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As a bride who is currently wrestling with the whole question of the “first look,” this Southern Spotting spoke very strongly to me.

Josh, the groom, knowing that his bride Katie was going to be anxious on the morning of their wedding, worked with the ladies of Ritzy Bee to pull off an elegant surprise breakfast for just the two of them. Goodness, if that’s not romantic, y’all, I don’t know what is!!

It’s also the perfect solution for couples who want to keep with tradition and not see each other in their wedding day finery until they meet at the ceremony, but who also know that nerves are going to be a larger-than-normal issue.

I’ve always been pretty opposed to first looks for myself, and since John is pretty traditional, assumed we wouldn’t be doing one. However, he already feels he’s going to be extremely anxious that morning, and I know seeing his best friend would calm him down :) We’re also trying to weigh the benefits of taking portraits before the ceremony so we can get the most out of our time with Tanja! I’m sure I’ll write about this more in a future post, but tell me: Are you and your groom doing a first look? And would you consider a surprise breakfast instead?

Huge thanks to Bryan Johnson for sharing these lovely images! You can read a bit more about the morning on his blog.

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Nicole reply

    Too sweet! I love this idea and think it’s a great way for couples to get a little one-on-one time without stepping over any traditions.

  2. avatar Larry Hammack reply

    Emily… I am one of those contemporary traditional guys that abhors the ‘First Look’…it spoils it for the family of the groom.. that ‘Look’ he has on his face when he sees his bride in her dress is so priceless and when the couple does the first look, it’s selfish. However, this idea is absolutely the best new thing to come along.. so romantic… refreshing, no pressure. LOVE IT!!!!

  3. avatar Linden reply

    We did a first look and it was fabulous! My husband is very traditional and was pretty opposed to it for a lot of the wedding planning, but he finally agreed. I didn’t think I’d be nervous on the wedding day but then things happen and I was stressed and just being able to see him and have those moments alone before we were surrounded by people was wonderful! It was honestly one of my very favorite parts of our wedding day and helped me calm down so that I was not nervous walking down that aisle! I would definitely consider it! Plus, it really helps to take all your pictures before so that after the ceremony you can get to the reception! Fun fun!!!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Thanks so much for weighing in, Linden! It’s so hard to decide, because almost everyone who does a first look says they’re so happy they did, and everyone who doesn’t says they’re so happy with THEIR choice! Oh well, at least we still have a few more months to decide! :)

  4. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I could never see myself doing a first look (It has to be walking down the aisle!) But I absolutely LOVE the idea of the surprise breakfast! Might have to sneak this page into my fiance’s inbox :)

  5. avatar Sierra reply

    This is just adorable! What a wonderful idea!

  6. avatar Caitlin (Bayside Bride) reply

    This is such a great idea! I am all about tradition, but knowing that most brides get those wedding day nerves, this is a perfect solution to calm each other down.

  7. avatar Kristen reply

    I love love, LOVE this idea!! Wow!! Both hubby and I were opposed to a first look – we wanted that moment at the ceremony, and it absolutely was. It was a moment neither of us will ever forget. This breakfast is so romantic, and I don’t think it ruins the first look because as you say – no one is dressed in that wedding garb yet.

    If I could do it again – I would strongly consider this option!

  8. avatar Natalia reply

    I die. Sweetness overload. Seriously. No words, just smiles. :)

  9. avatar Brittany reply

    I LOVE love this idea. We are already planning to do a first look, but now I am considering doing this, too! Such a sweet sentiment and I really love the idea of beginning the first day of the rest of your lives having breakfast together!

  10. avatar Hannah reply

    We are definitely doing a first look! I thought my parents might not like it since we are already breaking a little bit of tradition by having a friend officiate for us, but my mom actually thought it was a great idea! I know I will be nervous, and I can’t imagine waiting for him to see me at the same time as everyone else. When he sees me the dress will still be a surprise and I know he will still cry- it will just me a more personal, intimate moment.

  11. avatar Kyla reply

    I’m from Canada and I guess this is a geography thing but according to my mother, it’s taboo for anyone who is not the bridesmaids or the bride’s immediate family (parents, siblings) to see her before the ceremony at any point during the day. While I think this is super romantic, this won’t be happening for us! I’ll probably be a tad nervous but I know that once I lock eyes with my man at the end of that aisle, that’ll all float away like a balloon! XD

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Kyla! No, I don’t think it’s a geography thing! Many stateside (and many Southern!) couples would agree with you. We just thought this was an interesting alternative for those not completely stuck on holding with tradition!

  12. avatar Maegan reply

    We did a first look at our wedding in December for 2 reasons – we knew that we’d both be nervous and it would help us relax to see each other and since the sun sets so early, we wanted to take most of our pictures before the ceremony. Our first look pictures are some of our favorites from the entire day! The look of pure happiness and love on both of our faces is awesome. Plus, to be selfish, it was SO nice to have about 20 minutes to ourselves, with only the photographer there. We were separated again after the pictures, so we both had the excitement level built back up when I came down the aisle. Good luck in your decision!

  13. avatar Anna Belle reply

    We weren’t going to do pictures before the wedding, but as we started putting together the day of timeline, we realized how much we’d actually be sacrificing if we disappeared for an hour after the ceremony to take photos. We want to be able to leave by boat and spend a few minutes alone after the ceremony and we want to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests. We wouldn’t be able to do either of those things if we waited to do pictures.

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