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Hello from the Big Apple!

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Well hello, darlings! It’s Whitney and Marissa, reporting from the Big Apple! We hope you’ve been enjoying our tweet-coverage LIVE from New York’s Bridal Market all weekend! We’ve been running around the city with our trusty photographers, the fabulous Mr. Trent Bailey and the lovely Ms. Ashley Minette, to bring you the best in bridal fashion!

Above: a quick snap from Trent!

We can’t WAIT to share all the gorgeousness that we’ve seen over the past few days! Stay tuned, because later this week we’ll be featuring all the lace, satin and tulle you can handle! (YES!) Plus, some behind-the-scenes fun of two Southern girls in the city!

A little sneak preview from the new Anne Barge collection.

Need something to tide you over? Check out last year’s coverage:
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marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Lisa reply

    Too cute!! I’ve been loving your tweets…they make me feel like I’m right there at Bridal Market with y’all! :)

  2. avatar Latrice reply

    Their twitter coverage has been phenomenal & they both looked so sassy in their style & fashion too! Kudos Marissa & Whitney on a job well done.

  3. avatar Roxanne reply

    I’m just so excited to read what comes next!

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There is something to be said for a homegrown Southern company. You know the types I’m talking about. They are not only based in the South, but everything about their brand leaves customers thinking of sweet tea and evenings on the front porch. High Cotton Ties is the perfect example of a Southern born and bred company. Drawing from North Carolina’s rich textile history, High Cotton bow ties are hand-sewn in the Old North State.

Monogrammed, madras, seersucker, or gingham, all of the High Cotton Ties are quintessentially Southern and perfect for any Southern wedding.

Even better, High Cotton Ties is approaching its one year anniversary and is releasing a brand spanking new cummerbund set for the occasion. Be sure to check out the winner post next week, and you’ll be one of the first people to see the new design!

To Enter: Scoot on over to the High Cotton website and browse through their cummerbund sets. Which one do you think epitomizes the South the most? Leave a comment here for your chance to win!

Win: A monogrammed cummerbund set of your choice from High Cotton Ties!

This giveaway will end next Tuesday, April 26th at midnight. Enter soon, y’all!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Jessie reply

    I love the Pale Pink Check Cummerbund Set. It would look amazing with navy bridesmaids dresses and blush peonies.

  2. avatar Marie reply

    About a month ago I was in Athens while a local shop was having a High Cotton sale. I was giddy when I saw the monogrammed cummerbund.

    Being a University of Georgia graduate, I have to go with the Nantucket Red Seersucker Stripe Cummerbund Set. Seersucker and Red!!! How can get any more ‘Southern’ than that? I do have a second favorite for those times when wearing game day colors aren’t suitable: Pawtucket Patchwork Madras Cummerbund Set- It is a PERFECT spring time set.

  3. avatar Stacy reply

    Love the Soft Lavender Mini Check Cummerbund Set

  4. avatar Liz reply

    For me the “Endzone Orange Gingham” cummerbund set is the epitome of the South because I live in Big Orange Country (Knoxville, TN) and SEC football is a way of life here – the endzones at UT are checkerboard orange and white! Go vols!

  5. avatar Mandy reply

    What could be more Southern than an honoring little college football tradition. I love the “Red and Black Tattersall Cummerbund Set” because the colors represent mine and my fiance’s Alma Mater… The University of Georgia! Go Dawgs!

  6. avatar Sarah reply

    I love the Carolina blue stripe set! Is there anything more Southern than a Chapel Hill wedding? No!
    Also, the model is one of my boyfriend’s fraternity brothers- love it!

  7. avatar Katie reply

    I absolutely adore the the Pale Pink Check Cummerbund Set…it could only be more southern with the addition of a monogram! However, I do love Clemson so the End Zone Orange is also near and dear to my heart!

  8. avatar Kelly reply

    Definitely like the Black Houndstooth. Southern and sharp.

  9. avatar Sarah Wright reply

    I think the Soft Carolina Blue Stripe Cummerbund Set represents the South the most – our Carolina Blue skies and the perfect combo of white and blue!

  10. avatar Shea reply

    I think the nautical blue is classic! and of course I love a plaid!

  11. avatar Linden reply

    Could anything be more Southern than a madras Cumberbund set? I love it! It just reminds me of the South- gentlemen who can dress up and still appear laid-back, friendly, and not stuffy. Adore this! It would make for an awesome Charleston wedding… I can just see it!

