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Howdy, y’all! We’ve been serving up a bunch of new features lately and I’m really excited to share this one, a collection of fab finds that will color you inspired! A Southern gal is stylish and savvy in every way — not just when it comes to planning and creating her wedding. We came up with a few items that would look lovely at a bridal luncheon, on your honeymoon, or in your new home with your new husband!

This color palette reminds me of afternoon tea on the well-manicured lawn of your grandfather’s estate. Slip on some pearls and take a look at my favorite steel gray, green and ivory things!

A. Slip into the Ribbon Mirabelle dress by Kate Spade for tea with your ladies.

B. Take in the scenes around you with these Coach Summer sunglasses.

C. Every Southern girl loves her pearls. We love this Pave Pearl Necklace from Ann Taylor.

D. Keep your table linens organized and adorable with these Fleur de Lys napkin rings from Sur La Table.

E. Keep the sun off your face and look like a movie star in this floppy brimmed hat.

F. This chevron-striped clutch would look fab against your outfit.

G. Dress up your tables with the Belle Boulevard China collection from Kate Spade.

H. Fill up your glass with this Drink Dispenser from Pier 1 Imports.

I. Cheers with this gem-colored champagne flute from Anthropologie.

J. This rose stationery from Minted will look lovely on your writing desk.

K. Cut off a sliver of this floral and vanilla Beekman 1803 soap for your powder room.

L. Line the steps to your front door with these mini boxwood trees.

What do you think of our finds? Tell us in the comments below and be on the lookout for more inspiration!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
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What’s a Southern girl without her pearls? I remember getting my first pearl necklace on my sweet sixteen, and I’ve been in love with the creamy iridescent objects ever since. Often passed down through generations with stories and photos of their wear, they’re a necessity in any Southern jewelry box.

Fine & Fleurie makes beautiful handmade bridal accessories and understands how special pearls can be. Their Swarovski pearl necklace and bracelet bridal set is the perfect way to complete a Southern bride’s look. I love the glamorous but delicate way the triple strands hang, and I know they would look beautiful in addition to any white gown. Lucky you, it might be your wedding gown that it embellishes!

To Enter: Tell us what your favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is or why you think this set would make a great heirloom! You have until Tuesday, July 12 at 11:59pm to leave a comment on this post! Don’t forget to show Fine and Fleurie a little love on their Facebook page, too!

Win: Fine & Fleurie’s Swarovski pearl necklace and bracelet bridal set.

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Stacy reply

    It would make a fantastic heirloom for my family because we don’t really have those sorts of things. I’m from the South, went to UA (Roll Tide!), but am the first in my family to do so. It would be lovely to have such pieces for my future daughters/grand children/etc, and to begin the tradition with my generation. Good luck to all the other wonderful ladies out there dying to have them as well!

  2. avatar Lori reply

    My favorite heirloom jewelry is a brooch that was my great grandmother’s. I love its vintage charm and end up wearing it all the time on a set of pearls, a hat, or on the collar of my coat in the winter. This past December, my parent’s home was burglarized and all my deceased grandmother and great-grandmother’s jewelry was stolen. My mom was devastated so I’m glad this brooch remains so that I can share it with her.

  3. avatar AshleeG reply

    I think this would make the perfect heirloom set because it is classic, simple, but with a touch of sass. I love that it is classic, but unique at the same time. That is totally my style!

  4. avatar Marta reply

    My grandmom gave me a necklace she had made out of a coin that was her mother’s. The coin was strung on a chain that was also my greatgrandmother’s. It’s very special to me! The pearls are gorgeous!

  5. avatar Meredith reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is an aquamarine and diamond ring that has been passed down for three generations. It was my something old and something blue for my wedding, and I can’t wait to hand it down to my daughter on her wedding day!

  6. avatar Sally reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my engagement ring. The ring’s setting is my fiance’s great-great grandmother’s and dates back to 1860. The setting in very delicate and intricate with a lot of filifree. There was no stone in the ring, so he put the marquise-cut diamond in. This beautiful pearl set would accent my ring beautifully on my wedding day!

