style Me Pretty

Fun, right? In addition to some of the small bites pictured above, we’ll be serving small plates of composed mini meals at our evening reception. I don’t want to give away all of the details, but let’s just say I think our guests will be verrrry excited.

Once we had decided on mini food (full disclosure: it took a bit of convincing to get John on my side on this one!), it was time to find a caterer who could bring our somewhat unusual vision to life. We were looking for a few specific things in our food provider:

1. Someone in whom we had complete confidence. We knew that if our plan was executed incorrectly, our grand idea for a meal of minis could, quite literally, leave a bad taste in our guests’ mouths. Not exactly what we’re going for.
2. Someone who was willing to work with us on budget. We were prepared to pay a bit more per person than we might have for a traditional dinner, since more staff is required, but definitely needed to keep the overall cost within our budgeted amount.
3. Most importantly, someone who was open to our “mini” ideas, and who could run with them and make them even better than we had imagined.

On one whirlwind weekend home in Connecticut, we interviewed three caterers in a row. We almost immediately crossed off the first option, as we felt like they were a bit hostile to our ideas, instead wanting us to simply pick from their list of standard appetizers. We were pleased with the second option based on our first meeting, but they ultimately lost us as customers in the way they followed up after said meeting. The third option, however, was just right.

From the moment we stepped into the kitchen of A Thyme to Cook, we felt taken care of. Could it have been from the welcoming sign on the front door? Why yes, I think it could!

Our meeting, too, was exactly what we were hoping for. Instead of nailing down a menu right then and there (which would have been a bit absurd), Linda, the owner, spent considerable time getting to know John and I, asking specific questions about what type of wedding we’re planning and what type of foods we love and loathe.

I also loved Linda herself — she was, honestly, a tiny bit intimidating, but that’s what I’m looking for in a caterer! Someone who gets things done. Bonus points for feeding us (yay!), and for reminding me of Martha Stewart — Linda built her business from the ground up twenty five years ago, and it’s now housed in an adorable building behind her house. We also couldn’t have been happier with their follow up time: we received a menu and budget proposal within two weeks of our meeting, and it was clearly crafted with John and me in mind, and not cookie cutter. We are so happy to be working with A Thyme to Cook, and know we are in very capable hands!

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted to share a few tips from Maria Cooke and Kelly Seizert of Ritzy Bee Events. It was actually one of their weddings featuring a “strolling small plates” menu that inspired me to try something similar for our wedding, so I figured they’d be the perfect people to help any readers who might be curious about what pulling off an event like this entails. Here are a few of their expert tips:

What are your suggestions for making the food seem like a well thought-out meal, and not just a parade of appetizers?
We suggest you work with a caterer that is well-versed in this type of food service. It is important that enough of each item sweep the floor at the same time so that guests feel like they are taken care of. Work with your caterer to offer composed plates that are essentially a mini entree. Each plate should contain layers of flavor to keep things interesting. An example of a plate we love comes from Design Cuisine in Arlington, VA: braised beef short ribs and gnocchi with black trumpet mushrooms, baby carrots, and English peas.

How much and what type of seating would you recommend?
We suggest about 60% seating to help keep guests moving and out on the dance floor! Cocktail style seating is best. We suggest mixing 3′ cafe tables with chairs, bar height cabaret tables, and some furniture groupings to encourage guests to mix and mingle. It is always considerate to reserve a few cafe tables for any elderly guests that might not be able to be up-and-down as much as others. Be sure to let those guests know in advance that they have a reserved seat.

Examples of a clever “floor plan” from a Ritzy Bee cocktail-style reception, and a reserved seating sign from the same event (photos by Kate Headley).

How would you recommend altering the flow of the reception to accommodate the unusual food service?
It is a great idea to begin the event with more traditional cocktail hour with beverages and 1-bite passed hors d’oeuvres. Then, consider introducing the bridal party and kicking off the remainder of the reception with a speech or two and perhaps the first dance. From there, introduce the small plates in “flights” of food as opposed to offering every item at once. This will simulate the same dining experience and timing as a multi-course plated dinner. It will allow the kitchen and servers plenty of time to plate and stroll with each item and your guests will have a nice variety of food offered throughout the event.

