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Hi ladies + gents! We’re back with another Southern Style post from Marissa, and this time, we’re trying something a little different. Have any of y’all ever heard of Design*Sponge’s “Living In” series? It’s a really neat column where they share interior design round-ups based on movies, plays, books, etc. We wanted to try the same thing with weddings, focusing on Southern media. Up first? Why, Steel Magnolias, of course! Let us know what you think! — Emily

Thanks, Emily! I’m really excited about this new feature and I hope y’all will love it as much as I do! I’m even more excited to kick it off with, in my opinion, one of the best Southern movies ever! (Or at least my favorite Southern movie ever!)

To me, Shelby is the epitome of Southern style. (I mean, she even had a signature color!) Honoring Ms. Robert’s famous “blush and bashful” color palette, we’ve pulled the best pink details we could find for a wedding aesthetic full of style and sophistication.

All photos by Rastar Films, c/o IMDB

Let’s start with attire and these gorgeous blooms, shall we? Bridesmaids, rejoice: I definitely won’t be advising that you wear poofy and overly ruffly Azalea Trail Maids style gowns with matching hats! Instead, try mix and matching frocks in a coordinating color that flatters all different body types and styles like Denise Bovee’s bride did below. Looking to update Shelby’s soft and subtle blush and bashful pink tones? Don’t be afraid to add a little pop of bright pink into bouquets, as shown below. Adding a pop of color to blooms and accessories can really add fun to you big day without being overpowering.

Image credits from top to bottom and left to right: Denise Bovee, second two images Lisa Lefkowitz , Kristin Vining, Drew Newman, Meaghan Elliot via Style Me Pretty, Millie Holloman (see the rest of this gorgeous V3 Real Wedding here and here), Liga Photography and Joey and Jessica.

Up next: details! In one of M’Lynn’s (Shelby’s mother) best lines in the movie, she refers to the church draping and decor as looking as if it’s been “hosed down with Pepto-Bismol!” Taking a tip from the great reception details below, remember to mix in coordinating tones to avoid the Pepto-treatment. I also love how Kristin Vinings’ bride chose white decor with blush-colored lighting for a clean yet romantic feel. And who could forget that tent with paper wedding bells dangling? I sure can’t! For a more modern twist on the plain white tent, try minimal draping with simple paper lanterns like the Adrienne Gunde reception below.

Image credits from top to bottom and left to right: Adrienne Gunde, Captured by Kate via SMP, Kristin Vining, Adrienne Gunde, Captured by Kate, petal aisle runner and invitation and centerpiece by Lisa Lefkowitz , Sky Line Tent Company, Schnack Studios, and Lisa Lefkowitz.

I’m kind of partial to pink and white cakes (since I had one at my own wedding), so let’s take a moment and admire these gorgeous examples of ways you can incorporate soft pink and ruffles into your wedding cake. These cakes definitely won’t be banned to the carport like Jackson’s unfortunate bleeding armadillo. But what about that oh-so-famous red velvet armadillo (pronounced “arma-dilla”) groom’s cake? No worries, you know I’ve got you covered. Seriously, y’all, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw these adorable red velvet armadillo cupcakes from Erin Elizabeth. They’re perfectly inspired by Steel Magnolias with an updated twist! Yum!

Image credits from top to bottom and left to right: Maisie Fantaisie, Martha Stewart Weddings, My Sweet & Saucy, Lisa Lefkowitz, and Erin Elizabeth.

From Clairee’s pillbox hat to stationery sure to make Shelby jealous, our Shopping Guide has everything you need to marry the movie Steel Magnolias:

A. Vintage Ivory Pillbox Hat ($12), B. J. Crew Silk Taffeta Monde Dress ($250), C. Pink Wool Hat ($80), D. Camel Pillbox Hat ($125), E. B. Poetic Shoe Clips ($35), F. Swoozie’s Monogramed Pashmina ($34), G. Modest Peach “Emily” ($190), H. Anthropologie Fleur de lys tumbler ($8), I. Pink depression glass cakeplate (similar available from Bountiful), J. Magnolia Hair Clip ($18), K. Sydney Hale Co. “Rosewood and Magnolia” Candle ($22), L. Crane & Co. “Pink Mist” Notecards ($88), M. Emily Ley Paper “Vivien” Suite (Price Upon Request), N. Luna Bazaar Paper Lantern ($2.65), O. Garden roses (try ordering from Fifty Flowers!), P. Lovely linens from La Tavola, Q. Pink magnolia bloom

What do you think? Do you like this new feature? What’s your favorite Southern movie? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below or send me an email with the Southern movie, play, or book you’d love to see us cover!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Lisa reply

    LOVE this!! Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies, and this is completely perfect. Such a fun new feature! For future posts, I’d love to see Gone With the Wind (of course!), and maybe The Notebook? :)

  2. avatar Kristy reply

    I really, really like this new feature!! I hope you continue with it : ) Southern movies that come to mind is Sweet Home Alabama and The Princess and the Frog : )

  3. avatar Emily reply

    I want to see “Gone with the Wind” or “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Or “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood”!! Or what about “The Secret Life of Bees”? Or “The Help”? So many possibilities!

