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Be prepared. That may be the Boy Scouts’ motto, but it also applies very well to weddings. Perfection is the goal on your big day, so you don’t want any little accidents or minor clothing malfunctions to ruin it.

Quickits are the solution! The convenient packages that include everything you need to fix minor emergencies. While Quickits are super functional, they also serve as great gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids (who don’t want any mishaps either). The kits include such helpful items as pain relievers, band aids, breath mints, safety pins, tissues, and a sewing kit.

Win: There is a Quickit for everyone in your wedding party! Win 5 bridesmaid emergency kits, 5 groomsmen emergency kits, a flower girl kit and a ring bearer kit (which include crayons, stickers, a lollipop and more).

To Enter: Have you ever witnessed a minor emergency at an event? Tell us about it by posting a comment for your chance to win Quickits for your bridal party!

This giveaway ends on Monday, May 10 at midnight. Don’t hesitate, enter now!

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  1. avatar Kelly reply

    Hopefully no emergencies will happen at my wedding, but it is always smart to be prepared!

  2. avatar naazia reply

    Quickits are BRILLIANT! i’d love to win! minor emergency at wedding… well there’s often a shortage of safety pins and bobby pins!! and at exactly the time when you need them. you can never have too many, i suppose :) fingers crossed!!

  3. avatar Emily L. reply

    I’ve never witnesses a major emergency, although one time a bride’s shoe came off during her walk down the aisle. YIKES!

  4. avatar Tia reply

    Oh, these are such a great idea! I love them and would love to WIN them!!My niece got married a year ago and the night before her wedding she and her girlfriends went to the gym (she is a gymnast) and were playing around on the equipment and she twisted her foot wrong and broke her foot (she didn’t go to the Doctor until they got back from their honeymoon)! She could barely walk the next day – her foot was so swolen it barely fit inside her shoe with her bandages. The whole time I did her hair and make-up she had it propped up on the vanity with an ice pack.

  5. avatar Lauren G. reply

    These are adorable! The biggest ‘disaster’ I have seen would be ring bearers/flower girls not making their way down the aisle. I happen to think it’s pretty cute though :) Hopefully no disasters will occur at my upcoming wedding!

  6. avatar Courtney reply

    Oh, gosh, these would be so welcome at my wedding! I was in one where a bridesmaid tore her dress right before we had to go down the aisle, and another where the bride caught a horrible head cold the night before. I’d feel a lot better if I knew everyone was ready for anything!

  7. avatar Megan G. reply

    I was the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding. She is known for being a little bit less than punctual so when everything had gone perfect on her wedding day, up until the point of getting dressed, we were all just waiting for something to go wrong. And it did. In all of the excitement of putting on the wedding dress, the bride accidentally rubbed her face against the front of the gown, leaving a huge smudge of foundation, powder, blush, etc. As a person prone to accidents myself, I always carry a Tide-to-go stick in my purse. Everyone was freaking out at the thought of using it on the dress, but little by little the stain came out leaving no trace of the accident. No one besides the bridal party ever knew :)

  8. avatar Kristen reply

    I once spilled coffee and cinnamon heart candies all over the lap of my sisters date at a wedding. Eek, could have used a Quickit then!

  9. avatar Lauren C. reply

    My sister, the bride, received a phone call on Friday night at 1AM after her rehearsal dinner. It was the GROOM! He called in a panic with not-so-good news. Well, when he returned to his hotel room that night, he checked his suit bag only to find that he was missing his tuxedo pants! They were tailored and not put back into the tux bag to travel from NYC to Williamsburg for the wedding! Yes, we discovered this at 1AM the morning of the wedding! This major emergency quickly turned for the better when his groomsmen hit the streets early Saturday morning to find him a pair of rental tux pants for the 2PM ceremony. With a little safety pin for the waist and day-of hem from the store’s seamstress, the pants looked like they were his own! This was certainly one emergency that you want your best friends around to solve!

  10. avatar Kimberly reply

    I was at an event with some highpowered individuals attending. One of these highpowered individuals’ hair caught on fire by one of the candles. It was awesome.

  11. avatar Kt reply

    I’ve seen a couple flower girl/ring bearer tantrums & fights while trying to get them down the aisle :)

  12. avatar Melissa S reply

    Oh goodness. The biggest wedding disaster I’ve ever experienced was when an absent minded bride forget to buy shoes for the wedding, and was over an hour late because they had to drive (in the limo) to Walmart and buy ballet-style slippers. The organist ran out of songs to play while we were waiting, so she started playing Christmas songs really slow. It took a while to catch on. ruuuudddooolllppphhh theee reeeeddddd nnnoooossssseeeed rrreeeiiinnnddeeeeerrr………

  13. avatar Lindsay reply

    I have seen the pianist at a wedding pass out. She could have used a quickit to eat beforehand for sure.I am very clumsy so I am hoping I don’t have any disasters at my wedding but I’m sure I will so these would be great!

  14. avatar Kelsey reply

    The emergency I had at my wedding was that my wedding planner went into emergency surgery at 1 am the night before my wedding! It was absolutely insane! Well that and then there was the bloody-nosed bridesmaid right before we walked down the aisle! Poor thing…

  15. avatar Rebecca W reply

    My event emergency happened as I was about to walk into my prom…the strap on my dress broke as I was getting out of the car! I quickly got back in and we drove to a walgreens near by to get safety pins. I was late and worried the whole night that my dress strap would come undone!

  16. avatar katie reply

    the only emergency/crisis i ever experienced was years ago when i was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding. it was my first friend to get married. the bride forgot her bra to wear under her wedding dress. we were at the church, where she was changing into her dress, and she sent me and another friend to go back to her house and get it. i was not familiar with the town at all and didn’t know how to get back to her house. this was before GPS or cell phones. i felt terrible for her and terrible for us because we didn’t know where we were going. luckily, by some small miracle, we got the bra and got it back to the church just in time for the ceremony!

