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With about four months to go before our wedding day (whoo!), we’ve definitely moved from putting the big blocks in place to finalizing the smaller details, and I couldn’t be more excited! One such smaller detail I’ve been thinking about? My accessories! We’ve already discussed hair and makeup, but today I’d love to tell you about the pretty pieces that will complete the look.

To start with, let me just say that my accessories are bringing the “borrowed” in “something old, new, borrowed, and blue.” And I kind of love it! Of course I appreciate the cost savings that come with borrowing instead of buying, but I also love the sentiment of carrying my loved ones down the aisle with me.

One accessory that I will not be borrowing? My shoes! I debated long and hard over colored v. white, but in the end, white won out. After all, my favorite shoes have always been white ones – this Christian Louboutin pair in particular:

Both by Jose Villa

Since CL is out of my budget, internet searches for something similar brought me to the Nina site, and I quickly fell in love with a shoe called the Paladin. It had a fairly low heel (2.5 inches), was classic and ladylike, and featured a bow. I was in love! I was also devastated to find that when I went back to the Nina site a week later to make my purchase, the Paladin was nowhere to be found!! A call to customer service was not fruitful.

The wedding gods were shining on me, though, because when I tweeted my predicament, the Nordstrom Wedding gals came to my aid, directing me toward How sweet is that, y’all?! That they would direct me away from their site and toward another just to assist a bride in need? Major kudos to them.

And yes, there was the Paladin, not only in stock and in my size, but 58% off Nina’s price!! My wedding heels cost $37, but I couldn’t love them more if they were $370. Seriously, these beauties make me SO happy. Here they are:

Mi Amore Foto

In case you were wondering, they are insanely comfortable. A 2.5 inch heel is the perfect height, in my opinion!

Okay, enough about shoes, let’s talk jewelry! The top of my gown is fairly involved, so I know I want to keep my jewelry fairly simple. Plus, I wear the same jewelry pretty much every single day: pearl studs, my engagement ring, a thin silver link bracelet, and a Dogeared necklace that was a gift from John for our first Christmas together. If I were to switch it up and wear something chunky or very obvious on our wedding day, the overall effect would be less stunning and more startling, I think. To that end, here’s some of the understated jewelry inspiration I’ve been collecting:

Earrings photo by Cooper Carras, kiss photo by Meg Smith, necklace photo by Charlotte Jenks Lewis via 100 Layer Cake, and up do photo by Heather Kincaid via Style Me Pretty

Short drop or simple cluster earrings and a simple necklace, and that’s it. I might add a bracelet if I’m feeling so moved. The earrings I will probably buy new, and the necklace will probably be my Dogeared one. UNLESS. See that simple gold and diamond number up there? That would be my dream wedding day gift from John :) With its price tag, it’s highly unlikely to happen, but a gal can dream, right? I just love that it’s a fancier version of the necklace I already treasure so much.

For those with a similar style, I put together a little shopping guide:

A. Kenneth Jay Lane CZ cushion cut studs ($49), B. Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard necklace in 18k gold ($615), C. J.Crew Crystal Starlet earrings ($35), D. J.Crew Pearl Jewel Box earrings ($68), E. Kate Ketzal Glow Drop earrings ($70), F. Nina Annabell earrings ($35), G. Kate Ketzal Adorable cushion cut earrings ($55), H. J.Crew Crystal Galaxy earrings ($55), I. Nina Passion earrings ($45), J. Tiffany Pearls by the Yard bracelet in 18k gold ($425), K. Jennifer hair comb, L. Bario-Neal single diamond bracelet ($750)

Now, what will I be wearing on my head? I don’t think I mentioned it in my dress shopping post, but I fell in love with a veil on my very first dress shopping excursion – the “Phoebe” by Sara Gabriel. I thought the horsehair trim was so unique, but still understated! I’ve never been able to get that veil out of my head, though its price tag has stayed firmly out of my budget, so a few weeks ago, I contacted Annette from Chaviano Couture about making a custom piece that involved my beloved horsehair. My future sister-in-law (who, if you remember, is getting married two months before me) and I are actually going to share the veil, and Annette has been great about incorporating both of our ideas. I won’t say too much more, but I am very excited to capture some gorgeous veil photos with Tanja!

