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We had high expectations after our first Ultimate Southern Challenge, but y’all did not disappoint with round two! But before we announce the winner, we do have one very important piece of information to share:

Now, once again we were so impressed with the creative, crafty, and OH so Southern entries we received. It was tough to choose a winner, but using a combination of reader votes and editor opinions, we did reach a consensus!

Congratulations to Palm Papers + Catie Ronquillo! We adored their simple, but pretty brilliant, idea of sweet tea mason jars, and loved their suggestion of stacking the jars for a sweet and cost-effective centerpiece. Make sure you take another look at their fabulous idea here! You can also view more of Catie’s photography here, and Palm Papers’ work here!

Kudos also to our runners-up, Absolutely Fabulous Weddings. Check out their extremely unique project here!

And lastly, one more congratulations to ALL of our finalists — Carlee Sizemore + Leslie Kerrigan, Scobey Photography + Pretty Peachtree, and Nancy Ray + Erin McLean. We had tons of ideas sent in, so we hope you consider it an honor to be chosen as a finalist, because we certainly do!

Thank you again to all who participated! And stay tuned, because the next Ultimate Southern Challenge will be posted next week!! Suggestions for future challenges are welcomed below :)

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Catie Ronquillo reply

    Thanks y’all! What an honor! :) We loved working on this little project and glad y’all liked it too :)

  2. avatar Kristine {In Love, Engaged} reply

    Yaaay! My favorite entry won! Great job Palm Papers and Catie Ronquillo! LOVE these!

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Reply to:

The next entry in our Ultimate Southern Mason Jar challenge comes from the creative girls at Absolutely Fabulous Weddings. Their mason jar concept is pretty unique, and I love that it includes guest participation! Enjoy the photos from Tiffany Vaughan, and read on for all of the details!

From the ladies:

“Our vision was simple: we wanted to create something that brides could do on their own, and provide an opportunity for guests to show off their Southern personalities!

We wanted each table to tell a story about the couple within an overall rustic/vintage theme. At our imaginary wedding, guests are greeted with a ‘pantry shelf’ set-up (which we created from an old wooden ladder we found in the woods!) as they walk into the reception space. Each guest finds his or her name on a mason jar on the shelf, and takes it to his or her assigned table. Together, the guests at each table use their mason jars and other “fixin’s” already on the table — doilies, natural elements, photo frames, old library books — to create the centerpiece for their spot for the evening. In the end, each table reflects a different aspect of the bride’s and groom’s personalities — some more rustic, some more traditional, some more outdoorsy. The mason jar centerpieces, when fully assembled, should reflect both the couple and the guests seated together for the evening!”

Thank you so much, ladies! Readers, if you love this idea, be sure to comment and let us know! And remember, you’re welcome to comment on more than one entry!

Oh, and before you go:

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar jamie reply

    This is so cute! I love that the guests get to create their own centerpiece. You girls are so creative!

  2. avatar Marilisa reply

    That is such a unique idea! I feel like this would be a great activity at a bridal shower too!

  3. avatar Aaryn reply

    I LOVE this idea! These girls are so creative! After viewing their website, I am even more in love with their style and ideas. Consistently thinking outside the box and pushing the creative boundaries with ideas, colors and arrangements. I think it’s great how they get their guests involved taking it from an ordinary wedding to an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS wedding! Great job!

  4. avatar stephen reply

    This is the most unique idea i have ever seen!!!!!! these are simply breath taking!!!

  5. avatar Christie reply

    So CUTE! What a great idea to get the guests involved in the wedding and creating such a beautiful table! Such a great idea!

  6. avatar Christie reply

    Great idea! Super cute

  7. avatar Betty Mitchell reply

    I love this idea mason jars with the guest name is sure to make them feel welcome. The history of the pastand future combined with nature for the center piece is a unique idea.

  8. avatar Jessica reply

    I LOVE this idea. I enjoy how it brings everyone even more together on the big day. That and the personal touch that it allows you to give it just makes it more warm and full of love. Great idea you absolutely FABULOUS ladies!

  9. avatar Christie reply

    What a great way for guests to get one another as well as the couple better! Such a fun, creative, & priceless memory! :) Love this idea and the pictures! :)

  10. avatar Pat reply

    Very creative, innovative,think outside the box. What a great way to get people involved and break down barriers.