  17. avatar Priscilla reply

    My cousin got married when I was in 5th grade, and my older brother was a groomsman. My brother had to have his wisdom teeth taken out two weeks before, but he was feeling much better by the time the wedding rolled around. We then discovered that you are not supposed to fly after dental surgery! The air pressure changes from the flight to the wedding made him ridiculously sick and in tons of pain. My brother turned green while standing up next to my cousin during the wedding and had to be rushed out the side door before he got sick. He did not get to attend the reception and instead had to be nursed back to health by my mom. I, on the other hand, felt great and had a fabulous time.

  18. avatar Adrienne reply

    These would be great gifts! At my co-workers wedding, the florist didn’t bring the boutonnieres for the guys. They had to use the flowers from the wedding to make boutonnieres right before the wedding started! Then the 86 year-old grandpa came late and decided he was going to walk down the aisle during the middle of the wedding…even though she, the bride, had already walked down.

  19. avatar Laura reply

    In my best friend’s wedding, one of her spaghetti straps ripped during the pre-wedding photography session!! After scrounging around, someone finally dug a safety pin out of their purse and we pinned it on the inside of the dress – a Quickit would’ve been a lifesaver that day!

  20. avatar Rachel reply

    Those are so cute!

  21. avatar Blithe reply

    OMG I need these for my wedding! Once at a backyard reception some friends tied a hammock between a tree and a light post. The guys got a little rowdy and were wrestling on the hammock when the light post fell over(!) onto one of the guys. The glass from the light cut the guy’s hand badly and the post smashed his watch. It was definitely and emergency situation but he ended up only needing a few band-aids. A Quickit would have saved the day!

  22. avatar Katherine reply

    At my best friend’s wedding she had a chocolate fountain and strawberries for dipping. She was careless and got chocolate all over her dress. She was very upset. Her mom wanted to use a tide pen to get it out but I thought it might ruin her dress, so I grabbed a baby wipe and the chocoloate stain was gone instantly. No need for the bride to freak out.

  23. avatar Tammy reply

    Wow – these Quickits are fabulous. What a great idea!At my friend’s wedding, the groom decided to smash the wedding cake slice in her face (without her knowing this was going to happen, as they were supposed to feed each other cake with a fork) . Needless to say, cake got on the dress and smeared her makeup – the bride was very upset (although you would never know from the photos). After the incident, all us girls rushed with her to bathroom and managed to gently remove most of the cake from her dress, fix her makeup, and calm her down. She looked perfect for the remainder of the night!

  24. avatar Kate reply

    the only disasters I have seen have been ripped dresses and blisters! these Quickit’s would have solved both those problems!

  25. avatar Lauren reply

    Love these! Especially since I am so accident prone. At a recent wedding, my friend decided to wear a new dress that she had never worn before and the moment she sat down, it immediately split! We had to get pretty creative with a safety pin and considering that she is one of my bridesmaids, one of these kits would be great if somehow her bridesmaid’s gown meets a similar fate at my own wedding :)

  26. avatar Christy C reply

    I went to a good friends wedding, and apparently neither the Best Man or the Maid of Honor thought anything about their "speech" before the wedding. They both rambled something horrible off the top of their heads, and the Maid of Honor (bride’s sister) even mentioned how she never really did like the groom, but she’s glad her sisters happy anyway! ! She could have used some flashcards and a streamlined speech! Eek! I would love to win these, such a fun and thoughtful "gift"!

  27. avatar Natalie reply

    What a wonderful idea!! I was at a wedding a couple years ago when the bride’s bustle completely tore (the FOB wasn’t the most coordinated dancer). Luckily we were staying at the Marriott and I just so happened to grab that little sewing kit they so graciously leave in the bathroom. I quickly ran to my purse, dragged the bride to the bathroom and literally sewed the bustle into the dress (not on the hooks already created), as per the bride’s instructions. Not the best scenario, but she had a secure bustle after that and never looked back! Always pays to be prepared ;-)

  28. avatar Heather reply

    My 89 year old great uncle had to use the facilities during our ceremony. On his way back to his seat, he tripped and fell down about 3 steps on the brick patio where our ceremony was in progress. Luckily there were two doctors in attendance and they quickly ran to his aide. Our officiant paused for a few moments, whiched seemed like forever, as we were all worried that he was badly hurt. An ambulance was called and as my new husband and I walked back down the aisle he was taken out the side of the ceremony site on a stretcher! Turns out he was okay and only had a couple of bad cuts and bruises they patched up. My great uncle is a real trooper though, he kept nagging the ER doctors to hurry up and ended up only missing the cocktail hour! He was back and ready to party for the reception!!

  29. avatar Ann F reply

    A wedding I was in. The Maid of Honor’s dress wouldn’t stay up and we spent 2 hours searching for safety pins to add the straps at the last minute. She still walked down the aisle with a strap off her shoulder.

  30. avatar Emily R reply

    the most recent disaster i’ve seen is a groosman not having a shirt to wear with his tux. he had to run to the nearest store (a weird discount/dollar store) and pick up a white shirt. the next day they found the original shirt at the bottom of his tux bag. these are really cute!

  31. avatar ShannonP reply

    we had the ribbons that bustle the train pop at a friend’s wedding during pictures… luckily there were safety pins in her emergency kit!

  32. avatar Mary reply

    While dressing my sister, the bride, we (the bridesmaids) realized that the zipper of her amazing dress was broken. We didn’t want her to know, so a stealth plan was wordlessly put into place. One of the bridesmaids was a first grade teacher and the most calm, so she ever so calmly pretended to fiddle with her things. Really she was looking for any safety pins that might be around the Parish Hall. She found some (thanks previous bride!), and began "zipping" her. To keep my sister’s attention else where, I got the photographer to get a picture of me tying on her long satin sash, which had to be pulled to the front before tying it in the back. This kept her attention facing forward and then I received the "thumbs up" that she was securely fastened! She didn’t realized that she was safety pinned in to her dress until half-way through the reception, and by then she was caught up in fabulous reception and burst out laughing! Crisis averted, but we sure could have used a Quickit!

