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Our small but mighty team is growing, friends! One of our favorite things that we all have our hands in is relationship building and delighting our readers and customers with great service. It makes our day to chat about marriage on Instagram with you, to help you package up our wedding planner as a gift to your best friend, and to tell you about all the exciting things that are happening in our office! The more we grow and our mission spreads, the more we have need of a person who could be fully dedicated to this part of our company. While each of us will always have a hand in managing our conversations with you, we’re excited to hire someone who can officially become our new Marketing and Customer Delight Manager!

Think you’re the right person for the job? Take a look at our job description and requirements below, as well as the link to apply. We know the right addition to our team will shine through an energetic, Southern voice, and will integrate into our office culture seamlessly. Each of us values independent and efficient workers who can also thrive in collaborative environments. Though we intend to add a new worker bee to our ranks, we’re also looking for someone we completely trust who has both integrity and charm.

The person most fit for this position:

  • Has a positive attitude
  • Is a team player
  • Has a Southern voice
  • Is well-spoken
  • Is energetic
  • Has experience with marketing/marketing strategy
  • Is an early adopter of new technology
  • Has a love for marriage and the South
  • Has an indefatigable spirit and thrives on “situation solving”
  • Has a great grasp of grammar and punctuation
  • Thrives on relationship building and exceeding expectations with charm

Job Description & Responsibilities:

  • Cultivate trust in our readers through relationship building and marketing efforts.
  • Manage, track, and grow our campaigns, programs, and relationships
  • Collaborate with the design and editorial teams to create well-timed social campaigns to promote events, new products, and new features
  • Create in-office imagery and help with product styling
  • Respond to all customer service inquiries via social media and email with a positive and friendly voice
  • Infuse our social media voice with our brand’s core and mission
  • Write and schedule all social media posts
  • Post to all social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus for all Lara Casey Media brands, including Southern Weddings, the Lara Casey Shop, and Making Things Happen
  • Identify brand advocates and leverage their voice to further encourage strong relationships in our readers
  • Track our social media analytics and use the data to guide new efforts
  • Spearhead brand social conversations and marketing plans, including some in-person events
  • Coordinate and manage quarterly themes
  • Help pack orders, when needed

Job Requirements

  • Must have at least two years of professional experience in marketing and/or social media
  • Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
  • Must be able to begin working full time in our Chapel Hill office in July
  • Must be able to commit to 4-5 interviews (including at least one in-person interview)

Click here to fill out our job application. We’d suggest giving yourself 30-45 minutes to complete it. Applications will close Friday, May 29.

For more information about working at Southern Weddings and what we look for, explore our Working with Southern Weddings page.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Laura reply

    I wouldn’t be qualified for this position, but I’m always keeping my eye out for when you want to hire an in-house baker/crafter/office manager :) Can’t wait to see who you add to the team!

  2. avatar Kristie Bradley reply

    Oh how I wish I was close to you! Your brand, passion, hearts are all wonderful and whoever gets to join this team is a lucky lady!

  3. avatar Meghan reply

    Crying that I live across the country! I LOVE you ladies at Southern Weddings and wish so badly that I could join you! Good luck!

  4. avatar Stephanie Rickman reply


    I am trying to apply for the position and in the “Education & Achievements” section, after I select the year of graduation, the “next” button disappears. What is the best way to get around this?

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Stephanie! I’m guessing you graduated in 2014 or 2015. For this position, we are looking for someone who has two years of work experience, so that is why the application won’t move forward!

  5. avatar Rachel Nordgren reply

    This is so exciting! Out of curiosity, does “Southern voice” have to mean “Southern accent”?

  6. avatar Kirsti reply

    I have always prayed that I would have an opportunity to work with SW, however I wouldn’t be able to move to NC right now. I hope you all are blessed with amazing applicants that will be great new team members!

  7. avatar Hilari reply

    Oh how exciting!! Fabulous news on a Monday after my own wedding weekend :)

  8. avatar Autumn reply

    I feel that my years spent in the bridal industry, as well as my career in communications, has all led up to this moment. Not to mention that my husband and I are moving to Durham/Chapel Hill later this summer. I am so excited to apply.

