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I have fond memories of going through the Krispy Kreme drive-through for a special treat as a little girl. Of course, it was even more special if the “hot donuts” sign was on! I even went on a field trip to my local store once to see how those divine donuts were made (yes, that’s what we do in the South!).

As I grew up, I frequented the store less. That is, until I began working for a large corporate company a few years back – then, it became a tradition for a few of the girls and I to celebrate successes on our lunch hour with a little Krispy Kreme indulgence! What can I say? They’re addicting!

Then I lived in Winston Salem last summer, and had to pass Krispy Kreme’s headquarters on a daily basis. Talk about an exercise in self-restraint! Let’s just say when it comes to this Southern Delicacy, I’ve eaten my fair share.

The Scultzes via Southern Weddings

A few fun facts:
Krispy Kreme was founded by Vernon Rudolph in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
— Rudolph bought the secret recipe for yeast-raised doughnuts from a New Orleans French chef.
— While Krispy Kreme sells an assortment of flavors, their signature glazed doughnut (traditionally served warm!) continues to be a best seller and customer favorite.
— Krispy Kreme is a part of not only Southern culture, but American history! Some company artifacts have been donated to the Smithsonian Institute’s Museum of American History.
— People like to get creative with their Krispy Kremes! The Krispy Kreme Challenge began as a dare between a few NC State students in 2004. Eight years later, runners still try to complete the entire five mile course AND eat a box of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts in under one hour. Whoa!

Bella Grace Studios via Southern Weddings, Whitebox Weddings via Southern Weddings

We love the idea of serving these sugary delights in lieu of a groom’s cake, as a late night snack, or as a favor for guests to take on the road. Yum!

Before you go, I wanted to share one more delicious-looking treat. While prepping this post, the awesome Ms Ayer came across a recipe for Krispy Krème Brûlée! What?!

Even if you want to get fancy with your Krispy Kremes, we’ve got you covered. Did you or will you be serving a late night snack at your wedding? If so, will it be these delightful treats? And, if you’ve participated in NCSU’s Krispy Kreme Challenge, you must comment and tell us how it went!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Peggy reply

    You should try grilling them – oh my, how yummy!

  2. avatar Emily reply

    Woohoo for Winston Salem! As a proud WFU demon deacon, I especially loved this post and thoroughly enjoy my proximity to Krispy Kreme headquarters :) Every year my sorority hosts a meet and greet with new freshmen featuring this Southern treat. We call it Krispy Kreme with Kappa – it’s always so cute!

  3. avatar Laura reply

    We’re not going to make our guests wait until late to get their Krispy Kreme fix. They’ll be ready and waiting on the dessert buffet table!

  4. avatar Jessica reply

    I love that you posted about Krispy Kreme! I’ve lived in Winston-Salem for the past 12 years so I’ve grown up with these goodies- even my high school’s gym was named the Krispy Kreme Athletic Center! I think it would be super fun to serve their doughnut holes on sticks (like cake pops) in a dessert bar or during the bridal brunch.

    • avatar Marissa reply

      How funny! I loved Winston – we lived downtown in the Piedmont Leaf Lofts and it was great!!

    • avatar Jessica reply

      Marissa: That’s awesome! I love downtown Winston, I have an internship there now with Rebecca Rose Events and it’s so much fun to be in the middle of the city. Oh, and one of my cousins coincidentally shared a link with me about an hour ago about Krispy Kreme cupcakes! They sound tasty and could be a cute twist to the traditional donut:

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Thanks, Jessica! What a fun twist! Enjoy Winston! Be sure to catch a Dash game or two! xx

  5. avatar Amanda reply

    I ran the KKC about 3 years ago and it was a blast!!! I was starving from not having eaten breakfast so by the time I got to Krispy Kreme it was easy to down about 10 hot doughnuts!! I’m embarassed I could eat that many but I wanted to push myself and try!! Plus when they’re hot, omg.. The run back was pretty bad, the worst was when you finished running and just stopped. Whew that was tough!!! I’m getting married in November though and we were discussing having them in our Wedding Welcome Bags! I recently blogged about our NC welcome bags including Krispy Kreme, Moravian Cookies, Cheerwine and Peanuts!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Holy cow, Amanda! I’m giving you a big high five for doing the KKC! I def think the hard part would be the run back and NOT the eating of the donuts! : )

    • avatar Laura reply

      Amanda, I’ve been trying to think of different ideas for our NC-themed welcome bags. I knew Cheerwine was a must (when else can outsiders enjoy this delicacy?!), but I love the Moravian cookie idea. We’re getting married in Greensboro, so we have easy access to them :)

  6. avatar Allyson reply

    I love the idea of Krispy Kremes instead of a grooms cake!

  7. avatar Janna reply

    Yum! I remember taking family trips on a Saturday afternoon to get a hot Krispy Kreme now and selling them my senior year as a fundraiser! We still pick up a dozen on mornings of football games! Go Gators!

    There is a place here in Orlando- 4Rivers- that uses the Krispy Kremes for their bread pudding- simply wonderful and definitely an every one and a while treat to be shared!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Ha! I sold them my senior year as a fundraiser, too! Good times :)

    • avatar Stacy reply

      Janna: I remember waking up every Saturday morning and there would be a Krispy Kreme donut waiting for me that my dad had picked up early in the morning. Great memories!

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