  4. avatar Shannon reply

    I love everything about this post!

  5. avatar Susan (BravoBride) reply

    What a great job of capturing a southern wedding! It makes me miss the south! :)

  6. avatar Bella reply

    This is a great feature and I would love to see you cover The Notebook! What a beautiful, romantic and charming film.

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Bell! Thanks for your sweet words on the column! I’d love to cover the Notebook – such a great Southern movie! xo, Marissa

  7. avatar Heather reply

    I love love love this post! Great idea! :) I would LOVE to see Sweet Home Alabama done next, as it is my all time favorite movie and I adore the wedding at the end! <3

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hey Heather! Thanks for the kind words! Sweet Home Alabama is one of my favorite movies as well! I CANNOT wait to tackle that one! xo, Marissa

    • avatar Heather reply

      Marissa: Ditto on Sweet Home Alabama… I’d love to see a Jake & Melanie inspired post :)

  8. avatar Desiree reply

    Marissa – how about Wedding Crashers?!?!?! “Crabcakes and Football! That’s what we do in Maryland” – they may not have been “southern” but they sure had weddings like a true southerner :)

    PS: My packages are named after wedding-movies….Steel Magnolias is my most popular! :)

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hey Desiree! You know I’d love to cover Wedding Crashers! Such a hilarious movie! I can’t wait for your ad to go live, so soon! Yay! xo, Marissa

  9. avatar Marialeen reply

    Marissa, I loved this post and look forward to all there is to come! Wedding inspiration from movies? How perfect and brilliant! What says “southern” & “classy” more than pretty pink?! I noticed you referenced the Mobile Azalea Trail Maids and am assuming you have some connections to South Alabama as I am from the area and just adore the Maids! :) Thanks for the prettiness!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Marialeen! I am so thrilled you loved my nod to the Maids! I grew up in Mobile and will forever be a fan! Thanks so much for the sweet words! xo, Marissa P.S. I hope you’re an Alabama fan – Roll Tide!

    • avatar Marialeen Ellis reply

      Roll Tide Roll to you too ma’m!

  10. avatar Laura reply

    Hello from Alabama as well! I LOVE IT! Steel Magnolias is my absolute favorite suthern weddin movie! I remember tellin my momm that i wanted to be just like shelby when i got married! Now I am a bride and will be having blush and bashful as my colors. As far as more movie inspriation… What about Run Away Bride and Father of the Bride. Lots to pull from there.
    Roll Tide Yall and Happy Weddings!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Laura! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’m sure you will do Shelby proud and will be a stunning bride! Great ideas for movies to cover! Roll Tide Roll! xo, Marissa

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  12. avatar Erin reply

    I’m so sorry, I was too excited to see my photo that I missed that you had already linked to my blog. Please ignore my previous comment. (=

    Thank you!

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In honor of Derby Week here on SW, I’ve gathered some of our favorite Derby-esque fashion for some stylish Southern goodness! So tip up your brim and let’s get started, y’all!

Large or small, wide brimmed, feathered, flowered or just plain outrageous, women from around the world top off their Derby duds with one the finest Southern traditions – Derby hats! Personally, I think the head wear in the grandstands might just be the best part of the Kentucky Derby.

Wondering how you can pull off this millinery trend? Try pairing your Derby-inspired topper with a simple shift dress of a coordinating color and be sure to keep your makeup clean and natural. Don’t forget, true Derby attire is not complete without a pair of sky-high ankle breakers! But take a tips from experienced Derby divas and also pack a pair of fashionable, yet comfortable, flats or flip flops to wear home.

Image credit from left to right and top to bottom: Jose Villa via Once Wed, Belathée Photography via Once Wed, Erin Hearts Court, unknown, Jessica Monnich, Kellan Studios via SW, Jen Huang, Polly Alexandre via SMP, Jose Villa, next two images Max Wanger, Courtney Reece, unknown and { Caught the Light }.

Whether you’re out for a day at the races, getting to the church on time, or anywhere mint juleps are served, you’re sure to win the blue ribbon with our Shopping Guides!

First up: fascinators!