  11. avatar Robert reply

    What an amazing idea! This is perfect for a southern wedding. I’m helping one of my friends with ideas for her southern wedding and I will definitely be passing along this idea! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUSLY INGENIOUS IS MORE LIKE IT!!! Kudos to you girls!

  12. avatar Jenna reply

    Love love love this idea!!! Beautiful peices which add such a unique and unforgettable touch to a very special day!!

  13. avatar Amanda B. reply

    I love the mason jars!

  14. avatar Denise Krieger reply

    Gorgeous…i love this idea! So very talented!

  15. avatar Sherry reply

    THIS IS AMAZING! LOVE the set up, the photos, and the creativity that went into this idea! LOVE!!!!!

    • avatar Meredith reply

      What a unique, creative, and ‘absolutely fabulous’ idea! How original to have the guests help design the centerpiece for their table, they will surely feel a connection to the wedding and the bride will know someone actually cared and will remember the details of the tables and centerpiece. LOVE It!!!

  16. avatar Rochell A reply

    Really nice! Never thought about using mason jars in wedding decor!

  17. avatar Marilyn Davis reply

    Beautiful! Very unique LOVE the mason jars.

  18. avatar marie reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Isn’t that what this is all about anyway? A celebration of love? If they don’t capture it and make it timeless for years to come… I don’t know what does! Hats off ladies!

  19. avatar Melodie reply

    Totally love this! What a wonderful idea, beautiful display and amazing pictures! So wish I could have a wedding redo just so I could use this idea!

  20. avatar Lindsay Smith reply

    The ladies of Absolutely Fabulous are incredibly talented and creative. Their work is very impressive! :)

  21. avatar Candace reply

    So creative! I love that it makes thing so much more personal. Plus it really helps the guests get to know their table mates too. After the wedding the bride and groom have some very personal mementos to keep vs. just dead flowers.

  22. avatar Rebekah reply

    What a great idea!

  23. avatar Ashley reply

    I love this idea! Such a great way to personalize the event!

  24. avatar Ashley reply

    I love their designs. They are so talented and creative! Their passion to make things perfect and simply beautiful is inspiring and amazing!

  25. avatar Andy Hankins reply

    The Mason Jar theme is wonderful, and the team at Absolutely Fabulous Weddings give it the perfect touch. It’s welcoming and full of Southern charm and style without being overly homespun or redneck.

    Great photos by Tiffany Vaughan, too! This is a powerful team.

    • avatar Christy reply

      WOW!!! what a creative idea. I love the Mason jars. The photos are beautiful!!

  26. avatar Desiree reply

    The is THE most amazing, creative, beautiful idea I’ve EVER ever seen. You girls are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!! Your ideas and creativity make me want to get married over and over and over again, with you planning every single wedding.. (Married to my same husband though, of course ;)

  27. avatar Ash reply

    Wonderful company and beautiful concept

  28. avatar Shannon Brister reply

    I love it! What a simple yet creative way to showcase the bride and groom!

  29. avatar shelly reply

    GREAT idea! I love the idea of guests being able to create their own centerpieces and making it really personal. I also love the idea of their names on the mason jars. Very creative place cards! If I didn’t just get married I would totally “borrow” that idea. Brilliant!

  30. avatar Barbara Brister reply

    Absolutely beautiful and what an amazing idea to have a guest name on the mason jar. I loved the look but the personalizing put it over the edge! Great job!

  31. avatar Leslie Vega reply

    So so beautiful! Great concept and beautiful photos, Tiffany!

  32. avatar silli reply

    Really fabulous idea. So pretty, so personal and so clever.
    The guests will feel instantly at ease by sharing in the hands- on project. Great way to start the party.

  33. avatar Jennifer reply

    I absolutely love this concept back to a nature kind of wedding.. what a resourceful way to reuse products. Good for the environment, good for business!

  34. avatar Katie ByErs reply

    I absolutely love this idea! I use this “get everyone involved” idea for my sons birthdays! I think it makes the best of lasting memories. Just knowing that people are coming together for such a beautiful event and then helping to create part of it is just magical. You definitely win my vote! Keep up the amazing work ladies! Xoxo

  35. avatar william hageman reply

    amazed at what some can do with a mason jar. the variety and imagination is to be applauded for sure, great job!!!

  36. avatar Marty reply

    The idea of showcasing the family photos and memorabilia is such a dear way to acknowledge family members and history. Very unique!!

