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Having spent the past two weeks cozying up with my family and boyfriend for the holidays, I can honestly say that I’m jealous of whoever wins from this giveaway. We chose to incorporate quilts into our Family Heirlooms shoot because they are just that — family heirlooms. Not the shiny silver goblets from your grandmother’s wedding (though we love those, too, and have another shoot dedicated to it!), they’re the ones we get to enjoy every day.

We also couldn’t help but give away the adorable baby bow tie below. Though no one in our shoot was young enough to wear it, we had full intentions of pinning the teeny bow onto a teeny model!

Now’s your chance to win the red and white quilt from Cherry Street Quilts, the multicolored quilt from Evening in the Garden, the yellow and white quilt from Red Rabbit Quilting, and the super soft baby bow tie from Little Diva and Dude Designs.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite family memory and which item you’d love to win.

Good Luck, y’all!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Beka reply

    Oh my word! What a giveaway! I think my favorite family memory was this past Christmas with my parents. We had a really fun day, and got a surprise blanket of snow in the morning to make it a White Christmas! (And I have my eye on the yellow and white quilt – so beautiful! Thanks, ladies!)

  2. avatar Lindy reply

    I love family traditions… And we have a ton! Birthdays are a big deal and some of my favorite memories!!! Love that yellow quilt!!

  3. avatar Kelly E. reply

    One of my favorite family memories is from when I was quite young. My grandmother was a very special part of my life, and taught me so much. I used to sit with her at the kitchen table, and we’d draw, write, paint, and have big discussions. She would also sit and do crossword puzzles, and had a lovely, well-worn dictionary that was always at the end of the table. I often recall her sitting there, pen in hand, thumbing through this yellow-paged dictionary, looking up words, and yet, still somehow talking to me. I would love to go back to the simplicity of those days. Thank you so much for the chance to win. I’d love the yellow and white quilt or the red and white quilt.

  4. avatar Amie reply

    My favourite family memory is from when my parents packed my sister and I into the family car and we drove out west to Banff and Drumheller, Alberta. It was a great summer vacation, and we learned a lot while still staying in our backyard. We went on a dinosaur hike in Drumheller, my sister bought a cowboy hat in Cochrane, and we saw mountains for the first time.

  5. avatar Amie reply

    I forgot to mention that I love the yellow and white quilt, or the red one.

  6. avatar Emily reply

    I grew up the only girl in a family with an older brother and lots of boy cousins. Although we are all much older now and see each other infrequently, no get together ends without us reminiscing about times with our grandfather, Fred. Fred was the sweetest, tallest, most genteel man I have ever met. All of us would spend our holidays taking over his house, running like animals in between every room. Our favorite part of any visit was having a midnight snack together. Fred would set his alarm clock and all of us would wake up at the first stroke of midnight. We would drink Cheerwine, eat Oreos, and watch an episode of the Andy Griffith show. Fred passed on twelve years ago and the loss of him still leaves an ache in our hearts. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share sweet family memories. I would be honored to win the multicolored quilt!

  7. avatar Lauren L reply

    My favorite family memory happens every Christmas Eve! Every Christmas Eve my parents and I drive down to road to my grandparent’s house so that I can help my grandmother finish all her Christmas touches for the family celebration the next day and wrap all of her Christmas presents for her. Pappaw always makes his homemade vegetable soup that he cans in the summers with every thing in the soup being from his big garden! It was such a joy to bring my fiance home this Christmas to celebrate in this favorite family memory!

  8. avatar Laura H reply

    I love that our family still gets together in a big cabin for a few days at the holidays. It’s harder as we get older, but we all still try our best to be there. I love a good quilt and that yellow and white quilt is lovely!

  9. avatar Jen O. reply

    LOVE these quilts! My most cherished family memories are simple summer traditions like going to the pool with our girls, having a picnic and lemonade stands! I’d love to win the yellow and white quilt from Red Rabbit Quilts. It’s so bright and happy!

