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We get little peeks into Kristin and Kyle’s house every week during our Google hangout staff meetings, and I know I’m not the only one who has been anxious for a full tour! Ever the picture of Southern hospitality, they graciously agreed to share with us and y’all on Southern Newlywed today. Anyone who knows the Winchesters knows how much they value their marriage and are willing to do the hard work to make their life together truly wonderful, so I loved reading their interview answers and soaking up their wisdom…even more than I loved admiring the colorful patterns they’ve sprinkled throughout their Orlando home. Y’all enjoy!

Thanks so much to our Blue Ribbon Vendor Kt Crabb for snapping these photos!

The couple: Kristin (32) and Kyle (33) Winchester
Years married: Almost four
Where they live: Orlando, Florida
Tell us a little bit about yourselves I am “pearls, monograms, and pops of color” and Kyle is “Jordans, hoops, and hip hop.” While seemingly different on the surface, what makes us work is that at our core, we are united by a shared belief in Jesus, a love for family, and an unconditional love and willingness to move mountains for one another. Our splash of differences makes for many adventures and a whole lot of fun.
Tell us your love story in one sentence. We meet in college, dated across three states for the better part of our 20s, and have been blissfully married for almost four years.
Do you rent or own? What are your hopes and plans for the future in this area? Tell us a little bit about where you live. We managed to find and buy the most darling Virginia craftsman in the heart of stucco and tile country. Our neighborhood is like a little piece of heaven–we are within walking distance of a grocery store, a few restaurants, and downtown merchants (think dry cleaner, nail salon, barber, etc.). We decided early on in our marriage that for the foreseeable future, we would rather live in more modest housing with better proximity to the goings on of wherever we were living. So, while we have sacrificed square footage and any semblance of a yard (umm, we share an alley way instead of having a backyard), we live right in the middle of many things that we love to see and do around the Orlando area.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? The moment the church doors opened and we saw each other for the first time. I asked KPW and he agreed. My heart starts to beat faster every time I think of that moment.
How do you remember your wedding in your home? We have framed pictures in more than one room and the family bible that was a wedding gift from my grandmother is open in our living room. On a little less serious but super sentimental note, we have a stack of personalized stadium cups (we used them for our wedding toast at the reception) that we use on an almost daily basis.
What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? While I had a sneaky feeling marriage with KPW was going to be one big adventure, I discounted how much I would love the simple act of spending time with him doing mundane tasks, and how, after 12+ years together, I would still get butterflies when getting dressed up to go out to dinner or see him after being gone on a business trip. Kyle is still surprised by how seamless our transition to married life has been. As an only child, he was apprehensive, to say the least, about giving up his “independence.” We both credit our transition to our intentionality in preparing for our marriage and an ongoing effort to give love patterned after our love languages.

What is your favorite part of being married? Kyle’s favorite thing about being married is having someone cook dinner for him 5+ nights a week (lucky for him, I love to cook). My favorite part of being married is how much I laugh. KPW can make me laugh so hard, I cry, and and our “silly” moments are some of my favorites (think: videos of KPW rapping while driving).
Who cooks dinner? I handle 98% of the cooking, but since getting married, KPW has become quite the handy sous chef. He is also really good at picking up takeout from our favorite sushi restaurant when we’ve both had really long days and are too tired to cook.
What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? The crockpot is my BFF on weekdays (like for this salsa chicken) and we love making breakfast on the weekends (like these banana nut muffins).
What’s your favorite place to find recipes? My recipe repertoire is made up from a combination of blogs (Skinny Taste, Gimme Some Oven, Iowa Girl Eats, Sally’s Baking Addiction) and tried-and-true family recipes (chicken pastry, sloppy joes, chicken vegetable soup).

Which items from your wedding registry do you use the most often? Besides our favorite Pottery Barn towels and sheets (do yourself a favor and register for nice linens), the “fancy” kitchen tools get the most use. If you plan to cook any meals at home, I highly recommend registering for a grill pan, a mixer (it is the best for shredding chicken), and a pizza stone. And if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be upset about registering for an ice cream maker. We have loved mixing up batch after bath of ice cream in the summer, and it’s a great way to meet the neighbors.
What different decisions, if any, would you make for your registry if you knew then what you knew now? I would have followed Emily’s lead and picked out mix-and-match china. I love our good china but think we would use it even more if it had a bit more flexibility, and a perhaps a pop of color. I also wish we had registered for a second set of sheets for our bed. I can’t stress enough how much I have appreciated having nice linens. There is something so comforting about climbing into a warm and cozy bed after a long day.