A. Rachel Trevor Morgan “R1142” (price upon request), B. BHLDN “Beauregard” Headband ($550), C. Rachel Trevor Morgan “R1113”(price upon request), D. Nigel Rayment, E. Beth Morgan “Twist” (price upon request”, F. Emilliner “Starburst” ($190), G. Beth Morgan “Starlight” (price upon request), H. Gina Foster, I. Twigs & Honey Style # 042 ($285), J. Rachel Trevor Morgan K. Gina Foster, L. William Chambers Veiled Bow (price upon request).

And now for the best part: HATS!

A. Anthropologie “Saturn” Sunhat ($58), B. Suzanne Millinery “Coffee Creme” (price upon request), C. Suzanne Millinery “Emily” (price upon request), D. Marley Lilly Monogram Derby Hat ($29.99), E. Suzanne Millinery Pink Flower (price upon request), F. BHLDN “White Meidland Sunner” ($80), G. Satya Tweena “Denise” ($310), H. Preston & Olivia “Home Style 7” ($195), I. Preston & Olivia Home Style 31 ($230), J. BHLDN “Velvet Cocktail Hat” ($495), K. Gina Foster, L. Lock & Co. Mrs. Parry Lewis (price upon request).

What do you think? Which hat would you choose to top off your Derby look? Would you swap your veil for a hat? Enjoy the race, y’all!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe reply

    This is like a bit of sunshine. As a southern girl living in Ohio (for now), LOVE all these fun wardrobe additions.

  2. avatar Erin reply

    I. Love. This! Maybe I’m just still obsessed over all the Royal Wedding hats, but this is awesome! I’m loving the fascinator trend, and even the tiny hats (I’m rocking a mini sombrero today myself!). So glam, so fun–love it!

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  4. avatar Coretta’s Elegant Events reply

    Love this post! I’m a hat fiend. I had a Sunday Hat Birthday Brunch for a birthday that I blogged about, and I wore my Easter bonnet recently which drew lots of comments. I’m 32 but I’ve been wearing hats for years (following tradition from my mom and grandmothers). The key is to keep your “crown” youthful and wear it with confidence. I’m not sure about all that having the “face” to pull off a hat I always hear about. Just about everyone can unless you have a huge head. LOL!

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Like most of you, we’ve been up since the wee hours of the morning swooning over the royal wedding coverage. Along with the fabulous fascinators and glamorous hats, we couldn’t help but notice how wonderfully Southern the former Miss Kate Middleton’s dress was! The gown, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (how appropriate, I might add!), features a full train, hand-sewn lace applique over the bodice, and, most notably, sleeves.

Looking to replicate Kate’s classic Grace Kelly look? We’ve got you covered (with lace):

Left to right and top to bottom: “Kennedy” by Modern Trousseau, Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012, next two gowns Legends By Romona Keveza Spring 2012, “Ivanka” by Monique Lhuillier, Watters Spring 2012, “Escalante” by Watters and Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012.

What do you think? Will you be donning sleeves for your own wedding? Have your been inspired by Kate’s classic look? Let me know! Feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email.

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Erin reply

    While I’ve already chosen a one-shoulder gown for my wedding next year and I wore a very Jackie-O type sheath dress to my justice of the peace wedding last month–I’m SO excited for sleeved dresses to come into the limelight. I’ve always thought they were gorgeous and classic, not to mention one of the only appropriate options for many religious ceremonies out there. As I watched TLC’s coverage of the wedding this morning (definitely wanted all the fun Randy and Clinton commentary!), I couldn’t help but smile when Randy said 90% of gowns in America today are strapless but it will all change now because of Kate. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a little over strapless. When I went to buy my gown I told the girl “no, I don’t want strapless” and she said “well you just eliminated 3/4 of the store!”–vary it up ladies! This sleeved look is timeless, classic, gorgeous, and extremely elegant!

  2. avatar Emily reply

    I’ve always wanted to wear sleeves at my wedding. I’m actually a little sad that Kate beat me to it, not that sleeves is her original idea or anything. However, I feel like I will probably get a lot of comments about how my wedding dress will look similar to Kate’s. The moment I saw her dress, though, it was like everything I had ever dreamed for my dress to be was on the television screen. Hopefully this will means there will be a larger sleeved-dress selection when my time finally comes!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Emily! I know exactly what you mean! But hey, if people are comparing you to Kate, you can just smile and thank them — because in my opinion, that means you have pretty darn good style. I’m sure your dress will be gorgeous!

    • avatar Lauren reply

      Emily: I completely sympathize with you! I’ve always felt that lace sleeves are so beautifully classic and the moment the new Duchess stepped out of the car I had a brief moment of jealousy. Even my fiance (who was up at 4am to watch the wedding with me) stated that she was wearing a dress after my own heart. If our shared (fantastic) taste gets us compared to Kate on our wedding days then I say, “Congratulations to us!”

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