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Hello friends! Amber here, and I’m so excited to start sharing my favorite tips and ideas for being a gracious hostess. From recipes to projects to gift ideas, I look forward to regularly sharing with you how to entertain at home and add a bit of Southern hospitality to your everyday!

It’s summer in the South, which means there is a roadside stand full of fresh vegetables around every corner! It’s the perfect time to enjoy the bounty and bake up some delicious zucchini bread to give as a gift to the hosts at your next social gathering, or simply have on hand for friends that stop by.

This moist and delicious zucchini bread recipe features a hint of cinnamon and some added walnuts for crunch. It slices perfectly and is always gone in less than a day at our house! Last week, our family picked a 14″ long zucchini from our garden that was enough to double this recipe and make four loaves. Two for us and two to give away!

For transportation and gifting, wrap a bit of parchment paper around a loaf and tie it with bakers twine. I also love the idea of pairing a loaf with a Fruitful Summer Encouragement Postcard to delight someone special with!

Want to add this recipe to your recipe box? We’ve created a sweet printable card for you! Download your zucchini bread recipe card.

Written with love by Amber
  1. avatar Alison reply

    What an adorable series! So excited for this!

    • avatar Amber reply

      I’m excited that you’re excited Alison! Happy baking! :)

  2. avatar Emily reply

    I love the idea of sharing recipes on SW. This is such a great addition to the website. I will have try the zucchini bread soon!

    • avatar Amber reply

      So glad to hear this Emily! Let me know how it turns out! :)

    • avatar Emily reply

      I finally got around to trying this recipe and Amber it was so delicious!!! It’s a dense bread but was still very tasty with a crispy crust. I especially enjoyed it with some peanut butter smeared on top! Bring on more recipes to try.

    • avatar Amber reply

      Hooray Emily! So great to hear that you had the results you did. I’ve never tried peanut butter with it, but definitely going to now! Excited to share more recipes with you too in the coming months!

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Hey y’all! Welcome to February, the month of love! (Though pretty much every month could be considered the month of love around these parts!) Some of you may recall last July, when we introduced the concept of a Southern Doin’. Not around then? It’s simple, but I’ll recap for ya: A Southern Doin’ is any sort of a Southern activity. There’s no official panel of judges that decrees whether or not something is Southern; you get to decide for yourself whether your Doin’ falls under the spirit of the South! We came up with Southern Doin’s because even in the midst of V5 craziness, we didn’t want to forget to get outside our office and remember all of the things we love about the South. (And there are oh so many things.)

Y’all jumped right on the hashtag bandwagon, which we absolutely loved! So much so, that we thought we’d ratchet things up a notch this year. Enter: Southern Doin’ monthly challenges. Each month we’ll pick a Doin’ prompt and post it here — something to encourage y’all to go, do, make, explore, discover, and love in the spirit of the South and the Sweet Tea Society.

We’ll be Doin’ right alongside you, and we’ll all try to remember and use the #southerndoin hashtag, alrighty? Then, we’ll come back here and post a little recap on the blog of our favorite tweeted, instagrammed, or Facebooked Doin’s before we post the next month’s challenge.

But enough explanation — time for the challenge! For February, your #southdoin challenge is simple: We’re all about giving a little sugar here in the South, so this month, surprise someone you love by doing something sweet. Maybe you’ll vacuum the entire house even though it’s your fiance’s turn — AND bake him his favorite cookies. Maybe you’ll wake up extra early to shovel the walk and scrape the ice off your roommate’s windshield before she has to go to work. Maybe you’ll have flowers delivered to your Mama’s work on a random day JUST BECAUSE YOU LOVE HER. Whatever it is, it’s up to you!

Are you in? Sound off in the comments! And happy Doin’!

P.S. Suggestions for future challenges are welcome! Just leave a comment below or feel free to email me.

emily Written with love by Emily
1 Comment
  1. avatar Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony reply

    Is it alright if I’m not Southern and don’t live in the South but still follow your blog and had a Southern-themed Super Bowl? Hahaha.

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Welcome back to our Southern Hospitality feature! Each month, we pick a Southern city and an expert host. Our host shares their favorite items custom to that city that would be perfect packed into a welcome bag for family and friends at a weekend wedding. There’s nothing like Southern hospitality, especially at a destination wedding!

What better city to pick for our next Southern Hospitality tote than Charleston, one of, if not THE, most popular wedding destinations in the South? More importantly, Charleston is home to as much Southern history and culture as the skies are wide! Fortunately, I’ve been able to travel to Charleston many a time for weddings, photo shoots and visiting family who live in the area. In fact, I’ll be dropping by Charleston to board my cruise next week (literally counting down the minutes until water and sunshine)!

We asked our friend Charlotte, of Charlotte Elizabeth Photographer, who Emily bumped into at Engage last fall, to be our expert this month, and she did a fabulous job! See her picks below, and, Charleston natives, be sure comment with suggestions of what you might add!