  7. avatar Amber reply

    I’m so glad you featured this designer on the blog! I just received the hair comb and bracelet for my wedding day from them and was blown away by the quality and beauty of the pieces. Whoever wins this giveaway will definitely be happy with their goods!!

  8. avatar Amanda Zerra reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelery is my Grandmother’s Diamond Cocktail Ring that was passed down to me after she passed. It was actually stolen from my Grandparent’s house in the 80’s, apparently the burglar thought it was costume jewelery because it was thankfully discarded in the middle of the street with other collectables! It was also worn by my Grandmother’s mother and her Great Aunt. It is simple and a very stunning antique. I wore it on my wedding day on my right hand next to my engagement ring. (Hello Bling!) I wear it to many special occasions and to any event where I wish to honor my Grandmother and feel that much closer to her. Someday I hope to pass the ring on to my daughter and if I don’t have a daughter of my own, it will be passed on to my lovely niece. These irreplaceable jewelry pieces are so meaningful.

  9. avatar Jordan Hebert reply

    First, this bridal jewelry set is breathtaking! I absolutely adore it. I don’t currently have any heirloom jewelry, but I would love to start that tradition with this set. Swarovski is known for high quality pieces vim sure this set would endure the test of time. If I won, I would love to see me daughter and even granddaughter walk down the aisle with this stunning jewelry adorning their neck and wrist.

  10. avatar Nancy Oben reply

    I love heirloom brooches, you can do so much with a small antique brooch.

  11. avatar Kristen reply

    First, I love this set and it’s exactly what I’m looking for to wear at my wedding. My favorite heirloom piece is my engagement ring! It’s from the 30’s and I absolutely love it. It has so much meaning and while the trend is big modern stones, it’s perfect for me. And it has led to a vintage theme for our wedding.

  12. avatar Lanie reply

    This would be perfect with my wedding dress. It’s a one shoulder design and this would really compliment perfectly! In 2nd grade our house burnt down so we lost all of my mothers jewelry along with her wedding rings, so I have always wanted to be able to start anew with my wedding jewelry. It’s breathtaking and whomever wins will surely wear it proudly!! Good luck to everyone!

  13. avatar Michelle reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my engagement ring, it was my great grandmother’s 35th anniversary ring! I couldn’t love it more!

  14. avatar Lindsie reply

    My favorite heirloom jewelry is my grandmother’s pink pearls. This would make a great heirloom because it’s classic!

  15. avatar Jennifer reply

    My favorite heirloom piece of jewelry is my black cameo brooch. It’s not really worth any money, but it came from my Great Aunt Florence and is so very special to me! I actually wore it in my engagement pictures as a pendant necklace.

  16. avatar Kelly reply

    I have two favorite pieces of heirloom jewelry. First & foremost, is my engagement ring. It belonged to my fiance’s grandmother. She passed away before I was ever able to meet her, but I love looking through old photo albums and seeing pictures of her wearing it. It’s a timeless, completely flawless, emerald cut diamond, with the dantiest platinum band you’ve ever seen. We didn’t change a single thing about it, except getting it sized for my finger. I love that it’s an unaltered piece of family history, & I can’t wait for it to get passed down again. I feel so honored to have the love & respect of my fiance’s family, that they deemed me worthy of precious piece. My second favorite heirloom piece, is my grandmother’s pearls. They aren’t real pearls-but they are the prettiest little things. Its one necklace with 5 strands in varying sizes. She’s no longer with us, but always swore I got my good looks thanks to her side of the family ;). I love wearing them, & seeing photos of when she wore them, with me next to her as a little girl.

  17. avatar Ashley Yell reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my ruby and diamond ring thats been in my family 3 generations counting me. My grandmother gave it to me when she passed, and her mother had given it to her. Whenever I wear it, I know she is still watching over me! This set would make a great heirloom because like my grandmother’s ring, it will always look classy and is very elegant as all heirloom jewelry is to the owners. It sure would look great on my future descendants! :)

  18. avatar Whitney G reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom hewelry is my grandmother’s engagement ring. She gave it to me after my grandfather passed away. My grandparents were my best friends growing up. I would spend almost every weekend at their house.My grandfather passed away somewhat unexpectedly and after the funeral my grandmother gave me the engagement ring he had given to her. When I began planning our wedding, my fiance and I chose my grandparents anniversary, April 28, 2012 (it would have been their 61st!). This set would be a great addition to the ring for me to pass down to my children or grandchildren someday!

