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Best of 2011 :: Details

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Ahhh, details: they’re what make each wedding unique, and tell the story of the couple getting married. This category in particular was SO hard to narrow down, but here are just ten of our favorite details from 2011 weddings.

A feather nest for rings (photo by Stephen Devries; originally seen here) and a wreath-wearing dog (photo by Jodi Miller; originally seen here)

An antique truck piled with blankets (photo by Landon Jacob Productions; originally seen here)

A hay bale lounge (photo by Lauren Larsen; originally seen here)

A sunny needlepoint ring pillow (photo by Braedon Flynn; originally seen here) and peach place cards (photo by Our Labor of Love; originally seen here)

A ribbon chandelier (photo by Nate Henderson; originally seen here)

Monogrammed mason jars (photo by Vue Photography; originally seen here) and a custom cornhole board (photo by Virgil Brunao; originally seen here)

Embroidered chair caps (photo by Ulmer Studios; originally seen here)

Comment below with your favorite detail! It’s so hard to choose!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Lisa reply

    I have had the picture of the colorful ribbon chandelier saved since it’s original post! Definitely one of my favorite SW details/weddings of the year :)

  2. avatar invitation consultants reply

    beautiful recap! ya’ll have show us some wonderful weddings this year! cheers to 2012!

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  4. avatar Linda at Cedarwood Weddings reply

    Ahhhhhhh……The vintage embroidered chair caps!!!! Our design team found them at an antique store (as pillow cases…remember those?) and transformed them into bride and groom chair caps. Thanks for including them. Simple, sweet southern charm all the way.

  5. avatar Linda at Cedarwood Weddings reply

    Our 1950 Chevy Truck and bicycle for two, along with a gorgeous couple on heirloom quilts celebrating love on our historic farm. Sigh! Magical day at Cedarwood!

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It’s all in the details.

From the type of cake (red velvet, please!) to the personalized vows, the little details are what sets a wedding apart. The details are what makes the personalities of the couple shine through.

The above photos show some of the gorgeous details at a sunny wedding planned by Carillon Weddings, one of our fantastic Florida sponsors. As a double whammy, Rae Leytham, the photographer, is also a Southern Weddings advertiser!

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Written with love by Whitney

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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I have such deep admiration for all artists. Maybe this admiration stems from my inability to create anything beyond stick figures, but it absolutely floors me when I see a masterpiece created from nothing at all. That’s how I feel whenever I look at Cynthia Vardhan’s Etsy site or website. Cynthia creates handmade vases and bowls that remind me of Indian henna with a hint of design elements from an English garden. Cynthia describes herself as a Southerner-in-exile as she now works out of Columbus, Ohio but once a Southerner, always a Southerner. We are so happy to feature Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics here on the blog!

Win: One oh-so-lucky winner will receive SIX dishes from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics. You can choose from the many color palettes on the website or have a custom color palette that fits your wedding colors perfectly. I’ve heard that they make excellent bridesmaid gifts!

To Enter: Leave a comment letting us know what you think is the number one wedding detail that absolutely, positively cannot be forgotten for your chance to win this excellent prize from Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics.

This marvelous giveaway will end at midnight on Monday, October 4th!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Christina Levine reply

    For me, the number one wedding detail is the photographer. Getting to relive your day through amazing photographs for years to come is priceless. The day goes by so quickly that the photographs mean so much after the day is complete.

  2. avatar Samantha Walton reply

    Details are certainly what make a wedding special. Since I'm terrible at picking favorites, I'd have to say both meaningful music in the ceremony and a well planned meal and drink selection for the reception. Those are the things I always remember about each wedding I go to!

  3. avatar Laura reply

    Oooh, I love these, ya'll! I think the number one wedding detail that absolutely must NOT be overlooked is photography! I think it is so important to choose a great photographer to capture your special day. Those are the memories you will have for the rest of your life. I remember looking at my parent's wedding album as a little girl and dreaming of my own! If I have a little girl, I'm sure she will be doing the same one day! Wonderful photography absolutely, positively cannot be forgotten or skimped on!