What are your recommendations for making food and drink easily “walkable”?
— Serve fork-friendly food that is perfectly portioned to be eaten in a few bites.
— Keep plates small. 5″-6″ is a great size. Be sure to pass a reception fork and fresh cocktail napkin with each plate.
— Use big trays that hold 8-12 plates each and make sure that you have enough waiters that you can easily feed half the guests in “one sweep of the room”.
— For every server on the floor passing plates, make sure you have another server following behind to bus empty plates and flatware.
— Keep in mind that food, service, and rental costs are generally a lot higher for this style reception due to the quantity of people and items needed to provide an exceptional experience for your guests.

Thank you so much, ladies! Readers, can’t get enough Ritzy Bee? Be sure to preorder their new wedding planning book, due out in January!

My stars! If you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back! Then tell me: What sort of food will you be serving at your reception? Breakfast? A buffet? A sit down meal? Just dessert? I’m dying to know, so please comment and fill me in!

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emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    We are having Jim N Nick’s BBQ! There will be bbq chicken and pork, buns, cheese biscuits, spinach and artichoke dip, baked beans, mac&cheese, and tater salad! Don’t forget the tea and lemonade! Nothing healthy, but definitely nothing gross! I grew up eating there and my sister had them cater at her wedding as well. It’s affordable AND yummy!

  2. avatar Kathi reply

    We had the tiny cups of tomato soup and mini-grilled cheese sandwiches at my daughter’s wedding earlier this month, during the cocktail hour. They were a huge hit, probably the most popular thing served.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Kathi! That sounds amazing! There’s just something about mini food that people LOVE, isn’t there?

  3. avatar desiree reply

    ahh this post couldn’t be better timing for me :) I am coordinating my first ‘5 hour cocktail party’ wedding reception…Dec 18th. I have be so excited to work with this couple and bring their vision to life and Ritzy Bee’s guidelines totally help (and actually make me feel better about the decisions I’ve made thus far)! I have already play low and high-top cocktail tables…lounge areas, too. BUT I didnt think to reserve tables for the elder members of the family…BRILLIANT! The couple are not doing any assigned seats, but I love the idea of still have reserved seats for grams and gramps :) THANK U for posting this…so glad I checked todays blogs. :)

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Desiree! The reserved seating is a good idea, isn’t it? This was actually a concern (and a solution!) that my Mom thought up, too! If Grandma’s happy, everyone’s happy :)

  4. avatar Joanna reply

    I am curious if you are concerned about people not being able to sit with people they know. That if one of your high school friends straggles in late, will get placed at a table with your (very new) husband’s college friends and feel out of place. I know the goal is to mingle, but what happens when people put their jackets and clutches down and claim their seat. They could obviously catch up over in the area with higher tables, but no place to sit and have long conversation (unless there is a lounge area). Weddings are also often a time that your friends who haven’t seen each other can get together and spend time connecting. How are you dealing with that concern?

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Joanna! That is a great question! My best answer is that no one will be “seated” anywhere, so no one will end up placed with the wrong people. We’re hoping people won’t try to claim seats, so we hope it won’t be that much of a concern. (As for the coats and clutches, that is definitely a concern, and so we will be offering a cubby-type system so people have somewhere to stash their stuff other than a table!) Also, we will be having two lounge areas, so that should help with somewhere to have longer conversations!

    • avatar Joanna reply

      Emily: The cubby system is interesting. How are you doing that without it looking like a pre-K room? I like the idea though. It would save that concern, save the hassle of a seating chart, and keep people’s stuff out of the way. I have a lounge space in my venue and will have high top tables, but I am just wanting everyone to feel really welcome and that they are wanted. I don’t know if we will end up with assigned seats or not, but who knows. Thanks for this post it was super helpful for the yummy station, mingle, foodie reception thoughts!

