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Beer, wine, lemonade, mint juleps, punch, and yes, sweet tea – you’d expect to find any of them at a Southern wedding reception. But a sweet tea bar? Well, that’s a new one on us! When Ginny from Sleepy Fox Photography emailed to tell us about a new tea company catering to weddings that just popped up in Huntsville, Alabama, we knew we had to share. Hugs to Ginny and White Rabbit Studios for these photos of Piper & Leaf!

Connor, his sister Brigette, and her husband Caleb, unified by a common dream of helping turn Huntsville into a town overflowing with art and beauty, decided to open a farmer’s market booth selling compost. Yep, compost! Tea was thrown in as an afterthought, but it was what sold out their first day (while the compost was left untouched). They quickly became a part of almost every local farmers market, were introduced into local shops, opened an online store, and began selling at nearby shopping malls.

We were most excited to hear about their Artisan Tea Bars for weddings and events, which offer a ritzy, non-alcoholic, and economical alternative to the standard bar package. The experience begins with a personalized tea tasting with a Piper & Leaf sommelier to help you choose your flavors (they can even custom blend flavors for the occasion!) and serving options. The look of the bar can be customized to blend with everything from a black tie affair to a down home bash, and each guest gets a customized glass bottle or jar to take home as a keepsake! Alabama couples can find more details here.

From Piper & Leaf: We’re a family who loves working together, creating community, growing local, and serving delicious tea. Our custom, locally blended teas are created with local herbs and fruits that we grow, pick, forage, or attain from other farmers and friends and mixed with heaping doses of happiness and love. Piper & Leaf Gardens is the unique taste of Alabama in a cup (or jar) of tea.

Will y’all be serving sweet tea at your weddings?

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Erin reply

    What an amazing idea. Sweet tea for life!!!

  2. avatar Lisa reply

    Love this idea and the story behind their company!

  3. avatar Sally reply

    They grow their own herbs and make custom tea blends? And serve in Mason Jars!?! That is amazing! I love this idea!

  4. avatar Tiffany reply

    That pallet bar is AMAZING! It sounds like a wonderful family. I love the pics. Those puppies are too cute!

  5. avatar Meridith reply

    That family is terrific! I love them!

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  7. avatar Hannah reply

    It’s so cool to see a local vendor from my hometown on here! We have already booked Piper & Leaf to have a tea bar at our wedding and we are so excited!

  8. avatar Brown belted jacket for rider reply

    i think you rock the party guyz..awesome place for party..

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    […] they have been in existence, Piper & Leaf has been featured by the likes of Southern Living, Southern Weddings and, as well has having been a food finalist for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made […]

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Now that V5 is out on shelves, we get asked quite frequently if things have slowed down a bit and all of us SW gals are relaxing. Well, we are quite relaxed, but the V5 hubbub has not died down. (Especially with surprise collector’s editions sprouting up throughout the South!) Nope, we’re still on the post-print high, soaking in the gold foil on our cover and the love in our pages. We still can’t believe this magazine is ours!

That’s why, in celebration of five years of publishing, of great love stories and of amazing friends, vendors and readers, the V5 Launch Party was a must-do! We were blown away by how many people came to celebrate with us last month. Over 200 of y’all! We had a blast at the Carolina Inn hugging everyone and piling into the Cheese Photo Booth.

Those adorable buttons up there are from our event sponsor, Busy Beaver Button Co.! They greeted guests as they began rolling in at 7:00 on the dot. (Apparently, they were so well liked that many people from the event down the hall from us wanted to take them!)

Ryan Ray and Stefanie Miles of Lavender Joy Weddings, the talented brains behind our cover, didn’t know they could come until the very last minute. We are so glad they did because not only did we get to give them giant hugs, but we got to witness them seeing their cover in person for the very first time!

With our fifth anniversary cover donning glitzy gold and bright yellow, you know we jumped on the chance to make the whole party and gold glitter bash! Our intern Alexia was crucial in executing ideas. (In all seriousness, we do often refer to her as the official glitterer in the SW office.) We’re big fans of rustic and glam, so we just love that Floral Cotton provided us with some fluffy bolls to stick in our glittered mason jar. Those cheery and dressed up yellow centerpieces are the work of Expressions of Love, who nailed our color theme.