  10. avatar Kelly reply

    I think my favorite memory with my new family (ie my husband!) is when we went to register at Macy’s, he accidentally knocked over an entire Calphalon bakeware stand. I had asked him to scan a few things while I went to the restroom, and he got a little carried away. Needless to say he was embarrassed, but we still laugh about it today! The yellow and white quilt by Red Rabbit Quilting would be a wonderful addition to our new home! Sunshine yellow is one of colors and is the color of my hubby’s favorite team (Iowa Hawkeyes). Keep the wedding and Southern goodness coming, ladies, I love it!

  11. avatar Anna reply

    I love watching the snow with my grandmother, who hadn’t seen snow in 55 years since she moved to the deep south from her childhood home. The yellow and white quilt is stunning!

  12. avatar Ashley Shelly reply

    My favorite family memory is when the entire Shelly clan gets together for Easter. But last year was the most special one. We always take a group photo on the HUGE front porch at my Granny’s house in Mobile, Alabama, but last year we had grown with so many new additions we could no longer all fit on the porch. We are so blessed with love and sweet new Shelly babies! haha. My Granny and her sisters always made quilts and we cherish the few we have left. I would love to win the Red and White quilt by Cherry Street Quilts! How gorgeous is that!!!

  13. avatar Julia reply

    My favorite family memory is from a trip to Puerto Rico we took for Thanksgiving when I was about 12. Since it was kind of the off-season, we had the most of the hotel and its beach and pool ourselves, which meant no waiting for tables in the restaurant, lots of pool basketball, and all the bodyboarding we could handle. Around the island, we got to climb the El Yunque rainforest, check out the Arecibo observatory, explore Fort San Cristobal and Old San Juan, and even see the bioluminescent bays! There was no fighting, no stuck-in-the-hotel days, and no severe sunburns- the perfect vacation.

    I’m 10 months away from my wedding day (literally- it’s Nov 9th) and I think winning the yellow & white Quilt from Red Rabbit Quilting would be a great way to kickstart our marriage with a brand-new (soon-to-be) family heirloom!

  14. avatar Ashlee L. reply

    My favorite family memory was throwing my grandparent’s their 50th anniversary party two years ago. What a thrill to see two people make it to 50 years of marriage! It was a sweet time for my family as my grandma had suffered serious health issues earlier in the year. We served a good ol’ Southern food, sang Southern gospel songs and indulged in a 4-tier cake made by my aunt and I. My cousins and I interviewed my grandparents about their life, how they met, married, had children and the secret to 50 years of marriage, then edited the footage together with photos and showed the video at the celebration. The celebration + all the time preparing for it is one of my most cherished family memories! (And, I’d love to win the gorgeous multi-colored quilt!)

  15. avatar rachel reply

    Favorite family memory was my wedding, when I carried my grandpas (firefighter pin) grandmas (paint charm), and uncles (class ring) on my bouquet down the aisle reminding me that all the people i love were walking with with me, while all the people I love are also watching me down the aisle, and my mother and grandmother sitting holding hands and holding back tears! best family moment ever! *and I would love the yellow and white quilt*

  16. avatar Casey reply

    I can see why y’all are sad to part with these beauties! They’re all gorgeous!

    My favorite family memory goes back to the good old days as a little girl surrounded by lots of brothers and boy cousins! Some of my fondest memories are when all of us grandchildren would spend the day at our Grandma and Pa’s house. We’d spend hours outdoors running in the corn field, making mudpies, picking up pecans and asking Pa to crack them, and then wind down when Grandma would call us in for one of our homemade favorite’s – green beans with potatoes and noodles with ketchup! (Yes, that last one is a strange combination!) Our family gatherings are quite like this anymore, but boy do we have some fun memories to look back on!

    And if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say the multicolored quilt is the winner for me! Thanks ladies!