  9. avatar Stacey Greene reply

    I am so excited for this opportunity to apply! Southern Weddings is an extension of my passions in life and I am honored to be part of the application process. Good luck to your team and everyone else who is applying!

  10. avatar Suzannah reply

    On the application is states “where did you get your BA?” Are you guys only looking for individuals with a BA, or do other degress work?

  11. avatar Brittney Scurry reply

    Should recent grads not apply for this position?
    When I went through the application and put my graduation year I was unable to continue.

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Hi Brittney! For this position, we are looking for someone who has at least two years of post-grad work experience. Thanks so much for your interest! :)

  12. avatar Stacey Greene reply

    Question: Will all candidates be contacted?
    Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!

  13. avatar Mary Hannah Statham reply

    Hi there!

    Are you still accepting applications for the Marketing & Consumer Delight Position? I would love to apply if so! I will be relocating to Raleigh at the end of July and am a big fan of Southern Weddings!

    Mary Hannah

    • avatar Nicole reply

      Hi Mary Hannah! We’re so grateful for your interest! The applications are closed, but we’re looking forward to keeping in touch through the blog!

    • avatar Courtney reply

      I just saw your comment today. SW re-opened the application, but it’s due today. If you’re still interested act quick! Good luck to you too!

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Ever since our First Annual Southern Weddings Team Retreat last August, all of the SW gals have been looking forward to our next one. Getting the entire team together is a rare occurrence with Marissa and Kristin working remotely, but the chance to spend quality time together focusing on how we can best serve our amazing readers and each other has become crucial. We love that team retreats are now a part of our office culture and we soak up every minute of strategizing, learning, and, indeed, late night slumber party heart-to-hearts.

Our three days together are invaluable, so Kristin and I spent the two months prior assembling a schedule for the team to make sure all areas of our work together would be covered. It was jam-packed full of goodness, but here are the pared down highlights:

The fun started on Sunday with all of us getting gussied up for our annual team photo shoot! We were lucky enough to have Katelyn James drive down from Richmond to shoot with us, 140 Salon on site for some Southern blow-outs, and Lula Makeup on hand to work her magic. Unlike past years, the weather was breezy and beautiful! Not a drop of sweat threatened our hair or makeup, we’re happy to report.

Working with the women at Southern Weddings is truly a privilege and Kristin and I can’t begin to explain how grateful we are to spend our days with them! We knew that this retreat was much more than just strategizing for the business portion of Southern Weddings. It was a time for us to feel pride in the South, reflect on all that we’ve accomplished as a team, and show each other love and gratitude. We worked with some amazing vendors to surprise the gals with goodies along the way, including a Dixieland Monogram clipboard and a gorgeous robe from The Bride’s Maids Shop waiting in their rooms after dinner. So after some Southern fare and frozen yogurt on Chapel Hill’s famous Franklin Street, we headed back to our retreat headquarters at the Carolina Inn, hopped into our robes, and gathered in Emily, Lisa’s and Morgan’s room for a pajama party.

The next morning, we dove into work for what I dubbed, “Big Ideas Day!” But first things first. In order to get us all in the proper frame of mind for a day full of big ideas, we wrote the Southern Weddings anthem — a musical rendition of our company mission set to the tune of Sweet Home Alabama! I’m dying for us to make a music video, so y’all stay tuned.

After warming up our vocal cords, we shared the results of the StrengthsFinder quiz we took a few days prior, and discussed how each of our strengths impacts our company as a whole. It was so much fun seeing everyone’s results and understanding how they can help us work together even better! We each came away from the conversation with a defined purpose: Lisa and Emily inspire connections between all of us, all of you readers, and the ideas we share. Morgan and I cultivate trust for Southern Weddings by providing consistent messaging and visual cues. Marissa and Kristin fuel relationships by reaching out to our partners and generating the funds we need to continue our work. Lara defines our direction and provides the momentum needed to do all of this!