Y’all, let me tell you. There was no shortage of delicious (mini) Southern food at this party. Heidi at the Carolina Inn is a master at creating menus. Ours was full of mini pies, mini chicken and waffles, pulled pork sliders, a sweet potato bar, a sweet tea bar, a hot chocolate bar and so much more. Of course, we washed it all down with something sweet, courtesy of our friends at Cheerwine.

After we cut the (delicious red velvet) cake, we had to hop into the Cheese Booth! The lovely people below are Faith Teasley and Stacey Lanning, the photo and styling masterminds behind our feature, “In Celebration of the Mason,” followed by photographer Lauren Larsen and V5 Real Wedding couple Hailey + Rhet!! We couldn’t resist dropping a few poses with our new cover, Ryan Ray and Stefanie Miles.

Yahoo! The party was quite a big night for us. (Lara’s car and mine are still covered in glitter!) Since we’re still celebrating, we’re giving away one of our swag bags from the party! This gilded bag is full of a golden V5, fun buttons and a Sweet Tea Society manifesto. Want to win? Leave a comment below telling us what you love about weddings.

In other merry news, ornaments should be rolling into your mailboxes as I speak! If y’all are participating in our annual ornament swap, you should have sent your ornaments out on Friday. Slipped your mind? Get them in the mail today!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Laura reply

    There’s not too much that I don’t love about a wedding…but the very best thing about a wedding is the happiness. From the moment a bride puts on her dress, to the moment when the groom sees her for the first time and then the celebration on the dance floor, everyone is always happy and that’s as awesome as it gets.

  2. avatar Mollie reply

    I’m nowhere near planning my own wedding, but I love weddings that have a heavy emphasis on family, and two families becoming one. I want an small(ish), intimate wedding, but it’s impossible for me to imagine it without my family there! :)

  3. avatar Cassie reply

    I love the hope that you can’t help but feel at a wedding. It’s palpable in the air. Hope for the happy couple, hope that love conquers all, hope in general. Love it!

  4. avatar Melody reply

    I love when the bride sees her reception space for the very first time. It brings tears to my eyes when you know in your heart that every dream she’s had for her wedding is coming true in that amazing moment.

  5. avatar Dee Shore reply

    That Sweet Tea, as well as the Chicken & Waffles bars, are brilliant. I want!

  6. avatar Shelby reply

    Looks like such a blast! Y’all need to head down to Atlanta for the next Launch party!! What do I love about weddings? Tough to narrow it down, but I’d day the traditions of two families coming together to celebrate the love and the beginning of two wonderful people’s forever. Love never fails, y’all!

  7. avatar Ashley reply

    Love the happiness and love surrounding weddings!

  8. avatar Emily Tuohy reply

    I love wedding videography as much as you guys but I especially love wedding films that capture vows that are both a little bit traditional and a little silly, showing the personality of the couple! ( Lifestage Films’ video on a couple named Wiley and Mallory is my absolute favorite )

  9. avatar Loverly reply

    What a great party! Wish we could’ve been there. What a sweet and cheery recap, and we’re glad it was such a success!

  10. avatar Callie reply

    I love weddings because they’re more than just a display of unity between two people, and more than just an expression of love between two people. It’s a celebration of love between all sorts of people. It’s an expression of emotion that’s so beautiful, so well-planned and so thoughtful, that it makes everyone in the room feel something. Whether it’s your first wedding or your thousandth, whether you’re the bridesmaid or barely know the bride, there’s something in the air at weddings that goes beyond everyday emotions. It’s like the love between the couple transcends, and permeates the entire climate of the wedding.

  11. avatar Christin reply

    There is so much that I love about weddings, but two of my very favorites are 1) the flowers and 2) the vows. Floral creations can turn any space into the perfect ambiance the couple is trying to achieve and often bring the outdoors in (particularly for the glistening prone summer bride who would not dare get married outside in the heat!). And the vows. The vows, whether traditional or personalized, really exemplify all the joy, hope and LOVE that that couple has for one another and their future. It makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it!

  12. avatar Nicole Saffron reply

    First off, the love is the best part of a wedding, but I also love the history of the details. What brought the couple to have these things at their wedding – their grandparents cake topper, a mama’s wedding gown, etc. So many special family historic details. Love!!

