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I love working with new sponsors for many reasons. Sometimes it helps me discover a company I wasn’t familiar with (this one pops to mind – love them so much!), and sometimes it’s because it’s a company I already know and love, and get to introduce to y’all! That’s the happy case today, as I am a fan (and customer!) of today’s sponsor, Cuyana.

While searching for a new leather tote bag a few years ago, I stumbled upon Cuyana, and I don’t think there’s ever been a company that has so immediately and completely resonated with me. I know that many of y’all will feel the same way. I have to share this excerpt from their website, even if it’s kind of lengthy:

We believe in both beauty and intentional buying. We love the joy of finding treasures and the pride of spending wisely. Cuyana means “to love” in Quechua, a language of the Andean regions of South America, and every piece we design is imbued with our love for quality, timelessness, and beauty. We want to love every item in our closets. We want to revel in the tactile beauty of the world’s finest materials and marvel at consummate craftsmanship. We believe in style, not fashion; in quality, not quantity. We celebrate fewer, better things and strive to live a life of inspired simplicity.

WOW! Isn’t that amazing? I just love it so, so much, and feel like it applies to so much more than just clothes or accessories. Even to wedding planning!

Cuyana offers a curated line of attainable, luxurious essentials — things like the perfect silk tee, the quintessential weekender, and the can’t-live-without-it scarf. Many items, like their travel case sets, make fantastic bridesmaid gifts, and monogramming is available on most leather and canvas pieces for an additional $10-$15, depending on the item.

Some of their larger pieces, like their weekender bags, overnight bags, or totes, would be the perfect start to your collection of married monogram pieces. I love the idea of starting your married life together with beautiful, simple, quality pieces that are designed to last a lifetime.

For those of you who’ve been married for a few years already, consider Cuyana for your third anniversary gift destination! I’m coming up on mine, and they have so many lovely leather pieces from which to choose!

Ready to explore more and shop better? You can browse the entire Cuyana collection at their site here. I hope you love this special company as much as I do!

This post is brought to you by Cuyana. Thank you for your support of the brands that make Southern Weddings possible!

emily Written with love by Emily
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  1. avatar European Wedding Venues reply

    Nice gift ideas ! this black dress is cute

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Have y’all been waiting for this day? We’ve had some pretty amazing giveaways on the blog in the last few weeks and I’m just dying to tell y’all who’s won!

We asked you to tell us how you and your sweetie’s personalities match so wonderfully for the chance to win 100 folded cards from Ashley Brooke Designs Tailored Wedding Collection (including one pet!)

Congratulations to our winner, Carolyn, who said, “My fiance and I are such a good match! My strengths and weaknesses are different than his so we support each other, in good times and bad. We make each other smile!”

We wanted to help you find the perfect bridesmaid gift, so we asked you to tell us about your favorite memory with one (or all) of your bridesmaids for the chance to win up to six Nico and Lala Monogrammed Picture Frames for the gals in your bridal party.

Yahoo! Winner, Brittany T, said, “I have so many memories I don’t even know where to begin. My sister is my MOH and of course, growing up there are thousands to pick from. Half are college sorority sisters and the other half are girls I went to high school with. Along the years, they’ve all seen me at my best and my worst. My favorite memory that involves all of them is asking each one to be a part of my wedding. I gave them each a bottle of wine that I made my own label for. It read “I found a man, but I still need my girls! Will you be my bridesmaid?” Along with a cute poem on the back. As much as my girls love to drink wine, they’ve all kept them as special keepsakes.”

In celebration of Amanda Judge’s newly launched collection, we asked you to tell us what your favorite bridal sash design is for the chance to win any Amanda Judge sash up to a $150 value to dress up your party frock.

Congrats to Bre, who said, “I LOVE the Cecilia! It would perfect with my dress :)”

Now we know y’all have been eagerly awaiting the results of our fantastic Maile Lani photography giveaway! We counted up over a thousand votes and are thrilled to announce the winners of our giveaway!