  12. avatar Erin Butler reply

    I love the Orange and Navy Tattersall Cummerbund Set. It reminds me of Sundress-Saturdays spent in the Fall at Ben Hill Griffin stadium cheering for the Gators :)

  13. avatar jcristg reply

    I can’t pass up the chance to pick the red and black – Carolina – cummerbund set. Go Cocks!

  14. avatar Amanda reply

    Definitely the Crimson Gingham Cummerbund Set. It’s picnic table-like red and white checkers reminds me of summers in Tennessee. I can picture this cummerbund around the waist of my handsome fiance sitting with me on a blanket in the sun, eating a picnic together. It brings me back to the summer sounds of June bugs and the humidity of summer in the south.

  15. avatar Courtney reply

    I love the Crimson gingham set! All of them, especially the seersucker and the gingham patters were very Southern!

  16. avatar Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    I think the Nautical Navy Stripe Cummerbund Set looks MOST southern charm!

  17. avatar Lori reply

    I love High Cotton Ties. My fiance and I have been looking at their website lately trying to decide on bowties for the beaus in the wedding party! I think the Pawtucket Patchwork Madras Cummerbund is the epitome of southern and would be perfect monogrammed!

  18. avatar Clara G reply

    Although I’m tempted to pick the black houndstooth because it is soooo BAMA, I have decided to pick the Soft Carolina Blue Stripe Cummerbund Set. This color blue screams old south. The cummerbund and bow tie make me think of a good ole fashioned southern gentleman. It is classic, romantic, and perfectly soutern!! I love it!

  19. avatar Elyse G. reply

    Nothing is more southern than the Nantucket Red Seersucker Stripe Cummerbund Set. It’s seersucker!

  20. avatar Dayton reply

    I think the Red and Black Tattersall Cummerbund Set truly emphasizes the look of the south. It encompasses the University of Georgia’s colors with the uncanning style of a true southern gentleman that is best epitomized in the great state of Georgia.

  21. avatar Emily reply

    Don’t they all scream “Southern”? But I do love the Aqua Seersucker Gingham!

  22. avatar Amanda reply

    The Aqua seersucker gingham absolutely emphasizes the south the most. Every Easter Sunday as far as I can remember all the men would stroll into church with their blue seersucker suits and I always knew spring was here! Easter picnic after service with fried chicken, fried okra, and seersucker as far as the eye can see.

  23. avatar Linda reply

    I love the Pawtucket Patchwork Madras Cummerbund Set. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding! Love High Cotton Ties (and headbands, too!)

  24. avatar Jessica reply

    I love the Carolina Blue Gingham Cummerbund Set! What says southern more than the color of the beautiful blue sky on a spring afternoon in North Carolina in combo with gingham?!?

  25. avatar Kristen Cowan reply

    I love the Carolina blue stripe set! Screams southern gentleman at a college football tailgate! :)

  26. avatar Allison reply

    nothing says Southern like the Endzone Orange cummerbund and tie set. Why? because who else than a Southern gent would sport a cummbebund and tie to a Saturday football game? Go CLEMSON Tigers!! :)

  27. avatar Kelsey reply

    My fiance and I are so excited about this contest! Judy and James are the best! My favorite is the Carolina Blue Gingham. There’s nothing more Southern that a crisp pastel in amazing pattern like gingham. It matches the sky on a beautiful Southern day and starts the night off with your gentleman looking and feeling good. And can it get any better than the monogram on the side?!

  28. avatar Jess reply

    Durham Ranger Madras Bow Tie most def!!! love the colors and its also Miami Dolphins :) So proud to be Southern!

  29. avatar Cris reply

    Definitely the Carolina Blue! All Southerners love a Carolina blue sky!

  30. avatar Haley reply

    Nothing screams South more than the Blue Violet and Pink Paisley Cummerbund Set! It combines the rich history which both the South and paisley print have in common with the fun, contemporary colors of blue and pink!!

  31. avatar heather reply

    I definitely think the Aqua Seersucker Gingham Cummerbund Set is the most southern, plus if we win it, I have the perfect dress to match him! ;)

  32. avatar Lauren Dunaway reply

    Although it has Nantucket in the name I think the Nantucket Red Seersucker Stripe Set is the epitome of southern! Here in New Orleans, people from out of town assume seersucker = southern!

  33. avatar Katherine reply

    I LOVE the Pale Pink Check Cummerbund set! What’s more southern than a man in pink?