  5. avatar Kathleen reply

    We’re having a buffet with food you don’t normally get on a buffet (sit down dinner type food) and we will have a carving station. We haven’t picked our menu yet, but when we were looking at the choices we couldn’t pick just one thing to serve so we wanted the option of serving a few different items and letting people pick how much or how little to eat. I’m so excited to go to our tasting in May! :)

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This giveaway is closed. Thanks for participatin’ y’all!

Did you love the first two days of our 12 Day of Southern Weddings Christmas giveaway? I sure did! Well, let’s just say we’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeves!

As you know, we SW gals just flip for bow ties, so when I saw that Handmade by Sara Kim makes itty-bitty bow ties for your hair, I just about died! Sara Kim also makes a bevy of gorgeous accessories and jewelry for your big day!

Win: One lucky lady will win a $50 gift certificate to Handmade by Sara Kim’s fab shop.

To enter: There are four ways to enter:

1) Visit the Handmade by Sara Kim website and leave a comment on this post telling us how you’d spend your gift certificate if you win.
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4) Link to this giveaway in your Facebook status! Make sure you tag us so that we can see you did so, and then leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know!

This giveaway will close on Christmas Day, December 25. Best of luck, and check back tomorrow for our next festive giveaway!

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  1. avatar Cami reply

    Eek! I just squealed with delight for this giveaway! Thanks for doing this contest and introducing us to GREAT products and companies!
    If I won I would by lots of “love little ones” the ‘merry bows” of course and definitely some “two bows of love”!

  2. avatar Cami reply

    I follow on twitter @pinkpaisleys

  3. avatar Cami reply

    and I liked Sara Kim on facebook! :o)

  4. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    If I won the gift certificate I would have a hard time choosing because there is so many great things! But I think I would get the Pearl Lovers necklace, so classy and chic.

  5. avatar Whitney Calhoun reply

    I really like the Flower Bib Necklance and the White Christmas Necklace. VERY cute! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  6. avatar cara reply

    Oh my word, for sure, once I sat down to shop at Sara Kim’s boutique, I’d be spending way more than $50 once I got started :)! The paper flowers, the adorable cake wedding greeting card, the “petite hat,” the Tribute to Love, and the White Christmas necklace — I’m in love!

  7. avatar Anne Kovacs reply

    I haven’t selected my wedding dress yet, but I’m certain I will find the perfect hair accessory from Handmade by Sara Kim!

  8. avatar cara reply

    Following on twitter! @MommaofZoe

  9. avatar Allyson L. reply

    I would definitely purchase one of her beautiful headpieces and I love the two bangle bracelets. They are so cute! Bangle Time is my favorite.

  10. avatar Amy Strickland reply

    Ooooo this stuff is amazing! I’d for sure go
    For the “flower with veil” to wear down the aisle. So cute!

  11. avatar Amy Strickland reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on Facebook! I love her stuff!

  12. avatar Sarah reply

    Oh my, everything is so lovely! It will be hard to choose, but I would likely buy my engaged baby sister something purty to wear on her big day next September!

  13. avatar Brandy reply

    I love the merry bows!

  14. avatar Sylvie reply

    I would get 100 of those paper flowers for my wedding, for sure! love it!!!

  15. avatar Jen reply

    You ladies are sure making it hard to choose with such a great vendor! I love the hair accessories (especially white snow). I’d be sure to grab a few of the “love little ones” bows for my soon-to-be niece!

  16. avatar Megan F. reply

    I won the gift certificate I would use it towards purchasing the Pearl lovers necklace. It would look so great with my rehearsal dinner outfit.

  17. avatar Clara G reply

    I think I would buy the flower halo or some of the little bow ties! SO CUTE!

  18. avatar Lindy reply

    I love all the beautiful earrings! Although some of those flower bib necklaces could make a simple jeans + tee outfit stunning!

  19. avatar brittany reply

    oo! I would definitely get a necklace or sash! perfect!

  20. avatar brittany reply

    following at @bcrowther :)

  21. avatar Lisa reply

    There is so many beautiful things, but I would definitely purchase one of her beautiful headpieces! Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  22. avatar Lisa reply

    I am following on twitter @mct116

  23. avatar Lisa reply

    I liked Sara Kim on facebook as well!

