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Moments after I finished the real wedding interview for the blog, I sent Mrs. Emily Thomas an email with a flurry of excitement and a million exclamation points. The process of filling out the questions brought me right back to my wedding day, and I immediately knew that I would treasure having these answers forever. I also knew that we needed to figure out how to give this gift of memory capturing to ALL our brides. While we can’t feature every reader’s wedding on Southern Weddings (gah, I wish we could), we want to give everyone the opportunity to remember and record this special season of life. Our solution? Meet: Memories of Us: A Prompted Wedding Journal

This sweet prompted journal covers everything from your engagement to the emotional whirlwind of your wedding day, to your honeymoon, to the sweet early days of newlywed life. We know all these memories are precious and we don’t want you to forget a thing! The prompts are inspired by the real wedding interview from the SW blog and print magazine and encourage you to capture all the moments (both big and small) of your marriage journey. We hope that your journal becomes a keepsake for years to come!

Every single one of my girlfriends who gets engaged gets a Memories of Us journal as a gift from KPW and me. Why? Because as someone who self-identifies as an “anti-journaler’ I love this little memory keeper so very much!! The prompts make it feel less like a ‘journal’ (important for someone who is anxious at the thought of free-writing) and more like answering the best and most personal questionnaire. (There are also extra blank pages to capture your feelings and other details if you are a journal kind of gal.)

After getting engaged, I was bombarded with people who told me “good luck, you won’t remember a single thing about your wedding day.” As a gal who had been looking forward to getting married since the ripe old age of four, this was less than encouraging. I knew our wedding season would be a whirlwind, but I was determined to remember as many moments as possible, and I want the same for all my best friends and for all of you. We have a limited number of journals available right here so snag one for yourself or a best friend who recently got a new left-hand sparkler!

I’m grateful that the Memories of Us: A Prompted Wedding Journal is one of my Southern Weddings claims to fame. And even more grateful that our future kids and grandkids will be able to flip back through our wedding memory journal and giggle over the missing candle incident and understand why the first few chords of Strawberry Wine always make me burst into tears.

Happy memory capturing, belles!

PS: Want a peek inside the pages of the journal? Don’t miss the fun video at the bottom of this page: Memories of Us: A Prompted Wedding Journal

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  1. avatar Tu Nguyen reply

    Many people would do a blog but I still love a good old journal <3

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    love this!!

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It’s no surprise that so many of our favorite weddings of all time took place under the gracious canopy of a Sperry Tent. They’re the perfect classic backdrop for events of all aesthetics, with their beautiful sailcloth canopies, expert construction, and lyrical lines (plus, those flags atop each tent peak!). Today, we’re sharing nine of our favorite Sperry Tent weddings that show the range of celebrations where these tents are at home, and how many creative ways they can be used.

If you’re thinking of booking one for your own wedding or event, be sure to check out Sperry Tents Southeast!

No. 1: Alex and Trevor’s wedding was one for the books, from their candle-lined ceremony in the woods to her overflowing bouquet and their sugar flower cake. A twinkle-light draped Sperry Tent was the perfect setting for dancing into the night! Photos by Clark Brewer, styling by Caroline Brewer, and planning by RT Lodge. See more of their Sperry tent wedding.

No. 2: Continuously ranked one of the best all-time from our archives, Callie and Jamie filled their wedding with meaningful details inspired by their love story. For their reception, they chose to dine al fresco at long tables, then headed under the tent for dancing, late-night snacks, and a confetti blast! Photos by Nancy Ray, planning by RiverOaks Charleston, and design by Rebecca Rose Events. See more of their Sperry tent wedding.

No. 3: When I think of the ultimate Southern Weddings wedding, Whitney and Clark’s celebration pops to mind first. From their classic attire to the graceful way they hosted their guests under a tent and inside Pippin Hill, it doesn’t get much more lovely than this. Photos by Patricia Lyons and planning by Easton Events. See more of their Sperry tent wedding.

No. 4: I mean, I’m making this list, so I guess I get to include my own wedding, right?! It is most definitely one of my favorites :) Our tent added the perfect indoor-outdoor feel to our garden reception, and was the perfect classic backdrop to our pink and navy details. Photos by Tanja Lippert. See more from our Sperry tent wedding.

No. 5: Anne Sydney and Jesse might win for having the larger tented wedding in our archives, clocking in at 470 guests. But I think they also might win for best tent location: on top of a mountain! Photos by Melanie Mauer and design by Jaclyn Journey. See more from their Sperry tent wedding.

No. 6: Georgia and Charlie’s tent was the perfect classic backdrop for their colorful, floral aesthetic. I love the patterned curtains they added at the tent’s entrances – such a pretty touch! Photos by Eric Kelley and planning by Easton Events. See more from their Sperry tent wedding.

No. 7: Landing yet another Easton Events wedding on our list (we told you she was the Sperry queen!), Lauren and Rob’s classic coral celebration always stands out as such a joyful one. I loved how simple and vibrant their color scheme was! Photos by Jen Fariello. See more from their Sperry tent wedding.

No. 8: A petite tent is a perfect way to gather in an intimate crowd and make the space feel intentional! I love this pretty anniversary party on Snippet & Ink (her pink dress!). Photos by Tec Petaja and planning by Calder Clark.

No. 9: Jen and Shane turned to a tent when thunderstorms threatened their outdoor ceremony – such a great Plan B! :) We love the lush greenery lining their aisle as well as the custom monogrammed Moscow Mule cups. Photos by Katie Stoops and planning by Easton Events as seen on Style Me Pretty.

