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Since escort cards were our first Ultimate Southern Challenge, we weren’t really sure what sort of a response we’d get — but heavens to Betsy, y’all blew it out of the water! We were so impressed with the creative, crafty, and OH so Southern entries we received. However, that did make it difficult to pick a winner. But, using a combination of reader votes and Southern Weddings editor opinions, we have come to a decision.

Congratulations to Honey Bee Invites! Delivering not one, but TWO adorable concepts, plus garnering tons of reader support, we are happy to crown these ladies our first Ultimate Southern Challenge champions. Make sure you take another look at their fabulous escort card ideas here and here, and the rest of their work on their site and blog!

Kudos also to our runners-up, Southern Fried Paper and Beeology101. Check out their terrific projects here and here!

And lastly, one more congratulations to ALL of our finalists — Emily Steffen, Daisies & Pearls + Meredith Perdue, Cyn Kain + Erin McLean, and Allison Barnhill Designs. We had tons of ideas sent in, so we hope you consider it an honor to be chosen as a finalist, because we certainly do!

Thank you again to all who participated! And stay tuned, because the next Ultimate Southern Challenge will be posted next week!! Suggestions for future challenges are welcomed below :)

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar sara reply

    i wish there was a way to display all the entries–i am desperate for all kinds of inspiration on escort cards and the finalist entries didn’t send me at all

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Sara! I’m sorry to hear the finalist entries weren’t perfect for you! We chose the most inspiring options from the entries sent in, but can understand it’s hard to please everyone. I hope you find inspiration in our real weddings as well as future Ultimate Southern Challenges!

    • avatar Desiree reply

      sara: Hi Sara! My best advice for a bride such as yourself is to think about what you and your fiance love the most – what is one that that makes either of you smile – everytime you see it, eat it, touch it, etc. Do you LOVE dum-dum lollipops? put someones name and a table number on it, stick a bunch of them in some decorated foam board from your local craftstore (ABC order!) and BAM! you have a super cute escort card display! Does the movie Dumb & Dumber make you laugh everytime its on? Print out wallet sized photos of Lloyd & Harry, print out “word or thought bubbles” with the guests names and table #s on them…and glue those to the photos (hint: u dont have to stay in the lines!), and close pin all the photos on a line or pin them onto a cork board and BAM! hilarious cocktail hour humor and escort card display. ….for some reason Im playing off the words “dum, dumb, and dumber” here but I mean no harm…Im just in a silly mood.

      You can make escort cards out of any ol’ thang!!! If you need some more ideas – feel free to email me at [email protected] . I’d be happy to help! :) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. avatar Suzanne reply

    What a cute escort card idea! Very unique!

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Okay ladies, get ready for an intense dose of Southern cuteness! Victoria and the team at Honey Bee Invites dreamed up the most adorable seersucker bow tie escort cards, and we couldn’t be more in love! The photos from The Studio B (taken at Star Provisions in Atlanta) show them off to perfection, too.

From Victoria:

“Honey Bee Invites believes seersucker and bow ties are the two most Southern details you can add to your special day. We decided to make DIY mini bow ties out of seersucker fabric! We were able to find seersucker in many colors, but loved the red and yellow combo. We had so much fun brainstorming and crafting for this challenge!”

Thanks so much, ladies! Readers, Honey Bee Invites actually sent in TWO fabulous concepts, and we’ll be showing the other tomorrow morning! In the meantime, though, feel free to comment on this post if you love these cuties!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Oana Hogrefe reply

    these are delightful!

  2. avatar Becca reply

    Love this idea from Honey Bee Invites! It was so much fun to see their concept brought to life at our shoot and it was a blast photographing these darling cards.

  3. avatar [email protected] reply

    Love the extra pop that the fabric brings to these cards. Cute!

  4. avatar Brittany reply

    Obsessed. I love this idea, it is about as southern as you can get :) And super cute. Love love this, Victoria and Honey Bee Invites!!!

  5. avatar Cami reply

    LOVE this! What a cute idea!

  6. avatar whitney reply

    UGH!!!! I LOVE this! Too cute!!!!

  7. avatar Justin reply

    Love these escort cards! The design, color and simplicity captures the true Southern feel and allows for any bride to incorporate these cards into her theme. Simply stated and uniquely designed. Love them.

  8. avatar Taylor reply

    I love these little bow tie escort cards! so CUTE

  9. avatar Jill reply

    I love it, it doesn’t get any more southern than seersucker and bowties!

  10. avatar Sue reply

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE! The seersucker bow and clothes pin is so original and creative! Honey Bee Invites does it again!

  11. avatar Ali reply

    Can you get any more Southern than Bowties? I think not! Loving the SW blog!