  17. avatar Lindsay H. reply

    My favorite memories as a child were spent travelling to my grandma’s house on the Texas coast. We would always spend the weekend there; in the summertime we were there just about every single weekend. She would take us to the beach, we would ride the ferry to Port Aransas, watch her cook – she was a wonderful cook, we explored the wooded area behind her house – the perfect adventures for a child! Her house was so warm and welcoming; she had quilts on every bed! My grandma passed away five years ago, but I feel so blessed that I got to spend as much time with her as I did while she was here with us.
    The multicolored quilt is absolutely beautiful! I would love a chance to win it.

  18. avatar Dee Shore reply

    One of my favorite moments was actually this Christmas Eve. My sister sat us down and passed out little boxes to each of us. Inside there were onesies, mine said “Hi Auntie, I don’t have a face yet, but I can’t wait to meet you in July”. I haven’t cried this hard in a loooong time. I’m going to be an aunt for the second time and I couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!!

    I’d looove to win the Yellow and White Quilt because it’ll be going to the baby when it’s born ^_^

  19. avatar Kate Collison reply

    Hi Southern Weddings! My favorite family memory — so many to choose from! I love memories of sitting out on our big front porch having a before-dinner lemonade or cocktail for the adults while mom and dad told us stories. My family loves that porch! We also spent wonderful vacations driving down to Florida most years for family vacations, and great times were had by all in that minivan. My brother and sister and I are all close in age, and they are wonderful, wonderful people. Regarding the lovely quilts – gorgeous! I would love to win the yellow and white quilt by Red Rabbit! Have a great day!

  20. avatar Whitney reply

    My favorite family memories are always the blessings that my Granny does at family holidays. She’s a very traditional Episcopalian, but she always has a couple too many glasses of wine while cooking and the blessings can get a bit rambling and “pentecostal.” Everyone gets “prayed for,” which is at times both embarrassing and hilarious. The grandkids all cut eyes at each other starting about halfway through, and if we tease her about it the next day she staunchly denies being anything but totally traditional and stuffy in her prayers.

    I would love to win the yellow and white quilt – it will jazz up my blue and white bedroom!!

  21. avatar Kat reply

    Oh my what a fun giveaway!! I’d have to say my absolute favorite memory is a tradition my mom and I have. We ALWAYS watch Meet Me in St Louis & White Christmas EVERY December (usually multiple times!). Since I’ve moved it’s been bittersweet but we still managed to squeeze in at least one show of each this holiday (even though that meant staying up until 2am!). We sing & laugh right along with them :) Oh & I love both the red & white by Cherry Street Quilts & the yellow & white by Red Rabbit Quilting. Both would look nice & cozy in my soon-to-be hubby and I’s home!

  22. avatar Stewart reply

    I have a wonderful memory of Christmas Eve day spent at my grandmother’s house. After perusing her Southern Living Cookbook I began to doze on the sofa. Before drifting off to sleep I took in the sounds of men discussing Alabama’s offensive line, children playing on the porch and the smell of baking sweet potato pies and I remember thinking: “This is Christmas.”
    I think the Red & White Quilt by Cherry Street Quilts is just darling.

  23. avatar Jess reply

    My favorite family memory is my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary vow renewal. It was so special. I would love to win the yellow and white quilt by Red Rabbit Quilting. It will be perfect in my new home with my husband after I get married in April!

  24. avatar Sandryte reply

    I clearly remember all the picnics with my family, especially those till dawn.

    Great prizes! I’d love a bow-tie to my baby :-)

  25. avatar Lorraine reply

    My favorite family memory is from the night of my graduation. My whole family got together with my fiance’s whole family for the very first time. We all had tea and cocktails and then supper together at my fiance’s house. Everyone got along so well that we knew we were meant to be.

    I would love to win the gorgeous multi-colored quilt or the baby boy bow-tie. Both of which will come in very handy in the next year!!!!

  26. avatar Laura reply

    I think my favorite family memories involve us going to the North Carolina OBX and staying with all of our extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents) in one big beach house. We would eat SO much food and stay up until the wee hours playing games.

    And I would love to win the yellow and white quilt from Red Rabbit Quilting. It’s just so bright and happy! Definitely something that could become an heirloom.

