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Lucy and Will’s wedding makes my heart sing a little, because with every image, I can imagine them looking back on their wedding in five, ten, and even fifty, years, and still loving everything about it. As they planned their special day with the help of Carson Castellaw at Bella Flora, they included special nods to their families (like Lucy’s heirloom veil and a gorgeous family photo display), their love story (they were married in the church that led to their first meeting!), and even the married life they were creating through their wedding (they coincidentally both gifted one another with monogrammed wedding gifts). All of those meaningful elements were set against a timeless green and white color palette and arranged under a clear-top tent to create a lovely beginning to Lucy and Will’s marriage!

Thank you so much to Sarah Kate Photography for sharing this celebration with us!

Tell us about finding your wedding dress. My parents and I went to New York City for my brother’s engagement in January. The engagement was a surprise, so we did not want to run into them anywhere, and decided to spend our day where we knew they would not be: bridal salons. I tried on a few dresses with only my parents there and found the one. I kept it a secret to everyone but my family until the day of, which was hard, but so worth it!!

We didn’t mean to, but we both gave each other monogrammed gifts the day of the wedding. He gave me a necklace with my new monogram and I gave him a monogrammed cummerbund!

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? I think the most memorable moment of our wedding day was the ceremony. It was the part of the wedding that we were most looking forward to: committing to one another in front of God and our family and friends.

I absolutely love flowers and I think they were my favorite part of the whole event! Carson, our wedding planner, and Lucy at Bella Flora went above and beyond on the flowers, making sure they were exactly what I was imagining. We wanted the reception to feel very natural and rustic, but still elegant, and used a combination of white and green flowers.

What Southern details or traditions did you include in your celebration? What was Southern about your wedding? I think our wedding had a lot of Southern flair, especially the reception! The venue itself is a ranch, but the clear tent and hanging lanterns made us feel like we were outside the whole time. The food at our reception was so good–we had guacamole and salsa tostadas, quail legs, cheese grit tacos, and more.

We had a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake. The bride’s cake was a five-tier white cake with my new monogram and flowers all over it. Will’s cake was two-tired, covered in chocolate shavings and succulents. We are both pretty traditional when it comes to cake flavors, so mine was white cake with white icing and his was all chocolate. I actually never saw the groom’s cake amidst the craziness of the reception, but it looks beautiful in the pictures!

What advice do you have for folks currently planning a wedding? Enjoy the process! It is a short season that is so much more fun when it’s enjoyable, rather than stressful.

Don’t miss Lucy and Will’s wedding film by Elle Films below!

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. We both grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, but didn’t cross paths until our junior year of high school. Will first noticed me at a mission trip preparation meeting. We started dating not long after, and have been together ever since.
Tell us all about the proposal! Will proposed on December 20, 2013 at his family’s lake house. He told me that since the Christmas season is always busy, the 20th would be the best night for us to celebrate and exchange gifts. He gave me my gift first, which was an iPad, and I was shocked. He had set the iPad background to a photo of him holding the ring, so when I turned it on, I saw the picture. When I looked up, he was down on one knee. He asked me if I would marry him, and I said yes! Afterwards, he surprised me again with all our closest friends and family waiting to celebrate at my parents’ house. It was the perfect night!
When did y’all get married? September 20, 2014
Did you decide to do a first look? Why or why not? We had a hard time deciding whether or not to do a first look, but in the end, we decided not to, and I’m so glad! For us, it made the ceremony even more special and sacred.
What made you choose your ceremony and reception venues? Did they have any special significance to you? Christ Chapel Bible Church was an easy choice for us, as it was the church both of us grew up attending. We decided on Heart of the Ranch for our reception because I wanted an outdoor venue where I could create a new look from scratch. Heart of the Ranch was the perfect place for us!
Did you have something borrowed, blue, old, and new? If so, do tell! I borrowed the veil that my grandmother, mom, and aunts have all worn, and am excited to continue to pass it down. My something blue was my garter, old was my earrings, and new was my shoes.
How did you plan for your marriage while planning your wedding? We made sure to take time out of wedding planning and focus on us and the future of our marriage. We did premarital counseling through our church, which was so great and fun!
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life? We are looking forward to life slowing down post-engagement and settling into married life together in Dallas!