  12. avatar Dorothy Matecko reply

    so very charming and clever— a southern touch!!

  13. avatar ayesha andrade reply

    they are so cute, I’d definitely use them.

  14. avatar kimberly mccollum reply

    I adore these, and ALL things HBI!! this has my vote, for sure :)

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  16. avatar Connie reply

    Yep…. Seersucker & clothpins = “Southern”. I’m a southern gal and this surely brings back some good ‘ole memories ~ such a wonderful idea and a great combination for a southern wedding!

  17. avatar Courtney reply

    LOVE THIS! This wins my vote! : ) So precious!

  18. avatar Elise reply

    These cards are just too cute! I wish I was getting married sometimes soon so that I could use these!

  19. avatar karen reply

    Unique…and so cute!

  20. avatar Desiree reply

    SUPER CUTE!!!!! These have my vote!

  21. avatar Mikey reply

    You have to love the formality of a bow tie mixed with an invite! From a guys perspective, these are invites that I wouldn’t mind seeing! Great job!

  22. avatar jude reply

    I think HoneyBee Invites is a rising star with these creative ideas—we need to keep an eye on this Allie person!

  23. avatar Debbi Kilgore reply

    I totally love the bowties! My husband has worn them for years to be unique and now, bowties are becoming quite popular. I know my daughters would have loved these.

  24. avatar Christina reply

    Perfect for any season! Such a simple and elegant choice!

  25. avatar Suong reply

    ahh, those bows are just too adorable!

  26. avatar Cindy reply

    I LOVE THESE!!! So cute and perfect for any wedding. Wonderful work, Honey Bee!!

  27. avatar Beca reply

    This is just adorable! Honey Bee Invites has my vote for sure!!!

  28. avatar Cindy reply

    So Southern and cute!! Love HBI, they are the BEST!!!

  29. avatar Karen reply

    Seersucker and bowties ARE the most Southern elements of a gentleman’s summer attire! Cute concept!

  30. avatar Whit reply

    Seersucker is so southern and versatile! I LOVE it!!

  31. avatar Tony reply

    Love the bow tie look!

  32. avatar Michael reply

    Very classy, I know my wife would love this!

  33. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Absolutely love these! The tiny bow ties on the escort cards are impressive and super cute. Nice work by Honey Bee Invites!

  34. avatar Kellie reply

    Southern and Chic, a love in my book. Honey Bee makes me want to have another wedding with my husband.

  35. avatar tessa reply

    oh my goodness- these are so charming! such a sweet idea for a southern bride who wants some girly flair. i love HBI’s work!!

  36. avatar Meagan reply

    I love the presentation and the contrast of colors!! So creative Allie!! Loves!! :)

  37. avatar Linden reply

    I love love love these! I don’t know if it’s just the area where I grew up or all of Texas, but we don’t usually do escort cards or seated dinners. It’s usually a massive buffet that people visit all night long… whenever they want! (I guess it’s kind of hard to coordinate a Texas-sized seated dinner!) If I were doing escort cards, though, I would want these! So perfect!

  38. avatar christine reply

    Another great idea by HBI!

  39. avatar Marie reply

    I LOVE seersucker! It’s so pure and simple, but fun all at the same time! HBI really captured the essence of the “wedding day”!

  40. avatar Rob Carswell reply

    What a fun use of traditional southern style! Way to go Allie!

  41. avatar becky reply

    So super cute! I’m very impressed with the creativity. Adorable little bows! Simple yet elegant and the clothes pins totally complete the Southern look . Beautiful font as well.

  42. avatar Lizzie Danner reply

    Absolutely obsessed with the seersucker bowties- such a fun, southern, but unique idea! I know exactly where to go for wedding ideas when that special day comes around for myself. Beautiful work HBI and Allie!

  43. avatar Lauren reply

    Completely adorable! I love the bows! So much charm while looking so classy!

  44. avatar Caroline Ginman reply

    LOVE the Honey Bee Invite bow cards too! They are super cute!

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  46. avatar Brianne reply

    I am a sucker for seersucker! Great idea for summer!

  47. avatar Katie reply

    This is so precious!!!! I vote for this one!

  48. avatar Ken Kerr reply

    Very creative. Bow ties,apples, and clothes pins all give a southern feel with manly touch.Great work!

  49. avatar [email protected] reply

    So in awe of all the support! We worked soo hard on these escort cards and are so thrilled to see the response! xoxo

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    • avatar Lindsey reply

      Southern Style :: Seersucker | Elizabeth Ashleigh: Where can I order these?! I need them in shades of blue. I HAVE to have these too perfect with my southern plantation wedding! :)

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