  19. avatar Kelsey reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry belonged to my great grandmother. It’s a diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet that my great grandfather had custom made for her in Europe. It was always such a precious possession of hers and even though I never got to meet my great grandfather, that bracelet always reminded me of his adoration and the love they shared. When my mom inherited it, she would bring it out for special occasions and I would just be in awe of it the entire time. It’s not only a special piece because of who owned it but because of the memories made while it was being worn!

  20. avatar Kate E reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my great-grandmother’s ruby and diamond ring. It is shaped like a butterfly and has been passed down from generation to generation. I look forward to day that I finally get to wear it!

  21. avatar Brianna reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my engagement ring. It is a ring and wedding band that my mom inherited from her mother and she then offered to my fiance. My grandfather gave her the rings when he was in the navy in Texas and I never saw her without them; now I’m never without them :)

  22. avatar madelynne miller reply

    my favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my dad’s wedding ring – it belonged to my mother’s dad until he passed away the year before they got married in the 70s

  23. avatar Emily K. reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my grandmother’s garnet necklace. It’s delicate and beautiful and reminds me of her every time I wear it. These pearls are so beautiful! I would love to someday pass them down to my daughter, and hopefully they would then go on to a granddaughter, etc…

  24. avatar Christina reply

    My family really doesn’t have any heirloom jewelry. The only heirloom piece went to my aunt when my uncle proposed to her. She got my great grandmother’s diamond that is worth more than I could ever imagine. I think these pearls would be a great heirloom because I am from the south, where pearls go great with ANYTHING. Also pearls are very classic and will never go out of style. I would love to wear these pearls on my wedding day and eventually pass them down to my daughter, her daughter, etc etc. I hope that one day I’ll have the chance to pass something special and beautiful down to my children!

  25. avatar Kam reply

    My favorite family heirloom is an aquamarine necklace that my grandfather handmade for my grandmother.

  26. avatar Rachel reply

    My favorite heirloom is a gorgeous vintage Star of David necklace my grandmother gave me. It has a mother of pearl backdrop, and I will be wearing it on my wedding day! I plan on handing it down to my daughter when I have children. It is such a special piece and filled with meaning!!!!!!!!

  27. avatar Karen reply

    The night that my fiancé was on his way over with my engagement ring in his pocket and on the phone with me I walk in from a long day at work to discover that my house was broken into while at work. My jewelry box was stolen with many rings that I inherited once she passed away 5 years ago. She loved her rings and I one day looked forward to passing her rings down to my daughter(s) one day. It has been hard to let those items go. I would love to have these pearls to wear on my wedding day and pass down to own daughter and granddaughter.

    (My fiancé ended up postponing the engagement until 2 nights later)

  28. avatar Linda d reply

    My favorite heirloom jewelry is a jade bracelet that my grandmother gave me. Now that she’s gone I cherish having it around.

  29. avatar Stephanie reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry would have to be my future wedding band! I received the diamond and platinum band from my grandmother on my sixteenth birthday. I wore it everyday, everywhere. When I got engaged, I didn’t want to stop wearing that ring. I took it into my jeweler to see if it could be reset into a white gold setting to match my engagement ring. None of the options seemed to befit my grandmothers jewels. Then I realized that it wasn’t meant to be altered, it was perfect just the way it is! The jeweler cleaned it up, retipped the prongs, and resized it to fit my ring finger. I absolutely love it and my grandma and I are so excited to see it being slipped on my hand at my ceremony. And being that it’s more than 75 years old, it will be my “something old”. These pearls may help me create another memory for a future daughter or granddaughter, and that’s priceless.

  30. avatar Ashley reply

    My favorite heirloom piece would be the ring my grandmother gave to my mother. My mother wore the ring everyday until she past away two years ago. It is a heirloom that is dear to my heart that I will wear everyday and remember my mom and grandmother. I hope to pass it on to my daughter one day as well.