  4. avatar Kelly Langner Sauer reply

    Does "kiss" count as a detail? My brother's officiant forgot to have him kiss his bride before the recessional… Let me tell you, it's way important.If that doesn't count, I have to go with "photographer." But then I'm a little biased…

  5. avatar Adrienne Lenz reply

    I think the #1 wedding detail is that the bride and groom are happy!!! Second I would say your wedding dress :)

  6. avatar Morgan Dunn reply

    The number one wedding detail that you absolutely cannot forget is your something blue. It's a timeless classic. You can continue a tradition from the past with this, or create something new for you and the future.

  7. avatar Rachel – theWeddingVine reply

    Beautiful pieces! Could be used to dress a table for a wedding.

  8. avatar Betsy reply

    Oh My Goodness, this is the most fabulous pottery I have ever seen. The number one wedding detail that cannot be forgotten is blending personal elements of the bride and groom into every detail! 3 months after my future hubby and I started dating, he went to India for his best friend's wedding. On the way home he had a lay over in Qatar, missed his connecting flight to Jackson from Houston, and was stranded in houston, sick as a dog with a foreign illness. I drove to Houston to pick him up, because I realized that I couldn't live with out him, two weeks was too long, and he needed to be taken care of. We both think of his trip to India as the time in our lives we knew we were meant for each other.Now we are planning our fabulous Southern Wedding in Jackson, and Cynthia Vardhan is a perfect blending of the deep south and India! Thanks y'all, so happy to have found this!

  9. avatar Kay reply

    One detail that I think can't be forgotten is a piece of jewelry that comes from your family — maybe your mother's pearl necklace, or a broach that once belonged to your grandmother. You already have your engagement ring representing where your life is heading, so it's nice to have something from a family member that will remind you of where you came from too.

  10. avatar Meredith reply

    I LOVE these dishes! Absolutely adorable for decorating or to hold your jewelry!I think the most important wedding detail you cannot overlook is the guest list! It is so important to go over this with your family, the groom, and the groom's family to make sure you have included all of your family, friends and loved ones on your special day!

  11. avatar Kate24 reply

    What beautiful dishes! I would love to win! I think the most important detail (besides a wonderful and loving groom) would have to be photography! Gotta make those memories last!

  12. avatar Carla reply

    For us, the number one wedding detail that cannot be forgotten is the photographer. After all is said and done, photographs (and memories) is what you have left to remember your special day.

  13. avatar Amanda I reply

    I agree that a photographer is the most important thing. Photographs of important moments are priceless.

  14. avatar Ashley F reply

    I absolutely LOVE these dishes. I am always looking for something to put my rings and earrings in at night. I am also looking for bridesmaid gifts and these are perfect! My fiance' and I believe the most important detail about our wedding is our FRIENDS. We don't know what we would have done without them the past 7 years of our relationship. They help with wedding planning, coordinating other guest, dealing with any problems and most importantly standing by your side!

  15. avatar Cat reply

    The taste of the cake! I absolutely hate when someone has an amazing, beautiful cake that tastes bad!

  16. avatar Kayla reply

    Well since I've been to atleast 2 weddings that have messed up on their wedding certificate I'm going to say the most important wedding detail is the certificate. Making sure you have one and fill it out correctly.

  17. avatar emily wilson reply

    You can't forget to document it! Photography is so important!

  18. avatar alexa reply

    #1 detail would have to be the vows…in the end the centerpieces or seating charts mean nothing.

  19. avatar imthiaz houseman reply

    Every detail is SO important… but the #1 thing every bride shouldn't forget is a pretty hanger! Don't forget about this little detail, there's nothing worse than photographing a pretty dress with an ugly plastic hanger!

  20. avatar Megan reply

    I think the most important detail (for me at least) were the vows. No matter whether you write your own or take part in the traditional vows, really thinking about them and making them your own is the most important detail!

  21. avatar trink reply

    The number one wedding details is your support system. Why are weddings so special? Because of the family and friends that get to partake in this momentous occasion; an event symbolizing our love for each other as Christ loves the church.