  24. avatar Kat Lapelosa reply

    I love everything Sarah Kim makes! I have some great signature pieces like her White Snow headpiece. I would love to get some more or use this gift certificate for a friend getting married in September!

  25. avatar Emily reply

    I would definitely buy the “tribute to love” ribbon headband. Beautiful! Then the rest would go to the bow clips that help kids in need. Such a good way to do this!

  26. avatar Jerica reply

    One of my dearest friends recently got engaged and she is one of those girls who has had her dressed picked out for as long as I can remember. I definitely would purchase the flower bib necklace by Sara Kim for her. It would go perfectly with her gown!

  27. avatar Jerica reply

    I posted this one my facebook!

  28. avatar Andrea I reply

    I love the fascinators. They are all beautiful. One of these would look great to wear with my wedding dress during the reception.

  29. avatar connie lyu reply

    i’d go for the golden tiara or fancy little bow! too many beautiful choices.

  30. avatar connie lyu reply

    liked sara kim on fb!

  31. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    I love Sara Kim’s designs! Their all so beautiful! But if I were to win, I would definitely go for the “Tribute to Love” Necklace, it’s gorgeous and would be the perfect compliment to my Vera Wang gown!

  32. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    I LOVE the blushing sash! (and it would use the credit perfectly!)

  33. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    Followed on twitter (elisabphoto)

  34. avatar Elisa Bricker reply

    liked on Facebook!

  35. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I would spend the gift certificate on accessorizing for the rehearsal and dinner! I especially love the ‘fancy little bow’ headband, the lace bib necklace, and the bangle time bangle in green print!

  36. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    @smaddogmiller follows @iloveswmag!

  37. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I liked Sara Kim on faceboo, but I LOVE their stuff!

  38. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I linked this giveaway on facebook and let everyone know you don’t even have to be engaged to buy stuff on this awesome site!

  39. avatar Jessica reply

    I love all the cute necklaces and earrings! But I especially love the Pearl Lovers necklace :)

  40. avatar Christina reply

    OMG! I love the Flower Lace Beige Headband, but really there’s no way to pick one thing I would spend my $50 gift card on! Love handmade by sara kim!
    xo Christina

  41. avatar Christina reply

    Tweet – tweeted @CL_Events!

  42. avatar Christina reply

    Facebook post – posted!

  43. avatar Katherine reply

    I’d love to use the gift certificate to buy the birdcage veil or Lace Pearls & Flowers fascinator for my hair for the wedding! It would go PERFECTLY with my dress!!

  44. avatar Katherine reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter (user @katxc)

  45. avatar Katherine reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on facebook as well! Would love to win!

  46. avatar Christina reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on facebook to show some proper Souther Love!

  47. avatar natalieG reply

    I love love love the whimsical “Arabesque” pearl necklace!!! My mother has a dance studio, and I began dancing with her in the 4ht grade! Thus, the “Arabesque” title would be a special something for both of us! And the link pink would perfectly accent my “robin’s blue and peachy pink” wedding colors!!!! :) I also LOVE the sweet “Paper Flower Decorations!!!” Oh the choices!!!!! :) Thanks Ladies!!! xoxo

  48. avatar natalieG reply

    I liked the “Arabesque” pearl necklace on facebook! :)

  49. avatar Laura reply

    love the clutch!

  50. avatar Emily reply

    I am in love with the flower bib necklace! It’s completely my style and would look amazing with my strapless gown.

  51. avatar Courtney Anne Rafes reply

    I love the blushing sash!!! My plan with my low budget wedding was to get a simple wedding dress and dress it up with a beautiful sash or belt!

  52. avatar Taylor reply

    Wowwowwowwowwow!!! This girl’s goodies are incredible! If I were so lucky to win the GC, I would just have to go with the Lace, Pearls, and Flowers headpiece. It quite nearly made me swoon!

  53. avatar Ashley K reply

    I love love love the jewelry! What a wonderful find this website is! It might be the perfect place to get my bridal and bridesmaid accessories! LOVE!

  54. avatar Ashley K reply

    I love love love the jewelry!