After lunch at the Carolina Inn Crossroads Restaurant, some of the SW gals had the opportunity to lead their own mini-session. We love learning from each other, and have discovered that each of us brings special skills or knowledge to the team that makes us better at what we do. Morgan’s session was by far the most interactive and creative! She gave us a lesson in watercoloring, and we each got to try our hand at painting peaches. Emily passed down her top six lessons she’s learned during her past six years at SW, and Lisa shared her writing and editing tips.

As our paintings dried, we discussed what we imagined our company would look like in 5 years. How did each of us view our future? What projects or goals did we have in mind? What would make Southern Weddings a place we could continue to love and grow in?

All of this talk about our big ideas and overarching concepts ended with Kristin teaching the team how to dance the Carolina Shag! As you can see, Emily picked it up like a pro, and I slowed Marissa down with my two left feet.

The last day of our retreat (dubbed “Action Items Day!”) had plenty of surprises. One of my favorites was a round of The Newlywed Game between department partners (Emily + Lisa, Marissa + Kristin, me + Morgan), officiated by Lara. We answered questions like, “What is your partner’s favorite Southern food?” and “Is you partner more likely to channel Dolly Parton or Taylor Swift at karaoke night?” Emily and Lisa won the game, with Marissa and Kristin trailing by one point!

The big ideas we came up with the day before wouldn’t see the light of day without a proper plan of action, and one thing we wanted to improve from last year’s retreat was taking on more than we could handle. We’re still a small team, and while we’d like to do everything, we’ve learned to focus on doing what we can do better.

Over a delicious lunch of BLTs and Cheerwine at Merritt’s, we discussed how to best use our newly renovated office space, how to make Kristin and Marissa feel more involved in our office culture (always a challenge when you work remotely!), and how we can improve our workflow.

With full bellies, we returned to the Carolina Inn for another round of mini-sessions! Kristin shared her secrets for striking up conversations with strangers, Marissa taught us Advertising 101, and I shared some background on the Southern Weddings Style Guide, why it’s important, and how to propose creative ideas.

Kristin and I planned some fun work breaks throughout the retreat, but nothing will top our afternoon tea at the Carolina Inn. It was the perfect cover for Lisa’s surprise bridal shower!! We have boundless amounts of love for Lisa and her beau, Dave, so we’re saving a full recap of her shower for another post, but here’s a little peek from Julia Wade to hold you over!

A look at our conference table mid-retreat! We’re so thankful for The Mason Bar Company for keeping us hydrated, May Designs for supplying our journals (which are now filled to the brim with notes!), and Thimblepress for providing the beautiful state flower prints that remind us of our love for the South and the importance of growing in love.

Returning to work after the bridal shower was challenging, but we had some exciting things ahead of us. The rest of the afternoon was spent flushing out ideas from the day before and then opening up the conversation for any other topics that were on our minds. We ended the retreat with an old activity borrowed from the Making Things Happen Conference. Each of us randomly picked another SW gal’s name from a hat, and then wrote an encouraging note to her. I’m saving the letters to mail out in the coming weeks and love the idea that the gals will be surprised with a thoughtful letter!

Despite all of the excitement over the past three days, my favorite part of the retreat was the very end — a casual team dinner at a favorite local eatery where we encouraged, praised, and celebrated everyone (a concept from the book “How Full is Your Bucket?“). Throughout the retreat, we had been writing “drops,” or small notes of general positivity, to share with each other at the end. Reading them aloud over dinner was a reminder of how special our time together is, and how lucky we are to work together. Until next year!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Kristina reply

    What a lovely recap Nicole! It is so inspiring to see and read about how excited you are to work for Southern Weddings. Makes reading the blog/magazine so much more fun for us readers too. And I wish I was there to hear Kristin’s secrets about how to approach a stranger. Definitely an area where I could use some inspiration too ;-)

  2. avatar Nancy reply

    I love you all!!! Where do I apply ;)
    Your retreats make me want to do soemthing like this for my team.

  3. avatar Ashlee reply

    What a great recap, Nicole!

  4. avatar Julie reply

    I love how you intentionally encourage each other! Ya’ll have such a positive work environment; I think many workplaces could take lessons from you!