Photographer: Sarah Kate Photography / Videographer: Elle Films / Planner: Carson Castellaw of Bella Flora / Ceremony Venue: Christ Chapel Bible Church / Reception Venue: Heart of the Ranch / Florist: Bella Flora / Cake Baker: Creme de la Creme / Caterer: Bonnell’s / Band: The Project Band / Paper Products: Southern Fried Paper / Bride’s Gown: Oscar de la Renta / Hair and Makeup: Maitee Miles / Bride’s Shoes: J. Crew / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: “9327” by Alvina Maids / Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Southern Fried Paper is a delightful member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

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  1. avatar Stephanie Scholl reply

    This wedding is a stunner!! I love her showstopper of a dress, and I have always loved the idea of keeping your dress a surprise til your wedding day. My sister did this (only my mom and I saw it beforehand), and I think it was an amazing decision. I also love how this couple wanted to keep the wedding natural and rustic, yet elegant – and it’s perfectly all of that!

  2. avatar Dana reply

    beautiful venue made even more beautiful with all those flowers!!

  3. avatar Yannis Larios | Wedding Photographer reply

    Fabulous color palette!
    And a magnificently organized wedding with meticulous attention to last detail.

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I want to jump right through my computer screen and into today’s darling wedding! From the beautiful location, to the sentimental “somethings” Kelsey chose, to the cake that sounds like a slice of heaven, Kelsey and Zane took every opportunity to make sure their wedding day reflected their personalities and their amazing love story. I remember chatting with their photographer, Shalyn of Love, The Nelsons, in Austin over a year ago and hearing about how excited she was to fly to Charleston to capture this special wedding, and having read K and Z’s interview, I can completely see why. These two are sweeter than the Benne wafers they included in their guests’ welcome bags, and their wedding is overflowing with so much love for their family, friends, and most of all, each other!

My something old was very precious to me. My grandmother’s wedding dress is no longer in wearable condition, so my mom had a piece of each sleeve of the dress made into a handkerchief for my sister and I. In blue stitching, she added my Nana’s initials and wedding date, her initials and wedding date, and my initials and wedding date. I pinned it to the inside of my dress so that I would have it with me all day. My something new was my earrings (that I won in an amazing Southern Weddings giveaway!) and my wedding shoes. My something borroweds were the ribbon to tie a charm around my bouquet and perfume from one of my bridesmaids (though that wasn’t planned)! My something blue was the blue topaz ring that my parents had given me for graduating from the University of North Carolina.

Tell us about finding your wedding dress. I had looked through tons of magazines and photos online, but I wanted my mom and sister by my side when I actually went shopping for THE dress. We planned a weekend for them to come out to Texas to shop with me, and I absolutely loved the experience! From all the weddings I went to as a little girl and all of those I saw on television (think Princess Di and The Sound of Music), I remember the gorgeous backs and trains that you saw as the bride walked down the aisle. On the second day of shopping, I found a dress that I couldn’t stop staring at. I had never seen anything like the back of this dress; it had a gorgeous V in the back that was covered with beautiful lace, buttons down the back, and a special ribbon. The ladies helped me add a veil, and for the first time, I didn’t see the mirror–I saw Zane at the end of the aisle. It felt so real and brought tears to my eyes.

Did you decide to do a “first look”? Why or why not? Yes, we decided to do a first look and are so glad we did! We spoke to several recently married friends of ours, some who had done a first look and some who hadn’t. No one who had done a first look regretted it, but some of those who didn’t wished they had more photos of just the two of them. It was such an intimate moment for us and one I’ll never forget. We got to talk and hug and relax. Then we were ready to get married!

What readings, if any, did you have at your ceremony? We chose to have three readings at our ceremony. One traditional Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, one reading that had special meaning to Zane, and one reading that had special meaning to me. Zane loved The Velveteen Rabbit as a child, and it has such a sweet message about the meaning of love, so we asked a close friend to read a passage from the book. I chose a reading called “Marriage Joins Two People In The Circle Of Its Love” by Edmund O’Neill. I love the message that it shares: that marriage deepens and enriches every facet of life, and that it is a promise that is worked on for a lifetime.

I loved walking down the aisle and seeing so many faces of people that I love, hearing my brother playing the guitar, feeling my dad holding on to me tightly, and then locking eyes with Zane and having this amazing feeling of warmth and happiness. By the end of it, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!

What made you choose your ceremony and reception venues? Did they have any special significance to you? Zane and I always knew that we would be married in Charleston–it is the city where we fell in love. One of the only specific things Zane asked for was if we could be married in the chapel at his school, The Summerall Chapel. It is absolutely beautiful and has great significance to Citadel cadets. For our reception, we wanted our guests to experience the historic charm of downtown Charleston, but I am also a beach baby and had dreamed of being by the water. We found the perfect mix of both in the Historic Rice Mill!