Tell us about the process of moving in together. Do you have any tips for blending your two styles? Two words for you: brown sofas. I have worked hard to decorate around and graciously accept some “in very good shape” pieces of furniture that were a package deal with KPW. The blending of styles has been more of a phasing in, instead of a flipping of the switch, process. My advice is to take things slow and not just buy and replace because everything doesn’t look “Pinterest-worthy.” Our sofas (while not my favorite) are great anchor pieces, and since I didn’t replace them, I had a little extra money to pick up a new entertainment piece off Craigslist and splurge on some fun fabric for our ottoman. I also think that having conversations and making sure both parties feel represented during the decorating process is important. I will admit that I lucked out with KPW, as he lets me do crazy things like hang pink curtains and paint our upstairs stark white. But, I also know this is because he trusts me to make decorating decisions that reflect well on our family. In turn, I love him enough to balance the pink pillows with some manly wooden tables and two televisions in our family room.
What most makes your house feel like home? On the surface, hanging drapes and organizing my kitchen. It is amazing how much more put together a house feels once the curtains are hung and fresh towels are in the bathrooms. And being able to walk around the kitchen and pull things out of the cabinets to throw together a quick meal is a huge step in feeling at home.

Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? What are some of your favorite sources for home things? It is a well-known fact that if you lined up 10 lovely and similar tables in a row, I would inevitably pick the most expensive table in the bunch. With that in mind, I have had to manage my expectations and realize that decorating is going to be a lifetime process. KPW’s job is going to have us moving a few more times before we settle down for the long haul, so when we do splurge on something, we try to make sure it is a piece of furniture or décor that can move with us and fit wherever we live next (see: our beloved headboard and Craigslist entertainment center). Much of our supplemental décor (lamps, storage, etc.) comes from a variety of low budget sources: Target, HomeGoods, Ikea, thrifting, and Craiglist.
What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? I go grocery shopping and give Kyle space (he is an only child). Kyle graciously lets me hang pink curtains and hog the covers.

What’s your best tip for balancing your relationship and other life priorities (work, personal time, extended family, etc.)? This is an ongoing challenge, but something that we’re willing to fight through because we value our relationship above all other life priorities. We have to constantly communicate, re-evaluate, and set new boundaries when things change. With our current careers, we both work long hours and live far from extended family, so we have to work hard to intentionally plan down time and trips back home to visit friends and family. We value our weekends and quickly learned that with busy weeks, we benefit from regularly unscheduled and unplanned weekends to recharge our batteries.
Do you have a favorite date night idea to share? One? How about five?

Is there anything else about your home or family life that you think our readers would be interested in? KPW’s job is moving us just down the road to Tampa, Florida. While we are excited about this opportunity, we’re heartbroken to have to sell our beloved first “together” home after only being here a year! But it taught me an important life lesson: there’s no telling how long you might be somewhere, so wherever possible, hang curtains and pictures (command strips are my BFF) and dig into the community around you: try new restaurants, find a church, make a new friend who will meet you for lunch, etc. Try to make your dwelling pace (no matter how temporary) a home. I know, without a doubt, we will look back on our time in Orlando with great joy, because we made the best of the time we were here. PS: If you are looking for a house in the greater-Orlando area, let me know ;)

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Justin DeMutiis reply

    I would be sad to leave this beautiful home as well! But I would love to welcome you to Tampa! Please feel free to reach out if you and your husband would like any advice on neighborhoods, realtors, restaurants, etc! I would be happy to help and would love to meet you!

  2. avatar Rhiannon reply

    My fave couple EVER. Love the Winnys!

  3. avatar Amy reply

    Oh, love the colors of your new home. Light, airy, with a nice flow. Seems to fit the couple. We at wish them a world of love and laughter forever!

  4. avatar Sara reply

    I love, love, love Kristin’s floral bedding – can she share where it’s from? Such a gorgeous home, I love how light and airy it is!