  33. avatar Leah reply

    Despite being on birth control, the bride of a wedding I was a bridesmaid in suddenly got her "Aunt Flo" the morning of her wedding! We all had to rush to the restroom & stand in the stall holding her dress way above her head. haha. Thankfully nothing was ruined & we were able to help, but we were all a little nervous.

  34. avatar Natalie reply

    I went to a wedding where the groom ripped his pants during an elaborate dance move! It was off the seam so I’m not sure that even the quickit would have helped. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  35. avatar Jessica reply

    At my big sister’s wedding, 6.5 years ago, my new brother-in-law’s grandpa stood up during the toast and said something inappropriate about my brother-in-law. I was highly embarrassed for my new family member. Although it technically was not an emergency, I think we were all panicking inside! I’m chuckling out loud to some of these… especially the organist playing Christmas songs really slowly. tee-hee :)

  36. avatar Jessica reply

    These are such a great idea! At one wedding I was in the little ring bearer got stage fright and refused to walk down the isle or be consoled by the bride or bridal party. He had the actual rings and wouldn’t give them up! It took some promises of candy and pokemon cards and he walked with a scowl but at least he walked!

  37. avatar Stephanie reply

    A few years ago I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of a dear college friend and sorority sister. After the ceremony, as we were singing to the bride, we heard an awful commotion next to us. A guest at the wedding backed in to a candle and lit his suit on fire. By the time he noticed, most of the back was gone!! Needless to say, we never finished the song! I just asked this friend to be the photographer at my upcoming wedding. The only condition… no candles allowed!

  38. avatar Karen reply

    The bridesmaids were helping set up the reception with final details, when we heard shattering glass! One of the huge floor vases tipped over. We had to run to the craft store to get another, but they were out. So the vases were a bit missmatched, but I don’t think anyone noticed.

  39. avatar Alexis reply

    When everyone was getting ready to walk in a fashion show to benifit Dana Farber, there was a clothing issue. On one of the main dresses, the zipper popped open and one girl had her entire back exposed. Everyone was running around and searching for pins or anything that could be used to fix the zipper. There were not enough pins and she was forced to wear another dress! It was a big mess!

  40. avatar Amber reply

    i don’t think i’d consider this minor, but the bride was in good spirits…my friend put her dress on the day of the wedding and it literally fell off of her. she had lost too much weight before the big day and was so busy that she forgot to try it on a couple of weeks before the wedding. her mom grabbed some safety pins, cinched the sides, made it work and no one knew the difference!

  41. avatar Chloe reply

    It wasn’t at the wedding, but all of the bridesmaids were SUPER late to the rehearsal. Everyone was standing around in the sun waiting and sweating for them to get there. If my girls do that, I might have to kick their butts!

  42. avatar Janna reply

    The biggest emergency I’ve seen was before my friends’ wedding. As we were in the middle of pics, one of the groomsman’s nose started bleeding- he was from out of town and not used to the altitude change! A spot of blood on his shirt that we hid with his tie could have been fixed with one of the kits!

  43. avatar Alexis reply

    These are clever!The biggest mishap I’ve seen at a wedding actually happened to me!I was the maid of honor at a wedding. During dinner, the flower girl, who was 3 years old, begged to sit on my lap. Of course I let her sit with me, and we enjoyed a fun dinner. Soon enough, it was time for me to get up and give a MOH toast to the bride and groom. The flower girl got off my lap, and as I was standing up, all of the sudden I felt this warm/cold/wet feeling on my thighs. I looked down and had a HUGE wet spot on my dress! Apparently, the flower girl was going through potty training, and when she got really excited, she’d sometimes "forget" to go to the bathroom. Standing up to give a toast in front of 300+ guests was nerve-wracking enough…but having to stand there with a 3-year-olds potty mishap staring back at people was miserable! (And did I mention that the bridal party was sitting above the rest of the guests on a stage?! Just enough height for all guests to get a peak!)

  44. avatar Jackie reply

    Oh man I wish these emergency kits were on hand when I was a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. I got my period the day of her wedding! The limo arrived at the ceremony site and each bridesmaid had to slid out of the limo. I really didn’t want to slide but I had no choice. I slid out of the limo and the MOH saw a bright red stain on my dress when I got out!! Luckily there was towels and water in the limo and we were able to wipe it off after several minutes. I would have been so embarrassed walking down the aisle if the stain didn’t come out. Quickits would be awesome to have on hand on my wedding day!

  45. avatar Sara reply

    I have seen a veil torn before, becuase if an ill placed heel. Luckily we had a wonderful seamstress on hand and some white thread. You had to look very closely to find it after it was fixed

  46. avatar Kristie reply

    Quick Kits are awesome and if you have the kit availalble, chances are you won’t need them :) Of course, I didn’t have the quick kits when I experienced this minor emergency – It was my little sister’s wedding and I was a bridesmaid. We were at her house getting dressed, when my zipper on my bridesmaid dress broke. What lead to the broken zipper? Well…I am small chested and had the dress taken in quite a bit. I forgot a strappless bra and had to borrow my sister’s, which was rather padded, so when zipping up the dress, we realized the dress was too tight. Of course that didn’t stop us from forcing the zipper up and opps – the zipper split right down the center! Luckily we were at her house and had access to a needle and thread and the other bridesmaids actually sewed me into the dress. The day went on without a hitch and at the end of the night, I had to be ripped out the dress to change. We look back and laugh now :)

  47. avatar Ginger reply

    These are so cute and so practical. I was a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding a year ago and myself and another bridesmaid had to be sewn into our dresses! The zippers on the dresses were so difficult to get up that when we finally did they just split wide open. I think this is one of every brides worst nightmares!! So the mother of the bride got her emergency kit out and started sewing us in! It all worked out, but thankfully she had an emergency kit on hand! I would love to win this to ensure there will be at least one emergency kit there :)

  48. avatar Katie reply

    So cute! The kits will definitely come in handy. The only minor emergency I witnessed was during a ceremony, a candle behind the bride and groom started to tilt. The flame got REALLY high and it looked like it was going to fall and catch the tablecloth on fire. The father of the bride very calmly stood up and walked over to the candle and blew it out. The ceremony continued without a hitch.