  27. avatar Sarah reply

    In the summertime, my mom would pack picnics and we would go to Grayson Highlands State Park (in VA) and picnic outside and spend the day exploring. The park is on top of a mountain with beautiful views, and there’s wild ponies. I love it so much, I’m getting married there in June (and we’re having a picnic)!!

    The yellow and white quilt would look perfect covering hay bales our guests will sit on during the ceremony!

  28. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    My favorite memories include taking family vacations to the beach each year. We would celebrate holidays there and stay out on the beach as long as we could! Nothing was better! I would love to win the yellow and white quilt :)

  29. avatar Kelly C. reply

    My favorite family memory is a Thanksgiving my sister and I spent with my grandmother and her friends in Galveston, Texas. My grandmother has always been quite social and attended many a cocktail party (I remember going through her collections of crazy outfits and wigs as a child), and this was a fabulous event at the eccentric home of one of her friends. It felt like a celebration of the wonderful and fun woman my grandmother is, and since my grandmother has always lived far away from us the chance to spend time hearing about my grandmother from her friends without our parents was quite a rare treat.

    I adore the red and white quilt! Love love love!

  30. avatar Kristyn M reply

    My favorite family memory is going strawberry picking in plant city, fl every march (ish) with my mom and brothers. We would pick a huge cooler full of strawberries and then go home and my mom would make strawberry jam, preserves, ice cream toppings, etc. all weekend long. We would then give the jam to our teachers as gifts every year! I still go strawberry picking by myself/with friends in Durham, NC every year, make jam and send some to my mom!

    I’d love to win the multicolored quilt (or any of them really!)

  31. avatar Jennifer reply

    What fun to read through so many lovely memories. One of my very favorite memories growing up is watching my grandparents bop in the kitchen. Every time I watch and old movie or see television footage of dancers in the 40s and 50s, it reminds me of those moments. And that multi-colored quilt reminds me of the type of quilting my great-grandmother used to do so, of course, that is the one I fancy!

  32. avatar Rachel M. reply

    My favorite family memories are from our annual Family Reunion! Each year it is the third weekend in October on my grandparents land in south Texas. Getting to see all of my huge family and eat some wonderful home cooking is the best part of the year! As for the prizes, I would love to win one of the quilts! I love the yellow and white one! :)

  33. avatar Brittany reply

    that yellow quilt is so beautiful!

    my favorite family memory is the road trip we took to washington d.c. on the way back, i learned to sing the national anthem for the first time. it was such an amazing trip getting to visit our nation’s capital at such a young age and developing a strong sense of pride and love for our country and my family.

  34. avatar Gabi reply

    I have so many amazing family memories probably my fav is my sister and I spending the night at my grandparents house. Spending all night tucked in laughing. Those were the most fun times! I would love the Red & White quilt!

  35. avatar Marisa reply

    My best family memory is going to bike races most weekends as a kid. :) I would really love the red and white quilt. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  36. avatar Luke reply

    I enjoy the memories of our family going on ski trips out west. We had a blast in ski school. I would choose the red and white quilt

  37. avatar megan gibson reply

    I’d love to win the multicolored quilt by Evening in the Garden! My favorite family memory is when me and my parents and little brother traveled to PA to go to a family reunion one summer. We stayed in the most adorable cabin by a creek and we pretty much stayed in that water the whole time we were there. Crawfish were eveyrwhere in the water and everyday we would go out and see how many we could find. When it got too dark, we would chase fireflies. It was the most perfect family vaca we ever had and I hope I never forget it.. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  38. avatar Taylor J reply

    Family heirlooms are just the greatest. Although it was bittersweet, one of my favorite memories is the memory of my very frail grandmother giving me her wedding ring (that included a stone from her mother’s ring as well) before she passed away.

    If I could pick, I’d pick the yellow and white quilt! I LOVE yellow…reminds me of sunshine!

