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Every Monday our team leaps for joy when we get Gia, from {betsywhite}, latest post to place in the blog.  This week was no exception. Of course, colors like mustard and charcoal might sound a bit like an outdoor barbecue but Gia shows us that it can be a splendid choice for an outdoor wedding.  We can’t get enough of her creativity. If you haven’t checked out Gia’s color palette posts: I, II, III and IV make sure to for more wedding inspiration!

From Gia: I envision a modern wedding working well with this palette…an event with clean lines and a laid back elegant style.

The bride and bridesmaids:
The bridesmaids could wear really mustard-colored dresses while the bride wears a really simple gown. Unique bouquets with unexpected elements would make for an interesting focal point.
The groom and groomsmen: The men could capture this idea of ‘laid back elegance’ with a cool mix of black suits, converse and cufflinks.
Accents and Details: In keeping with a very modern aesthetic, the décor on tabletops would be minimal. Food stations could be set up with stacks of square white plates, rows of bottled water and soda in coordinating colors and ‘cool looking’ foods like sushi to add to the modern style.

image sources: Row 1 {Anna Kuperberg} Row 2 {Gwen Wedding Invitation} by {betsywhite Stationery}, {Anna Kuperberg}, {Belathee} via {Style Me Pretty} Row 3 {Anna Kuperberg}, {Tina Rupp} Row 4 {J.Crew}, {Myrtle and Marjoram} via {Style Me Pretty}, {Victor Sizemore}

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  1. avatar Molly reply

    so pretty, this one!!!

  2. avatar Jennifer reply

    Wow, love these colors! So sophisticated. The swatch treatment looks pretty similar to 100 Layer Cake’s inspiration boards! Love that treatment.

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Contest: BonitaJ

by in Contests on

Our latest contest features gorgeous jewelry from {BonitaJ}! Since your wedding day should reflect your style and preferences, we love that you can fully customize any BonitaJ jewelry set with the metal type, necklace and bracelet lengths, clasp style, and pearl and crystal colors.  Each of thier unique pieces is made by hand to ensure the most customized option for thier customers, and BonitaJ works hard to create pieces that coordinate with bridal gowns.  Whether you’re looking for hairpins, tiaras, or coordinated jewelry sets, there are so many color combinations available that allow you to create your own style and add even more sparkle to your special day!

Win: One lucky winner will receive BonitaJ’s most popular collection: a customized Bridal Pearl & Crystal Illusion Jewelry Set (similar to the set pictured above on the right)!

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling us about the piece of jewelry that holds the most sentimental value for you.  Grandmother’s pearls, anyone?

Contest ends Tuesday, April 14th at midnight.  Good luck to everyone!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar katie reply

    My most favorite piece of Jewelry are some pearl earrings my mom gave me. I wear them just about everyday. I remember when she wore them while I was growing up and I’d look at them and just think that she was so beautiful in them. I find that whenever I need a little luck or some courage during my day I can put them on in the morning and handle whatever comes my way just as my mom would, with class and elegance! Just like her pearls!

  2. avatar Felicity reply

    I have an onyx ring that my mom gave me for my high school graduation with my graduation date engraved on the back of it. It was given to her as her high school graduation gift and has her graduation date engraved inside the band. It was given to my grandmother when she graduated from high school and was originally a necklace – my grandmother had it made to a ring for my mom’s graduation. It’s a very special piece of jewelry and I hope to pass it on to a daughter some day!

  3. avatar Brooke reply

    Aside from my engagement ring (which is pretty high up there on the list of sentimental jewelry!), I have a little sapphire ring that means a lot to me. It was one of the first pieces of jewelry my late father gave my mom when they were young. Their wedding was in September, so sapphires are pretty special to my mom. When I wear it, I’m reminded of their commitment to each other and their love for each other, although death parted them much too soon. I’m planning to wear it on my wedding day as my "something blue."

  4. avatar Kate M. reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry would have to be a watch that I took from my grandmother’s jewelry box after she died. The watch was a cheap freebie she received from Avon, and although the battery has died and the wristband has worn off in the fifteen years I’ve had it, I still have the watch’s face hidden in my jewelry box as a lasting memory.

  5. avatar Eva reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring that my great grandmother had made from diamonds that she brought over from her family in Poland. When she arrived in Detroit she had them made into a ring. Later it was passed down to my grandma, mom and now me. Everytime I wear it it reminds me of the strong women in my family.