  31. avatar Laura reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry are my grandmothers wedding rings. They’re a beautiful and unlike anything you could ever buy today. I plan on tying them into my bouquet with a ribbon so I’ll have a piece of her with me as I walk down the aisle. I hope my marriage will be as happy as my grandparent’s marriage was!

  32. avatar Jessica reply

    I love my grandmother’s brooch – it’s a mulitcolored heart, and it’s gorgeous and unique. I’m putting it in my bouquet, and hopefully I can start a new tradition with it!

  33. avatar Liz Miller reply

    My grandmother often sneaks me away from the crowd at holiday family gatherings to give me a piece of her jewelry. My favorite is a pair of earrings made of coral, each in the shape of a rose. My great grandmother bought them for her at the beach when she was a teenager. They are small, delicate, and oh so southern!

  34. avatar Mary L reply

    One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a gold bracelet that my Paternal Grandmother gave me. I’ve never met her and it’s a shame because she raised 10 kids by herself after my Grandfather passed away.

    The bracelet is actually quite simple, but the meaning behind it is what I hold dear to my heart. The woman who gave me this bracelet was so strong and had to battle so much. This is one of my only links to her and that’s why I cherish it so much.

    Like this family heirloom, I think this set of pearls would make a great heirloom to future generations not only because it’s beautiful, but because it symbolizes so much more – an everlasting bond between strong women.

  35. avatar Sandy B reply

    My favorite heirloom piece of jewelry is a ring that was made by my husband’s paternal grandfather. He made a delicate gold ring with a gorgeous odd shaped green stone for his wife, which was passed on to my late mother-in-law, and then to me last year. It is a very unique stunning piece and I’m so honored to have inherited it.

  36. avatar Lindsey reply

    Today, my Mom and I climbed into our attic and pulled down her wedding dress. It is beautiful and beaded and lacy and it has GIANT sleeves. Seriously, picture Princess Di’s dress and you have a perfect idea of what my mom’s looks like! We had a great laugh pulling it out of the box and trying it on. I am not planning on wearing her dress (I could probably just wear one of the sleeves!) but I did come to an important realization as we reminisced. Wearing something borrowed is a tradition that has stood the test of time and it wasn’t until this evening that I realized why. While I had no intention of wearing my Mom’s dress, we sure did have a ball talking about all of the memories she had from the dress. No wonder so many southern ladies have passed heirlooms down for generations, and these pearls from Fine & Fleurie would be no exception to that rule. I would be so proud and honored to pass those beautiful strands of pearls on to my daughter one day!

  37. avatar Sheila reply

    Ahh! My heart stopped when I saw this necklace and bracelet set. It would match my champagne colored gown and attached swarovski belt perfectly!! On to my favorite piece of heirloom jewelry…it would have to be the ring my grandmother gave me. Growing up, I always played in my grandmother’s make-up, jewelry, and heels so one day when I was getting ready to leave and putting her jewelry away, she told me I could keep one of the rings I had on. It ended up being my grandfather’s sister’s (my great aunt’s) wedding band. It meant a lot to me when she gave it to me because it came from her, but it meant even more when I found out what it was. A few days after she gave it to me I noticed an engraving on the inside. It has the initials of my G.A.’s husband and then ‘to’ and then my great aunt’s initials and their wedding date 5-8-28. I was only 15 when she gave it to me and I couldn’t believe that I had something that meaningful and old. I have worn it everyday since she gave it to me and I will definitely be wearing it on my wedding day as my something old. I will pass the ring down to my daughter or granddaughter, but I hope to be able to maybe even start my own heirloom, and this set would be perfect!