My favorite Southern aspects of our wedding were the people and place. Charleston is so rich in history and Southern charm, and the hospitality and warmth from all of our friends and family was contagious. Even those who had just met became fast friends, swapped stories, and danced the shag! To make sure that everyone made the most of their visit, we gave them welcome bags filled with treats (Benne wafers, anyone?) and information about the area.

Describe your wedding cake or dessert. We decided to have a small wedding cake displayed for the formal cake cutting and then served sheet cake from the kitchen. Zane loves absolutely anything with Nutella on it, and we both love strawberries, so our display cake was a vanilla cake filled with Nutella and fresh strawberries. The cake that we served to our guests was made by my absolute favorite bakery back in Chapel Hill! Nantucket Grill has this amazing mile-high strawberry shortcake with whipped cream icing and fresh strawberries in each layer. It is so delicious! In college, my girlfriends and I would go have cake there for dinner. A dear family friend grabbed the cake on the way down to Charleston and kept it cool for us. Our guests loved it!

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. Zane and I are from the same hometown in South Carolina, but went to different schools. We met during high school on a spring break trip to Folly Beach. Some mutual friends knew each other, so both of our groups decided to meet up to hang out. Zane and I ended up being paired together on a team to play “Sardines” (like hide and seek, but once you find someone, you have to hide with them until only one team is left). Our hiding places were ridiculous and we kept each other laughing all night. After spring break ended, Zane and I continued to become really good friends. On May 28, 2007, I came home with my family from our beach house in North Carolina. Zane had been taking care of our two dogs for the week, and when we pulled into the driveway, there was writing on my car that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” I was so excited to say yes, and he brought over a movie to watch for our first date as a couple. Zane and I dated long distance all the way through college while I was in Chapel Hill attending UNC, and Zane was in Charleston at The Citadel. I quickly realized that this guy was my best friend and I could not imagine life without him. We were finally able to spend one semester of college together while studying abroad in Australia. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and I couldn’t have imagined a better person to share it with!
Tell us all about the proposal! On August 3, 2012, we had planned a big date night out for Houston Restaurant Week. When I finished getting ready and came out of the bathroom, I stepped on a note on the floor. I looked up and saw a trail of notes leading out of my room around the apartment. Each note had a reason why Zane loves me written on it. The trail led me into the living room, where candles and flowers were set up. As I was reading the last note, Zane came around the corner and got down on one knee. Of course, I said yes, and barely waited for him to stand up before jumping and hugging him. I was on cloud nine!
When did y’all get married? April 26, 2014
How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? Around 200
Did you write your own vows? We chose to recite traditional vows. We found it really romantic to be saying the same wedding vows that our parents and grandparents recited to each other to be joined in marriage.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? Now that we live in Texas, planning a wedding back in South Carolina was definitely challenging. I had to make the most out of the time I was back home by strategically planning appointments with vendors and describing the vision I had in my head effectively. Having a long engagement helped because it gave us the time to research venues and vendors before making decisions. I did a lot of looking around online to narrow things down before I actually met vendors in person in Charleston.
What range did your wedding budget fall into? $25,000-$50,000
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you most looking forward to about married life? We absolutely love being married. I smile every time I say “husband!” We are planning to take a trip somewhere new each year as our anniversary present to each other. Even just around the states, we are excited to make those memories together. And we are most looking forward to our next big steps: buying a house and starting a family. No matter when or how things happen, I am so happy and proud to spend the rest of my life with Zane, and I know that it will be full of joy and laughter!

Photographer: Love, The Nelsons / Videographer: Chap Films / Planner: Southern Bells Events / Ceremony Venue: The Summerall Chapel / Reception Venue: Historic Rice Mill / Florist: Country and Lace / Wedding Cake: Ally & Eloise Bakeshop and Nantucket Grill / Caterer: Good Food Catering / Rentals: EventHaus Rentals / Band: Rubberband / Bride’s Gown: Modern Trousseau / Paper Products: Reaves Engraving / Bride’s Veil: Marry Go Round Bridal / Hair and Makeup: Lashes and Lace / Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: LaRoque / Men’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank / Officiant: Pastor Greg V. Mason of Wedding Minister in Charleston / Bouquet Charm: Bip and Bop / Decorative Pillows: Two Peaches Design / Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Cake Forks: Eve Of Joy / Transportation: Limos For Less, LLC.

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  1. avatar Shalyn reply

    Thanks so much for the feature sweet ladies!!! It was such a fun day! Y’all are the! <3

  2. avatar Loverly reply

    We are obsessing over this classic southern wedding. So gorgeous!

  3. avatar Sarah reply

    What a sweet proposal! I love it!

  4. avatar Emily reply

    Love the sweet embroidered patch, and of course the sword arch! Beautiful wedding!