  37. avatar david reply

    looks great ladies!! Great Job!

  38. avatar Alaina (Team AbFab) reply

    WOW! Thank y’all so much! Your kind words are overwhelming and literally…for me…has brought HAPPY tears to my eyes several times! We really wanted to create something that could be fun for everyone involved! As southern girls ourselves, we know how much fun a social activity can be! And who wouldn’t want to whip their cameras out and snap several pictures of their own hand-made centerpieces!!???

  39. avatar Richard Flanders reply

    Very unique and innovative! Great job ladies!

  40. avatar Cherie reply

    What a fantastic creative way to personalize each table. Absolutely love the vintage feel, and the photos really capture the beauty of every piece.

  41. avatar Billy Mitchell reply

    This is a great unique idea ladies. Sure to make all guest welcome.

  42. avatar Penny reply

    Wow….Outstanding and very creative! Can’t wait for my son to get married and have you talented ladies do your magic! Love it!!

  43. avatar Jill Craig reply

    I love the idea of telling a story. Tiffany Vaughn always tells a story with her photography. It’s nice to see the concept also at the wedding. Weddings are, naturally, all about the the bride and groom, I thought it was a novel idea to have guest participation. Congratulations, on a job well done!

  44. avatar Kricia Morris reply

    LOVE! Gorgeous shots Tiff :)

  45. avatar Lynette Vaughan reply

    What a wonderful ideal to have a theme in a jar and to welcome your guests by names to a party. I love the soft shade of the main colors with a pop of accent shades. Not only is the set up ideas grand but the photographer captures its elegance grace with clarity and allows your mind to imagine a set up one could do or attending the event. Beautifully done ladies and your production of work if over the top of excellence.

  46. avatar Rog reply

    Nice touch and very creative

  47. avatar anne reply

    Beautiful job!!!

  48. avatar Debby reply

    My favorite by far! The pictures are as creative as the idea! What a great conversation starter and a great way for guests to relate to the couple and the occasion!

  49. avatar Lanita reply

    Love this idea! This is a fantastic and unique creation for weddings in the south.

  50. avatar allison reply

    That’s so charming. I love it!

  51. avatar Jim reply

    This is a wonderful use of mason jars, bringing a fresh and innovative way of table displays at weddings. Fantastic job, ladies!

  52. avatar Jerr Hollifield reply

    Beautiful (and this from a guy) layout and use of the mason jars. If possible it would be a bit better for me to have the top photo closer to the jars to add detail.

  53. avatar carol reply

    My favorite was the ladder, mixing the old with the new bottles and jars. Good constrast with color of the greenery and texture mixing the warmth of the ladder against the hard surface of the brick. I also loved the use of fabric which invited you to move your eyes downward.

    Each rung of the ladder had a story to tell and could be personalized for the client.. I also liked the use of the bold orange flowers which popped out against the white.

    great visual,

  54. avatar Anderson reply

    Talent Plus Some!!

  55. avatar Gigi Taylor reply

    absolutely lovely work!

  56. avatar Jack Busche reply

    Great pictures and a great eye for photography.

  57. avatar shannon sebree reply

    Beautiful Tif! Love ya cuz.

  58. avatar terry sanders reply

    wonderful idea, especially from a male point of view. sure beats the average layouts. wonderful pics, excellent color, focus and composite. congrats!!

  59. avatar Lorraine reply

    The photographs are done beautifully. The mason jar concept coupled with the lace and flowers makes one think of romance. The placement of color and objects in the photo give it a subtle, calming effect and the clarity of each object’s detail is visible. Kudos to the photographer.

  60. avatar Tom reply

    Superb job, ladies. Great concept and stunning photos!

  61. avatar Danny reply

    Wow! The jars are a really cool idea! Great photography!! Keep up the fine work.

  62. avatar Leah Connors reply

    Love the creative idea!! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  63. avatar Mary reply

    Wonderful idea , creative and beautifully photographed.

  64. avatar Ann Marie reply

    This is a beautiful concept. What I love most is the simplicity and the truly persaonl element. The bride is given an opportunity to share her story with her guests in a charming and elegant way.

  65. avatar Crissy Fredenberger reply

    Southern Grace, gracefully done.

  66. avatar Sherry reply

    Amazing talent here! I say they should be the winners! Love that personal touch!

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