  6. avatar Kate K. reply

    my engagement ring of course! it’s a modern style designed by my fiance, using his grandmother’s diamond.

  7. avatar Katie reply

    A pearl necklace from my grandparents. They gave me a chain with a few inches of pearls when I was 13, then every year added an inch of pearls. On my 18th birthday, they completed the necklace.

  8. avatar Chatterberries reply

    Most sentimental jewelry, my mother gave me her jewelries she used during her wedding. I that’s the most special gift I received on my wedding day.

  9. avatar Marissa reply

    For college graduation my parents gave me a necklace with my mothers engagement diamond in the pendant. Its especially sentimental becuase a few years before that the same diamond had fallen out of my mothers ring into the garden and she couldnt find it! A few weeks later at a cocktail party, my moms friend was looking at the flowers and spotted the diamond in the dirt! Now that my grandmother passed, my mom wears her rings, and wanted to turn her lucky diamond into something special for me! I havent taken it off in 5 years!

  10. avatar Vero reply

    The most sentimental piece of jewelry I own, actually came from an ex-boyfriends mother. He and I dated in college for two and a half years and were actually engaged. A few months before we broke up his mother gave me a small gold ring with a tiny diamond set in a gold flower. She said her sons father (her ex-husband) gave it to her when they were in high school. I jokingly asked her if she was trying to curse me, but she said she wanted me to have it because he was her first love, just like her son was my first love. He and I ended up breaking up and when I tried to return the ring to her she told me to keep it so that it would remind me of my first love. I am now engaged to an incredible guy and will be getting married this summer. I may not wear that ring often, but I keep it to remind me that no matter where my love life takes me and no matter who has my heart, there is always someone out there who loved me for the person I was and am.

  11. avatar Sonnie reply

    I think in addition to my engagement ring, my most special jewelry item came from my parents — tiny diamond earrings that they gave me when I graduated from high school. The earrings are very, very small by most standards, but they were given in so much love, and it was an extravagant gift coming from my parents. The earrings may not be worth much in dollars, but I wear them every day, and they (and my parents!) are priceless to me.

  12. avatar Natosha H reply

    My parents gave me a strand of fresh water pearls for high school graduation (nearly ten years ago). I plan on wearing them as my only neck adornment in my upcoming wedding.

  13. avatar Amber Lee reply

    My piece is actually a clutch. My grandmama was handing out her purses to her grandaughters.. I was given a small clutch completely covered in crystals, made in West Germany in the 1950s. Her brother had brought the the clutch to her. It’s small and retangular, with a sterling silver clasp. It is classic and beautiful and a wonderful memory of my grandmama.

  14. avatar Allyson reply

    For me, it would be my Mum’s 1st Engagement Ring. It cost my father about 50 British Pounds back in 1956. I now have it and treasure it….The engraving on the inside reads "From A to M with love…23/4/56." My father noted, that would be the only time in the entire century, that the inscription could read that way :) I’m pleased to report, that my parent’s are still together, and are still, a "Match Made in Heaven"…

  15. avatar Jamie reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry our my pearl earrings from my fiance. It is the first piece of jewelry a guy has given me and I wear them everyday. Engagement ring is right there too!

  16. avatar Moll reply

    For my wedding I’ll wear a necklace that my grandparents gave my mother to wear on her wedding day. Close runners up are the engagement ring (of course!) and the necklace and earrings my grandparents gave me as my first "grown up" jewelry. I had the earrings on the night my fiance proposed :)

  17. avatar Miranda reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a cameo pin that I found after my grandmother passed away. I’m clipping it to my bouquet as my something old!

  18. avatar Leah reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my diamond and sapphire that my mom gave me as a class ring in high school. I still wear it everyday since it wasn’t a traditional class ring.

  19. avatar Elizabeth C reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a small pair of cream earrings carved from giraffe bone that I found at a roadside shop while on a trip to South Africa. The trip changed my life in so many ways. Not only was it eye opening and spiritually challenging; it was during this trip that I met my fiance. The day I bought the earrings was the first day I spent with my future hubby. We spent the afternoon wandering through a small market getting know each other. Every time I see those earrings I go back to that day and am flooded with all the emotions of the beginning of our relationship.