Biggest congratulations go out to Taylor + Zach!! We can’t wait to see your beautiful wedding! And thanks to all y’all who voted!

Last but not least, let’s give a huge congrats to Michelle W., Kathleen, and Jill S. who won our Lilly Pulitzer giveaway!

Didn’t win this time? No worries, we’ve got more fun giveaways coming up!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole

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Southern Fab Finds: Rodeo Glasses

by in Contests, Main on

I think searching for the perfect bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts can be so much fun! Granted, there are times when it can be difficult to tell your best friends just how much you love and appreciate them in gift-form, but then there are other times when you find items that are exactly what you’ve been searching for. The Rodeo Cocktail glasses from Rolf Glass gave me that feeling as soon as I set my eyes upon them. Ain’t nothing more appropriate for a Southern bash than a cowboy and cowgirl cocktail!

Rolf Glass perfectly etches their designs into glassware, including monograms and patterns. We love the cowboy boot, horse, star, and cow that decorate these wares so much we’re giving you the chance to win them!

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us all about your closet circle of cowboys and girls who will stand next to you at the altar and how they’ve made your life an adventure.

Win: A set of four Rodeo glasses from Rolf Glass!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Rissi reply

    My ladies and gents are the best family and friends a girl and her groom could ask for…they have stuck by us through thick and thin. They are always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on, even if they say “I told you so” afterwards ;-)

  2. avatar Ashley reply

    I truly think my fiance and I have the best group of individuals standing next to us. Our best friends have been shoulders to cry on through illnesses, deaths as well as the people we celebrate the great news and joy of life’s most exciting minutes. No matter what’s going on they lend helping hands and we can always count on them! I couldn’t imagine standing next to my future husband not having our closest friends standing behind us all the way!!!

  3. avatar Hillary reply

    The hicks and chicks that will be standing at the altar with my fiance, Mark, and myself are one of a kind, composed of both old and new. Two of closest people in my life, my sisters, will be standing right next to me as my matron and maid of honor. My oldest sister (Matron) is always there to run to for advice with her outlandish attitude. My other sister is someone very close to me whom I have shared a room with since we were in cribs. She is my identical twin, and has always been there through every decision. We have chosen the same college, same major (Nursing), and continue to live together. I could not imagine having someone else as close to me as her! My bridesmaid, one of the most down-to-earth chicks I know, is someone who has come into my life more recently. She is someone I can count on to be there in a flash and give me alternate advice I would have never thought of! As for the guys, the best man will be Mark’s younger brother, Eric. They share a tight bond with identical passions that they enjoy doing together. Even I have been able to create such a strong bond with Eric, who is not usually a sentimental kind of guy. Mark’s other 2 groomsmen will be two very close friends that have also come into his life more recently. Mark and the two boys have very similar aspirations, and are always there to bail one another out when needed. It is almost as if they have known one another forever! The 6 guys and gals that will be standing next to us at the altar with their boots on have been such a major part of our lives, both in the past and present. We could not fathom saying “yee-haw” to a lifelong marriage with any other cowboys and cowgirls standing nearby!

  4. avatar Cat reply

    First, these glasses are adorable. My bridal party is awesome. My maid of honor is one of my closest friends from high school . . . we used to get into so much trouble together. The best man is one of the funniest people I have ever met and he is always “on” .. . always saying something crazy and funny. The other two members of our party are my brother and future sister in law. And they know more about us then anyone in the world probably . . . crazy thought.

  5. avatar Ashley Stout reply

    OMg…if the contest wasn’t screaming out my name idk what else can. Our theme is very western. we both grew up in very rodeo families. My wonderful maid of honor is my amazing sister. She has been there for me through everything. My wonderful fiances sister will be up there and she is above and beyond my best friend. We have been through some crazy things whether a little intoxicated or sober as can be. My best friend mady will be up there as well. She has almost caused me to go to jail on a handful of times. We have been through so much together including her brother committing suicide seven months ago…I know she is always there for me just like i was there for her during those rough times. And the groomsmen are a handful of a story of there own.