  38. avatar Brittany Mayer reply

    I am a pearl kinda gal. Not only is it my birthstone, I just love how classy they are. When my fiance’s darling grandmother passed, it was of the greatest comfort to me that the family gave me a string of pearls that were hers. I get to have that little reminder of how much she loved me and made me a welcome part of the family every day I ware them. It’s like my oh so southern in-law to be said: “when you have those pearls on you get to feel her huggin you round the neck again” I just love that feeling especially the days I miss her so

  39. avatar Glenda reply

    My favorite heirloom would have to be my daddy’s dog tags from the Vietnam war. My father passed away in 2005 when I was 14 and one of the things that was hardest to get over was the fact that he would never be able to walk me down the aisle. When my high school sweetheart asked me to marry him I wanted some how to include my daddy in the wedding. So I am tying the dog tags to my bouquet so he will get to walk me down the aisle. This piece would be the perfect to start my own heirloom because Swarovski holds a dear place in my heart because our senior prom my dress had tons of Swarovski crystals on it, that was our first real date and 3 years later we couldn’t be happier! I would be honored to wear these pearls on my wedding day and save them for my daughter and granddaughter someday!

  40. avatar Jen Smith reply

    This Swarovski pearl necklace and bracelet bridal set is stunning! It is a perfect example of the classic style that embodies Southern Women, young and old, and reminds me so much of my late Grandma Bobbie, I could cry!
    Southern women traditionally receive pearls at milestone times and looking back, I realize that each special memory has been marked with a significant piece of pearl jewelry. They are a classic rite of passage for Southern women. Still today, the gift of pearls for graduations, births, anniversaries and weddings stands and there is usually a special story with lots of joy that surrounds these “big days” in our lives.
    Grandma Bobbie and I were the only family members with June birthdays and she always made me feel as though being born in the summer made me extra-special. I remember getting my first set of pearls, a pair of baby pink earrings, at 12 months old. However, my favorite piece of heirloom jewelry was a strand of freshwater pearls I received from my Grandmother upon graduating high school. The necklace, restrung from a very long strand she had. My mother wore earrings from the same strand at her wedding. Unfortunately, I lost this gift in a home fire in 2007, along with every other piece of jewelry I owned. Pearls are often handed down because they are so timeless and I always pictured passing this necklace down to a daughter of my own one day. My wedding is November 2011 and I am looking at purchasing a pearl necklace in lieu of my lost Grandmother’s, but I am having a bit of a difficult time finding the perfect one. There is nothing wrong with fun costume jewelry on your wedding day, but it is so much more special to buy and have things with meaning.

  41. avatar Cameron reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is a gold horseshoe necklace my grandmother would wear everyday. I hope to incorporate it into my wedding day attire somehow – perhaps by pinning on my bouquet.

  42. avatar Heather reply

    i have my late grandmother’s engagement ring. it’s nothing pricey, the stone is only a speck, but it’s so special to me, because it was hers and it’s a piece of her that i can always have with me. i love it! (and i love these pearls too!!!)

  43. avatar Erin B. reply

    These pieces are simply stunning! They are classic and elegant with just the right amount of bling! They would make a great heirloom piece to start a tradition in my family. I don’t really own any heirloom pieces but I will wear my grandmother’s engagement ring in my ceremony (on my opposite hand) to honor her memory and remind me of her presence.

  44. avatar Amber reply

    My favorite heirloom is this big costume rhinestone bow brooch that my grandmother wore. She loved bows and pearls and adding a hint of sparkle to her clothes just as much as I do now. I have a picture of her and my grandfather on my dresser where she is wearing the pin and she looks so classy. Whenever I use it as an accessory, it always makes me think of her and how special she was!

  45. avatar Laura reply

    I never really knew my maternal grandmother, because she fell very ill when I was only two and passed when I was seven. Despite this, I’ve managed to create that connection I only wish we could have had in real life by hanging on to bits of her jewelry. Nearly all of it is simply costume jewelry, except her wedding ring, which has nearly been worn through, which my mother gave me to wear on my wedding day. How precious to be able to hold on to her through something so simple!

  46. avatar Miranda reply

    I love this set because it is classy with a little bit of glitz and glamour.

  47. avatar Linden reply

    My grandmother has given me some beautiful jewelery over the years… I wear pearl earrings surrounded by tiny diamonds almost every day. It makes it sweeter to be able to think about my grandmother when I put them on! She’s a beautiful woman who has taught me so much about being classy, graceful, kind, gracious, and an excellent Southern hostess!