  22. avatar Leigh Ellen reply

    Those little dishes are precious! I would like to keep them for myself but would probably give them to my bridesmaids:)The number one wedding detail to me is exchanging notes before the wedding. It is such a special time and so important to have something to remember that moment of such anticipation. Some of my favorite detail shots are of the groom's scrawling on the hotel note pad!

  23. avatar Marie reply

    The marriage license. One of my pastors favorite wedding stories is when a bride-to-be gave her groom-to-be one job and that was to pick up the marriage license. The groom arrived at the venue and only to have to tell his soon to be wife that he forgot their marriage license!!!

  24. avatar Jenni reply

    Family!! My future wedding plans and ideas change from month to month, but the one thing that will always be there is my amazing family. They are so much fun and I couldnt imagine my big day without each and every one of them :)

  25. avatar staceys reply

    Big Detail- find the perfect photographer for you. We blew our budget on the photographer, because that is what will last us a lifetime. No one will remember that we toasted with affordable champagne, or that my bouquet wasn't all exotic flowers. but we will see so many priceless emotions from us and our guests in our photographer's work.

  26. avatar Marin reply

    For me- I think the number one detail is after months of planning, usually stressing, exhausting work- this is your one night. ENJOY. RELAX. AND take time to take mental snapshots of this night celebrating you and your one true love. There will never be another day like it. :)

  27. avatar Ashley reply

    The SHOES!!! They just give the bride that extra little bit of UMPH… and they're so fun to photograph!!

  28. avatar Dennis @ Wholesale Flowers reply

    I have been to many arts festivals in North Carolina. And let me tell you there is no shortage of potters in that state. But I have never seen designs such as Cynthia Vardhan produces. Very well done.

  29. avatar Krista B. reply

    The one thing that I think is extremely important is that everyone has as wonderful time. I have made it my mission to see that everyone has directions, things to do, a place to stay, great food, and all in all a wonderful weekend seeing my boyfriend and I become husband and wife! I would like these dishes as a gift for my girls!!

  30. avatar Erika reply

    These dishes are absolutely AMAZING!! Okay, THE number one wedding detail that CANNOT be forgotten is writing your own vows. You've pledged to give this person your love for the rest of your life. It is YOUR wedding, and YOUR special day. I just don't see how it could be entirely special and heartfelt if you just say a bunch of scripted words that are repeated over, and over, and over again. Make it personal. Say what is on your heart. Pledge your love, devotion, and commitment in your OWN language. Once the cake is gone, the flowers die, and the party is over, the only thing that you are left with are those special words on that special day. THAT is what the day is all about. The pledge from you OWN hearts.

  31. avatar Erin reply

    I think the number one detail to not forget is to BREATHE! Savor every moment you have that day and let go of the control. You've planned your heart our for the past year+ so the day of is the time to enjoy your first day as a wife and as the better half of a lovely pair.

  32. avatar Leika reply

    The detail you can't forget is making everything legal!! On our wedding day, my husband and I got a mile or two away after our reception when we realized what we were forgetting — to sign the license with the officiant!! We rushed back and made everything official, but it was quite a shock when we realized we weren't legally married after all!

  33. avatar allison b. reply

    stellar photographer!!!!!

  34. avatar Jessica reply

    The most important details (sorry can't choose only one) are the location and food. I think the backdrop for the wedding says a lot about the bride and groom and their personality as a couple. And as for the food… well, it should just be finger-lickin' tasty, y'all! :)

  35. avatar THUY reply

    For me, it is definitely have to be the photographs, especially the "first look". What is more important and wonderful than two people showing complete and utter happiness with just a look into each other eyes.

  36. avatar Jennie reply

    Absolute most important wedding detail that cannot be forgotten is the GUEST LIST! My fiance and I are in the middle of setting ours finally and it really is the most important thing…having all of the people we love together but maintaining the budget!Love this giveaway, these are the cutest!

  37. avatar Jacqueline L. reply

    One of the most precious details that means the most to me is hearing his vows. Sure, we have one of the most amazing photographers we've EVER seen, my dress is gorgeous, etc. but our wedding would go on without any of these details. I think too many brides get lost in the planning and lose sight of what's most important – LOVE. And so our vows means the world to me – I can't wait….