  5. avatar Bridget reply

    Goodness, I would love to go to a wedding with Chick-Fil-A fries! And I adore those perfect Kelly green bridesmaid dresses.

  6. avatar Dimitri Fotografo reply

    So sweet wedding, love it a lot, congratulation for the perfect choice of photographer.

  7. avatar Kelsey reply

    I may just have to re-read this every year. :) This is such a special way to remember our story! Thanks so much y’all!

  8. avatar Stephanie reply

    I would love to see the back of the dress! Beautiful wedding! I love Kelly green!

    • avatar julie reply

      Can email pictures of back of dress if you like.
      Thanks for your comments, we had so much fun!!
      Mother of the Bride

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    […] Kelly green is such a rich, vibrant color, perfect for both Spring and Fall weddings. See our kelly green hued wedding picks below! This shade tends to be a universally flattering color, which makes it perfect for your bridesmaids dresses. […]

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For these two self-proclaimed sentimentalists, weaving details of their own story, their families, and their friends into their wedding day was second nature. I’ve heard of using one’s mother’s or grandmother’s dress pieces before, but I absolutely adore how Blaine and Brian wove pieces of the dress she wore on their very first date into their wedding fabrics! Pieces were sewn inside her wedding dress, into his suit, and even into the fabric flowers that were given to each guest! They called it “a symbol of beginnings” and gracious alive, I love that! I also love the way they incorporated their family’s antique tractors, good ol’ moonshine, and cowbells into their wedding day–they did tie the knot at a cow farm, after all!

SW hugs and thanks to Abby Caldwell for sharing this adorably Southern day with us!

I asked the two strongest, bravest, and most honest women in my life, my mother and mother-in-law, to meet me in DC for the weekend to check out a few boutiques suggested by some girlfriends. I had always imagined I would fall in love with a fitted lace gown with a beautiful neckline and back, and we found just that at our last stop. It was gorgeous…but I could not bring myself to buy it. I had purchased tickets to a Brides Against Breast Cancer event months before and had planned our weekend trip so that we could end the dress shopping day there. The dresses were all arranged by size and roped off at one side of the room. We were instructed that once the whistle blew, we were allowed to grab as many dresses as we could hold. Having scoped out the scene during cocktail hour, we knew exactly where the dresses in my size were. One dress caught my eye, and when the whistle blew, a faster bride who I did not even see standing next to me grabbed it. I asked one of the ladies working the event to follow her, and if she took it off, to grab it. She did take it off, I got it, and it fit like a glove. It was absolutely nothing like the dress I was going to buy, but something about it was special and I bought it on the spot. The best part is that the proceeds from the event go to programs to help support breast cancer patients and their families. This was the icing on the cake, as Brian’s mother is a breast cancer survivor.

Describe your wedding flowers. Rosemary took the lead in our florals because it is the herb of remembrance, Brian’s grandmother’s name, and our favorite cooking herb, so we wanted the wedding to be flooded with the scent. Scent is one of the strongest memory triggers–forever, something as simple as cooking dinner will remind us of our special day. We incorporated rosemary into my bouquet, Brian’s boutonniere, our mothers’ nosegays, and our fathers’ boutonnieres. It also lined the aisles at the church and was spread throughout the floral arrangements at the farm.

I convinced Brian that burying the bourbon was totally going to work and that if it did not, then at least we would have an extra bottle of booze at the wedding if it rained. Well it did not rain…in fact, it was gorgeous and unseasonably warm. We dug up the bottle during cocktail hour with the help of my Uncle Frank. The three of us shared the first sips, and then our lovely wedding party passed it around. It was gone by dinner and the bottle is being framed for us as a keepsake. Other details included our custom monogram with design inspiration from the first ring Brian gave me, hay, mason jars, cowbells (we were at a cow farm, after all), our family’s antique tractors and cars, moonshine, sweet tea, barbecue pulled pork sliders, mini chicken and waffles, baskets of Southern breads at dinner, country music, and more.

Family, friends, tradition, and hospitality are very important to Brian and I. We are both super sentimental, so our wedding was packed with details that weaved pieces of our story, our families, and our friends into our day. Our favorite detail was the fact that there are probably only a couple of times in our lives when all of the most important people to us are gathered together. It was truly the best day ever because they were there to share it with us.

Describe your wedding cake or dessert. Brian and I are not big sweets people, but we know desserts are a huge fan favorite at weddings. Therefore, we had simple cutting cake made with layers of pistachio cake and pistachio icing, that we cut with the cake cutter used at Brian’s parents’ wedding. We also served a variety of cupcakes and pies, mini caramel apples, black forest doughnuts, chocolate-covered strawberries, and vanilla ice cream from our local dairy farm.

