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Though few days in our year top out as more exciting than the day the magazine arrives at our office, we’ve had a couple close runners-up over the past few months. The day our May Southern Living issue arrived was absolutely one of them! There’s just nothing like seeing your work in print.

The May issue, our second in partnership with Southern Living, features the beautiful work of KT Merry, Eric Kelley, Easton Events, A Bryan Photo, Calder Clark, and Jonathan Canlas, just to name a few Southern Weddings favorites! For those who missed the original announcement and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, we produce a 24-page insert filled with gorgeous wedding content for Southern Living three times a year, and the May issue was our second!

We’ve already sent our September pages off to print, so Southern Living subscribers, keep an eye out in a few months! The insert isn’t available in newsstand copies, but goes out to 400,000 specially-selected subscribers. It was so fun to get surprised calls and texts from our friends around the country when they saw our faces in their copies of SL!

Missed the insert? Don’t worry! There’s lots of fun happening online, too, including a new Southern Weddings post every Friday on the Daily South blog! You can see our past posts here.

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  1. avatar Julie reply

    It looks amazing!

  2. avatar Dana reply

    oh I do love this wedding so very much! the flowers!

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Y’all know we have a hard time keeping secrets over here. As soon as we know something good, we want to share it! We share on the blog, we share on social media… in fact, I practically have to muzzle the other gals to keep our biggest secret every year: our cover! Because you all have been so encouraging from the beginning, rooting us on at every turn, we especially love sharing our lives and the life of Southern Weddings, the company, with y’all.

So you can imagine it’s been pretty difficult to keep what has to be our biggest announcement ever under wraps for a full seven months, but somehow we did it. And today’s the day we get to let y’all in. We are really, really thrilled to share that we’ve partnered with the most iconic brand in the South: Southern Living. Our time together has already been so very fruitful, and we are excited to tell you all the details!

Landon Jacob

Mercy! How did this all come about?
We certainly didn’t expect this to happen, and we definitely weren’t looking for it. Lara received an email from the Associate Publisher at SL back in May, asking for a meeting to discuss “possibilities for the future” and offering to come to us for said meeting. After a minor (okay, major) freak-out and confirming the SL team knew we weren’t based in New York, we set a date. A flurry of preparation ensued, mainly focused on what to wear and what to serve these discerning gents. We ultimately decided to call in the big guns and ask our friends at Fearrington to come out and cater, and oh my, they laid out a Southern spread: eggs benedict with tomato jam, yogurt parfaits, biscuits, muffins, smoothies, fresh-squeezed orange juice… the works. You’ll have to check out Lara’s blog post today to read some of our other hilarious preparations.

The meeting lasted about two hours, and probably the most memorable moment was when the Associate Publisher’s egg squirted right out from under his fork and onto his pants and binder full of notes. Oh well, nothing four Southern hostesses can’t handle, and still something we laugh about to this day :)

Lara actually shared this photo from the big meeting day on instagram way back, with a cryptic caption. See what I mean about not being able to keep a secret??

Lara and I traveled to the Birmingham headquarters of Southern Progress a few weeks later to meet Lindsay (Southern Living’s Editor in Chief) and other members of the SL team, and it was quite the experience! We of course immediately had to update the other gals as soon as we arrived at the airport at the end of our whirlwind two days of meetings:

After many conversations internally and between our two teams, we settled on an arrangement for our partnership.

What does “partnership” mean? What can I expect to change or stay the same?
It’s really very simple — we are sharing content. We have no formal ties to SL and nothing is changing on our end except sharing what we already do with more people! We are still just six ladies (see our recent office tour here!) making a magazine and running a small shop and shipping orders from Lara’s garage. For this, we are so grateful.

Today, we posted our first blog post on The Daily South. Going forward, you’ll see us post there a few times a month, sharing real weddings and highlighting beautiful Southern wedding details — much as we do right here. Come over and say hi! :)

We have a special weddings page on the SL site here with lots of goodies. We also have a joint Pinterest board where you can find even more great Southern wedding content.

The most exciting part of this partnership: three times in 2014, we are providing 18 pages of Southern Weddings content for a special weddings section in Southern Living. We’ve already sent our first one to print. We couldn’t say anything at the time, but we were designing TWO magazines at once this season. This was us trying to learn the SL style guide and do layout for our section in October…

You won’t be able to find the insert on newsstands, but it will go out with their January issue to about 400,000 subscribers who have been earmarked as being in the marrying (or mother of the bride!) stage of life. If you aren’t a subscriber, there will still be a way to view it digitally. Details coming soon!

Remember this instagram? That was Lara and I being photographed for the editors’ letter in the insert! Lindsay was photographed in Birmingham, and then the three of us got sandwiched together by the Photoshop wizards at Southern Living HQ!