  38. avatar Jennifer reply

    I'm dying over these dishes. They're beautiful! And I can think of a few bridesmaids who would feel the same way. ;)I think the most important detail of the wedding day is just to remember that the wedding is really about two people, their love for one another, and the community of friends and family that has nurtured their relationship and come together to celebrate the beginning of something wonderful.

  39. avatar Kristin reply

    Right now, I'm focused on our welcome baskets for our guests and think they can go so far in extending warmth and hospitality to your loved ones who've traveled to celebrate your marriage!

  40. avatar Sydney Dawbarn-Robinson reply

    Personality is the key detail! Anyone can plan a color palette, flowers, bridesmaid dresses but it is the small creative touches that make a wedding YOUR wedding day. This day is a time to celebrate your love, so make it about you as a couple and color outside the lines!

  41. avatar Shari reply

    … to say "thank you" and mean it. Sure, you pay the vendors, and you give your attendants a gift, you give your guests a party, a favor, a welcome basket. But a heartfelt thank you to your officiant, your parents, your family- it's so important. Look them in the eyes, let them know how much you appreciate the support of family, friend, professional – without whom you never would've made it to – or through – this day. And bride and groom – say thank you to each other. Every day. And seal it with a kiss. (Oh, and vaseline on your teeth will make that constant smiling so much easier.)

  42. avatar Ashley reply

    As a detail person, I have lists to cover all of the must haves and timing and so on. But the most important detail is the marriage itself. I think it is just as vital to spend time thinking about your union, what changes it will bring, and the joy it should bring to both of your lives as it is to choose the perfect coordinator, menu, and dress. At the end of the day you will have a brand new marriage that should stand the test of time. The joining together of your lives will be the finalization of the day of celebration and all the prior planning emphasizing details for the day. The end result is the biggest detail of all!

  43. avatar Laura B reply

    The pictures of course, are so super important. I absolutely can't wait for my wedding, but I think I'm even more excited to work with our photographers and see how the pictures turn out. That said, my wonderful groom has constantly reminded me that, at the end of the day, we'll still be married. All we need is the two of us and the preacher man and it'll all work out to the same end. So I'd say the most important detail is the two of us. The rest is just one big accessory!

  44. avatar Kate reply

    Don't forget to bring your sense of humor! Not everything will go perfectly, so it's the most important thing to have.

  45. avatar Tiffany reply

    Most important wedding detail – the vows. The incredible promises that the two of you decide to make in front of your family and friends is sacred. Vows are so beautiful because they bind you for a lifetime, in the worst of your marriage and through the best; they continue to be a guideline for the couple. The vows are the wedding–vocalizing the celebration of genuine love and creating a life together!

  46. avatar Gracie reply

    I think the most important detail of our wedding is how we're going to incorporate little things that make us "us". We're doing a black and white wedding but we're going to have little eccentricities to make sure it's not *too* formal. :)

  47. avatar Maggie reply

    hands down… FOOD. we are both from the south and now live and are getting married in san francisco. we've picked a southern style menu (greens, mac and cheese, pulled pork, etc) that is true to us and our roots. we started 'soul food sundays' for our friends years ago, and now get to carry that personal (and delicious) tradition into our weddin'.

  48. avatar Cole reply

    The dishes are super dope! I think the absolute most important thing to remember is the continuous thank you's to your family and friends for helping make your day absolutely wonderful. Nice gifts to show them how thankful you are doesn't hurt either. It has already been one of my favorite parts of planning my wedding.

  49. avatar Lindsay reply

    I think the most imortant details that cannot be forgotten are the ones which reflect the personalities and relationship of the bride and groom. This could be anything from the music, to the decor, to the favors. My wedding is going to include bbq sauce as favors since we live in Memphis and elements throughout that reflect us as a couple.Oh and a great photographer is a must!

  50. avatar Kristen S reply

    The one detail hat cannot be forgotten for our wedding day, was the late night snack. We wanted our guests to have a nice pick-me-up later in the evening, and have envisioned a fun filled diner themed late night snack, with mini burgers, french fries and vintage sodas with striped straws!