  34. avatar Tony reply

    I think that the Nantucket Red Seersucker Stripe Cummerbund Set epitomizes the South. It’s a classic pattern with a modern, striking color. The pattern gives it that nautical feel from the coast, but the faded red tones in the seersucker stripe give it that sun faded, relaxed feel I always love. The washed out red tones arn’t too loud, but it speaks and make the wearer stand out from the rest. Also, pale striped sun faded reds with solid, saturated navy tones? It’s a great color combination!

    It’s a quiet breeze of Southern air that isn’t too overpowering, which is why it’s my choice.

  35. avatar Hannah reply

    I love plaid so how can I not pick the Pawtucket Patchwork Madras Print :)

  36. avatar Kate reply

    Durham Ranger Madras is the epitome of the south!

  37. avatar Katie reply

    I LOVE the Endzone Orange. I’m a Clemson girl but that cummerbund just says Southern… it’s the color of Georgia peaches and clay, the color that fills Tennessee, Clemson, Florida, UVA, and Auburn’s stadiums in the fall, a low country sunset sky, and a southerner’s favorite vegetable: macaroni and cheese. And the gingham print just screams comfortable, down home, and real… what every Southern gentleman should be! :)

  38. avatar Brandon reply

    I am a HUGE fan of the Red and Black Tattersall Cummerbund Set. It goes great with a dark tux, but also reminds me and my girlfriend of putting on some red pants, a white oxford, and the bow tie alone at the University of Cincinnati football games. Nothing like bringing up some southern style!

  39. avatar ron payne reply

    On its own, the patchwork madras is my favorite. But with tuxedo, the pink check.

  40. avatar Chris reply

    Even though I’m partial to the UT Endzone Orange, nothing says Southern like the Pawtucket Patchwork Madras. There’s just something about Madras that brings you back to the simpler times.

  41. avatar Daniel Wright reply

    Red and Black, it doesn’t get more southern than Carolina. Goooo Cocks!

  42. avatar Katie reply

    I love the soft Carolina blue stripe set. It just makes me yearn for lazy summer afternoons topped off with a tall glass of lemonade.

  43. avatar Andrew reply

    My favorites are the Carolina Blue Gingham and Cornflower and Mint Green Tattersall Cummerbund sets. If I had to choose one though I think I would have to go with the Carolina Blue Gingham set

  44. avatar Austin reply

    The Carolina Blue Gingham Cummerbund Set takes the cake! I’m a Georgia boy but blue has always been my color. The Carolina Blue is classic and makes a statement of style and purpose while maintaining a quiet dignity.

  45. avatar Andrew reply

    My two favorite are the Carolina Blue Gingham and Cornflower and Mintgreen Tattersall Cummerbund sets but if I had to pick one I would say that the Carolina Blue Gingham represents the south the best.

  46. avatar Bella Michelle reply

    They are wonderful…but I do love that Calhoun Plaid!

  47. avatar Daniel reply

    Love the End Zone orange!

  48. avatar Sarah Gibson reply

    I think the Blue Violet and Pink Paisely set and the Cornflower and Mint Green Tattersall set embody the south the most!

  49. avatar Stevie reply

    The Carolina Blue Gingham and the Pawtucket Patchwork Madras Print are quintessentially southern and are just calling for Charleston weddings and juleps in hand! Southern boys in madras can’t be beat!

  50. avatar Grayson Campbell reply

    By far the Pawtucket Patchwork Madras is the most Southern. Add on a monogram and it doesn’t get anymore Southern. It reminds me of the patch madras shorts my father and uncles used to golf in when I was a little girl

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The week leading up to your wedding is so exciting! It’s filled with luncheons, rehearsals and plenty of parties. (Not to mention tons of last-minute errands.) You’ve got the dress, but what are you going to wear everywhere else? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a whole lot of stylish Southern goodness. So much, in fact, we had to break it into two posts!

And what better way to start than with a little Shopping Guide of our favorite outfits to run around town in, perfect for those aforementioned errands?

A. Vineyard Vines Rugby Striped Cover-Up ($79.50), B. J.Crew Vintage Cotton V-neck Tee ($29.50), C. American Eagle Outfitters Ex-Boyfriend Jeans ($29.95), D. Old Navy Tropical-Print Jersey Scarf ($10), E. J. Crew Chambray Bermuda Shorts ($54.50), F. Old Navy Classic Flip-Flops ($3.50), Heart Headband ($35).