  48. avatar Ashley reply

    My favorite piece of jewelry in my jewelry box is a thin gold chain with a tiny golden cross pendant. It was a Christmas gift from my father when I was 12 years old, and it had belonged to his mother. This small necklace is very special to me because my father passed away on Dec 21 of that year, 4 days before i recieved the gift. It was the last present he ever gave me and when i wear it, I feel him with me.

  49. avatar Melissa W. reply

    My favorite heirloom piece is a simulated pearl collar necklace of my great grandmothers! We found it in her attic when she and my great grandfather fell ill, and we moved in to take care of them. It was such a fun surprise to find. It had some damage from the heat, but I was able to replace some of the pearls. Note, women had really small necks back in the day! I can just barely squeeze into it:)

    Beautiful pieces from Fine & Fleurie!

  50. avatar Shannon reply

    My favorite (and only) piece is from my grandmother, and is her college ring! I like to think of her attending classes way back in the 1920s when I wear it.

  51. avatar Brittany Ghio reply

    My favorite heirloom piece is a ring guard and wedding band from my great-great-great grandmother. Both were made in the 1800’s and have been passed down for generations. My great-aunt wore them for more than 40 years and gave them to me on my wedding day, which makes them even more special.

  52. avatar rochelle M reply

    I absolutely love the autumn cascade pear earrings. I am getting married 11-5-11 in Asheville, NC and my dress is embellished from top to bottom with little pearls. I would love to have a matching set to go with my elegant fall wedding! My favorite heirloom jewelry would have to be a pendant my grandmother gave me that was her mothers from Germany its a tiny star of David with my great grandmothers date of birth engraved on the back.

  53. avatar Ann marie O’Leary reply

    My beautiful Mother left her charm braclet for me to keep safe forever. It was given to Mum from Dad a long time ago. It has just one charm – a wee little bonnet resting upon a golden disc – engraved around the brim of the disc is ‘I love you’ – then when you lift the bonnet, engraved underneath are the words ‘keep it under your hat’.
    I now wear this charm braclet everyday, and its makes me smile when I think that Mum & Dad loved so sweetly.
    I hope some day to pass this love onto my daughter – for safe keeping for the next generation also – and so on…………….x

  54. avatar Kelley Gallo reply

    My favorite piece heirloom jewelry is a very special ring that was given to me. The ring itself is not so much special but what is set in it is. It is my great grandmother’s engagement ring diamond. For my grandmother’s 21st birthday her mother (my great grandmother) wanted to give her something special. My great grandparents had little ( they had immigrated here from Albania and they had five mouths to feed) to give her but she did have her engagement ring. My great grandmother had it reset in a gold band and gave it to my grandmother on the morning of her 21st birthday. Then on my father;s 21st birthday, my grandmother decided to keep her mother’s tradition alive tradition alive. She reset it for him into a pinky ring and gave it to him on his 21st birthday telling him where the stone came from and what it meant. I had seen this ring almost every day of my life but did not know the significance it held. On my 21st birthday, my father presented the ring to me, reset in a silver halo band and told me its importance. My great grandmother passed away when I was five but she has always been an extremely important person in my life. Now i have a piece of her with me everyday. One day my child will receive this heirloom on their 21st birthday.

  55. avatar Sarah reply

    My favorite family heirloom is my paternal grandmother’s engagement ring. My grandfather designed the setting. It’s incredilbly unique, stylish and timeless much like my grandmother. The most special part of this bauble is that everytime I wear it I am reminded of someone who taught me so many lessons on strength, grace and femininity.

  56. avatar Ilana reply

    This set is amazing! It has such a romantic, elegant, classic look that transcends ages and would make the most amazing family heirloom. I would be honored to pass this down to my future daughter, daughter-in-law, or niece.

  57. avatar Caitlin reply

    My favorite heirloom is a pearl necklace that was my grandmother’s. The pearls are so small and dainty. All of the women in my family have worn it on their wedding day. Its the perfect compliment to any outfit.

  58. avatar lanita reply

    my favorite heirloom is my great-grandmothers gold cross necklace!! The set that you are raffling off is simply stunning!! I would love to have this become apart of my family tradition, to wear this on my wedding, and then to be able to pass it on to my future daughter so that she could wear it on her special day as well. Pearls are also very special to me because they are symbol of my sorority, which is very near and dear to my heart. So I hope that I win, but if I don’t I hope that the young lady who does I would love to see a photo of her in them. Thanks!!