  20. avatar Patty reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is one that is much too small for my wrist. It’s a baby’s gold bracelet with my name in beautiful cursive. When my mother immigrated to America. she had nothing. However, she worked hard and sacrificed so much in order to give me all my needs (and wants). Since I was her firstborn, it symbolized a new life and hope for her. She gave me the exquisite gold bracelet as a way to show she cherished me. I keep the bracelet in a jewelry box. It is a symbol of hope and love to me!

  21. avatar Mary reply

    My most sentimental is my mother’s aquamarine ring. Its her brithstone and I remember she always gave it to me during church services to entertain me

  22. avatar Jessie reply

    Definitely it would have to be the necklace my fiance Matt gave me is most important and sentimental to me. We were both young and it was his first gift to me. We were both in college and didn’t have much money – still don’t – but we had each other and that is what it is all about!

  23. avatar Jessica reply

    My ‘bad luck dragon’ necklace. My mother gave it to me when I was in middle school and I’d always bump into things when wearing it. Now I just think it’s adorable.

  24. avatar Caroline B. reply

    My parents gave me a diamond and pearl ring my freshman year away from college. I was so homesick – and it was a gift to remind me to think of them! I wore it on my left ring finger every day… until the day I received my engagement ring!

  25. avatar Liz B. reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a mother-of-pearl brooch that was given to me when my grandmother passed. The pin was given to her by my mom and I used it as my "something old" at my wedding. Hopefully I can pass it down one day to my daughter as well.

  26. avatar Lizz reply

    It’s so cliche but right now my most sentimental value is my engagement ring and this will be going forward. It’s my fiance’s grandmother’s ring. Not only is it beautiful and so me, the sentiment that goes behind this ring is irreplaceable. Her brother was a jewler and cut the diamond and setting himself and she got to wear the ring for 70 years. His grandparents were married for 69 years and passed away only 4 months apart as if they really couldn’t be apart from each other. The first month of wearing the ring I couldn’t stop crying for the joy of my future with the love of my life, the love it’s already held and also to know that his mother and aunt had to part with a family treasure. Along with this ring, there’s a ring my father bought me at 12 and gave to me randomly before going to school. He said he loved me (then said it’s expensive :-P) – it was so random but so touching. I still fit into this ring and wear it until this day. :-)

  27. avatar Christina (Pretty Bride) reply

    When I was about 10 or 11, my grandmother (whose wedding you can actually see featured on my blog) made my great grandfather’s diamond tie pin that he wore in his wedding into a pendant on a chain. It is my favorite necklace that I still wear today. Something about it makes me feel so safe…

  28. avatar Chutch reply

    It’s not a piece of jewelery I can wear (yet) but it’s my grandfathers wedding ring. Back in the 70’s my grandmother upgraded him to a gold ring with some bling. It screams 70’s but I love it. My father planned to give it to my fiance to have the center .89 ct. stone set into an engagement ring, but he wanted to use his grandmothers ring instead. It means so much to me because my grandfather was MY person. I think we all have that person who we can always turn to, who will always take our side, and who will always gently guide us back when we’ve gone off the edge. So now it sits in a jewelery box where I admire it at least once a week, because in a way it makes it feel like paw-pa is still with me. I’m debating having the diamonds reset into a right-hand ring or necklace to be my something old on our wedding day….but I’m torn since there is also a part of me that doesn’t want to take the ring apart because I’m afraid it will change the way seeing it makes me feel.

  29. avatar Lyndsay reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my Nana’s sterling silver charm bracelet. I love it because all of the charms signify an important event in her life. It is so cool to think that she received a charm when my mother was born, on her 25th wedding anniversary, etc. My Nana means the world to me and I’ll always treasure that bracelet!

  30. avatar Adrianna reply

    My boyfriend gave me a beautiful necklace one year for Valentine’s day. The necklace has a diamond and a pearl (his birthstone and mine) to symbolize the two of us. Every time I wear the necklace I think of our love for each other and how sweet and sentimental he is! :) It is definitely the most meaningful gift I’ve ever received, and holds the most sentimental value for me.

