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Hi friends! Can you believe that SWV7 is on her way to newsstands at this very moment!?! To pass the time, I thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scenes peek into my day.  Welcome to the Southern Weddings Blacksburg office – I’m so glad y’all are here!

All photos by the lovely Kristie Lea Photography!

It’s safe to say that my day looks quite a bit different from everyone else’s as I juggle and manage my day at SW with my day at my corporate marketing job, splitting and balancing my time between both. My typical day is never quite typical and always leaves me with a good story to tell KPW over supper!

7:31:  Working from home with a 13-step commute doesn’t stop me from putting on my pearls, a little mascara and occasionally swiping on some lipstick – to do my best, I have to feel my best.

7:32: I told you it’s a short commute! I start my day by turning on both (yes both, I have to keep my work brains separate) of my computers and loading my email and calendars. While everything is firing up, I take a look at my day and my leftover to-do’s, then make an action plan for how I am going to tackle my priority tasks.

9:00: After plowing through my morning email and quick to-do’s, I hop on a conference call and take on the morning’s corporate marketing action items.

9:31: My conference call ends, so I put on some tunes and knock out a few to-dos while eating my breakfast and singing along to the Wicked Soundtrack!

10:28: It’s time for the weekly Southern Weddings conference call. Technology is SUCH a blessing because with the quick click of a button, the rest of the SW ladies pop up on my computer screen. It feels like I am sitting in the office with them even though I am 208 miles away (and 863 miles away from MAK)!

10:53: The SW Team call is short today – we are busy bees preparing for the launch of V7, tackling final Making Things Happen prep, planning our SWV7 Launch Party and upcoming Southern Weddings Shop product launch. So, after a quick round of updates from everyone and getting a few questions answered, we’re all off to continue our days and tackle our action item lists!

10:56:  When the call wraps up, I run downstairs to refill my water cup and give myself a chance to stretch my legs (hint: another way I manage working from home by myself). When I sit back down, I dig into Blue Ribbon Vendor updates. Being able to love on our committed Southern Weddings vendor family is definitely a bright spot in my day.

12:37:  One of the joys of living in a small town is that most days, my darling husband comes home for lunch!  I welcome the chance to tear away from my work to run downstairs and grab a bite to eat with him.

1:02:  After a quick lunch of cauliflower soup and a salad with KPW, I head back upstairs to continue the afternoon. I have some corporate marketing work to finish before my end-of-business deadline.

2:33:  Back to my SW Inbox! I read and respond to a few exciting V7 Launch Party-related emails. Marissa and I exchange a few exclamation point filled (!!!!) notes about an adorable item for our swag bags, and I set up a telephone meeting tomorrow with the Umstead to finalize party details.

3:17:  Like Marissa, most of my day is spent on the business side of Southern Weddings. I take a few minutes to call a client to discuss their questions about the Blue Ribbon Vendor directory.  Getting a chance to speak about the Southern Weddings mission statement in addition to answering BRV-specific questions is always a great way to remind me why I do what I do

3:33: I try to answer a few more emails before switching gears. This time, I am checking with Emily on a few BRV profile edits and with Morgan on a V7 Promotion effort we are working on together.  I might not make it into the office as much as I’d like, but I sure love connecting with the SW gals each and every day!

4:00:  Time to hop back on a corporate conference call.

The Love Never Fails print is available in our Southern Weddings Shop. Gallery wall credit goes to KPW who put it up 2 hours before the photographer arrived!

4:37: I give Marissa a quick call to discuss an exciting sponsorship opportunity and brainstorm through a few fun marketing strategies I had been thinking about for 2015.  Calls with M are never short ;) – we wind up on a tangent dreaming about ways to grow and welcome new advertisers to our Southern Weddings family! As we wrap up, I beg for the chance to say hi to EKK, Marissa’s darling baby girl!

5:05: I jump back into my email for one last chance to make some decisions and clean out my inboxes before the end of the day.  I also use this time to straighten up my desk (which has slowly become a paper-covered mess) and jot down any priority to-dos for tomorrow.

5:37: Time to shut down my computer and throw on my workout clothes.  I tossed dinner in the crockpot during lunch (I love my crockpot – especially during the fall and winter) so I check on it as I head out the door to the gym.  It smells great, and I can’t wait to dig into the Santa Fe Chicken when I get home! I cook most nights of the week, so if y’all are ever in town, come on by for supper!

PS:  Catch up with the rest of the gals and get a glimpse at how they spend their days: Emily, Nicole, Lisa, Marissa and Morgan!

kristin Written with love by Kristin
  1. avatar Holly Cromer reply

    So cool! I had no idea Souther Weddings had a Blacksburg office :)

  2. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    Your offices all look so fabulous and it seems like you have such a great time!

  3. avatar Maureen R. Goldman (@SheisMoments) reply

    I love hearing about your day! Especially since you work from home and manage multiple job duties.

    I also work in marketing and it’s amazing how rewarding it is to be involved in the business of it all but then still get on a creative tangent with a colleague.

  4. avatar Kirsti reply

    Some of my favorite things to see are the “Day in the Life…” it makes me want to fulfill me dream of working for Southern Weddings one day!

  5. avatar Mary reply

    I love your calendar/planner with the horizontal multi-colored stripes! I’ve been seeing it on blogs a lot recently but can’t trace back to any posts that say where it’s from. Can you tell me where you found it?

    • avatar Kristin reply

      Mary!! Yes ma’am. My planner is from sweet Emily Ley – you can snag one a! The 2015 calendars are running out – so don’t delay!!

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