Now, let’s take a peak at these stylin’ ladies below. They know how to work the bridesmaids’ luncheon. Their key to fashion success – keeping it bright and fun! This is the time for you to break out your favorite dress and be yourself. Keeping it casual for an outdoor luncheon? Pair a light sundress with your favorite cowboy boots. Or maybe you’re getting all dolled up for a tea party like stylist Lindsey Regan Thorne and her gal pals (bottom image). Fancy-up your frock with some peep toe high-heels and pile on the accessories. Adding an extra set of bangles or layered necklaces can glam up even the simplest of dresses. Of course, some ladies like to wear white for all wedding-week activities, and we’ve got you covered there, too!

Image credit from top to bottom: Sandra P Photography and Frederica Peccinini via The Sweetest Occasion.

Steal these gals’ style with our Bridesmaids’ Luncheon Shopping Guide:

A. Forever 21 Geo Print Dress ($24.80), B. BCBG Shirt Dress ($278), C. J. Crew Cypress Dress ($128), D. Mossimo Twist and Wrap Dress ($29.99), E. BCBG “Emily Rose” Dress ($328), F. Lily Pulitzer “Wyatt” Dress ($198), G. Nordstrom Trixxi Origami Dress ($58), H. J. Crew Silk Taffeta Blakely Dress ($250).

Rehearsal dinners vary in formality as much as weddings do, from backyard barbecues to formal soirees at a country club. No worries, like I said, we’ve got you covered! Depending on the type of rehearsal dinner you are having, you can wear anything from a simple sundress to a taffeta party dress. Not sure what style to go with? You can never go wrong with a simple strapless sheath and a colorful cardigan. Most likely you will just have enough time to powder your nose, so I suggest packing a few essentials: a cardigan in case it gets a bit chilly, a travel size deodorant, pressing powder to tame oil, and mascara for touch-ups. Pack it all in one of our cute clutch finds, below!

Image credit from top to bottom and left to right: Brandon Kidd (see more of this down-home day-before bash here), A Bryan Photo, Kristin Vining (third image and last image), Orchard Cove Photography and Jeff Greenough.

From casual to formal we’ve got the dress for you:

A. ModCloth Blue with En-Vee Dress ($149.99), B. J. Crew Gallerista Party Dress ($325), C. Vineyard Vines Destination Dress ($245), D. Nanette Lepore Lace Dress ($328), E. Magge London Jacquard Sheath Dress ($158), F. Xscape Ruffle Collar Sheath Dress ($158) (P.S. This is the same dress KTW wore to her rehearsal dinner!), G. Lilly Pulitzer Blossom Dress ($198), H. BCBG Palais One-Shoulder Dress ($248), I. Anthropolgie Quechua Dress ($158), J. Ila Handbags “Frenchie” ($75), K. Nelle Classic Clutch ($65).

Readers, weigh in: Did you bust out your favorite LBD, or did you go for some color at your rehearsal dinner? Did you go with wedding white or wear something blue?

Don’t forget, we’ve still got your wedding day left, so come back soon, y’all!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Lori reply

    I’m already planning my showers/teas/week-of wardrobe and my wedding isn’t until October! This post is full of great dresses and I am SO excited to go shopping this weekend- possibly for a few of the featured frocks. Thanks for sharing!

  2. avatar Bryan Johnson reply

    Thanks for the photo props!
    Great to see the Brewers on your blog!

  3. avatar Brittany reply

    Although I’m not getting married anytime soon, my cousin and I (same size) are plan on altering our grandmothers wedding dress to wear to our rehearsal dinners. It is a knee length pink silk dress with a blue lace overlay with an bateau neckline with a deep v in the back. I’m excited to one day wear it!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Oh Brittany, I LOVE that idea! What a way to honor your Grandmother and your family! I’m sure you both with look stunning! xo, Marissa

  4. avatar Lara reply

    Loving this so much! Love you, Marissa!

  5. avatar Kelsey reply

    The white dress with the red beading is amazing! Any idea who makes it/where she got it?

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Kelsey! Isn’t that dress gorgeous?! I’m pretty sure it is an older style designed by Shoshanna. I was unable to find that exact design, but I did find a very similar one at Neiman Marcus. Good luck on your search! xo, Marissa

  6. avatar Southern Style :: Wellies « Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] What more fabulous Southern style? I think you’d adore these posts: Derby Week: HATS! Wedding Week Wardrobe Part I + Part II xo Marissa June 30, 2011 | view Marissa's blog 0 viewcomments hidecomments […]

  7. avatar curtain panels reply

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