  49. avatar sarah t reply

    I was at a wedding last weekend when the DJ switched the bridal party entrance songs from the reception and the ceremony. Literally, they started playing Chris Brown’s Forever, the YouTube video song at the ceremony and no one in the bridal party knew what to do. The bride refused to walk down the aisle until it was over. I think that qualifies as an emergency….

  50. avatar Abbie reply

    At a friend of mines wedding one of the bridesmaids dress strap broke. They had no safety pins or anything. The mother of the bride had to run out and buy some…. It was kind of horrible the top of the dress was not staying up at all. It delayed the wedding about 30 minutes….

  51. avatar Rachelle reply

    I’ve witnessed a few close calls at weddings. One being a bridemaid passing out during the ceremony, another being wardrobe malfunctions with Bridesmaid dresses (water spill that stained the taffeta, sweat marks). The handy dandy quick kits would come in handy for any day of mishaps. Great idea :)

  52. avatar Alexandria reply

    The worst wedding disaster I have been witness to was at my boyfriend’s brothers wedding. As his lovely bride hugged her bridesmaid after her heartfelt speech, the bridesmaid managed to spill what was left of her red wine down the back of the bride’s dress. It was completely obvious and looked, well, like a giant red spot on her behind. Not flattering. Luckily, the mother of the groom had a Tide to go pen and was able to get most of the stain out. Today, it is a funny family story, but at the time, not so funny!

  53. avatar Emily H. reply

    A few years ago, I was helping with a friend’s wedding. The morning of, I picked up the bouquets from the bride because she and the BMs had made them all the night before. Well, I asked about the bouts and they had forgotten to make them! So, I spent two hours that morning making bouts out of leaves and berries I picked off a tree outside the reception site! It was crazy, but they looked awesome! (And now I know that I can make the bouts for my own wedding and am planning that same style!)

  54. avatar Kristin Graybeal reply

    While I was giving my MOH speech at my best friend’s wedding, the groom’s niece fell out of her and bumped her nose on the spill down. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and blood was gushing out. All the while, I had no idea this was happening since I was in my own little world on stage giving my speech. Even though half the attendees couldn’t even hear my speech, it was a good one but more importantly his niece was fine after a little trip to the hospital.

  55. avatar joey reply

    i haven’t!! but as a nurse i’m always on the look out for emergencies of the medical kind! in terms of life’s little mistakes, i’m probably the one that will be most likely to need a stain cleaner or forget a bag of important stuff at home!

  56. avatar Katie reply

    My girlfriend was getting married and as all the maids watched her slip on her wedding gown it was perfection! Until they tried to zip it and it wouldn’t zip! Her mom paniced and a friend of her’s stepped in. She yanked the zipper and it completely busted out of her dress, sequeice and pearls flew everwhere. We were all in shock of what just happened. Her mom was in hysterics and the rest of us are searching the house for a needle and thread to sew her into the dress. We came up with NOTHING! Luckily her neighbor was a seamstress and was home at the time. She quickly came over the saved the day!

  57. avatar Diane Bevis reply

    I was at a outdoor summer wedding last year in Miami. During the ceremony the bride’s grandfather fainted due to the heat. They took him inside to cool off and a few minutes later the ceremony resumed. I love the quickits and have been looking at them for some time. They would be perfect to hand out to my wedding party atthe rehearsal dinner, I have no doubt everyone would love them and all the guests will think they are a cleaver gift.The packaging and items are perfect!! I also am planning a outdoor, summer wedding, hopefully it will not be remembered because someone had a heat stroke.

  58. avatar bri reply

    My sister’s bussle was ripped out while we were dancing a polka together. Luckily we had extra safety pins back in the dressing room so we were back on the dance floor in no time. These would be great to win so everyone is prepared at my wedding!

  59. avatar LeeLa reply

    I have certainly have wedding disaster story turned amazing story. This was a once and a life time event. One of my clostest friends, Chaz was getting married in September 2008. He and his wife Greta met in a touring theatre company that performed for children throughout the Southeast. Over their 4 years on the road, they became best friends and true loves. This is her second marriage, so the couple was looking for an intimate ceremony in one of their favorite NC beach towns. There were 50 guests who were traveling from all over the country to celebrate their marriage. Now, September is during hurricane season, but not something we worry too much about in NC. However, Hurricane Hanna was threatening the coast of NC. With everything shutting down, after countless sleepless nights the couple decided to move the wedding from the Beach to Charlotte (where we all live). Bride’s family were already at the beach, so they picked up the cake (what was ready a day early), the available food from the caterer and drove it 5 hours inland to Charlotte, NC. In three days the wedding was re-planned the wedding to have in a local art gallery. If you saw the pictures you would not have known the wedding was not originally planned to be at the beach. It went of with out a hitch, but all 50 guests where collecting chairs, using fridges and ovens to store and heat food, calling in favors to ensure that Chaz and Greta had the wedding of their dreams. I learned you can’t plan for every scenario, but when you have great friends it will always worked out.