  31. avatar Bethany reply

    We weren’t even blood-related, but my neighbor, who I lovingly called MawMaw, was a dear lady who I admired. She faced life’s struggles – even her own illness – with strength, poise, and an undying faith. She passed away five years ago, and every time I pass by her house, I find myself wishing that I could stop by to share iced tea and teacakes with her. For my high school graduation, MawMaw’s daughter gave me a red rose pin. "It was hers," she explained. This pin is one of the few pieces of jewelry that I am sentimental about. I love it, and every time I wear it, I imagine her, a woman full of beauty and grace, and I aim to emulate her. :)

  32. avatar LeRae reply

    My grandmother passed away before I was born from breast cancer. My mother was pregnant with me, but they hadn’t found out the sex of the baby yet. My grandmother told my mother that I would be a girl and that she wanted me to have her emerald and diamond ring. I recieved the ring on my 18th birthday and will carry it in my bouquet on my wedding day in memory of her.

  33. avatar Hayley reply

    mine is actually 2 pieces that i almost always wear together…..a strand of pearls my dad got me for my college graduation, and a strand my fiance bought me our first christmas together, only a few weeks after we started dating. one reminds me that i’ll always be my dad’s little girl, and he’ll always try and make me happy…and the 2nd reminds me that from the beginning, my fiance has known me better than anyone. put them together, and i have something from the two most important men in my life.

  34. avatar tricialynn reply

    this is super easy. my grandma’s anniversary band. i was the only grandchild in the entire family to get any of her jewelry when she passed…after i gave her eulogy grandpa handed it over to me. i rarely wear it, but see it everytime i open up my jewelry case.

  35. avatar Thendara reply

    The most sentimental piece of jewel i’ve head was a ring of pear and diamonds of my mom that died 7 year ago. She gave me it when i was around 20 and i put it back on her the day she was burried. It belonged also to her mom.

  36. avatar Mel295 reply

    On my 21st birthday, my grandmother gave me a crystal choker necklace that she’d had for years in her jewelry box. What makes it so special isn’t the quality or beauty of the piece, it’s the meaning behind it. My grandmother had alzheimer’s and believed that she was giving me a diamond necklace; her most valuable piece of jewelery. It was given with such love that I’ll treasure it forever.

  37. avatar Ashley reply

    My engagement ring holds the most sentimental value. My family has never really given me too much jewelry because I’m so picky. My fiance worked so hard to pick out my e-ring and it fits my personality perfectly. I love looking at it because it shows how much he loves me.

  38. avatar Kaycee reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry that I have is a pearl necklace that was given to me by my mother. It was given to her when she was a little girl (around the age of 10) by her older brother who served in the military. He had 5 younger sisters and brought each of them back a pearl necklace when he got home from serving. My mom wore hers on her wedding day and I will wear them in my upcoming wedding.

  39. avatar Katie reply

    My most special piece of jelewry is a simple silver band I wear on my right hand. We had a tradition in my sorority in college. Every year, the freshmen pledge class would buy the graduating seniors a silver band for a graduation gift….but ours was a different from other bands. When we were freshmen, one of our pledge sisters passed away in a tragic accident. The accident was the worst tragedy most of us had every experienced and we all clung to each other, bonding in a way that was so special and unique. On the inside of our bands, the freshmen pledge class had a special message engraved. It included the initials of our pledge sister we lost. These bands are a reminder that we never know what life may bring us and we should cherish every moment with the ones we love. I’ve had the ring for almost 4 years now and have never taken it off.

  40. avatar Sara B reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my grandmother’s wedding ring. She passed recently, and I will be wearing it on my wedding day as my something old. She and my grandpa were married for 60 years before he passed away. I only hope my marriage can be as strong as theirs.

  41. avatar Meredith reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a ring my dad made for my mom when they were newly married. He made it from melting gold crowns and then shaping them into a figure 8 design (he’s a dentist). I find it hilarious that he would make her a ring out of dental crowns, but also a very touching gesture. It’s mine now and reminds me of the things I love most about my dad–his sense of humor, his resourcefulness, and his thoughtfulness.

  42. avatar Junage reply

    As part of the "parents-meet" after we got engaged, my grandmother and mother both presented me with bright yellow gold jewelry to wear for the wedding. My mom gave me a bracelet and necklace set that her mother had given her on her 30th birthday and which coincidentally was also my birthday that day as well!

  43. avatar Allie reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is a ring my mom gave me. It contains a couple of my grandmother’s diamonds from her original wedding band and some earrings my grandfather had given her. She had the 4 small diamonds set into a leaf pattern that she designed and gave it to my mother when she was 21. My mom passed it down to me in my early twenties as well. sIts so neat to wear it each day and know how old and special it is. Its a constant reminder of my sweet grandmother who passed a few years back.