  13. avatar anna reply

    my favorite part about weddings is hanging with the girls 30 minutes before when everything is DONE, seeing the grooms face when the bride walks in, and the true celebration of love, friends and family that helped make it all possible

  14. avatar Amanda reply

    What I love about weddings is the different details and touches that every bride brings to the table! Every wedding we do at The Barn has a similar theme, but all the details vary in style and personality!

  15. avatar Katie reply

    I love the ability to showcase a couple’s personality. No 2 weddings are the same the way no 2 couples are the same! Weddings should be a showcase of a couple’s love.

  16. avatar megan reply

    one of my favorite things about weddings is the father’s toast. gets me every time!

  17. avatar Emily reply

    I LOVE all the pics from your events. I always with I could jump right on in! Your blog has given me SO much inspiration for my upcoming June wedding. Don’t know how I’d do it without you! :)


  18. avatar Meghan P. reply

    I love weddings for bringing families together to create a new family. The wedding itself is the celebration of two halves becoming whole, and in my opinion is the perfect springboard into a wonderful life full of love. I cannot think of anything better than being surrounded by so many people who all share the same love and support for you in your journey to find happiness and love. The greatest of these is truly love, and I am thrilled to start a wonderful life with the man I love with our families standing by our side.

  19. avatar Sandryte reply

    I really like the tears at the weddings! You can fake the smile, but you can never fake the feeling with happy tears! Like when the couple is entering the church it’s beautiful to see the eyes of the bride, of her parents. So emotional!!

  20. avatar Kristy reply

    I enjoy seeing the grooms reaction and the two families coming together.

  21. avatar Katie reply

    Love this! What’s NOT to love about weddings?!

  22. avatar Yasmin Sarai reply

    What I love about weddings is how it is a glimpse of what Heaven will be like… a joyful celebration, a delicious feast, and beauty and love all around!!

  23. avatar Parker reply

    I love the class and style of weddings! The color schemes, the small details, all of the thought that is put into the day make each one so classy and unique!

  24. avatar Cece reply

    I love the feeling of family. I think it’s one of the few times in a couple’s life when they are surrounded by all those they love the most…and that warm fuzzy feeling is contagious!!

  25. avatar Kristen reply

    I love stealing my couples away for a few minutes during their reception to take photos of them so in awe of each other. Intimate and romantic times are witnessed through my viewfinder!

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    […] Photos ~ via Southern Weddings Magazine […]

  27. avatar melanie reply

    what do I love about weddings? love, laughter, family, friends, joy, tears, details, dancing, vows from the heart that cause you to choke back tears, good food, fun music, memories made for a lifetime, and the start of a new life together for the bride and groom!

    what do I love about weddings? pretty much everything!! :)

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    […] the other end, we were tickled pink that Hailey + Rhet flew all the way to North Carolina for our Release Party – it was so great to hug them in person, and we all swooned over Hailey’s dress! (It […]

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Sending out a call for the ultimate Southern anything reminds me of just how many goodies we take pride in in the South. For example, we’ve gone a whole week without featuring a sweet tea concept, and it’s difficult to get more Southern than that! Luckily, Chelsea from Southern Fried Paper is here to set us straight with her adorable escort cards. Thanks also to After Yes for planning the display, and Sarah Kate, Photographer, for the lovely images!

From Chelsea:

“What’s more Southern than sweet tea?! We crafted small paper envelopes of tea with names and table assignments on the front of each. After guests find their name, they can sip a big glass of Southern sweet tea as they find their seat!”

Thanks so much, ladies! Readers, if you love this idea, be sure to let us know in the comments! And remember, you’re welcome to give a vote of support to more than one concept.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Raine reply

    LOVE this! such a sweet idea!

  2. avatar Erin reply

    What a cute idea! I like the inclusion of a pre-dinner drink, too! A little “self-serve,” interactive escort card!

  3. avatar Shelby reply

    Love the sweet peach tea! Makes me thirsty for some right now…

  4. avatar Corinne reply

    Absolutely LOVE this idea! What a cute way to display the names and the tea at the same time!!

  5. avatar Lisa reply

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Southern Fried Paper makes the cutest stuff!!!

  6. avatar Juliana reply

    Love! love love! I could go for a glass right now!

  7. avatar Sara reply

    I love love love this idea! It almost makes me want to reconsider our buffet dinner without assigned seats, so I can use escort cards

  8. avatar Amanda reply

    So cute! I love the straws and the fresh sliced apples!