  60. avatar Jess reply

    My bridesmaids joke that I will be the most prepared bride ever! I am notorious for always having what anyone is looking for on a roadtrip or out an about… "Does anyone have any _____" Fill in the blank and I probably happen to have it on hand :) I absolutely love to be able to provide for my friends this way and always love to carry those little "just in case" items with me! While I hope this will be the case on the day of my wedding, I’m sure I will have a few more things on my mind than having every little item available for whatever mishap might come our way. What could be better for a girl who loves to be prepared than a pre-packaged disaster kit to relieve one of those little things to think of on her wedding day! What a joy it would be to win this so I could truly live up to my reputation of being ready for any and everything and serving my friends even when I’m supposed to be the frazzled bride! What a great idea to give these away! Love your website, by the way :)

  61. avatar Erin reply

    Hah! I was in need of a minor disaster emergency at one of my friends weddings. While running to the ceremony site (note: make sure your ride likes to be on time) I did not take into account that my dress was a little bit to big and once we had stopped running my tube-top dress decided to fall to my waist! (horror!) LUCKILY it was cold so I had a sweater on and quickly covered myself before anyone saw…I hope :) After the ceremony I was able to locate the aunt of the bride who had a master disaster kit and used some safety pins to secure my dress! I was so thankful they were prepared.

  62. avatar KFloveinme reply

    A minor emergency I’ve witnessed was at my cousin’s wedding. Her groom was very nervous and slight hungover. As they were standing at the alter he was sweating like crazy and swaying back and forth. I was one of the bridesmaid so I saw it front & center. We were all nervous that he may just pass out but on the other had it was kind of funny. My cousin, the bride was giggling the whole time and hold his hand real tight. Thank God he made it through the whole ceremony without passing out. This happened 3 years & we still have laughs over it.

  63. avatar Alison Z. reply

    We had a crazy emergency the day before my sister’s wedding — my sister’s FMIL (Future Mother-In-Law) was stepping outside my parents’ house to take a phone call when she tripped down their front steps and twisted her ankle really badly … and this was about 6 hours before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! I actually ran down the stairs and picked her up out of the shrubs, all while she was screaming in pain. I looked down and her ankle had blown up like a balloon and was starting to turn blue and purple already. I screamed for someone to bring us ice and duct tape, and we carried her into my parents’ car and drove her to the hospital. She needed crutches and a brace, and lots of medication haha. The groom (my FBIL) and his father and groomsmen had missed all of this because they were en route home from their bachelor outing (an overnight golfing excursion). They met us at the hospital, and to make matters worse, as we were moving their stuff from one car trunk to another so they could get home to change, the groom / my FBIL slammed his rented tuxedo repeatedly in the trunk door (he had no idea why the trunk wasn’t closing) and ripped his shirt and jacket. So then he had to call the formalwear shop and get a replacement immediately … it was such a mess! So I think these kits would be really funny and come in handy for us :)

  64. avatar Alison reply

    The day of my best friend’s wedding the bride and us bridesmaids spent the day getting ready together and sharing laughs over champagne. I guess we weren’t paying much attention to the number of glasses we had been drinking because after a few hours the bride was feeling sick. We went outside to get some air and before we knew it she was hurled over and had lost all the champagne. None of us could find a pony-tail holder or bobby pins to hold back her freshly curled hair. Finally we found some, but it was already a little too late. To this day we still laugh about it and blame it on nerves. For my wedding in September I plan on being fully prepared. The Quickits sound like a great no-hassle way to get all the neccesities together and packaged beautifully.

  65. avatar betsey reply

    at a friend’s wedding last year, one of the very thin spaghetti straps of her wedding dress BROKE right before the reception! luckily we were able to savage a safety pin and i helped her reassmble her dress in the bathroom!

  66. avatar Kathryn reply

    Love the Quickits! So incredibly necessary!The worst story I’ve ever heard where a Quickit was so necessary was when the wedding party got food poisoning from the rehearsal dinner. Everyone was so sick at the wedding and running out to get medicine for everyone. Although the wedding went off without a hitch, the tensions were high! Thank goodness for modern medicine! What I gathered from my friend’s experience: always be prepared and be careful about the food you serve your guests. I’ll keep that in mind for our wedding…!

  67. avatar Hannah Cuppett reply

    Last summer I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding. The day before the wedding, I tried my dress on and noticed that the lining of the dress felt very tight. So, I had my mom cut it out. She apparently left a small piece of the lining, which shouldn’t have been a problem… about 3 minutes before the ceremony I went to the restroom but unbeknownst to me, the remaining piece of the dress lining was sitting in the toilet, in between my legs! AH! I had peed on the liner of the dress and had it sitting in the toilet! Luckily, a pair of scissors and quick set of another bridesmaid’s hands cut the remainder of the soaking wet liner off seconds before we walked down the aisle. YUCK! Thank goodness for disaster preparedness and laughter!

  68. avatar Catherine reply

    Oh boy do I have one for Ya’ll. A wedding that I was in 2 years ago in Virginia Beach. We arrived at the church, right before memorial Day weekend and the AC had BROKEN! Yes! By stoke of fate someone had brought dozens and dozens of tissues and towelettes for make-up. Well, that day all of those products were used for perspiration, keeling cool and smelling clean!

  69. avatar Meg reply

    These are adorable! I recently tried to make my own little emergency kits for my bridesmaids, but DIY and me don’t seem to mix! I’ve never seen a major disaster happen at a wedding, but oh how I would love to have these!

  70. avatar freeteyme reply

    It was at my sister’s wedding at Las Vegas. We were all in a hurry that we forgot the garter which was also her something blue. I had found a blue satin ribbon from one of the gifts and we tied it in a bow on her thigh. It worked perfectly! I am getting married in July next year and these will be perfect!!!

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Our readers are hilarious. Really. We asked you to tell us your worst high school fashion stories for a chance to win a gorgeous personalized leather guest book from Dew Drop Designs. Your entries almost made me spill my coffee! From bell-bottoms that could potentially harbor five children in the legs, to 90s grunge plaid shirts and overalls, there have been a lot of fashion mishaps (looking back).

A Dew Drop Designs guest book will be perfect for remembering your wedding. It will no doubt be less painful than remembering high school!

Congratulations to Mandy, the winner of the Dew Drop Designs contest!