  59. avatar Sandryte reply

    My family does not have any heirloom jewelry. I hope I’ll leave something beautiful for my grandchildren one day, and they will love it just the way I would love to have my grandmothers’. Pearls are so classy! Good luck to the winner :)

  60. avatar Cheryl reply

    My late grandfather left me a gold pendant with a diamond in it, something he had given my late grandmother many many years ago. My fiance and I used the diamond for my engagement ring. It’s very special to me!!

  61. avatar Tara Nolan reply

    Pearls are timeless and always in style, making this set a perfect heirloom.

  62. avatar Rachael J reply

    My absolute favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my engagement ring. I am the third bride in my family to wear it. My Great-grandmother was the first to wear it in the 1920’s then she passed the ring to my grandmother in the 40’s, As a child my Grandma would always show me her jewelry collection and tell us the importance of all the various pieces. The engagement ring has been my fave since I was a little girl. I may have made that quite obvious to my fiance and my grandmother. During our last visit to PA, she slipped it on to my Future Hubby without me knowing.And a few short weeks later he proposed to me with the extra special ring! It was such a surprise to me! I can’t wait to pass it on to the next generation!

  63. avatar Kristy reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is my “something borrowed” for my wedding. It is a gold bracelet originally worn by my finace’s great grandmother on her wedding day. It was passed to his grandmother on her wedding day, as well as to his mom and all of his aunts on theirs. His aunt owns the bracelet now, and at our engagement party she asked if I would like to wear it on my wedding day. It was such a sweet way to welcome me into the family.

  64. avatar Jeannine @ Small & Chic Home reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is a ring that was my great grandmother’s. It’s amethyst and not exactly precious, but the style is art deco and unlike most of the jewelry that’s sold today. I only knew her as an elderly woman and I wonder what she was like in the 1920s or 1930s, when the ring was probably made.

  65. avatar Christi reply

    My family doesn’t really have any heirloom pieces but I do have my paternal grandmother’s engagement ring. She passed away when I was four so I love that I have something that she wore and that was special to her. My fiance and I are thinking about using it to make a special wedding band but I don’t know if I have the heart to change it at all. I absolutely love pearls and this set would be perfect for my wedding next spring. I think pearls are one of the best heirloom pieces, however my grandmother always says that pearls lose their luster if you don’t wear them so I wouldn’t just put them away for future generations, I would wear them as often as possible. :)

  66. avatar Caroline Davidson reply

    My favorite family heirloom is the necklace of my Nana, my Mom’s mother. This necklace was given to her from my Grandfather (“Pop”) on their 25th Anniversary. My Nana and Pop were so in love. She was quite the Southern Belle. Nana wore this necklace everyday, and when she rocked me in her arms when I was a baby, I would put my finger into the dip on the back of the diamond bedded charm. When I was older, I learned that all of my siblings had unconsciously done the same thing when they were young! Now, my Nana has passed on and resides with our Heavenly Father, and my Mother now has the necklace which reminds me of so many memories of my childhood spent with my family and my Nana.

  67. avatar Becki Davis reply

    I wear pearls everyday but I only have one strand of fake pearls. They go with everything and class up all my outfits whether I’m wearing jeans or a cute sundress. At first my grandparents were shocked to think I was wearing pearls with jeans. This is because my paternal grandmother is a true southern belle, from being a cheerleader in high school for her small town’s (Buda, TX) high school football team to the lovely lace dress she wore for her wedding. However because my family came from such a small town my grandmother never had her own string of pearls or any heirloom jewelry. In our family tables, china, and tea sets are viewed as much more valuable. Thus we have no heirloom jewelry just passed down china and silver tea sets. When I got my wedding dress I immediately knew that I wanted a several strand necklace of pearls with a vintage detail to match my southern gown with lace and pearl details. This necklace would be perfect for not only my dress and my personality but also as the beginning of my family’s heirloom jewelry.