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The gals and I joked that my Day in the Life post would just be a “Gone Fishin’” sign. While Emily and Lisa are busy as bees from June through August, my busiest time of year starts in August and runs through October. Right now, we’re waist-deep in layout for our next print edition, developing a bunch of exciting shop products, and have some pretty fun partnerships and projects happening at the same time.

Photo by Faith Teasley

8:53am I’m always the first in the office, which I love (it means I get first dibs on fridge space for my lunch bag and get to open the mail!). I go upstairs to our office bungalow and settle into my chair. My to-do list today is titled, “hustle,” which has become our unofficial motto for this time of the year.

8:58am I open up my internet browser and three tabs at once: my inbox, the Southern Weddings blog and the Southern Weddings Shop dashboard. I make sure everything on the blog is displaying correctly and then take a look at how many V7 preorders we’ve gotten overnight. Whew! It’s a lot!

9:00am The rest of the gals trickle into the office and Lisa and Emily are reliably in matching outfits. I get started with my emails. Marissa forwarded over a bunch of gorgeous V7 ads that need approval (done!) and some that need ads made. Like Emily, I also try to work on a one-touch email system, so I always download and copy over materials to a design document as soon as I read the email. Next in my line of emails come wireframe designs for an web project and a long message from one of our shop product manufacturers — our email chains are ridiculously long as we both try to get all of the specs and files perfect and print-ready.

I love my monogrammed chair! When we’re in the thick of layout, I like to make a cup of tea and sink into it with an orange blanket. There’s now a giant iMac on my desk, too, for laying out the magazine. Photos by Faith Teasley.

9:30am I make a list of all the decisions still waiting to be made in my inbox. Many of them require the input of the rest of the gals and I always wait to go over everything at once with them so I don’t keep them from their own tasks. As I wait for their time to free up, I get started with some product designing. A new line of 2015 items and holiday gifts are on our list to complete, so Morgan and I huddle for a few minutes to make sure we’re on the same page and to distribute the tasks.

10:00am Lara’s ready to go through proofs for new products and talk about our schedule for the day. Since so much of the design work is a combination of ideas and collaborations from the two of us, she’s often at my desk going over projects with me. I give her a quick update on all of our projects and then have her look over a mockup of designs that Morgan and I have been working on. I’m particularly nervous about these since they’ll be sent off to a partner we’re really excited to work with. Lara reassures me that we’re moving in the right direction. This is such a big relief for me and is just another reminder of how grateful I am to work with women whose opinions I trust and who are always supportive.

10:30am I get a call from our magazine printer who wants to make sure we place our order with them in time to acquire the paper needed for all tens of thousands of copies. Our circulation has increased this year, but we haven’t received a final order from retailers yet. I send out a slew of emails to make confirm our retailer orders and check in with competing bids.

A big part of my day is spent making new products for the Southern Weddings Shop and the Lara Casey Shop. We just finished a new design of PowerSheets and are working on something special for Southern Weddings that we’re almost ready to announce!

11:00am I see a bunch of DropBox folders and gallery links come into my inbox and they’re all full of gorgeous print images that we haven’t seen yet! I open them right away to give them some time to download. Then, I email the artists and calligraphers we’re working with for this issue. I’ve pulled some examples from our calligrapher’s website that I really love and send them to her to make sure we’re on the same page. We’ve got 17 real weddings in print this year, so I want to make sure she has enough time to hand-letter all of them and that the style matches our taste and direction.

11:15am We design a handful of ads for our print sponsors each year, so I get started on one for a bakery. (It’s not great timing — all of their dessert photos are making me hungry and it’s not even lunch time!) I’m quite familiar with this company, but I always take some time to reacquaint myself with their website and all of their social media accounts. In part, this is to make sure the ad we’re creating for them has the same voice and style as their web outlets, but I’m also looking for photos of their desserts and buffets that really stand out to me and that I think will make a great impression, in addition to the ones they sent over. I usually create three to five different versions of an ad for a sponsor to choose from. It’s always fun and insightful hearing which ones they like best and why!