  39. avatar Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist reply

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite family memory. I love Thanksgivings when all of my family would be together, loud and laughing around one big table (made up of lots of other tables pushed together).

  40. avatar Kristy reply

    My favorite family memory is everyone in the kitchen helping grandma cook our homemade meal :)

  41. avatar Lindsay Rebecca reply

    I love ALL of the quilts, but my favorite is probably the Yellow and White Quilt by Red Rabbit Quilting.
    My favorite family memory is picnics with my mom and sister when I was a little girl. At that time, we lived in DeRidder, LA because my dad was stationed at Fort Polk. On special afternoons, my mom would make homemade pimento cheese (my favorite!) sandwiches and take us on a picnic in the park. I loved spending quality time with my mom and my sister – especially because my sister was in school. I have such fond memories of those days!

  42. avatar Kristen reply

    I loved going back to my grandma’s after we went to her church when we went to go visit her when I was a kid, because she would always close up the kitchen and make the best fried chicken I have ever had with potatoes from our family farm that she ended up mashing up. I can just smell it now!
    I absolutely love the multi-colored quilt as it would be a beautiful addition to my bedroom set!

  43. avatar Ashleigh reply

    I love my big HUGE family and our loud get togethers. One of my favorites was my grandfathers surprise 87th birthday party that my aunt and I planned. Everyone went to Blacksburg, VA from Charlotte, Virginia beach and even Cleveland! The look on his face when he saw us all was priceless and tears in his eyes just screamed love. Any memory with paw paw is a favorite. I love both the yellow + white quilt and the multi-colored. Would be happy to curl up in either.

  44. avatar Tammie Walker reply

    It has to be the red and white quilt from Cherry Street Quilts. My favorite family memory is of my Grandmother and our visits with her on her farm in rural Missouri. She had a cookie jar and it was always full of fresh, homemade cookies. In fact my children her great-grandchildren called her Cookie Grandmother.

  45. avatar Brittany reply

    Some of my favorite family memories are of big family Christmases! When my cousins and I were little we would all dress up (in costumes that my grandmother handmade!) and act out the story of Jesus’ birth as my grandfather read the Bible. We argued every year over who got to be the angels because they had the most beautiful gold-glittered gowns! The day continued with food and laughter and love! The Yellow and White Quilt is absolutely beautiful! (Kind of reminds me of those gold glittered angel dresses!) I would love to cozy up with it and my soon-to-be husband!

  46. avatar Carrie reply

    My favorite memory is camping in Kentucky with my two sisters…we had an old, pop-up camper and would pull into different state parks each summer….and I’d love one of these quilts — particularly the yellow and white one!

  47. avatar Sandi reply

    One of my favorite memories is the summer I spent with my grandparents when I was 10. No sisters or cousins, just me. It was great! At the end of the summer, my aunt and uncle took me home, then all of us went to Disney World. What a summer!
    I love the multicolored quilt. Beautiful!

  48. avatar Meghan P. reply

    One of my favorite family memories is attending our family reunion every year. My Papaw is one of twelve and every year that side of the family gets together in the country around the 4th of July. The reunions usually consist of a large breakfast in the morning with biscuits, gravy and eggs of course, and a large meal in the afternoon. It’s a great opportunity to see family that does not live close and create some amazing relationships. It’s always a true test when you bring a significant other to these reunions to meet almost a hundred or so extended family members.

    I would absolutely love to win the Yellow and White quilt. Some of my most treasured items are handmade quilts from my great aunts.

  49. avatar Laura F. reply

    Some of my favorite family memories are from my aunt’s house when I was little. My mom is one of 6 siblings, and they are spread out all over the globe. Every summer, though, we would all travel to my aunt’s house. My cousins and I would spend the day swimming in her pool and chasing her 6 giant dogs all over the yard, and then at night, after we had a cookout and fresh veggies from my aunt’s garden, my uncles would break out their guitars and my mom and her siblings would all sing in four part harmony. I love those memories because they give me a little glimpse into my mom’s childhood when she and her siblings learned all those songs.
    I’d love to win either the yellow or the red quilt!