And that’s it! :) We haven’t been bought by them, and have no plans to do that. We are still producing our own gorgeous magazine once a year. We aren’t changing a thing. We just have new folks who believe in us, and want to help us spread the word about the beautiful, meaningful celebrations that are happening here in our neck of the woods. For us, that is the most exciting part of all of this — we consider it a huge opportunity (and honor!) to spread our heart for strong marriages and meaningful weddings farther and faster. THAT is something to celebrate!

Friends, we are so grateful for you. We are grateful for the way you’ve followed us and encouraged us throughout the years, and we are so grateful to be taking this step alongside you. We know you might have questions, so please, ask away! And if you feel so moved, take a moment to do a little happy dance in honor of our announcement sometime today — you know we will be!!

Landon Jacob is a delightful member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Melissa Oholendt reply

    LOVE THIS. So well deserved and such a perfect partnership! Congrats lovelies!

  2. avatar Kat reply

    Ladies OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! So, SO excited for you!!! Now, I must go add another blog to my bookmarks:)

  3. avatar Leigh Pearce reply

    So exciting!!!! Congrats gals!! xo

  4. avatar Danielle reply

    Wonderful to hear! Congratulations to y’all from Texas!

  5. avatar Katie Bond reply

    Chills!!! What an incredible new partnership. Congratulations to y’all. Well-deserved recognition!!

  6. avatar Stephanie Creekmur reply

    Eeeek! Too much excitement to handle for one day! CONGRATULATIONS! This is truly a partnership made in Heaven! So happy for y’all! <3

  7. avatar Lorelei reply

    This is such wonderful news and can’t wait to see how this partnership develops. I think the only thing that bothered me about reading this blog post was the horrible “Diamonds Wholesale to the Public” ad at the top of the page. It doesn’t seem to fit your brand image and just makes the webpage look weird compared to other ads on the right side of the page.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Lorelai! That is one of our served ads, but it’s one we’ve never seen before, so we’re checking into it! Just a coincidence that it showed up today, so don’t worry that it’s a new direction for our advertisements :)

  8. avatar Amber Housley reply

    Congrats to the whole team on this exciting news! Love that more of the South is going to share in the great content your team develops and cultivates! xo

  9. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    Yay! congratulations!! that is so exciting! I love SL so I know it will be a great partnership!

  10. avatar Elizabeth Howard reply

    A huge big southern hug of congratulations for you on this very exciting announcement! XOXO The Cordial Cricket

  11. avatar Christina L. Frederick reply

    Happy dance, happy tears, I am just HAPPY! Congratulations ladies on this amazing partnership! The SL readers are in for a huge surprise if they haven’t read SW yet. Your mission is clear and what a wonderful way to share it with so many more from the south! Big hugs!
    xo Christina

  12. avatar ALICIA ROHAN reply


  13. avatar Ryan Ray reply

    Congratulations!! So so happy for y’all. You all are such a remarkable group of ladies. Love everything you represent. You are going to touch and inspire so many more people. Your new site looks beautiful as well. Cheers to great things happening to great ladies!

  14. avatar Laura Bitler reply

    Oh my! What an amazing announcement for all of us SW fans out there! CONGRATS Emily and Laura and the whole SW team. Can’t wait to keep my eyes out for the SL magazine. A quick peek at your new page on the Southern Living page and I am quite impressed. Keep the good news coming. With love and admiration, Laura

  15. avatar Carly reply

    Congratulations, ladies! This is nothing short of amazing. We are so excited and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Southern Weddings!! :)
    Carly & the Blueberry Creative team

  16. avatar Latrice – Opulent Couturier reply

    You ladies never cease to amaze me! WOW what an awesome partnership! Congrats!!

  17. avatar Lauren reply

    This is amazing news! Y’all are such a beautiful example to so many and so, so excited that Southern Living recognized this too! What a wonderful opportunity! My two favorite magazines collaborating couldn’t be better news!

  18. avatar Joan reply

    Congratulations!! Recognition well deserved and I couldn’t be happier for you ladies. I am a long-time subscriber to Southern Living, so here’s to hoping that your lovely insert makes it into my copy in January :)

  19. avatar Ashleigh – Lust Creative reply

    Oh my goodness!! What wonderful news!!! Congratulations to you all for all your hard work! I cannot believe you were secretly designing TWO magazines this year! Now wonder you were so busy! This is such exciting news. I’m so happy for the SW team!
    Ashleigh xxoo

  20. avatar angela conklin reply

    So honored to know you! Can we say F A M O U S ????

  21. avatar Linda at Cedarwood Weddings reply

    An exciting partnership! Southern Weddings does the best southern wedding editorials. Period. Congrats.

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