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The next finalist in our Ultimate Southern Escort Card Challenge is the fine folks at Beeology. They teamed up with photographer Jill Higgins to put together another delicious-sounding escort card idea. In their words, they are “totally Southern and sweet as honey.”

From the Beeology team:

“Wedding guests pick up their escort cards along with a tube of tasting honey from Beeology101. Once seated at their table, they get to taste the honey. Beeology101’s tasting tubes are labeled with batch numbers that can be looked up online to find information about the honey, the beekeeper who produced it, and other fun details. The tasting tubes were simply inserted into chicken wire so that they were standing upright.”

Thank you so much Brian and Jill! Readers, if you love this idea, be sure to let us know in the comments! And remember, you’re welcome to give a vote of support to more than one concept.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar cyn reply

    How awesome! Such a cute idea!!

  2. avatar Jill Higgins reply

    Woohoo…excited! Thanks!

  3. avatar Bunny reply

    This one is my fave!!

  4. avatar Maria Norcia Santillanes reply

    What a “sweet” idea! I love when weddings get creative. What better way to celebrate the start of a sweet life than with fresh sweet honey.

  5. avatar Dara reply

    LOVE this……very creative!!!

  6. avatar Lynn Lewis reply

    “BEE”utiful idea!!!

  7. avatar Jessica reply

    too cute! and totally southern!

  8. avatar June Taliaferro reply

    Very creative, Jill and Brian. Good job!

  9. avatar Randy reply

    I like the “natural” approach to this ….good job!!

  10. avatar Ann S. McCrickard reply

    A++! Original, creative…..and tasty – what a combo!

  11. avatar Brenna reply

    L.O.V.E. this idea!!

  12. avatar Emily reply

    Love anything the Beeology folks do!!!

  13. avatar Barbara reply

    Love this! Great idea Jill & Brian!

  14. avatar Angie reply

    Such a cute idea!

  15. avatar Marian reply

    What a great idea and usefull too. All good Southern ideas are elegant and serve a purpose. Has to be the best idea yet.

  16. avatar Erica reply

    Love this idea!!!

  17. avatar Dee reply

    I love this idea. I’d have it at my wedding! ;)

  18. avatar Steve McGee reply

    This is an awesome idea promoting the absolute most delicious, natural and healthy treat in the world. The new age needs to re-learn the values and benefits of honey!

  19. avatar Molly reply

    What a creative idea! Love it!

  20. avatar Pear Tree Greetings reply

    This is such a lovely idea for a wedding, and would be great for a dinner party or baby shower as well! Love it! -Steph

  21. avatar Jim Jenkins reply

    This is a great idea promoting a natural product! I’ve never seen honey marketed in a tube such as this. awesome!

  22. avatar Becky Smith reply

    This is such an amazing idea. I have a cousin getting married at my house in May, and I can’t wait to show her this!!

  23. avatar Rebecca hogg reply

    Love this!

  24. avatar Tonja reply

    This idea will make your wedding day one to remember for your “sweet” guests! What a super creative and original idea!

  25. avatar Brian reply

    Super clean presentation and an amazing idea that is sure to generate some conversation around the wedding table.

  26. avatar Barb reply

    What a sweet idea – love it!

  27. avatar Tricia hastinga reply

    Love this idea! Very unique and fun!

  28. avatar Annie Lou reply

    What a wonderful and creative idea. I love honey!

  29. avatar Alison Wider reply

    Great concept. Love the display, and what a treat for the guests!

  30. avatar nancy romine reply

    Sooo sweet! I love it!

  31. avatar Rhonda reply

    What a neat idea ! The Idea is so clever and photography is great !

  32. avatar Beth reply

    Such a cute idea! Awesome photos!

  33. avatar Lynn reply

    What a neat idea!

  34. avatar Crystal reply

    What an absolutely adorable idea! I completely love it- an escort card and favor in one!

  35. avatar Tracy Autem reply

    Sweet & cute!

  36. avatar Vesna reply

    I love the strips and the fonts! What a great idea for a wedding theme and a great gift for guests! Go Beeology!

  37. avatar Vesna reply

    Great idea and theme for a wedding! Love the photos too!

  38. avatar Justin reply

    We wish we would have thought of this for our wedding!

  39. avatar Amy reply

    Love this one. The chicken wire was inspired! It provides a nice contrast to the sophisticated cards but keeps with the honeycomb theme and feels so Southern too!

  40. avatar Terri reply

    I really like this idea – so original!

  41. avatar Bob Scott reply

    Love this idea. We didn’t even think of having honey at our wedding -wish we did!

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