Oh, high school! Those were the days! My friends and I thought we were so cool and mature, practically independent grown-ups, but yet we still depended on so much. I definitely depended on my friends for my coolness factor. It was like we couldn’t do anything alone. We walked together to class, carpooled to pretty much everything, called boys together, double-dated to the movies, went shopping together… well you get my point; however, looking back now, it wasn’t only because we were inseparable best friends, it was because we needed the extra boost of confidence, the reassurance that you would not be the odd-ball.

Well, long story short, the worst style my friends and I took place in was wearing matching outfits, usually once a week! Really? Why did we think this was cool? Not kidding, we would call each other the night before school and plan matching outfits, and the next day 5-10 girls would show up head-to-toe wearing matching outfits… oh, we felt so cool! Now, I would hate to show up to a party with the same dress on as one of my best friends, but some how in high school, it was the coolest thing to do!

April 27, 2010 | Mandy


Keep reading! More great contests are on the way!

emily Written with love by Emily

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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Contest : Dew Drop Designs

by in Contests on

That cake in the freezer will serve as a reminder of your wedding day, as will the no-doubt gorgeous photographs taken that day. While these are important mementos to keep, I think that the very best keepsake from your big day is your guestbook. Your guestbook is sure to be filled with words of congratulation, encouragement, and love. It’s like a high school yearbook but without the painful memories associated with high school (hello, braces!).

Gillian of Dew Drop Designs creates stunning stationery and dazzling bound books. Really, her wedding guestbooks are out of this world. Dew Drop Designs’ high-quality guestbooks provide the perfect place for friends and family to write down their favorite memories of the happy couple.

Win: A personalized leather guest book from Dew Drop Designs with your choice of art from Gillian’s collection.

To Enter: Back to those high school yearbooks that I mentioned earlier! Tell us what high school style you took part in that make you cringe now. While my high school years aren’t very far behind me, I distinctly remember slap bracelets and crimped hair in middle school. Scary.

This contest will end on Monday, May 3 at midnight. Good luck!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kimberly reply

    Animal-print pants…stretchy ones…absolutely heinous.

  2. avatar Kiley reply

    80’s bangs! Curled under! I could name many more…

  3. avatar Emily L reply

    In most aspects of my life I am actually pretty conservative, but for some reason in highschool I always insisted on having my midriff showing. I am so embarrassed looking back :)

  4. avatar Sarah M reply

    Slap bracelets, crimped hair, the giant poof bangs, neon colors and the list goes on!! so sad!

  5. avatar Kathryn reply

    I’m so ashamed to say it, but my "look" in high school consisted of me going to sleep with my hair wet, and waking up and running a brush through my tangled hair so I got a less-than-beautiful wavy look. Couple that with braces and an American Eagle graphic tee, and I was out the door! Thank goodness those days are over!

  6. avatar Heather reply

    Overalls and clogs in 5th and 6th grade. Yuck!

  7. avatar Megan reply

    Oh the return of bell bottoms! I remember standing at the bus stop in the queen of bell bottoms, the lampshade pants. (tight up the your knee, then a skirt of material around each calf). I could have hidden children under those things. Gross.

  8. avatar Melissa S reply

    Matching sweatpant/hoodie sets from Aeropostale. Head to toe lavender, anyone?

  9. avatar Annie reply

    Nothing is worse than the fact that in high school my sister and I used to go through my dad’s closet for his vintage sweaters and flannels (during the short-lived fashion phase of wearing big, grungy clothing). I used to wear this one pair of navy, bell-bottom cords of his all of the time. Did I mention that my dad is 6’2"? They were probably so skin tight on him when he wore them during his hippie years, cringe!

  10. avatar Adrienne reply

    Great giveaway!!! I definitely wore short shorts in junior high and high school. I had the legs to do it, but still there is no excuse for that lol. :)

  11. avatar Megan reply

    "Pleather" pants…. wow.

  12. avatar Katie B. reply

    I had shoulder length curly hair that I had yet to learn how to tame. My yearbook messages started with "Puff the MAgic Dragon" and "BeeHive". Insert white tapered leg jeans and my saxaphone case and I was one cool kid!

  13. avatar Sharon reply

    I went to a Catholic high school where the uniform was a school-branded polo shirt (available only in men’s sizes) and khaki pants. In order to make our shirts more fitted, us gals would use Goody ponytail elastics to gather up the excess fabric at the small of our backs and make a little ponytail, which we’d then tuck into our pants or tuck under the rest of the shirt. Logically, it wouldn’t stay tucked anywhere and you’d see all these girls walking around with little tails. Our teachers were none too happy!

  14. avatar Megan reply

    Where do I even start?! I remember when I spent many minutes each morning before school doing the following: I would start by separating my blonde bangs and curling the top part up in a tight curling iron curl. I would spray it with lots of hairspray and then remove the iron. Then, I would take a comb and run it through the top layer so it frayed upward like a peacock. More hairspray. Then, I would roll the bottom layer of bangs under so there was a defined line between each layer of bangs. CRINGE!!!!

  15. avatar Dawn reply

    Disco-Ball Eye Shadow…the really sparkly, white/silver stuff. <gag>

  16. avatar Julie reply

    Grunge! I was all about the thermals and the flannel shirts a la Eddie Vedder (swoon!) – along with my ripped jeans and converse all stars.

  17. avatar Mandy reply

    Oh, high school! Those were the days! I don’t know about y’all, but my friends and I thought we were so cool and mature, practically independent grown-ups, but yet we still depended on so much. I definitely depended on my friends for my coolness factor. It was like we couldn’t do anything alone. We walked together to class, carpooled to pretty much everything, called boys together, double-dated to the movies, went shopping together… well you get my point; however, looking back now, it wasn’t only because we were inseparable best friends, it was because we needed the extra boost of confidence, the reassurance that you would not be the odd-ball. Well, long story short, the worst style my friends and I took place in was wearing matching outfits, usually once a week! Really? Why did we think this was cool? Not kidding, we would call each other the night before school and plan matching outfits, and the next day 5-10 girls would show up head-to-toe wearing matching outfits… oh, we felt so cool! Now, I would hate to show up to a party with the same dress on as one of my best friends, but some how in high school, it was the coolest thing to do!