  50. avatar Colleen Moore reply

    I hold quilts close to my heart. My Mother always quilted hers by hand and said if they wasn’t stitched by hand they weren’t done right. After my mother passed I was able to keep her quilts and I have them hanging in my house where I can see them every day. I am hoping to make my first quilt match her first quilt.

  51. avatar Laura A reply

    one of my favorite memories is visiting all my family during the summer and we’d hang out in the backyard for hours playing games with all my little cousins and catching fireflies. Fun for everyone no matter what age! My baby blanket (that I still have :) ) is a little quilt and I love them. I like the multicolor quilt the best but it’s so hard to choose!

  52. avatar Irene Rockhold reply

    In the early 1900’s, my grandmother, Josephine Gustafson, was raising her family of three daughters in rural Mercer County in Illinois. She worked hard on the family farm to preserve food from her garden to feed her family all year long. To give her life beauty, she would have a flower garden growing along with her vegetables. Neighboring brides would stop to visit and collect flowers from her garden for their weddings.

    I would like to the yellow and white quilt from Red Rabbit Quilting to be a ray of sunshine in my home.

  53. avatar Elizabeth reply

    If the giveaway is still going on, I’d love to win one of those quilts. I especially love the yellow and white one!

  54. avatar Sue Moseley reply

    One of my favorite memories is of my grandmother kneading dough for the most delicious rolls in the world! Her favorite color was yellow, so I’d love to win the yellow and white quilt by Red Rabbit Quilting.

  55. avatar Erin reply

    When I was little, and my great-grandma was still living, our family spent Christmas Eve at her house. Every year each of my aunts, uncles and cousins brought a handmade ornament for a random gift exchange. Now our trees are still decorated with those happy memories. I’d like to win any of those lovely quilts!

  56. avatar Brooke C reply

    I’d love the yellow & white or multicolored quilts! My newest favorite family memory was captured on camera at our December 29th wedding: Me dressed up as the bride seeing my baby brothers in their suits for the first time, and them seeing me. We are all smiling and I remember it as one of the most vivid memories of my wedding, and now we have a shot of that memory for a lifetime!

  57. avatar Courtney Sloane reply

    My favorite family memory could come from any number of days spent gathered around the kitchen table at my great-grandpa’s house working on one of his1000 piece puzzles. I cannot begin to count the hours we all spent together there, swapping stories, wisdom, and even silence. I really treasure those days, and I think back to them often.

    I love all the quilts above, but I think I’m most partial to the red and white quilt by Cherry Street Quilts.

  58. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I would have to say that I loved any family get together with all the cousins around. My siblings and I were the youngest, but man did we ever look up to our older, cooler cousins like no tomorrow. Whether it was fishing off the dock after Easter or Mother’s Day or playing football after Thanksgiving, we always had a blast. It seems so hard to get everyone together now that half of us are married and starting to have babies. It’s not like it used to be but I will always appreciate those times.

    I love that yellow or the mutlicolored quilts… I have always loved cuddling up with a nice quilt!

  59. avatar Ashton Ray reply

    Some of my favorite memories were made spending the summers with my great grandmother in Corinth, MS. She lived a good twenty minutes from town and while other girls would be bored out of their minds, I had a blast learning to sew, cook, and garden. She gave the best advice like, “Never write down anything you wouldn’t want to see hangin on the church bulletin board,” and one of my personal favorites, “Open your eyes instead of your mouth.” To this day, I’m the only one who knows the secret to making her famous potato rolls. She loved quilting and the yellow and white quilt would look beautiful next to a few of her own that I inherited.

  60. avatar Lauren reply

    I remember being best friends with my brother when we were young. We’re close now but when I think of childhood I remember how much fun we had together. This was nice to think about :) Thanks! Love the red and white quilt

  61. avatar Ashley Hibbard reply

    One of my favorite family memories every year is Christmas – such a wonderful time and full of family traditions! Love the red and white or multicolored quilt!