  6. avatar Kristine reply

    Leave a comment below telling us all about your closet circle of cowboys and girls who will stand next to you at the altar and how they’ve made your life an adventure.

    Daddy’s baby girl of 3, so I will have my 2 sisters, my cousin, and a couple childhood friends. My best friend was killed in a terrible 4 wheeler accident, though we are having her on the program and she will be there in between the girls in spirit. They will hold wheat tied together in burlap, each piece of wheat resembles the hillarious moments we have all shared. They have made my planning process a breeze and they absolutely love parties. I have had many showers.. anywhere from Boots & Spurs shower to a Hook, Line, and Sinker shower. My handsome lover has his dad as his best man, his cousin and a few of his closet friends. They are all going to look so stunning in their cowboy boots from Corral Boots, not to mention the cute suspenders that will fit in perfectly. My fiance and his boys know how to cut a rug, I think that is whast they are most looking forward to that night. They’ve been amazing supporters throughout and always tell him how lucky he is, though I believe I am the lucky one.

  7. avatar Katherine reply

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses! My fiance and I are getting married in Austin, so what better fit than the capital of TX? We are incorporating my sister as my Matron of Honor, his cousin as his Best Man, and another one of his cousins as a Groomsmen – because family have been and always will be there for you no matter what. At the end of the day and throughout our lives, they have and always will our best interests at heart. My second bridesmaid is my high school best friend – despite going to different colleges and having completely different circles of friends, I always end up calling her whenever a big life change is about to occur or if I need her advice on clothing. We are practically the same person. My third bridesmaid is my college best friend – we were inseparable throughout the years and even studied abroad in Europe together, sharing our love for travel. Whenever we see each other, it feels like no time has passed. The last person in our wedding party is his groomswoman – she was the one who introduced us and his best friend in college. When I know I can’t be there for him, she can.

  8. avatar Kassi reply

    I have grown volunteering and competing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, as have all my girls who will be up there with me :-) we started in diapers and cowboy boots, and havent looked back since!

  9. avatar Davonne reply

    My best friends, boys and girls will be standing next to me. they are my closest friends from college and we have stayed close through many relationships, moves and new adventures. they are my family.

  10. avatar Christie reply

    I love these! As a native Texan, of course I do! My bridal party will be made up of my sisters who, though they are not my real sisters, couldn’t be closer to me than a real sister. And the other is my best friend who has been with me through countless crying phone calls, many road trips and adventures and we can talk about absolutely anything and I love her for it. I couldn’t imagine surviving life without them, let alone my wedding day!

  11. avatar Ally G. reply

    We have the most beautiful, fun and amazing bridal party! We each have 8 of our best pals that will be standing next to us on our big day! Fortunately all of our friends have become friends over the past few years and now we all get to hang out together all the time! It so great the my fiance’ and I have the same friends…makes our lives so much easier! We have such great friends that would do anything for us, and in the past, they have! Those glasses are so adorable and totally match our personalities! We’re all cowboys and cowgirls at heart! Hope I win!!

  12. avatar Dara reply

    My bridal party is small and comprised of only family and childhood friends which in itself says how they’ve made my life an adventure – they’ve been there through it all! My fiance’s groomsmen are his fraternity brothers, so they’ve been through the pledging process together and have continued to remain close after college. This special group of men and women mean everything to us and I know they’re going to add so many memories and joy to our special day!

  13. avatar Brittany reply

    My MOH was my cousin who is really more of the sister I never had. She was there every step of the way, always supporting me and offering help and advice from across the country. She was instrumental in helping with all the finishing details! I don’t know where I’d be without her!

  14. avatar Sergio reply

    Most of my groomsmen have been friends since elementary school. We have countless stories of shenanigans and I’m sure we will have many more to come!

  15. avatar Southern Fab Finds: Winner Round-Up | Gift Registry News reply

    […] nothin’ more appropriate for a Southern bash than a cowboy and cowgirl cocktail! These glasses from Rolf Glass caught our eye immediately and we had to give you guys a chance to […]

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