  55. avatar Kate E reply

    I liked Sara Kim on Facebook!

  56. avatar Kate E reply

    I followed you on twitter! (@jumpjuniper)

  57. avatar Kate E reply

    I would totally buy “pearl love” earrings. They’re so beautiful!

  58. avatar Susannah reply

    i love the golden tiara! been looking for something to wear at the reception post veil!

  59. avatar Lauren K reply

    Love this giveaway! and I have fallen in love with the paper flower decorations!!! I would spend my giftcard (and then some!) on these precious pieces of pretty and place them all over my reception!

  60. avatar Lauren Nicdao reply

    Pearl Lovers hands down! Now THAT is a necklace!

  61. avatar Jennifer reply

    I would get the flower lace beige and two of the flower three headbands with my gift certificate. The flower for my hair and the headbands for my maids.

  62. avatar Emily reply

    I would definitely buy the “tribute to love” necklace (but wear it like a headband). Beautiful! Then the rest would go to the bow clips that help kids in need. Such a good way to do this!

  63. avatar yumi reply

    Such a hard choice! Do I want the Duet? The Blushing Sash? Oooor the paper flowers set? So many perfect choices for our flower-themed wedding!!

  64. avatar yumi reply

    I follow on twitter! @stillesprite

  65. avatar Vanessa reply

    Waltz in a minor earrings!

  66. avatar Krista Jones reply

    Sara’s accessories are stunning! Since I’m already married, I would love to buy something for my best friend! She just got engaged and she would look stunning with the Chiffon Ruffled!

  67. avatar Krista Jones reply

    I also just liked Sara Kim on Facebook!

  68. avatar Melissa W. reply

    I would buy 10 sets of the “love little ones” hair bow clips. I have five girlfriends with little girls on the way in the next few months, and who doesn’t love a bow in a little girls hair?!? What a great philanthropic cause to support, as 100% of the proceeds go to charity!

  69. avatar Melissa W. reply

    I “liked” Handmade by Sara Kim on FB

  70. avatar liz rotz reply

    Sara’s shop is absolutely adorable! I couldn’t stop looking at the pretty headband with the chiffon flowers! And I’m pretty sure some little love ones bowtie clips would be adorable on my baby sister-in-law!

  71. avatar liz rotz reply

    I just “liked” Sara Kim on facebook!

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    I just tweeted this @EllieAndAddie!/ellieandaddie/status/142274536417660931

  73. avatar Rebekah reply

    Oh my goodness loving the Tribute to Love necklace. I would definitely buy that and a headband for my Christmas trip to Germany with my boyfriend!!

  74. avatar megan reply

    i’d love to get the white christmas necklace!

  75. avatar megan reply

    i follow you on twitter @meg1t

  76. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    Liked Sara Kim on FB!

  77. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    If I win, I’ll use the certificate to get paper flowers to use at an upcoming baby shower.

  78. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    Linked on FB!

  79. avatar Katie O’Donovan reply

    Oh my goodness! I love the website. So many adorable things to choose from. If I win I will definitely be Buying myself a necklace. And either way I am buying the love little ones hair bows for my flower girl.

  80. avatar Jessica reply

    I’d put it towards the White Christmas necklace – it’s so stunning! I’d wear it all winter!

  81. avatar Kate reply

    I love the “Blumenlied” headband! I’m sure I could find something to spend the rest of the money on too…

  82. avatar Kate reply

    I posted on Facebook too!

  83. avatar Kassi reply

    I would put it torwards the Arabesque necklace and simply bangle… So Pretty!

  84. avatar Brittany reply

    I would spend the gift card on whatever my sister wants for her wedding! If she wanted something more expensive I’d put it towards that. I want to get her a really special gift that she can look back on and really appreciate, rather than just some towels off of her registry!

  85. avatar Brittany reply

    Following you on TWITTER! @brittHOLLERway

  86. avatar Britt reply

    I am now officially liking Sara Kim on facebook !! :)

  87. avatar Mary reply

    I would spend it on one of her fabulous sashes! They go perfectly with the look I’m trying to complete my wedding dress with.