12:00pm Emily sends over a bunch of V7 text pieces that she and Lisa have been working on. One of them needs a little experimentation with layout, so I quickly put the text on the page and style it to see how much room we have and what the possibilities could be.

A giant inspiration board above my desk helps me focus on things that make me happy when I need a break. Candy and tea are always within reach, too. Photos by Faith Teasley.

1:00pm I trade desks with Lara for the next hour or two so she can pick her favorites among the hundreds of images we just got in. We systematically label them in Adobe Bridge. When I start laying out those features, I can quickly look at and place only the images we think are best for print. Thank goodness for technology!

2:00pm I join Lara back at my desk so we can review the features that I’ve already laid out. I always design features and photographs so they’ll tell a story and show our readers place, context, detail and love story. However, getting Lara’s eye and opinion is so helpful in making the story even clearer, and bouncing ideas off each other always results in a better end-product.

3:30pm With the final layout of most of our features approved, I go back and make sure that all of the images are aligned correctly, that they all have the proper color-mode and that they’re all large enough to print at high quality. I record all of our final image choices and send those in to the respective photographers to see if they want to make any final edits, making sure to point out certain images that are running full page.

3:55pm I go back into our layout for Volume 7 and begin working on the features Lara have just chosen photos for. Some stories are told easily and come together intuitively. Some require a lot of experimentation. After playing around with many variations, I think I might have gotten one of our weddings to read just as elegantly as the images.

Lara and I trade notes on selects for the next issue. We get a ton of flash drives and DVDs of images that come with the prettiest packaging!

5:00pm Usually around 5, we’d all be wrapping up our projects for the day and heading home. Lately, everyone stays late to accommodate the workload. I take a break from layout so I don’t go cross-eyed staring at the same page. I move on and try to separate myself from the project a bit by picking up on product design. I wish I could tell y’all more, but all I can say right now is that we’re working on a really fun new collection for SW and a ton of updated and brand new items for the Lara Casey Shop! I made headway on some projects and also wrap up the first design round on others. I send a PDF of the designs out to the rest of the girls to get their opinions and make sure we’re all happy with it.

5:45pm With some fresher eyes, I take a look at the V7 layout again and make some changes to what I did just an hour before. It’s amazing how much clearer a vision gets once we give yourself a little room to breathe!

6:45pm I check my email again, make a to do list for tomorrow and get any little things off my plate while I’m still in the office.

7:00pm I’m usually the last one out of the office, especially during layout season. I pack up all of my things, turn off my computer, turn off all of the office lights and head downstairs. Sometimes Lara and Grace have an overflow of veggies from the garden to give me, which just makes my evening. I drive home and then usually whip up dinner using one of their home-grown tomatoes or carrots.

Next week, get a peek into a day in the life of our Ad Director, Marissa!

Catch up with Emily’s day here and Morgan’s day here.

Faith Teasley is a member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Morgan Moore reply

    I’m so thankful that I get to work beside you everyday, Nicole. I also love that your happy inspiration board is in my line of vision!

  2. avatar Mary reply

    I just love these posts! They not only remind me of the incredible work y’all do at SW but also the talent that goes into it!

  3. avatar Mandy Volpe reply

    Love these behind the scenes look at the SW team. Can’t wait to see the layout you are putting together Nicole!!

  4. avatar Jessica Frere reply

    So fun hearing about your work day, Nicole! It’s so nice to read about such a refreshing and collaborative environment!

  5. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    Great post! I love your desk area and monogrammed chair~ the orange is so fresh! And yes, candy is a must.

  6. avatar Sandra | Simply Peachy reply

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve always wondered what everyone gets up to in their day!

  7. avatar Kyla Fetzner reply

    I really look up to you Nicole and the work that you do with the SW family! Thank you for sharing your day with us. This is the kind of work I dream of doing in the future and this post really inspires me to keep working towards my goals :)

  8. avatar A Day in the Life of the Southern Weddings' Marketing Director – Southern Weddings Magazine reply

    […] Catch up with the rest of the gals and get a glimpse at how they spend their days: Emily, Nicole, Lisa, Marissa and […]

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