  44. avatar Stacey reply

    My grandmother always wore a black pearl ring with diamonds around the base. I always loved the ring growing up so for my graduation from college I got the little black pearl ring! My boyfriend gave me a black pearl necklace to match the ring for my 30th birthday last year! So now I have two pieces of jewelry that I treasure… and hopefully soon another ring with some more bling ;)

  45. avatar Christina E reply

    A diamond bangle bracelet that I purchased for myself with money I received as an award for working really hard/excelling in school. It always reminds me that when I put my heart into something, I can do anything!

  46. avatar Lindsay reply

    My favorite is a necklace of my grandmothers. She’s gone now and I only wear it on special occasions. When I do, I truly feel like she’s there with me!

  47. avatar Katie reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is the set of pearls my grandmother gave me when I graduated from high school. I call them my lucky pearls and I’ve worn them on every major life event since then — college graduation and graduate school graduation. I plan to wear them on my wedding day in January 2010.

  48. avatar Elizabeth reply

    The piece of jewelry that means the most to me is a necklace I wear almost everyday. The chain is white gold, which is lovely, but unimportant. The thing that makes this piece is the pendant. My fiance gave the necklace to me as a one year anniversary gift. He attends the Air Force Academy, and, at the end of their freshman year, they receive "prop and wings", small pins that resemble a propeller with wings on either side. It’s a huge symbol at the Academy of all the work they’ve done and what they’ve had to put up with in the most difficult year of most of the cadets’ lives. Some of them are colored specially. This pin was black, meaning an upperclassman thought he had done a superb job. He had the pin part taken off at a jewelry store and made it into a charm he put on the chain, giving it to me and saying that it was a sign of how I’d helped him to get through the year. I love it!!

  49. avatar Angela reply

    I have a couple of pieces that have great value and meaning to me, but there is one piece of jewelry that stands out among any of the others. It does not have the greatest montary value but it is priceless to me. It is a broach that was my maternal grandmothers. The broach is a poodle. It was given to my mother and my mother recently gave it to me. I love the poodle because I never knew my grandmother but it shows me a part of her personality. Not only is the broach beautiful and one of a kind, but when I look at it I can just imagine my grandmothers love and sense of humor that I have heard so many people say that she had her whole life. I also see that I inherited some of her spunkiness and individuality.

  50. avatar Sunny reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is the necklace my fiance gave me for our second anniversary. Outside circumstances were putting tremendous strain on our relationship. We barely got to spend any time together. He nevertheless managed to put care and thought into a special moment, and gave me this special present.

  51. avatar Joy reply

    My favorite jewelry is a pair of earrings I made with my aunt. She has always been my muse in life and in my craft endeavors. She taught me the processes and gave me a bag of beads. I made the dangling earrings out of big and small green jade beads in various shades. Then I added a small red garnish bead among the green. The red symbolizes specialness. The jade may be more precious, but the red bead is unique and it stands out. Yes, my earrings are metaphorical, and I love it. Not only does it serve to remind us of our uniqueness, it also reminds me of the fun time I spend with my aunt.

  52. avatar Anne reply

    My dad gave me a ring when I turned 16. He said it symbolized his unconditional love for me. I wear it everyday!

  53. avatar Megan reply

    When I was 13, my grandmother allowed me to go through all of her jewelry and let me pick anything that I wanted. As I went piece-by-piece, trying to find the perfect accesory, I came across a gaudy, purple pendant, with big flowers and leaves…it’s huge (about the size of my palm)! At the time, I thought it was absolutely fabulous! Now, I love it, because it came from the most beautiful woman that I have ever known…but I guess you can say that my taste has changed, just a little bit!

  54. avatar KRegan reply

    My most sentimental piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. I love that my fiance spent months deciding and designing a ring that he thought would be perfect for me. He did an amazing job, and I wouldn’t change the fact that I didn’t pick it out. I loved how surprised I was, and how much my ring reminds me of how much effort he put into our engagement.