  51. avatar Anna reply

    I have had many friends get married and spend and spend and then realize there out of money and didn't get a good photographer or a videographer. This is one thing i think is so important. Yes your dress and colors are important but at the end of the day the video and photos are what you have.

  52. avatar Michelle LaBella reply

    The number one wedding detail that I can absolutely not forget is really not a detail at all. I want to remember to breathe, pull my husband to the side during the reception, and just take it all in together. Watching all of our family and friends come together to celebrate our love is why we go crazy planning all the details in the first place. I know I will cherish that moment forever!

  53. avatar K L reply

    The Dress! The Dress!

  54. avatar Katie B reply

    The number one detail is remembering to stop and truly appreciate your wedding day. It would be easy to get caught up in the food the dancing, the time spent with everyone and the excitement. Just remember to stop, breath, and be present in the moment.

  55. avatar Taryn reply

    I think the number one detail that can not be forgotten is to include family in any way possible! My wonderful parents are a big part of my life and since they are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary we are going to especially honor them at the reception!

  56. avatar Whitney reply

    I think the biggest detail is the bridal party. Having our best girls and guys stand beside us on our big day is something that I couldn't do without. Each member of our bridal party brings out a different side in our relationship and in ourselves. I can't imagine not having them there—after all, who else would do the bachlorette/bachelor parties, fix my dress on my big day, and make sure I don't completely loose it before I walk down the isle :)

  57. avatar Megan reply

    The most critical detail of a timeless, special, and incredibly Southern wedding is not one single detail, but instead, a feeling. Specifically, how all of the little details measure up into the "feeling" of the day. The feeling of love that radiates at the ceremony; the feeling of warmth created by the reception; the feeling of Southern charm that dances in the air throughout the entire day. These beautiful ceramics remind me of all those intricate, special wedding details and the "feelings" that come from them that last in our hearts forever!

  58. avatar Lauren reply

    These are very pretty and unique!! I agree w/ a few others that are saying photography is the most important detail. Without that, you wouldn't be able to remember the expressions on each others faces, the family and friends that were there to celebrate with you, and all of the beautiful details of the wedding itself. Photography is SO important!

  59. avatar Maggie Dorriety reply

    The number one detail that cannot be overlooked in my wedding is my mother walking me down the aisle. We've been practicing walking around my room together every time I try my wedding dress on. I cannot wait for the moment when she walks me down the aisle for real.

  60. avatar Christie reply

    I'd have to say the most important detail of the ceremony is the photographer. Having the moments captured so that you can share them with others, remember, and reflect is so valuable.

  61. avatar Belle reply

    I think the flowers are the most important detail of a wedding. They're reminiscent of the garden of eden, the place created for love.

  62. avatar Autumn reply

    Photographer, Photographer, Photographer! It's worth it!

  63. avatar kathryn reply

    Color! Although black and white can be very chic, a colorful wedding seems so much more joyful! Whether you have a palate of 2-3 colors or a rainbow, color is the most important element. Pick one you love!

  64. avatar Kristy reply

    Disclaimer: Forgive me for sounding soapboxy, or overly-sentimental, gushy, or hopeless romantic-like.The one detail I hope everyone never, EVER overlooks, is the love. Don't ever forget that the love between yourself and your future husband is the whole reason for this beautiful day you're creating. If you lose the love, compromise, and hard work that has gotten you to this day, what are the flowers worth? Who cares about the food, or even the pictures? If those photos aren't capturing pure love, then we've missed the whole point of the wedding day.Phew. On another note, I'm obsessed with those pieces. As a transplanted Northerner (shhhh, I have everyone convinced I'm a Southerner!) my heart goes out to here up in chilly Ohio. These are incredible!

  65. avatar Rebecca Freeman reply

    One?! I have to choose one detail? I love me a great pair of really colorful shoes that pop against the brides white dress, I love integrating a sense of family into all aspects of the ceremony, I love the flowers, I love when the groom has a great pair of argyle or plaid socks, etc… If I HAD to choose one, I’d say the photography is my favorite detail. (Is photography a detail? It seems so major to me) I love the way a great photo can capture a moment and bring it back to you over and over.