A. Bar of Sweeteeth Chocolate. Local chocolatier, Johnny Battles, whips up small-batch chocolate bars that are to die for! Charlotte’s absolute favorite is the “Sea is for Caramel” bar. The wrapper has adorable little drawings to boot. ($5.00 for 1 bar)

B. Sweetgrass Palmetto Rose. The Sweetgrass baskets have been a part of Charleston/Mt. Pleasant culture for more than 300 years! Throwing in a palmetto rose would be a cute touch! ($10.00 for 6)

C. Copy of Charleston Magazine. I can’t think of a better introduction to this beautiful and vibrant town. Charlotte subscribes to this mag and reads it cover to cover every month. There is an extensive calendar of events at the back of the mag that your guests can use as a guideline for their weekend. ($7.95 for 1 magazine)

D. Copy of Charleston Art Mag. It’s the best guide to Charleston’s creative scene, including information about Charlotte’s favorite aspect of town: The French Quarter Art Galleries. (free)

E. South Carolina Magnet. A South Carolina or Charleston specific magnet would be a cute souvenir to throw in your hospitality tote. You could even look into printing custom magnets or stickers. (price varies)

F. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. Crafted in a small still on Wadamalaw Island (say it with me now: wah-dah-maw-law), Firefly tastes like sweet tea but has a big kick! Charlotte and her husband keep a bottle in the fridge during the summer for when unexpected visitors pop by. They serve it over ice with a splash of water and lemon. ($20.00 for 1 liter, but can purchase airplane bottles for sampling)

G. Charleston Tea Plantation Loose Tea. Charlotte’s personal favorite is the peach. This would be especially perfect for the couple that marries at the tea plantation! ($9.95 for 1.6 oz. of tea)

H. Carolina Plantation Stone Ground Grits. Need I say more? It’s the South, y’all! Attach a personalized recipe card to add a touch of personalization. ($6.00 for a 1 lb bag)

I. Benne Wafers from Olde Colony Bakery. No hospitality tote would be complete without Benne Wafers. Benne, which means sesame, was brought from East Africa and planted extensively throughout the South. These sweet and salty wafers have been unique to the Low Country since colonial times. They are delicious and buttery! ($3.50 for a 5 oz. bag)

J. Custom Map from Studio R. I love it when a hospitality tote includes a menu of events or recommendations of places to eat and drink chosen by the bride and groom. Why not come up with your own map of things to do and places to see as well as an itinerary of where to be and when? Charlotte’s friend, Rachael Blessinger can help you come up with a one-of-a-kind illustration. (prices vary)

K. Tickets for a Bicycle Taxi Ride. Why not coordinate 1 free Rickshaw Ride for your guests with one of the local pedicab companies? Design your own “pedicab pass!” ($5.00 for 15 minutes, not including tip)

You can check out even more of Charlotte’s favorite things here!

We paired these expert picks with a tote design by Sarah Reed of Dodeline Design. Is this not just adorable? You can download it here to take to your local screen printer for a tote of your own. Thank you, Sarah!

From the Charleston area and have additional suggestions to add to our tote? What did you love about Charleston if you’ve visited before? Have a city in mind for future posts? Comment below and let us know!

Dodeline Design is a member of our fabulous Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

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Written with love by Sierra
  1. avatar Carly Totten reply

    Oh my!! I can’t even begin to talk about my love of Charleston – it’s big, y’all! I’m from outside of Philadelphia, and I am so lucky to be able to travel to Charleston quite frequently, including a trip this past weekend. I have to add pralines from Market Street Sweets to your list of items to include. They are beyond delicious (I die!), and there are shops selling these sweets throughout the city. Market Street Sweets has to be my favorite place to purchase them though. The tote designed by Sarah is awesome and so is she!

  2. avatar charlotte reply

    Thanks so much for including me for this cute little post! I had so much fun contributing! :-)

  3. avatar Theresa reply

    Can you do a feature on Hilton Head Island?

  4. avatar Sheila reply

    I’m proud to say I’m a native of Charleston. And I love the selections. The tote bag is great and Sarah’s designs are beautiful and representative of Charleston.

  5. avatar Jenny Clark reply

    Loved the tote featured in Tara Gerard wedding yesterday. Any chance I can get the template for that design?? Thanks!!

  6. avatar Southern Hospitality: Charleston Tote by Southern Weddings | Olde Colony Bakery | Home of the Original Charleston Benne Wafer | Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA reply

    […] […]

  7. avatar Christine reply

    I’m looking to make a welcome basket for an event being held in Charleston and was interested in including palmetto roses. The link above that said you could get six for $10 doesn’t seem to be working. Would you happen to know if they are still being sold? Thanks!

  8. avatar Kristina Weatherlow reply

    please help, I would really like this download for the tote bad but I cant get it to work. do you still offer the file?

  9. avatar Melissa reply

    Love it! Any chance that the file for the tote is still available? I’d love to use it!

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