  18. avatar Lindsay reply

    Spandex….lots and lots of spandex with lace on some I might add!

  19. avatar Roxanne reply

    I was a total butt-rocker in high school. Enormous metal shirts, long baggy shorts, wallet chains (yes, multiple), spiked bracelets, collars, and mens sneakers. I even shaved my head when I was 14, and dyed it a million different colors (I have long luscious locks these days). The SHAME.

  20. avatar Jessica reply

    Really horrible bangs…that I eventually just started cutting myself, I can’t even stand to look back at pictures!

  21. avatar Leah reply

    i would have to say that my oversized argyle sweater vests, clunky sketchers boots, and slicked back ponytail (absolutely no bumps on top of my head!!!!)

  22. avatar Ashley reply

    Putting "sun in" in my brown hair during the summer until it turned a brassy orange…Also the choker I made out of soda can tabs that I "painted" different colors with glitter nail polish & strung together with clear fishing line… awesome.

  23. avatar Priscilla reply

    There was an unforgivable perm in middle school. And a terrible, terrible six months after I jumped up straight into a light fixture that gave me a reverse mohawk along my part. I’m so glad high school is over.

  24. avatar Lauren C. reply

    My boyfriend’s baseball shirts, jersey, sweatshirt….anything BOYFRIEND and OVERSIZED! I’m surprised that my boyfriend even kept dating me underneath of all these baggy pieces of clothing!

  25. avatar Cat reply

    Hippie! Ripped up jeans, no bra, birkenstocks . . . I looked like hell!

  26. avatar Diana R. reply

    I tried on those black and white stripey arm warmers, a white "The Osbournes" t-shirt, and Chuck Taylors on the first day of my sophomore year of high school school to see if being Hot Topic-chic suited me. People made fun of me immediately, and I panicked, so I thought fast and told them all that it was strictly ironic and humorous, like a one-day costume or a prank I was playing on everyone.Needless to say I did not wear those again….

  27. avatar Kelly reply

    Definitely the animal prints of the 90’s…so not what they are doing (right) now! What was I thinking?

  28. avatar Abbie reply

    In middle school I wore stirup pants with multiple pairs of colored of socks scrunched down….. ew. I also had this hideous windbreaker jacket that had rope knots and flowers all over it….. Thank God I got some fashion sense.

  29. avatar Jessica reply

    Haha, funny entries! I used to wear "Roxy" t-shirts and other tacky clothing that didn’t fit me well (I’m 5"10). Good thing I didn’t meet my fiance until after high school :)

  30. avatar Nicole-Lynn reply

    I was in high school in the late 90’s and early 2000’s so I can’t remember anything that was too outdated, well, except for my shortalls, yes, short overalls! I would love to win one of these guest books! The shell design would be perfect for our seaside wedding!

  31. avatar Amber reply

    I’m from a small town so our trends were small town trends and should have never made it to the big time. I remember wearing addidas tennis shoes and white socks up to my knees, and I wasn’t even a tomboy but somehow it was cool.

  32. avatar DeAnna reply

    Since my 10 year HS reunion is coming up this summer, the high school years are on my mind! I was never the fashionable girl in school – quite the opposite actually. I took only 5 minutes to get ready. Baggy jeans. X-large t-shirts my dad got from work. No make-up. While I am glad that I wasn’t one of the girls who spent 2 hours getting ready for school, I think I could have put in a little more effort into looking decent! A lot has changed since then!

  33. avatar THUY reply

    I’ll do my top three:1. Super flares! Those that covers up your whole shoes. Yuck, what were we thinking? Thank God for skinny jeans!2. Scrunchies, the big poofy ones. As if bad hair styles back needed any more help.3. Wearing lipsticks that were obviously too dark and tacky for someone at that age.I’m glad those awkward years are gone :)

  34. avatar Chloe reply

    Flannel shirts for that super "cool" grunge style. My mom used to go through the laundry to donate them to Goodwill. One of those moments where your mom was actually right.

  35. avatar Kristen S reply

    I wore fun fur pants. Yep, that’s right, FAKE FUR! In ridiculously bright colors! I also had a blow-up bubble purse and platform space boots. I assure you, I thought I was cool at the time! Oh, and thank you Facebook friends for sharing pictures just to embarrass me!

  36. avatar Jessica reply

    Oh gosh middle school… where do I start? Ugly bangs, always wearing this oversized black jacket, and baggy pants. I looked a lot better in high school thank goodness

  37. avatar Sylvia reply

    I did theater throughout high school, so it had a major influence on my makeup and fashion choices. I often borrowed clothing from the drama closet, mixing and matching them in an awful way! And since I learned how to put on makeup for the stage, I was frightfully overdone in that department too!!

  38. avatar LeeLa reply

    oh my, I wore t-shirts, a flannel, and -sizes too big jeans. Very grunge all through high school. I’m glad I go over that, I love a great skirt. ~leela

  39. avatar joey reply

    these huge oversized pants called "UFOS" they can fit at least 5times my leg width!

  40. avatar Kristin Graybeal reply

    The Doc Marten open toed sandals with socks… I rocked those everyday with a choker hemp, beaded necklace.

  41. avatar Heather Brown reply

    High school wasn’t too bad, except for the grungy flannel shirts. Middle school had the awesome tall, teased bangs with a can of hairspray. :)

  42. avatar Crystal Gulley reply

    Tunnel bangs. You know the ones, 1 inch curling iron, perfect roll down to the eye brows, hair spray and you have an instant tunnel! Heaven forbid one hair get out of place! LOL

  43. avatar Ginger reply

    Two words: Doc Martens…how were those shoes ever cool!!!