  88. avatar Mary reply

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  89. avatar Sarah reply

    I love this website! I particularly like the arabesque necklace or the pearl lovers necklace.

  90. avatar Taylor J reply

    Also, following @iloveswmag on Twitter!


  91. avatar Carmen reply

    I would get the elegant braids headband and a bunch of little bowties–so cute!

  92. avatar Laura reply

    Oh my goodness, I love her sashes! And her flower hair clips are gorgeous!

  93. avatar Kristi reply

    I’m having a hard time deciding between 2 items, so I guess I’d put it towards the purchase of both the Pearl Lovers Necklace and the Paper Flowers Decorations.

  94. avatar Brooke reply

    I’d spend the gc on white blooms! It’s gorgeous!

  95. avatar Caitlin reply

    ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! So hard to choose but I would probably get different hair accessories for my girls or the cute little bow ties! I LOVE anything vintage so this is so perfect!

  96. avatar Francesca reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on Facebook as Francesca Giveaway.

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  97. avatar Francesca reply

    I posted about the giveaway on FB here:

    francivusk at hotmail dot it

  98. avatar Ashley K reply

    I love that elegant braids headband!

  99. avatar Davonne reply

    I love Handmade by Sara Kim. I think I would spend the gift certificate on the Pink Blush necklace. so cute!

  100. avatar Jenny reply

    I would spend the gift certificate on “The Trio” earrings and a mid pearl bangle. Everything’s so pretty on Sara’s site!

  101. avatar Ariele reply

    I would love to use the gift certificate for christmas presents for my mom, friends, and even myself ;]!

  102. avatar Ariele reply

    I liked her facebook page :]

  103. avatar Alexandra Fagerberg reply

    If I won I would get the Tribute to Love necklace and a few bows, they’re just too adorable and the necklace is so classy!

  104. avatar Alexandra Fagerberg reply

    I liked Sarah Kim on FB!

  105. avatar Alexandra Fagerberg reply

    I linked to this giveaway on FB!

  106. avatar Maria reply

    I would use the gift certificate to buy the beautiful ‘blushing sash’

  107. avatar Maria reply

    following you on twitter! @mariajanegraff

  108. avatar Maria reply

    I liked ‘handmade by sara kim’ on facebook!

  109. avatar Amanda Watson reply

    Totally in love with the Rosette Party headband! And then maybe a little bow for my baby girl ;)

  110. avatar Ashley reply

    Oh my goodness! Everything on Sara’s website is gorgeous! I especially love the “clutch me” clutch and the “tribute to love” pearl necklace. So sophisticated and elegant!

  111. avatar Ashley reply

    I follow y’all on Twitter – @ashleydanyew

  112. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I follow yall on twitter! @courtneykcross

  113. avatar Brittany reply

    I would pick the Simply Bangle. Elegant and classy. perfect for a wedding.

  114. avatar Brittany reply

    I follow you on twitter. @Abrittanyteague

  115. avatar Brittany reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on facebook.

  116. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    I would totally rock the Blumenlied headband!

  117. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    follow ya’ll on twitter! @danalaymon

  118. avatar Christina reply

    I’d spend it on the Flower Lace Feather!

  119. avatar Christina reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on Facebook!

  120. avatar Kallie B reply

    I’d certainly get some Love Little Ones for my daughter. Dandelions, Love of Chiffon, and Two Little Hairpins will keep us gals very happy and adorned!

  121. avatar Clarissa reply

    I would spend my gift card on the trio flower hairpiece!!! It would be perfect with my dress!!!

  122. avatar heather reply

    i would get the rosette halo!

  123. avatar Kennedy reply

    Absolutely love the rouge hair piece. It would look great in photos of our Christmas-time wedding.

  124. avatar katie. r. reply

    What absolutely beautiful wedding accessories. I would love to own the Pearl Lovers necklace.

  125. avatar Ashley reply

    sara kim is a genious!!!! i would love to wear the white christmas necklace on my wedding day!!

  126. avatar audrey reply

    love wearing her items!! i would buy the golden tiara.

