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lisa Written with love by Lisa

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Sponsored Post: Luvocracy

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Happy Friday, belles! If there was ever a week when a little retail therapy was called for in the Southern Weddings office, I think it would be this one — we’ve been burning the midnight oil and calling in biscuit reinforcements as we put the final touches on V6! I can tell you, though, it seems to be worth it — we received the color proofs today from our printer, and the magazine is looking mighty fine. Can’t wait for y’all to see!!!

But back to retail therapy. We’re excited to introduce you to a new online shopping site called Luvocracy today! It shares some characteristics with Pinterest, in that you can follow (or “trust”) people whose taste you admire, but there’s much more to it than that. Luvocracy helps members find the best things to buy, meet people through the products they recommend, and give and receive gifts with every purchase.

Here’s how it works:

You tell Luvocracy the people whose taste you really admire — maybe our friend Vane from Brooklyn Bride, the lovely Erin from Apartment 34, or Katie, one of the geniuses behind Matchbook. Those people become your trusted tastemakers, and their recommendations help you buy better things. Choose people whose collections you want to shop and whose finds you always want to know about.

You can add things to your own shop, too, and you’ll earn rewards when people buy what you recommend, even if someone else passed along your recommendation. Almost anything for sale online can be easily purchased on Luvocracy (items are added to your shop via a bookmarklet, just like the Pin In button).

Ready to buy? Your whole purchase will go through Luvocracy, which means a shopping assistant will find the product at a competitive price from a reputable retailer, place the order, and assist with any glitches or return needs. If a product is sold out, they’ll scour the world to find some place it is in stock. If it’s out of stock everywhere, they’ll let the designer know that you want to buy it and give him or her the opportunity to make more for you if possible. You never have to hunt down that dream product again!

We’ve been having fun making collections on Luvocracy (check them out here!), including some of our favorite bow ties, baubles, and little white dresses. We rounded up lots of our favorite surcees from past issues in this collection, and we’re loving all the sparkly bows in this one! We have plans to add many more over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

You can sign up for your own account here! And don’t forget to check out the Luvocracy app! Goodness on the go.

This post is sponsored by Luvocracy and Style Coalition.

emily Written with love by Emily

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As Lisa alluded to on Friday, it’s finally time to start letting the cat out of the bag on some of the exciting things we’ve been hinting at for months! Last week we announced that pre-orders for V6 have opened, and today, we have an even more thrilling announcement!

Yes, it’s true: We have a new home on the internet, and it’s SOUTHERNWEDDINGS.COM! That’s absolutely so exciting it needs to be typed in ALL CAPS!

Now, you may be wondering just why this is such an exciting announcement for us — and truthfully, I’d understand if y’all thought the V6 pre-order announcement overshadows this one. But for us, and especially for Lara, this is the culmination of a very long and very personal journey that’s about much more than a domain or a blog or a magazine or a business. If you’re interested in the full story, Lara’s written it out on her own blog today.

A few housekeeping details for our new home: old links will automatically redirect to, so no worries there. If you do have a link on your own site, though, we’d love for you to update it! The RSS feed should be all set, too — I use Feedly, and the posts are still coming in just fine for me. The only other change is that our instagram handle has switched to @southernweddings, but if you were already following us, you still are! (Sadly, we can’t have @southernweddings on Twitter or Pinterest because it’s one letter too long!!)

YEEHAW, y’all! To celebrate, we’d love for you to share the news and the above graphic on your social media channel of choice (Pinterest, instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook!), then comment here with a link to your post! You can enter once for each channel, and one VERY lucky lady or gent will win a copy of V6 hot off the presses!!

Finally, y’all, we can’t thank you enough for all of the changes you’ve seen us through, and the encouragement (and motivation!) you’ve provided along the way. We are so grateful for all of you, and excited about what’s to come!!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Lauren Carnes reply

    What a joy! Happy housewarming!

  2. avatar Brittany Werth reply

    YAAAAAAYYYYY! Congrats, Lara, and all the SW gals! Can’t wait to see V6 and your shiny new brand! xoxo.

  3. avatar Madi reply

    SO SO SO happy for y’all! I know this has been a long time coming and I am thrilled that you finally are HOME! Yay!

  4. avatar Caitlyn | The Aerialist Press reply

    Congrats! Love!

  5. avatar Emily reply

    Hip, hip, hooray!!! So very excited for y’all!

  6. avatar dennyfrench reply

    Congrats! oh, wait let me try that again – CONGRATS!!

  7. avatar Melissa Cheek reply

    Jumping for joy for you guys!! Welcome HOME!

  8. avatar Carol Colman reply

    So happy for you! Sent a tweet:

    Congrats on this long-awaited achievement. As I understand it, the answers to prayers go as follows – either yes; not yet; or no, because something better is in the cards for you.

    xoxo Carol

  9. avatar Kelly reply


  10. avatar Melissa Cheek reply

    Posted on Facebook for everyone to see :)

  11. avatar Darlene Taylor reply

    Congratulations!! SO EXCITED!! We posted it here

  12. avatar Darlene Taylor reply

    We are so excited about this – we Tweeted it!!

  13. avatar Mackenzie reply

    I’m so excited for you, Lara! Nothing lights my heart on fire more than someone being connected deeply and firmly to the roots of their why. I just can’t. get. enough. Excited to share this HUGE accomplishment!

  14. avatar Darlene Taylor reply

    Can you tell how EXCITED TaylorMade Weddings is? We pinned too!! We LOVE Southern Weddings!

  15. avatar Melissa reply

    Congratulations! So excited for y’all! (I shared the photo from your Facebook page)

  16. avatar Ana Rocha reply

    YAY, so so happy about this BIG news. Welcome home!

  17. avatar Heidi Bray reply

    Shared via Twitter.

  18. avatar Heidi Bray reply

    Shared via Pinterest.

  19. avatar Kylie reply

    HOORAY, HOORAY! So excited for you girls! Counting down to 11-12-13!!!!

  20. avatar RiverOaks Charleston reply

    The cheerleaders at RiverOaks Charleston are spreading the word. So good to be home, right?

  21. avatar Jen | Jen Darling reply

    Congratulations!! I’ve been reading SW for 5 years and I am so excited for you guys!! Can’t wait to see the new site!!


  22. avatar Casey reply

    I pinned it! Can’t wait for 11.12.13!!!

  23. avatar Emilie reply

    Yay!!! Congrats!!

  24. avatar Victoria Austin reply

    YAY! So happy y’all were able to get the domain! And can’t wait until 11/12/13! XO (Shared to Victoria Austin Designs FB page:

  25. avatar Caroline Simas reply

    Congratulations Lara and SW team! The Lord blessed your patience and His timing is always better than we can ever imagine! Joy, joy, joy!

  26. avatar Jenna Lea Fore reply

    Loved sharing this on Facebook

  27. avatar Jenna Lea Fore reply

    Home Sweet Home

  28. avatar Jordan reply

    Though I have absolutely no prospects of a husband, I absolutely love reading SW each day! Here’s my pin

  29. avatar Laura reply

    I pinned the image!

  30. avatar Laura reply

    I also tweeted :)

  31. avatar Laura reply

    Andddd just shared on instagram!

  32. avatar YELENA BOSOVIK reply

    Congrats on the new domain – I just read Lara’s post about how all this came about and it’s such a blessing! :)

    I pinned it here:
    Tweeted it here:

  33. avatar Catherine Marsh reply

    I tweeted about it because it is gooder than grits !


    have an amazing day

  34. avatar Karina reply

    Maybe I am late but just found out this site, amazing!

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