  62. avatar Danielle L reply

    My favorite family memory is either when we rang in new year’s back in 2000 when many of my cousin’s came to my house to celebrate and we just enjoyed being kids and doing “yoda’s yoga,” or any Christmas. Our Christmas is packed with family tradition each year and it’s always exciting to carry it on and spend time with family, eating a lot of food. I would love to win the red and white quilt, it’s so charming!

  63. avatar Kathleen Foreman reply

    My favorite family memories involve everyone in the kitchen helping to cook dinner or bake cookies. I would love to win the Multicolored Quilt!

  64. avatar Leanne reply

    My favorite memories are summers spent at the lake with my family and cousins. There is no other memory that gives me so much joy and peace as falling asleep listening to the water outside the window!
    I absolutely love the red and white quilt, but I would also be happy with the multi-colored quilt.

  65. avatar Tessa reply

    My grandmother was well known for her beautiful hand sewn quilts. I loved our Orthodox Christmas celebration at her house! For that reason, I most like the red and white quilt, it reminds me of one that was always on the bed at her house.

  66. avatar Callie reply

    I am totally obsessed with that beautiful red & white quilt! My family is a close knit group of people and there is nothing more that I love to do with them than travel! It’s he memories of our family vacations will be the ones that will stay with me forever! Receiving a family vacation is far better than any tangible gift I could ever ask for!

  67. avatar Sam reply

    My favorite family memory would have to be going out for dinner as a family every time my dad would return from a tour overseas (he recently retired from the air force). We would stay out late talking about his trip and catching up together. And if I had to pick one I would LOVE the yellow and white quilt! But they all melted my heart!

  68. avatar Lauren reply

    I love the multicolored quilt! Brandon has been telling me I have too much Red in the house (Go Dawgs!!) I love that it has some UT orange in there for him to feel more at home…

    Plus I’ve never actually owned a quilt – time to get more southern!

  69. avatar Lauren reply

    … and my favorite family memory is of my brother and I playing with our puppy when we were little. We would dress her up and stroll her around in my baby carriage… well he pretended it was a nascar race and I would have a heart attack. All in all its fun to look back on the pictures of us being ridiculous.

  70. avatar Emily Martinez reply

    I’ve been begging for someone in my family to make us a blanket. Several of my aunts have them from a great aunt and my fiance has one from his grandmother. I love to crochet and knit, but taught myself, so having one from my family would mean the world to me. I love the multicolored one. It reminds me of all the different characters in my family.

    My favorite family memory is all the bon fires we had as kids. Family gatherings was a huge part of growing up. It’s a tradition that I’ve been blessed enough to carry on the bon fire torch, only with a small fire pit, but just as much love. I grew up on acres of land, so our fires were huge! We’ve only been able to have one this year, but I’m looking forward to many more.

  71. avatar Jenna Lea reply

    My favorite family memories are of us going to my grandparents house and all of the children coming home with their families to share my grandmother’s famous chicken stew (cooked on the wood stove, mind you). Just spending time together, eating, laughing, and sometimes napping.

    I would love to win the multicolored quilt by Evening in the Garden

  72. avatar Jessica reply

    My grandma makes every grandchild a quilt when they get married it is something to cherish. I would love to win the Multicolored Quilt by Evening in the Garden! =)

  73. avatar Cindy reply

    My favorite memory is when my family all got together for christmas having 17 cousins is amazing! I would love to win the Multicolored Quilt by Evening in the Garden!

  74. avatar rachel reply

    The yellow and white quilt is gorgeous

  75. avatar My Quilt in Southern Weddings Magazine | Evening in the Garden Quilts reply

    […] if you can find the quilt here, right in the […]

  76. avatar Megan reply

    My favorite family memory is traveling to Florida for two weeks every summer with my parents and sister. We’d spend a week on the gulf side at the beach, followed by a week of fun in Orlando. The best part about the trip was the 12 hour car ride there and back. We bonded as a family without technology, distractions, etc!