  9. avatar Susie reply

    Such a clever and creative way to use the namecards!

  10. avatar Julia reply

    What a darling idea and beautiful presentation!

  11. avatar Susie reply

    Great idea! I love that it’s not just a plain ‘ole name card … and who doesn’t love sweet tea!?

  12. avatar Wendy reply

    Love these! Chelsey is so talented!

  13. avatar Raelee Merrill reply

    This one definitely gets my vote!

  14. avatar Catie Ronquillo reply

    LOVE what Southern Fried Paper & After Yes have put together. Love me some Southern Sweet Tea :)

  15. avatar Angela Rollins reply

    They are great and their invites are amazing!

  16. avatar Mark reply

    What a great idea! Just another example of the extraordinary work that Southern Fried Paper does.

  17. avatar Luke reply

    Really nice, like the southern style!

  18. avatar Debbie Parker reply

    Chelsea from Southern Fried Paper!!

  19. avatar Shelley reply

    can’t get any more southern than that! Darling!

  20. avatar Lauren reply

    Oh my gosh!! This is adorable!

  21. avatar MLH reply

    I love me some Southern Fried Paper!

  22. avatar Brad reply

    What a nifty idea! You would’t soon forget the wedding you attended with sweat tea escort cards!

  23. avatar mitchell reply

    great set up reminds me of back home… classic southern weddings!

  24. avatar Mitchell reply

    Great set up… classic southern wedding!

  25. avatar Gary P reply

    Nice, very niiiiice! Very talented.

  26. avatar Beth reply

    What a great idea!!

  27. avatar Rita reply

    OH… this idea! Loving me some peach tea and wanting some right now!!!

  28. avatar Jim reply

    What an awesome idea! I got married this summer and I wish we would have seen this before hand..would have fit right in our reception.

  29. avatar Stephanie reply

    Southern fried paper makes the cutest things. I have ordered from them a couple of times and LOVE their work everytime!

  30. avatar Stephanie reply

    I have ordered from Southern Fried Paper different items for my wedding. I loved everything they did and will continue to order from them!

  31. avatar Hickman reply

    Awesome looking invitations. Would be more than happy to have this at my wedding.

  32. avatar Dean L. reply


  33. avatar Jay reply

    Brilliant Idea, looks great!

  34. avatar Billy reply

    What a fresh and creative new idea using an old Southern theme!

  35. avatar Nolan reply

    What a creative idea! Unique and full of personality and creativity, but still functional. Love it.

  36. avatar Vincent reply


  37. avatar Beckie reply

    Great idea, beautifully put together. Who doesn’t love sweet tea? I’m using this entire setting when I plan my wedding. After Yes, we’ll be in touch!

  38. avatar I absolutely love Honey Bee Invites reply

    I am the event manager for my company and I am always looking for new and innovative Invites. Once I found Honey Bee Invites I was absolutely hooked. If you have never experienced Honey Bee Invites you are missing out. I give them 2 thumbs out .

  39. avatar Sharon reply

    Love this idea! I’ll be DIYing this soon!!

  40. avatar Debbi reply

    Love the bow times. Bow ties are in style again. My husband wears them all the time!

  41. avatar Darby reply

    I don’t think you can get more southern than this! Great job Southern Fried Paper!

  42. avatar Sharon reply

    I think this is the ultimate southern idea. Creative, homey, casual yet elegant. The epitome of southern style. I vote for Sweet Tea.

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    […] placed in the top 10 and ended up getting runner-up overall. Be sure to check out our post on Southern Weddings. […]

  44. avatar Laurien reply

    I cannot tell you how much I wish I was a Southerner!! Alas, I am from New Zealand and fell in love with your blog a little while ago : ) Is there any way you can send me a recipe for good sweet tea? It looks SO yummy but every time I’ve tried to make it I fail miserably…

    • avatar Brittany reply

      Laurien: Hi Laurien! I am from Australia, and my mum is a Kiwi! she lived in the deep South for about 6 years as a young lass (and was legally adopted by a Southern family) and so consequently I have grown up with alot of Southern traditions, cooking, stories and memories! I feel a kinship, and so consequently I am going to have a few select Southern touches at my wedding in March. Sweet Tea will be one of them!

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