Samm Blake via Style Me Pretty and Domenico Costantini via Martha Stewart Weddings

Since our veil is going to be fairly long, and our reception involves a lot of mingling, I’ll probably remove it post-ceremony, or at least post-reception entrance. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a simple comb, kind of like the below:

Christian Oth and Jillian Mitchell via 100 Layer Cake

A few weeks ago my friend Nancy saw me pinning hair combs left and right, and kindly offered to lend me the one she wore on her wedding day. Score another one for the “borrowed” list!

And to round out my borrowed offerings, I will be toting this lovely clutch from my friend (and former SW editor!) Katharine. This beauty is from Davie & Chiyo for any of y’all who might like to purchase one for yourself!

Photo by Bryan Johnson from Katharine’s wedding

And that about takes care of that! Tell me, belles: How are you accessorizing on your wedding day? Simple and classic, or colorful and bold? Comment and let me know!

Up next: I’ll share our engagement photos!

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Mi Amore Foto, Jose Villa, and Nancy Ray are fabulous members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Coretta/Stella & Dot Jewels reply

    I love your style Emily. As a matter of fact, I have shoes in purple velvet that look very much like them. I purchased them at DSW and love the couture-like bow!

    Secondly, I’m totally a romantic, billowy, cathedral-length veil girl. I had a fingertip veil but wasn’t satisfied so I had the bridal shop add a cathedral layer.

    Thirdly, you must check out some Stella & Dot jewels! I think you would LOVE the sparkly and elegant Glint Flower Necklace $39 & matching Glint Flower studs $39 seen in Instyle Weddings or the Deco Drop Earrings $44 and Harlow Bangle $32, that have been favorites with my brides. I’m a statement piece girl so the Metropolitan Mixed Chain necklace $198 or the Petra bracelet $98 were more my speed. :-)

  2. avatar Jocelyn reply

    I absolutely love the Phoebe veil. That is my splurge for my wedding. It’s so beautiful!!

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Welcome back to Emily Plans a Wedding, belles! I’m kind of jumping all around over here, but I trust you don’t mind. Especially since today, we’re talking hair and makeup inspiration, which is always a favorite with brides-to-be! I know that I personally can’t help pinning gorgeous updos left and right. You?

Image by Heather Kincaid, overlay by SW

Let’s get started! First, we’ll discuss my hair and makeup inspiration, and then I’ll introduce you to the lady who’s going to make the magic happen. We’ll save accessories for another day.

Right, so I was all set to come in here and tell you that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to wear my hair up, down, or half up/half down. But then I looked at the inspiration images I’d been hoarding, and saw there was a clear pattern: they were almost all updos, as you’ll soon see. Here are a few favorites:

Credits from top: style by Naemmah Carre via Teen Vogue; unknown; hair by Hot Heads Salon and makeup by Bobbi Brown (photo by Tec Petaja via Weddingbee); photo by Jill Thomas via Style Me Pretty; photo by Tory Williams

Contrary to what these photos might be telling you, I will not be wearing a hair flower. I am, however, looking for a loose, modern updo with side-swept bangs and a bit of a Southern bump. I have fairly long hair that is naturally curly and pretty thick, so I think this is doable.

Though I think overall I prefer the look of an updo, and think it would look better with the neckline of my dress, I still haven’t completely given up on a half up/half down look. My two favorite inspiration images:

Credits: Kate Middleton photo by Getty Images via Glamour and Rachel McAdams photo courtesy of New Line Cinema

Yes, that would be Princess Kate and Rachel McAdams. I aim high. Though I love these two looks, I think I would get annoyed having my hair down all night while dancing. Thoughts, ladies who have gone with this look?

So that’s hair, and I think I have a fairly good handle on what I want. Makeup, though? That’s a whole other story. I don’t wear much makeup on a day to day basis, and it’s all pretty mysterious to me in general. (In fact, Marissa had to do my eye makeup for our last staff photoshoot!) Because I don’t wear much makeup normally, I don’t want to try anything too dramatic on our wedding day, because I still want to look like myself… but prettier :) In fact, that’s about the best direction I can give: pretty, please! Here’s what I mean:

Credits: Natalie Portman image by Tim Walker from Teen Vogue and image by Jamie Beck

I think I have similar coloring to Natalie Portman and Emma Watson, so I try to scope out what they’ve got going on. Do any of you do that? Who’s your celeb coloring twin?