  55. avatar May reply

    I love my engagement ring, but my favorite piece of jewelry is the promise ring he gave me six months after we started dating, which was almost 9 years ago! I was a freshmen in college and he was a junior – we met at the dorms, so we saw each other all the time. The year was about over and I wasn’t allowed to date (strict Asian dad!), so he gave me this ring so I would have something that would remind me of him every day. I eventually told my dad that summer, which was scary & not fun (haha), but I think my dad is very happy now. :)

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Jessica is living proof that a short engagement and planning a fabulous wedding can go hand and hand.  Bridesmaid dresses from {Ann Taylor} were the first wedding purchase and everything else fell quickly into place.  {Andrew Bryant} captured the special day at the {Treyburn Country Club}in Durham, North Carolina.  Jessica thought it was too good to be true when she found her Bella Couture dress early in a long planned day of shopping at  {Diamond’s Bridal Couture} of Raleigh, North Carolina.  More wedding details: Flowers by {Flower Patch}. Catering by Treyburn Country Club. Wedding cake by {Cindy Creative Cakes}.

How did the two of you meet?  Scott and I met at a Bible study we were both attending.  We hung out in groups for a couple months.  Eventually Scott asked me on a date and just a few months later he proposed.
Describe the proposal:  One Saturday morning Scott asked me to go out for breakfast. The whole time he was texting my sister who was planting the ring in my house.  Of course I didn’t know this. He told me that he was checking the weather, and I told him he was being very rude to me and the waiter.  After we got back to my house Scott started coughing and asked me to get water out of the refrigerator for him.  When I opened it up the entire refrigerator was empty except a teddy bear holding the ring.  He ran over and asked me to marry him.
What attracted me to my husband was:  His laugh and outgoing personality.  He is always in a great mood and can find humor in everything.
Why do you love your husband? He has such compassion for me and others.  He always strives to do the right thing.
What attracted me to my wife was: I could be myself around her.  I loved her shyness and good morals.
The weather on our wedding day was: Nerve-racking. I knew that when I planned an outdoor ceremony I was taking a risk.  My bridesmaids and I went outside to take pictures about forty-five minutes before the ceremony.  We heard the thunder and then came the downpour.  The storm passed just in time to have a beautiful sunny ceremony.
What was the design inspiration for your wedding?  The bridesmaid dresses were the first purchase.  I designed everything else to fit the style and color of the dresses.
Favorite design element of your big day:  I loved the patio that we had for our outdoor ceremony.  I loved how the white wooden chairs looked on the red brick patio with the staircase behind it. I felt like we didn’t need to over decorate it.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: Easy. I had planned a long day of shopping with my Mom and sister. I had made appointments all over town. So when I found my dress early that morning I thought that it couldn’t be that easy and that I should go to my other appointments.  Every other dress I tried on after that I would compare it to my dress. My sister asked me if I realized that I was calling it my dress.  So I went back and got it.
Describe your wedding flowers:  The girls carried green hydrangeas. They really popped against their pink dresses. My bouquet was green hydrangeas with some pink roses. The centerpieces and other decor were green and pink hydrangeas. We chose hydrangeas because they are not only beautiful but they are a low fragrance flower so they are better for my allergies.
Describe your wedding cake: Simple and Stylish. It was covered in light green fondant with cream ribbon and bows on each tier.  There were unique cream details on each tier. My favorite part of the cake was the four favors; peanut butter, white, red velvet and chocolate.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: The food. Our venue did a great job customizing our food to fit a variety of taste.  There were multiple sections set up across the room which allowed our guest to mingle.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding?  We really wanted to keep the wedding small.  Deciding who to include and who to leave out was very difficult.
Scariest moment?  The thunderstorm right before the outdoor ceremony.
Three adjectives that describe the day are: Joyful, Emotional, Fun.
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding?  Don’t be afraid of a short engagement.  I had just five months.  If you are organized and have the help of friends and family you can definitely do it.  Once you find a venue the rest will fall into place.  Also don’t let the stress keep you from enjoying the engagement.  The engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties are also once in a lifetime.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future?
  We look forward to spending everyday together, raising our new puppy and spending time with our friends and families.

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  2. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  3. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  4. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  5. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  6. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  7. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  8. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  9. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  10. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  11. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  12. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  13. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  14. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  15. avatar Emily @ Peach & Pearl reply

    Those shoes are absolutely fabulous!

  16. avatar lisa rigby reply

    I like the shot of the bridesmaids (headless!) and the b&w reception a lot.

  17. avatar Candy reply

    I agree about the shoes. Being leather they should be really comfortable too. If anyone knows where I can find them, let me know.

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