  127. avatar audrey reply

    “liked” handmade on facebook!! yipee!!

  128. avatar Jean reply

    i would put the gift certificate towards the flower three sash or blushing sash! i probably won’t be getting married for a while, but they’re so pretty! i’ll find a place for them on my dress somehow when the day comes!

  129. avatar Courtney reply

    I saw this prize and thought, I probably don’t need a bridal hairpiece. I was wrong! I clicked on the site and ended up buying 3 darling bows clips. There are so many sweet things, I could easily spend $50! I’d get the waltz in A minor earrings, more bows, a bow ring and maybe a headband. Can’t wait for the things I just bought to come in the mail! : )

  130. avatar RachelC reply

    I follow you in twitter – rchamberlin7

  131. avatar Jenna R reply

    I would spend my gift certificate on a hair flower for my wedding!

  132. avatar Jenna R reply

    I follow @iloveswmag on twitter. @jennamrice

  133. avatar Jenna R reply

    I liked Sara Kim on facebook.

  134. avatar Rachael reply

    I am an avid follower of @iloveswmag on twitter!

  135. avatar Rachael reply

    I Liked Handmade by Sara Kim on FB!

  136. avatar Rachael reply

    I am sharing the giveaway love on FB!

  137. avatar cs reply

    i am absolutely obsessed with bows- i wear them to work almost every day to make my business casual more fun! i’d definitely buy bunches of bows :)

  138. avatar Quynh reply

    Wow, such a cute site and everything is so afordable! I would definitely get the “flower lace feather” to go with my Vera Wang dress :)

  139. avatar Taylor reply

    Linked up on facebook, y’all!

  140. avatar Taylor reply

    And I “liked” Sara on Facebook!

  141. avatar Brooke reply

    Follow on Twitter via @girlie_bee!

  142. avatar Melissa S reply

    I would get the Birdcage hat

  143. avatar lauren reply

    @lnicdao :)

  144. avatar Lucy reply

    I’d definitely use it for the Blushing sash! it goes with everything!

  145. avatar Brittani reply

    Following iloveswmag on Twitter (brittanibowling)

  146. avatar Brittani reply

    Following Handmade by Sara Kim on FB!

  147. avatar Brittani reply

    I’d definitely be spending my gift card on the Pearl Lover’s necklace!

  148. avatar Maria reply

    I liked Handmade by Sara Kim on Facebook!

  149. avatar Maria reply

    The bow tie clips on the Handmade by Sara Kim website are perfect stocking stuffers!

  150. avatar Laura reply

    I would get paper flower decorations to use at my wedding!

  151. avatar Laura reply

    Following @iloveswmag! @lah8r

  152. avatar Lacey P. reply

    I follow @iloveswman on Twitter. Love, @Lacey2450

  153. avatar Lacey P. reply

    The Flower Three sash would love perfect with my Rehearsal Dinner dress…fingers crossed!

  154. avatar Emily reply

    I follow on twitter. I’m @fettbot

  155. avatar Savanah reply

    I would buy the “flower one” to wear as a sash to the rehearsal. And I would also use it towards three of the headbands for my flower girls such as the “love of chiffon”.

  156. avatar Lee reply

    I love the whimsical pink headband and the ‘clutch me’ clutch!

  157. avatar Crystal reply

    I would use the gift card to buy either one of the gorgeous hairpieces, a sash, or one of the pretty pearl necklaces!

  158. avatar Maple reply

    I’d like to spend it on The Duet hairpiece :)

  159. avatar Maple reply

    I follow SW on Twitter @MapleSyrup2157

  160. avatar Maple reply

    I “liked” Handmade by Sara Kim on FB

  161. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’d definitely get one of them with the feathers, as my wedding dress has a few on it too!

  162. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’m following Southern Weddings on twitter! @Brittneyja

  163. avatar Brittney A reply

    I’ve liked Sara Kim on FB!

  164. avatar Pamela reply

    The hairpins would look so cute on my flowergirls!!

  165. avatar Kelsey reply

    I would get some of her paper flowers to put on the tables at my reception! The colors would match perfectly!

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