Thankfully, I won’t be left to my own devices with this scanty inspiration. No, someone very talented is going to be on hand to get me prettified, and her name is Tia Reagan! Now before you all go thinking I’m crazy for flying a hair and makeup artist in from California for my big day, let me explain. Tia just so happens to be best buddies with our amazing photographer, Tanja Lippert, and the two work together all the time. Tia started out in the industry as a photographer, and she still second shoots on occasion with Tanja. When Tanja suggested Tia as the second shooter for our wedding, I jumped at the chance, knowing it meant she would be able to do our hair and makeup, as well! I’m so, SO happy it worked out like it did, and can’t WAIT to experience the dynamic duo that is T&T Dynamite! Here’s a little more of Tia’s work to give you a sense of her magical (yes, magical) abilities:

Clearly, Tia is a pro at exactly the kind of romantic, modern updo I’m looking for, not to mention soft, natural makeup. Yippee!! If anyone could set me at ease about my wedding day look, it’s her. All of these photos were shot by my girl Tanja, too. These two make beauty together!

What do you think, ladies? How are you planning to wear your hair and makeup on your wedding day? Comment and let me know!

In case you missed a post…
The main characters
Where we’re getting married
I go dress shopping
We choose a photographer
I ponder bridesmaid style
Mini food!
The music
We’re renting a tent!
We discuss bouquets + boutonnieres
We send out our save the dates

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Laura reply

    Emily, I love your hair inspiration pictures, the up-do’s are exactly what I want. But what I’m thinking about doing is have an up-do during the ceremony and pictures and then during the reception fix it so that it is half-up/half-down. I usually wear my hair down and free, so I understand how you want to make sure you “feel like yourself” and I thought this might be a nice middle ground. Get the best of both worlds, fancy up-do for your big-day and then be able to “let your hair down” during the reception.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Laura! I love your idea! AND, since Tia will be with us all day, I’m sure she could manage a quick fix. Must think about this…

  2. avatar Marissa reply

    LOVE the Miss Dior shoot with Natalie Portman! You’re going to be a GORGEOUS bride!!

  3. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    Our hair inspiration is SO similar!! I love the lower down updo with the gorgeous texture – so classy, elegant, and timeless. I will also have a gorgeous headband. fave hair –

    My makeup top priority is false eyelashes – my sister had some and it kicks up the glam 10 notches! I am doing very neutral taupes and browns on the eye with a shimmer highlight on the brow bone and one swipe of black liner on the top. Topping it off with some pretty bold pink lipstick! love her eyes –

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Madelynne! Yes, I think I will go with false lashes, as well! I use to wear them all the time for dance performances :) Not sure if I’ll go with a full set or just individual lashes, though!

    • avatar Madelynne Miller reply

      Emily: I’m doing individual for a more natural look :)

  4. avatar Lisa Edwards reply

    I am in your same boat :) I do not wear much make up (just bronzer and light eye shadow) and for hair, I want a soft romantic look. I am thinking hair down with soft curls, or 1/2 up and 1/2 down with soft curls. However, I ike the first up do you posted. It is loose with Volume. I believe my best friend is going to do my make up because I have had bad experiences with make up artist making me look so different and like I came out of a night club. I can’t wait to see your pictures! You will look amazing!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Lisa! I know lots of people have great experience asking a friend to do their makeup – heck, if Marissa lived in Connecticut, I might consider having her do mine! :)

  5. avatar tricia reply

    i love the very last hair style… and i reallly love the dress. anyone happen to know the designer? thanks for the inspiration!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Tricia! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! That last dress is the Amsale “Calista.” You can see more from Annie’s wedding here:

  6. avatar Jennifer reply

    I had a friend who had her hair half up half down for ceremony and she pulled it into a loose bun off to the side for dancing it looked great. Lucky you for having your hairdresser the entire time.

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  8. avatar Robin Mink reply

    Tia is the BEST!!!!! makes you at ease, exceptional. She styled my video shoot and another photo shoot. She let’s me be me and captures the best. I want Tia on all my shoots….. to dress me , do my make up….. and someday soon….Tia….we’ll do a photo shoot with Tia shooting film as well. Rock on Sisters.

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