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Marissa is a Southern belle who grew up in Alabama and still answers her mama with “yes ma’am.” She can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with her family, cheering on the Crimson Tide (Roll Tide, y’all!). Marissa is married to her college sweetheart, Brandon, a bow tie-clad retired professional baseball player, and now coach. Together, they have one adorable daughter who keeps their days busy and hearts full. Culinarily challenged, “just add water” mini muffins are Marissa’s answer to gourmet cooking. She is a believer in the bigger the bow the closer to heaven, as evident by her daughter’s sartorial stylings, and says that monograms are her love language.

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Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Birthday: February 4

What fires me up: Sidewalk chalk with my best girl, vanilla candles, monograms, baby leggings(!), praise music, freshly laundered bed linens, strong marriages, pug (or any kind of) puppies, text messages full of emojis, family traditions, and laughing until your belly hurts.
You would be surprised to know: I am quite the handy gal! I’ve redone kitchen cabinets, laid wood flooring, and even rewired a vintage chandelier!
Claim to fame: I was voted most likely to monogram my children’s bloomers. This was an accurate assumption!
Favorite class I took in college: Multimedia Practicum for obvious reasons (see below for why!).

How I met my husband: My darling BDK and I met in college in the aforementioned class. Our desks faced each other, and let’s just say my grade may have suffered a bit with his adorable dimples distracting me! I left our very first class together knowing he was the one I was going to marry!
My favorite memory from my wedding is: Just after we finished saying our vows during the ceremony, BDK and I were holding hands about to be pronounced as husband and wife when he squeezed my hand three times. Best. moment. ever!
How I came to work at Southern Weddings: After reading a very inspiring blog post by Lara, I took a big leap and emailed her a personal email expressing my desire to work for Southern Weddings. After interviewing in the office, I was offered a very part-time position working for Lara Casey Reps. Over the years, my position has transitioned and been refined to what I do now.
Favorite Southern Weddings editorial ever: It’s a tie between the Paper, Cotton, Flour shoot in V4, and the Lilly Pulitzer-inspired shoot in V5! We had the most fun ever working in the Carolina heat on the PCF shoot, and well, the other one is inspired by Lilly Pulitzer, enough said!
Best part of my job: I love the SW ladies. Working with them such a bright spot in my life!
What I do in my spare time: With our sweet toddler running around, there is no such thing as spare time! (Can I get an amen, fellow toddler mamas?) Besides chasing our little lady all over this green earth, sidewalk chalk drawing, Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots-reading, and Old MacDonald singing, I love dating my husband, antiquing with my mama, and monogramming anything that stops moving.
The cause/organization/charity that most captures my heart: As NICU graduates, we are proud to support the Boca Raton Regional Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the incredible Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.
True love is: Spending the rest of your life with your very best friend.