  66. avatar Rebecca Freeman reply

    One?! I have to choose one detail? I love me a great pair of really colorful shoes that pop against the brides white dress, I love integrating a sense of family into all aspects of the ceremony, I love the flowers, I love when the groom has a great pair of argyle or plaid socks, etc… If I HAD to choose one, I’d say the photography is my favorite detail. (Is photography a detail? It seems so major to me) I love the way a great photo can capture a moment and bring it back to you over and over.

  67. avatar Kelly V. reply

    There are so many important details, but the one detail that I focused on was the memories to be made and the way to capture it! Outside of getting married, the best part of our day were our photographers; without them it wouldn't matter what the wedding ceremony and reception were like because I wouldn't remember many of the small details today!

  68. avatar April reply

    I would have to say the SHOES!! This is the absolutely best way to express yourself. Yes, the wedding is supposed to express you, but lots of times you have more influences that might push you a little more this way or that. But, the shoes….Oh they're totally you! I have green shoes with rhinestones. My mother absolutely HATES them…(she wanted the traditional white shoes, ugh how boring!) Shoes…the most important detail of your wedding!

  69. avatar Sharon reply

    The number one thing on our priority list is to remember what our wedding is about. The photographer hunt was hectic and any time we thought it was getting out of our reach, we had a talk about what the photographer would be doing: documenting the start of our marriage. It gave us time to pause, calm down and make sure that we're not getting too caught up in the wedding and forget about the marriage. Hands down, a detail that should not go forgotten.

  70. avatar Kate FitzGerald reply

    I think that the number one wedding detail is thanking your parents and family! I think that sometimes thanking your parents after a wonderful evening is forgotten in the excitement of everything, but I love to see the bride and groom thank their parents or important family members right before they exit!

  71. avatar Stephanie reply

    Hands down. The photographer. At the end of the day all you have left to commemorate the start of your new life is the pictures (besides the actual marriage of course!).

  72. avatar Leslie reply

    Oh how I love anything ceramic! I'm planning our wedding reception in Oklahoma, a southern shappy chic vintage setting. Does that make sense and it that a mouthful? I'm looking for an assortment of dessert or appetizer plates that are a mix match theme. Love, love, Cynthia's style!Being in the bridal biz I think one detail not to be left undone is a veil, accessory, and/or headpiece that makes the bridal feel sexy and beautiful….and of course compliments and completes her gown.Happy Weddings!!Leslie from Bridal Couture Girls

  73. avatar Jennifer Stambolsky reply

    Hmm…this is a tough one! There are so many important details! However, you can have absolutely everything – a ridiculously high budget, the best photographer, the most awesome venue, etc…, but none of it is worth anything unless you have a good support team. Whether it's your best friend, your family, or a wedding planner, you really need someone to help keep things in perspective and to help keep you sane. No matter how big or how small, planning a wedding is no easy affair.

  74. avatar Angel reply

    I just asked my fiance what the #1 detail for him will be. He said, "It has to be when they first announce us as "Mr. and Mrs. V…" Captured by our videographer, of course.

  75. avatar Ali reply

    The most important details, for me, are the ones that describe your relationship. Whether that's including the story of your first date on table one, your second date on table two, etc etc, or serving a variation of the same drink you had on the night you first said "I love you" the little details that show who you are as a couple are my favorites!

  76. avatar Brie reply

    Those plates are GREAT! Love them! I think the most important detail is making the overall feeling reflect the couple. My wish for my wedding is that the guests feel it represents us! Also, wearing a family heirloom – like my grandma's bracelet.

  77. avatar Alison Steinruck reply

    The number one wedding detail is your soul. and his. Most important by far.-AliStein

  78. avatar CdubYa2812 reply

    The NUMBER one detail that can't be overlooked is the exchanging of vows, I have done it once already with my Husband at the justice of the peace since I am a military wife, now we are planning on including our families in a celebration so they can witness the vows we exchanged already, when they couldn't be there with us. I can't wait for the day that my family can witness this exchange! I know they know the love between us, but I think this just puts the icing on the cake for me!

  79. avatar rmm reply

    I would say the number one 'detail' is your guest list. That's why you're having the wedding and reception, right? To celebrate with those who mean the most to you

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