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Happy Fourth of July, ladies + gents! We hope you’re celebrating with your families, eating barbecue (whether you like it Memphis style, Western North Carolina style, or Eastern North Carolina style, like me!), diving into some red velvet cake and heading out for fireworks this evening. We’ll see you back here tomorrow with our regular posts, but in the meantime, lots of love from the SW crew!

Credits, clockwise from top left:

River tubing photo by Braedon Photography via Snippet & Ink; patriotic porch photo from Better Homes & Gardens (via The Inspired Room); fireworks photo by Paul Johnson via Southern Weddings; barbecue sandwich photo by Peter Frank Edwards from Garden & Gun; gingham jam photo by Kellan Studios via Style Me Pretty; mixed berry pie; barbecue menu photo by Taylor Mathis from Garden & Gun; red, white, and blue treats photo by Tec Petaja and Jessica Antola from Martha Stewart Weddings (via Ritzy Bee)

emily Written with love by Emily

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Get it? Teal party, like a tea party that’s teal?? Teal with a pop of hot pink, to be exact :)

I was so inspired by the bright bridesmaid dresses in our real wedding post from a few weeks back that I decided to craft an inspiration board around them. Though this palette isn’t for the faint of heart, with a heavy dose of sophisticated neutrals, it could be quite perfect for the vibrant Southern gal (and her beau). I’m imagining just the faintest touch of tea party elements, paired with more modern touches like an ombre cake, to set the scene. What do you think – would you go for a palette this bold?

Tea cup photo by Eric Kelley via Snippet & Ink, hot pink heels photo by Wayne and Angela via Style Me Pretty, teal and white striped gifts photo by Beaux Arts Photographie, teal bridesmaid dress photo by Pasha Belman via Southern Weddings, pretty pink lounge set-up photo by Steve Steinhardt (styling by Beth Helmstetter) via Southern Weddings, coral charm peony photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty, teal and white Dauphine Press wedding invitation photo by Nicole Hill Gerulat, pink ombre cake photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via Style Me Pretty

P.S. A teal + hot pink wedding

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Carly Totten reply

    I LOVE this inspiration board, Emily! I’m currently obsessed with both colors. I also love teal with pops of coral.

    • avatar Emily reply

      I’m so glad you love it, Carly! And you’re right, teal with pops of coral is also an awesome combination :)

  2. avatar Emily reply

    This is EXACTLY my palette!!!! I want to see the whole wedding!!!!!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hey Emily! If this is your palette, you have GOT to check out the weddings of Elise + Matt and Hillary + Kyle on our site! Happy planning!

  3. avatar Pristine Chapel Lakeside reply

    Is that an ombre cake? The person who put together the cake did a wonderful job. This is a beautiful color combination.

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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Ever since we announced our first ever Pinterest contest, I know y’all have been eagerly awaiting an update! I am so excited to say we’ve chosen our three finalists from the 50+ entries (y’all made it hard!), and now we’re ready to vote! If you recall, we’re doing something a little bit different for the prizes this time around: the Southern Weddings ladies worked with three different vendors to choose a prize that corresponded to each finalist’s board, but only the finalist with the most votes will receive their hand-selected prize. Make sense?

Here are the nominees!

Finalist No. 1: Country Lush by Justine

Sources: White by Vera Wang gown, cowboy boot bride photo by Jodi Miller via Southern Weddings, cotton bouquet photo by Pasha Belman via Southern Weddings, The Farmhouse wedding venue, romantic invitation suite photo by Gina Zeidler via Southern Weddings, Amy Osaba floral arrangements photo by Our Labor of Love via Southern Weddings, pink cake photo by Nancy Ray and Caroline Joy via Southern Weddings

If Justine receives the most votes, she’ll win an adorable cake stand from Sweet and Saucy Supply!

Finalist No. 2: Black Tie with Blue by Alexandra

Sources: gardenia bouquet photo by Elizabeth Scott via Southern Weddings, caviar biscuits photo by Jose Villa from Southern Weddings, portrait by David Wittig via Style Me Pretty, magnolia wreath photo by Meredith Perdue via Style Me Pretty, Valentino bow shoes, mini donuts photo by Chris Court, champagne tower photo by Mario Testino for Vogue, The Lee Chapel at Washington & Lee University

If Alexandra receives the most votes, she’ll get to dress her gents in classic black bow ties from!

Finalist No. 3: Peaches by Lisa

Sources: chapel photo by Amy Arrington via Southern Weddings, necklace photo by Melissa Schollaert via Southern Weddings, peachy arrangement photo by KT Merry via Style Me Pretty, cotton boutonnieres photo by Melissa Schollaert via Southern Weddings, bridesmaids photo by Paul Johnson via Southern Weddings, dahlia bouquet by The Nichols via Style Me Pretty, biscuits photo by Ulmer Studios via Southern Weddings, peach wedding cake photo by Nate Henderson via Style Me Pretty

If Lisa receives the most votes, she’ll get to choose a lovely clutch from Oatmeal Lace Design!