    I’d love to win the red cherry quilt!

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When Annie + Jimmy planned their wedding, they simply wanted a design that would reflect their “deep-seated Tennessee Southern roots.” From homemade elements like numerous family quilts and pillows to the late night snack of Krystal burgers, there ain’t nothin’ more Southern than what the newlyweds put together. (Y’all just read about their getaway truck, Earl!) Of the numerous details, some of my favorites include the hanging kites and wildflower arrangements. Scroll down and you’ll see a gorgeous quilted chair back that will make you want to break out your sewing kit. Even better is the adorable ring bearer trying to make his getaway, but I won’t give it all away. These images from Jonathan Canlas will do just the trick.

For Annie, her best advice to brides is to “make it yours.” I can’t tell you how special it was to have meaning in absolutely everything.

We used all types of flowers for the wedding. I wanted it to look like we had gone out and picked our favorite flowers. We used tons of wildflowers as well as peonies, hydrangeas and sunflowers. We used all different types of containers for the flowers – from mason jars to vintage Cracker Jack tins.

The wedding cake was made to look like a quilt. It was square with three tiers. Each square was made to look like it was quilted and had various quilt square patterns going around it. The cake topper was composed of two handmade fabric birds made to look like us. The groom had Jimmy’s exact plaid pocket square, tie and linen suit (in miniature, of course!), and the bride was made using the actual lace from my wedding dress. It was a strawberry cake with buttercream icing, and it was delicious! I didn’t want a traditional cake with fondant icing. Jimmy’s groom’s cake was a surprise. It was made to look like a stack of his favorite books: “All the Pretty Horses” by Cormac McCarthy, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, and “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren.

We left the ceremony in Jimmy’s green ‘52 Ford pickup truck, affectionately known as “Earl.” It was an engagement gift from my dad to Jimmy, and they plan to restore it over the next few years together. Before the wedding, they managed to cut and build mahogany rails for the bed. My mom stitched the phrase “Just Hitched” onto a burlap banner attached to the tailgate, which was also lined with ribbon streamers strung with yarn pompons. Our guests tossed—or in some cases, hurled—birdseed that was tied up in squares of old floral flour sacks and kitchen twine. My aunt is making us a Double Wedding Ring quilt as our wedding gift using the flour sack fabric from the birdseed toss—something we will cherish forever.

What was the funniest moment? What was the scariest? The cake cutting was one of the funniest moments, I think. I had already warned Jimmy that I was going to smash the cake in his face, but I wasn’t expecting him to strike first! He served the slice delicately toward my mouth, then smeared it straight up my face. While I stood there in shock, he drew war paint on my cheeks with the icing, and grinned wickedly. I was breathing strawberries and butter cream the rest of the night! But I got him back with a great forehand to his face. We kissed and made up, coated in icing. The scariest moment for me was being in front of everyone at the ceremony. I am very shy! It was likewise for Jimmy, but mainly because he felt a little overheated in his suit and had to stand at the altar during the full processional of bridesmaids, flower girls, and ring bearer before my entrance. He was very excited to grasp my hand and stand beside me!
Were there any family traditions you included in the reception? I used pictures of my grandmother and my mom on their wedding days, as well as lots of family antiques and quilted elements – which are part of my family heritage. My family owns a Krystal franchise. It’s a Southern-specific burger chain that has been a big part of the South since 1932. As a surprise, we served Krystals as the late night snack in custom made Krystal boxes Jimmy and I had designed months earlier.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future? I’m looking forward to being home as a married couple and using the different objects from the wedding to make a home for us. I am very excited to start our life together here in Chattanooga! We hope to learn something new about each other every day, and we are certain that whatever the future holds, we can enjoy its blessings and endure its hardships as long as we stand by each other.
Best advice or most memorable comment someone made to you during the wedding celebration. One of Jimmy’s fraternity brothers shared some advice that he was told at his own wedding, and Jimmy found it really moving: “Marriage isn’t about keeping score, because you already owe the other person everything.”

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
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