If you’re considering a Sperry Tent for your wedding, here are a few other posts you might find useful…
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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding
Expert Advice for Sperry Tents from Easton Events
7 Ideas for a Tent at Your Wedding

This post is brought to you by Sperry Tents. Thank you so much for your support of the brands who make Southern Weddings possible!

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  1. avatar Kylee reply

    Where are the Moscow mule cups from?

  2. avatar Jess reply

    It’s no coincidence that these are some of my favorite SW weddings, period!

  3. avatar Kristin reply

    So. Many. Magical. Days!!!! I can’t even try to pick a favorite.

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Hi belles! Our friend Stephanie Scholl is the newest gal to take you through her wedding process here on the blog! Stephanie will be blogging for us every two weeks or so until her wedding in April. In case you missed her first post, be sure to check it out here! — Emily

Hi friends! We’re a mere six weeks (!!!) away from our wedding day, and I’m feeling both incredibly joyful at the thought of marrying my best friend so soon… and a little bit overwhelmed by all that’s left to do! Luckily, I’ve planned more than a few weddings, so I know we’re at a great place in the grand scheme of things and what’s left on our to-do list are the little details you’d expect as our wedding draws closer. RSVP cards are filling my mailbox every day (it’s a highlight of our day to open them together in the evening!), I have a final dress fitting tomorrow, travel plans have been booked for our guests, our wedding bands are picked out, and Rob and I are both excitedly counting down the days til we’re husband and wife!

Photo by Jenna Walker via Style Me Pretty

I’ve been keeping the design and details of our wedding day pretty private, as I really want to surprise our family and friends when they arrive to celebrate our marriage. I’m also known for my love of surprising people, so it’s only fitting that we keep many elements of our day under wraps! Today, however, I want to share with you some ways we are making our ceremony and reception personalized and meaningful, all while on a budget.

I’ve learned more and more throughout planning our wedding how important it is to us to stick to our budget, which also helps us (me, especially) prioritize what’s most important to us and what novelties we are able to do without. It’s been both demanding and liberating to stick to our set budget, knowing that we could easily spend much more money… but also knowing that we do not want to do so. We’re sticking to our biggest priorities: loving our family and friends well, showing them genuine Southern hospitality, celebrating our marriage alongside our loved ones, and glorifying God through it all!

Bouquet by Philosophy Flowers and photo by Landon Jacob from this editorial

We chose to work with Alana from Serendipity Designs as our wedding florist, and I couldn’t be happier with our choice! Flowers are one my favorite wedding details, and they’re also something I notice right away as a guest. I love (love!!) flowers, and I have no doubt Serendipity Designs will make all of my floral dreams come true on our wedding day.

Many of my very favorite Southern blooms (most of them with great meaning to me) will be present in my bouquet and throughout our wedding design. We’ll be using O’Hara garden roses as a nod to my paternal grandma, as she and I share a deep love of the book Gone With the Wind and all things Scarlett O’Hara. And to pay tribute to my maternal grandma, who passed away a few months ago, we’ll be using Queen Anne’s lace, a beautiful flower that reminds me of her. My sweet mama is also letting me use a ribbon of lace from her wedding dress to tie around my bridal bouquet, as my sister did a couple years ago. I love knowing that I’ll be carrying such significant, sentimental nods to the most important ladies in my life as I marry Rob!

Photo by Amy Arrington from Lauren and Kristian’s wedding

For our ceremony, we hoping to portray our faith and God’s love for us in all aspects. One of the very first things I did after getting engaged was to rent a wooden cross for our ceremony (local Triangle brides, check out Homemade Bride!), as we want Christ to be the center of our wedding and our marriage. Even though we’re getting married outside under the trees, as I’ve envisioned my entire life, we know that we can still have a church-like ceremony, especially with a cross at the center of it all. And, as a nod to our engagement session under the Spanish moss and my love of Spanish moss, our florist will be adorning the cross with Spanish moss, a little detail I’m incredibly excited about it.

Photo by Nancy Ray Photography from Callie and Jamie’s wedding

During our ceremony, as one of our first acts together as husband and wife, we will be serving communion to all of our guests. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, and I tear up when I stop and think about the ceremony: walking down the aisle with my daddy, having our best friends stand by our side, saying our vows to one another and marrying Rob, praying with our pastor and our wedding party during the ceremony, singing our favorite hymns, and serving our family and friends communion. I can only imagine how many times I’ll cry happy tears on our wedding day!

Photo by Davy Whitener from this editorial

One of our biggest hopes for our details is that they showcase our love of our family. Rob and I both are blessed to have marvelous families, and we are grateful for the legacy of lifelong, abundantly loving marriages for all of our grandparents and parents. All of our grandparents and parents (and their marriages) have made a profound impact on us, and paying homage to those marriages at our wedding is something we’re very excited to do. Our beautiful venue, The Merrimon-Wynne House, has gorgeous white mantles in almost every room, which are the perfect spaces to display wedding photos of our grandparents and parents. I am also working on compiling marriage advice from our families, and we will be displaying their wisdom in a beautiful way, too.

Photo by Haley Sheffield from Emily and Joe’s wedding

Goodness, designing all of these details is something that makes my wedding-loving heart so happy, and knowing they are for OUR wedding is icing on the cake! I am truly giddy about the thought of it all and seeing these meaningful details come to life on our wedding day.

Tell me: if you already got married, what were the most personalized details you chose to incorporate that are a nod to your love story? And if you haven’t planned your wedding yet, are there any details you are absolutely set on having? (I used to want a black and white checked dance floor (and I still do!), but it simply isn’t in our budget and wasn’t an absolute priority for me!)

P.S. In case you missed a post:
The proposal
Venue and photography
The dress
Bridesmaid style
Engagement photos

Landon Jacob, Amy Arrington, Nancy Ray, and Davy Whitener are delightful members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

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