The finalist who receives the most entries via comments on this post will win the prize that the Southern Weddings team has hand-selected for them! Please, only one vote per person (we can and will be checking IP addresses and deleting multiple comments from the same address to make sure everything stays fair!). We’ll announce a winner Monday, April 30, so get those votes in quick!

Jodi Miller, Nancy Ray, Jose Villa, Meredith Perdue, Amy Arrington, Melissa Schollaert, KT Merry, and Elizabeth Scott are all fabulous members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kelly reply

    Yay Justine!!! So excited you are a finalist and I cannot wait to celebrate with you and David in September!

  2. avatar Linden reply

    My vote is for “Peaches” by Lisa… We spent our honeymoon at Palmetto Bluff, so that chapel pic just makes me smile. It is the most charming place and the chapel is adorable!!! I also LOVE those non-“bridesmaidy” bridesmaid dresses and the biscuits! So cute!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Linden! I JUST visited Palmetto Bluff this weekend and it was magical! So fun that you honeymooned there!! Honey List review coming soon!

  3. avatar Whitney reply

    My favorite is #1 Country Lush!

  4. avatar Lisa reply

    Oh my goodness! What an honor to be chosen as a finalist among all of the beautiful boards! Thank you so much, Southern Weddings! :)

  5. avatar Ruby reply

    Seriously loving the Peaches by Lisa. :)

    • avatar Molly reply

      Ruby: Seriously! Peaches is amazing! So simple and delicate but sophisticated and beautiful at the same time!!

  6. avatar John reply

    My vote is for #3 – Peaches by Lisa!!! :)

  7. avatar Vicky reply

    My vote is for #3 Peaches by Lisa! I love everything about it!

  8. avatar Faith reply

    Justine’s “Country Lush” is perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer wedding season. So soft, feminine, and romantic!

  9. avatar Jillian Nicole reply

    Oooh, they’re all so pretty, but my favourite has to be #3 Peaches by Lisa! I love the soft, pretty colour palette, and anything with Dusty Miller is a winner in my book!:)

  10. avatar Natalie reply

    #3 (Peaches) by Lisa for sure!!

  11. avatar Karen reply

    I vote for Peaches by Lisa!

  12. avatar Lee reply

    #2 Black tie with blue!!

  13. avatar Ame reply


  14. avatar Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride reply

    I vote for Black Tie with Blue by Alexandra!

  15. avatar Elizabeth reply

    #2. Alexandra!

  16. avatar Katie reply

    They’re all so great but my favorite is Alexandra and Black Tie with Blue! Hope she wins!

  17. avatar Sara reply

    Peaches by Lisa!

  18. avatar Melissa reply

    #3 by Lisa is so cute!! i would definitely use this as an inspiration board for my wedding.

  19. avatar Dee reply

    I love everything about #3 Peaches by Lisa!

  20. avatar Angie reply

    I vote for #3 Peaches by Lisa!!

  21. avatar Emily Hawley reply

    I love the black tie with blue by Alex!!! SO PRETTY!!!!

  22. avatar Andrew reply

    I vote for #2. By alex

  23. avatar MacKenzie reply

    I vote #3 Peaches by Lisa!!!!

  24. avatar Cameron reply

    #2 Alex!

  25. avatar Sterchi reply

    Champagne fountain baby! Love that one

  26. avatar Sterchi reply

    So i vote #2

  27. avatar Kat reply

    I really like Country Lush and Peaches… they’re both pretty, soft & romantic! It’s a tough choice but I have to pick #1 Country Lush by Justine as my favorite!

  28. avatar Jadzia reply

    Love Peaches! It’s fresh and light and I love the picture of the church!

  29. avatar Priscilla reply

    I LOVE the classy look of Alex’s Black Tie with Blue! #2 for me.

  30. avatar Dana reply

    peaches by lisa is so adorable! all my favorite things are in it!

  31. avatar Leah reply

    i vote for lisa #3 peaches!!! ahhh i just LOVE it!

  32. avatar Aleisha reply

    Black Tie with Blue! Alex has such great vision!

  33. avatar Kelli reply

    Love #3 Peaches by Lisa!

  34. avatar Georgette reply

    My vote is for “Peaches” by Lisa. Love the colors and the picture of the church!!

  35. avatar Annie reply

    Black Tie by Alex! So pretty! #2 #2 #2 #2 #2!!!!!!