  44. avatar Michelle reply

    These designs will be perfect for a wedding stationary. I love it.

  45. avatar Lauren G. reply

    Umbro shorts and adidas sneakers in elementary school. Horrible!

  46. avatar Laya reply

    I’m almost too ashamed to say this…but if it’s for the wedding, why not?In the middle of January, I wore hollister mini-skirts, with wool leg warmers and clogs. And I spray-tanned myself a nice shade of Oompa-Loompa orange.

  47. avatar Brooke reply

    If it was sold at American Eagle I probably owned it. I remember lots of "perfectly" ripped jeans (purchased this way mind you), layered polo shirts with both colors popped (ewww…), tons of graphic tees with lots of "cute" sayings, and flip flops year round. I’m glad I didn’t meet my finance until later in college because he may not have looked twice if I was still dressed like that! :)

  48. avatar Adrienne reply

    part straight down the middle of my frizzy hair with baggy jeans and big shirts because I was super self-conscious.

  49. avatar Kelaine reply

    Slap bracelets and stirrup pants! what a great giveaway?! thank you!

  50. avatar katie reply

    grunge! huge flannel shirts, baggy jeans or overalls and sandals with socks. terrible!

  51. avatar Kristen reply

    I too did the return of the bell bottoms and the baggy pants. Also, it was cool at the time to wear whatever sports team you were on sweats, head to toe. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, & flip-flops with our name and the schools name on all three. Ugh!

  52. avatar Amanda A. reply

    In High School I had this Tom Boy thing going on during Freshman and Sophomore Year, where I would dress like a ‘surfer/skater’ with long ‘board shorts’ and surfer/skater brand name t-shirts. (Billabong, Hurley) I also had my hair cut just above my ears! Believe it or not even had the skater sneakers to match! Picture a female Tony Hawk…Oh the horror! What was I thinking!?!? :))

  53. avatar Jen R reply

    I was rocking bangs with a terrible cowlick right on my forehead. I had braces for years and years and wore baggy clothes to cover up how skinny I was….. Bad bad bad looks!!!

  54. avatar Lollie reply

    Royal Blue Letterman Jacket with White "leather" sleeves!! with everything!! I still have my jacket!

  55. avatar Amanda reply

    Unfortunately i was into the GLITTER. Glitter on my eyes, lips, nails, even my jeans and shirts! I do not know why i thought that was a good idea, but at the time I had a lot of fun with it!

  56. avatar Nicole A. reply

    I became obsessed with the band U2 in high school… obsessed (I still love them, and will be seeing them live for the third time this summer)! For some reason, I got it in my head that whomever that perfect guy in the world was for me, he would most certainly be just like Bono and would dress like him, and would only want to be with a girl that equally looked like a rock star. Thus started the collection of colored sunglasses, leather, lots of black, and a whole lot of boots and heels. Looking back… I was a disaster! But sure enough, that perfect guy for me, whom I marrying next month, has the complete opposite style of Bono, and I thank the lord that I have successfully moved out of my rock star phase.

  57. avatar Katie M. reply

    I chopped my hair really short right before high school started. Then, I picked out a black tank top with a metal-studded eagle across the chest with jeans and a studded black belt. I was only 14, and while I made my own choices, I blame my Mom for letting me make those choices, haha! Also, looking back I’ve realized that when it came to formals, the dresses that were my Mom’s picks…yeah, those were the ones I always fell in love with. I figure that won’t change when it comes time for my wedding dress! And, I couldn’t be more happy about it!

  58. avatar Kristen reply

    Pleather snake skin pants with a matching jacket. It not only looked awful but the material made awful noises when i would walk. I even brought it to college as a joke for someone to maybe wear for Halloween, needless to say it was still way to ugly for even that!

  59. avatar Angela reply

    Teased up hair, UGH!!!!

  60. avatar Cortney reply

    The high school trend that makes me cringe is the way I wore my hair my freshman yr, in weird twists held up with butterfly clips. OH! AND! The pink tinited denim I wore senior year! Eek!

  61. avatar Michelle reply

    Tan…Dyed Bleach Blonde Hair….heavy makeup… nickname was hollywood. Not good :)

  62. avatar Missy reply

    Black and red clothes were about all I wore, with all kinds of jewelry you’d find only at places like Spencers… and the dog choke-chains that I wore as necklaces… yeah, and all the metal going through various parts of my skin… and the terrible hair…

  63. avatar Jennifer P reply

    Oversized sweaters, denim shirt and jeans, and wearing men’s ties. We seemed to know nothing about dressing like a lady!

  64. avatar Taryn S. reply

    In highschool I insisted that my mom take me shopping to wet seal for the low cut bell bottoms because that was the in thing to do. Years later as I was going down memory lane looking at all the photographs I look so silly because as it is I’m already short so I looked like a broom stick.

  65. avatar Sheena reply

    bright purple, stirrup stretch pants and a purple/gree polked-dotted shirt (with a pocket). yup – ugly and on picture day naturally, at least it was middle school.

  66. avatar Allix reply

    I wore my letter jacket with everything. It was black and yellow so I looked like an enormous bumble bee. Not a very cool winter jacket.

  67. avatar Alexis reply

    Even though I am still in high school, I could not resist from entering this contest! Those guest books are so pretty. Freshman year, the big thing was to ditch the smiling and make it so you had a kissing face. You would squeeze your lips together and push them out. We all thought that we were the coolest… little did we know!

  68. avatar Jenae reply

    I grew up in a small town so ‘style’ is kind of stretching it a bit. My ‘cool’ jr. high days were plagued with big t-shirts and ankle jeans. I’m pretty sure my friends and I were the leading fashionista’s in my public school class of around 30, but into high school we simply ventured into what we thought were ‘wide-leg’ jeans that today are simply straight leg. Ha! Sadly enough I don’t feel like the 90’s really had style to follow, it was kind of anything goes kind of era.

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