How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story. From Brian: We met at the Liberty Tavern in Arlington, Virginia in the spring of 2007. It was the hip new place in Arlington, and Blaine was working as a bartender/cocktail waitress. It took me a little while, but after several chats at the bar, some casual flirting, and some help from my best friend’s wife, I worked up the guts to ask her out and she said yes. Our first “real” date was at Old Ebbitt’s Grille in Washington D.C. The dress she wore on that date was woven into different fabrics at our wedding (her wedding dress, handkerchiefs for her wedding party, my suit, pocket squares for the groomsmen, the fabric flowers for each guest). It was a symbol of beginnings.
Tell us all about the proposal! From Brian: We go for a morning run every Saturday as a way of letting the week go and feeling good before we splurge on food/drinks/fun activities for the rest of the day. On April 7, 2012, I carefully placed the ring inside the pedometer pouch velcroed through my laces before we set out for our jog. The last mile took us out to the jetty, where my idea of a romantic setting for a proposal was immediately interrupted by 30 mph winds, crashing waves, jagged rocks, disgruntled fishermen, and kids screaming about the sand blowing in their eyes…not to mention, my sweaty, stinky body and lack of breath. Perfection, I’ve learned, is not without humor. I guided us to the flattest rocks we could find to sit on and stretch out our legs, and admittedly, began behaving awkwardly. As we were sitting, I must have said “Well, take it all in” four times before I finally added, “…because things are about to change.” Before she could get a word in, I continued by saying that today was about taking something ordinary, like our Saturday morning runs, and making it extraordinary. With tears in her eyes, Blaine asked if I was about to make her cry, and I pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me. She said, “Yes, but don’t get down on one knee out here!” We laughed, hugged, and kissed…then we got off the rocks and I dropped to one knee on the sand for good measure.
When did y’all get married? October 12, 2013
How many friends, family members, and loved ones attended your wedding? 150
What made you choose your ceremony and reception venues? Did they have any special significance to you? Our reception was hosted on the Lane Farm, which has been in Blaine’s family for three generations.
Tell us about some of the songs you used throughout your wedding and why you chose them. The church has a magnificent organ, so we wanted to highlight that with the selection of our ceremony music. The bridal party entered to “Canon in D” by Pachelbel. My father and I walked in to “Rondeau” by Mouret, and the recessional music was “La Rejouisannce” by Handel. The dancing was kicked off by Brian’s parents dancing to “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole, since it was their 39th wedding anniversary. My father and I danced to Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be,” sung by Abby Caldwell, our photographer and childhood friend. That was the only time during the day when my father cried. He looked at me and said, “Your grandmother would be so proud of the man you’re marrying.” For our first dance, we selected “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers, performed by our band, the Alex White Band. Our guests circled the dance floor and helped sing the lyrics. It was fantastic!
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? The best moment was sneaking away from the party to take a truck ride up the hill through a herd of cows. It was funny, a little goofy, and perfect. We stood on top of the hill looking down over the party and saw everyone from all the corners of our lives, smiling and celebrating together. It was exactly what we wanted our day to be. That image will stay with us forever.

Photographer: Abby Caldwell Photography / Videographer: Birdhouse Productions / Planner: Stefanie Hansen of BlueShoe Events / Ceremony Venue: Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption / Reception Venue: Private residence / Florist: Rose Bredl / Cupcakes: KC Cupcakes (Cousin of the Bride) / Pies: Linda Canfield (Aunt of the Bride) / Caterer: Frank Lane (Owner of Lane Farm and Uncle of the Bride) and Creative Cuisine / Band: Alex White & Friends / Custom Ties and Pocket Squares: Fox & Brie / Bride’s Gown: “Nadine” by Amsale / Paper Products: Designed by the Bride and Groom / Printing: Paper Source / Hair Stylist: Carrie D Creamer / Makeup Artist: Michael Phillip Zamora / Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade / Groom’s Attire: Hickey Freeman / Dance Floor and Table Rentals: McGuffey Tents / Chairs: D & R Rental Service / Portable Restrooms: ABC Restroom / Transportation: Creative Coach Company (Fun Bus)

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  1. avatar Nicole reply

    I LOVE that they used the dress Blaine wore on their first date throughout the wedding! What a sweet way to work in precious memories :)

  2. avatar Abby Caldwell reply

    This is amazing. I love it. More than you know, this has made my day so special! Not only is SW a fav of mine, but I am such a hometown girl. Seeing MY town on this blog. Wow. And to top it off, I love seeing the smiling face of a happy childhood friend.

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