  36. avatar Kelly reply

    Number 3 peaches by Lisa!

  37. avatar jen reply


  38. avatar Lengyel reply

    Peaches #3 by Lisa! :)

  39. avatar Maggie reply

    My vote is for #3!

  40. avatar Annette reply

    Lisa’s is peachy! Love it…my vote is #3

  41. avatar Todd Hansen reply

    Black Tie Southern Charm.Alex such great taste.#2

  42. avatar » The White Bouquet reply

    […] I would love your vote in the Southern Weddings Pinterest contest! Just leave a comment on the post to vote–I’m #3 Peaches! Thank you so much […]

  43. avatar Taylor J reply

    Peaches by Lisa!!

  44. avatar Kristy reply

    I love #2!!!!!

  45. avatar Marie reply

    I vote for #1 Country Lush !! So romantic !

  46. avatar Ashley reply

    I really like Country Lush by Justine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. avatar Laura reply

    I vote Justine’s Country Lush!

  48. avatar Kellen reply

    Black Tie with Blue!!

  49. avatar Kathleen reply

    Black Tie with Blue by Alexandra! Gorgeous! and the adorable mini donuts :)

  50. avatar Janis reply

    Love #2, Alex!

  51. avatar Caroline reply

    #2 by Alex!!!! She is amazing! Hope she wins!

  52. avatar Lindsey reply

    Justine’s is my favorite!

  53. avatar bobbie reply

    Alexandria Hanson!!!!!

  54. avatar Cheri reply

    Yeah for Justine!

  55. avatar » Bridal Style: Girly Girl reply

    […] to be a finalist in the Southern Weddings Pinterest contest! Take a look at the three finalists here and leave a comment to vote for your favorite. My board is “#3 Peaches by Lisa” and I […]

  56. avatar Austin reply

    Justine is my favorite!

  57. avatar Adam Gillem reply

    I vote for No 2, Love it Alex.

  58. avatar Mackenzie Tuggle reply

    I vote for number 2 Alexandra.

  59. avatar Lisa Tuggle reply

    2 alexandra

  60. avatar amanda reply

    I’m going for #2. A little classy and fabulous!

  61. avatar Julie Ann Moore reply

    Number 2. Love the hugging dress, champagne tower and magnolia wreaths!!

  62. avatar Marletha reply

    I really like #2 Black Tie with Blue
    She did a great job!

  63. avatar Megan reply

    My note is for #1 – Country Lush by Justine – ABSOLUTELY stunning! :)

  64. avatar Supal {chevrons and éclairs} reply

    I love Lisa’s! Peaches! It’s such a great way of incorporating the simple things around you :)

  65. avatar Erica reply

    LOVE #3 – Peaches by Lisa! My wedding is all these colors plus navy :)

  66. avatar emma reply

    gotta rep the G of A and go with peaches! :)

  67. avatar Shannon reply

    Peaches by Lisa, gets my my vote!!!!

  68. avatar Steph reply

    My vote is for #1… Justine! Can’t wait for you to have your Farmhouse Weddings in September!!

  69. avatar diane reply

    Pretty as a peach, Lisa!! Simple and beautiful!

  70. avatar Krystal reply

    My vote is for Justine

  71. avatar Brooke reply

    I vote for #3…all the perfect details for a Southern Wedding:)

  72. avatar Chandler reply

    I vote for #2 Alexandra

  73. avatar Leeson reply

    I love #2 by Alexandra! So pretty & classic!

  74. avatar Theresa reply

    #3 Peaches by Lisa!

  75. avatar Debra reply

    I vote for #3 Peaches. Love the church scene, the outfits on the bridesmaids and the cake looks so yummy…

  76. avatar Gabriela Frei reply

    I vote Peaches by Lisa :D

  77. avatar Mariela reply

    PEACHES by Lisa! Those bridesmaid dresses are so cute, and the cake nicely ties the look together.

  78. avatar Danielle reply

    I liked Lisa #3 Peaches!! :)

  79. avatar Emily reply

    My vote is for board #3 by Lisa. So beautiful :)

  80. avatar Kristen reply

    Lisa with #3 Peaches!!!

    • avatar Patty reply

      Lisa!! Peach is such a beautiful color. It’s prim and proper like any Southern bell should be :)

  81. avatar Maggie reply

    Black Tie by Alexandra!! Gorg

  82. avatar Paige reply

    I vote #1 Country Lush by Justine!! Hope you win girl! xoxo

  83. avatar Kristi reply

    Country lush #1 is beautiful! Go Justine!

  84. avatar Kristin reply

    I love the spearmint theme! I live in pa can you tell me what issue this theme is in?i would love to purchase this issue. I love the bridesmaids dresses and have been searching for the designer. Thanks so much!

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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