  68. avatar Becki Davis reply

    I got my string of pearls when I graduated from high school. It was the perfect growing up gift. I wear them almost everyday whether I’m just going to class in my jeans or dressed up for church or a dance. This shocked my grandparents because pearls were such a classy and expensive thing when they were in high school and college. My grandparents came from a small town in Texas where my grandmother cheered as my grandfather made the winning touchdowns for their high school. Their parents did not have much money and viewed tables, china, and tea sets as more valuable than jewelry. Therefore my grandmother did not have her own set of pearls to wear with her lovely lace wedding gown when she got married. Our family has always passed down the china and silver tea sets but we’ve never had our own heirloom jewelry. When I found my beautiful southern wedding gown with lace and pearl details I knew I wanted a several strand pearl necklace with a vintage detail to match. This set would not only match my personality and dress but would allow me to start my family’s heirloom jewelry.

  69. avatar Donna Brown reply

    My favorite family heirloom is a mexican coin that all the women in my family has placed in their shoe on the night of their wedding. My Grandmother was born in Mexico – and came to America – met a man and got married…. she placed the coin in her shoe – and began the tradition and heirloom. Its something that may not be worth much – but it is worth so much to our family. Every women in my very large family has placed it in their shoe. I think that these pearls would be a great new heirloom for our family – it would be nice for for our heirloom to be more visible and more eye-catching – but just as meaningful!

  70. avatar Elizabeth C reply

    My dearly loved great grandmother died when I was young and left my grandmother with all her jewelry. There is one particular bracelet that has been passed down to me that is one of the most precious pieces I own. The gold on the edges of the silver cuff bracelet elaborately weaves the story of the strong women in our family. Monetarily, it’s worth a lot. However, the physical value is nothing in comparison to the sentimental value. It is most special to me because of it’s uniqueness- there is not another piece of jewelry on the planet that is just like this one! I’m so honored every time I wear it. :)

    This gorgeous set of pearls would be a wonderful heirloom because of their timeless quality- this style has survived (and thrived!) for many many years and I suspect will continue to do so. Good luck to all the beautiful Southern women who entered as well! :)

  71. avatar Stacy reply

    My grandmother has a charm bracelet from her mother with a charm for each child. The bracelet is full of history and it is my favorite heirlook piece.

  72. avatar merium reply

    Most of my heirloom pieceswere lost in a break-in several years ago, but I still have 2 Austrian crystal necklaces, one from each Grandmother, and a diamond from my maternal Grandmother, that I love to wear!

  73. avatar Christina reply

    I actually do not own an heirloom piece yet and was thinking that this piece would be an amazing tradition to start in my family. Hopefully I will have a daughter some day to pass this down to, or else it would go to my beautiful niece!

  74. avatar Kelly reply

    My most beloved heirloom jewelry piece is my grandmother’s engagement ring diamond on a pendant. My grandfather died when I was six, so it’s really special to me to have something he handpicked for her. I wear it around my neck with a double-strand gold chain and it keeps both of them close to me everywhere I go. :)

  75. avatar Alexandra Hancock reply

    My favorite piece of heriloom jewelry is the topaz ring I inherited from my mother in her untimely passing five years ago. It’s a 3 carat emerald cut and set in a delicate antique gold band. She got it for her eighteenth birthday in the seventies and wore it almost everyday until she died. It is one of the only herlooms that she left for us in her small jewelry collection (my sister got her diamond cluster ring) so it means a tremendous deal to me. Everytime I wear it I still feel close to her, and I plan to wear it on my right hand on my wedding day this coming October. Unfortunately, she didn’t own any pearls, but I would be so thrilled to add a set to my small jewelry collection from mom to pass down to my own daughter one day.

  76. avatar Bella reply

    My favorite piece of heirloom jewelry is a unique pair of earrings my great grandmother gave to my grandmother, who passed it down to my mother, who gave it to me. One of the earrings broke in half due to the age, but they are still very special to me. They look like hands, with tiny blue stones. They are very fragile, made of silver darkened over time, and I keep them in a tiny wooden box. They remind me of my families’ past and where I come from. I hope to give them to my daughter one day.

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