    • avatar Kristin reply

      Sara!! Thanks for your sweet words. Our floral/butterfly duvet bedding is from Pottery Barn. Happy hunting!! xo.

  5. avatar Christine reply

    This is such a sweet article and such a cute house! I love hearing about the early years of marriage as a bride to be myself. <3

  6. avatar Erin, Attention to Darling reply

    Love this home tour! Such a cute style home and those Lilly pillows in the office make my heart sing. Also a big fan of nice linens, couldn’t agree with you more on having those on your registry.

  7. avatar Lauren reply

    Kristin, would you be willing to share where you found your curtains?! Thanks a mil! xo

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It is always a joy to introduce y’all to the couples who so graciously let us into their hearts and homes here on Southern Newlywed. I have to admit though, today’s post is extra special to me, because it features one of the couples I, and I’m sure many of you, admire most! Southern Weddings’ Creative Director, Emily, and her husband, John, are incredibly kind, generous, and fun, and they’re also so intentional about enjoying and celebrating both the big and small things of life. I could hardly wait to get my hands on their interview to soak up their wisdom, and I hope you’ll love reading about their marriage and their cheerful North Carolina home as much as I did!

Thanks so much to our Blue Ribbon Vendor Anna Routh for these beautiful photos!

P.S. Be sure to keep an eye out for cameos by one of the Thomas kitties (the other is a bit camera shy!), and don’t miss E+J’s very exciting announcement below! :)

The couple: John and Emily Thomas, both 28
Years married: Just about three
Where you live: Apex, North Carolina
Tell us a little bit about yourselves. John and I are an interesting mixture of contrasts and similarities. We are united by our faith, our love for one another, our love for our families and friends, our passion for financial literacy, our love of travel, and our intense love for our cats. We are both introverts at heart who believe life is ultimately a serious business, not something to be frittered away–and therefore, should be celebrated seriously and lived to the fullest!

Tell us your love story in one sentence. Her middle school unrequited crush took an unexpected turn when he proposed a first date in high school–and they’ve been together ever since. (If you’re interested in the long form version, see here.)
What is your favorite part of being married? My favorite thing about being married is being known so intimately. There is no one else on this earth who knows me as well as John, and in fact, there are pieces of me that he has seen that no one else has ever seen. What a beautiful and precious trust that is! I am never afraid to be my whole self with him–the good, the bad, and the ugly–and in turn, I learn more every day about who my true self really is, and how to make that true self better.

Do you rent or own? Tell us a little bit about where you live. We own our home…or as John likes to say, we co-own it with the bank :) I feel like that’s an important distinction, because our goal is to have bought out the bank within the next five years! We live in Apex, a small town conveniently located midway between Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We actually hated this area when we first moved here (so different from small town coastal New England, where we grew up!), but have come to absolutely love it over the last six years. Aside from the amazing restaurants, one of our favorite things about where we live is that it’s a perfect jumping-off point for weekend road trips: Charleston, Wilmington, Asheville, Richmond, Charlottesville, Atlanta, Savannah, and more are all doable drives, and for two people who love adventure and experiencing new things together, it’s heaven.

Which items from your wedding registry do you use the most often? Definitely our kitchen items–our pots and pans, our Le Creuset, our baking sheets, our griddler, our food processor, our mixer. We cook dinner almost every night, and I’m always so grateful to be able to use these goods that will last us for many years!
Who cooks dinner? John! (Hallelujah!) When we first moved to North Carolina, he was still looking for a job, so he took on the task of having dinner ready when I came home every night. He quickly acquired skill, and so even once he started a new job, he stayed on as chef. I am the happy dishwasher :)

What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? I’m pretty proud of the collection of go-to recipes we’ve built up over the last six years. You can find many of the recipes we turn to over and over here, and the ones we’d like to try here.
What’s your favorite place to find recipes? Blogs, for sure. Some of our favorites: A Couple Cooks, A House in the Hills, Oh She Glows, Gimme Some Oven, Naturally Ella, Damn Delicious, A Cup of Jo, and Cookie + Kate. John also loves to browse the Food Network’s archives.

What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? How easy it is? Eek, I hope that doesn’t sound insensitive, because I know it’s not the case for everyone. But you know that saying, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? I feel “marry your best friend and you’ll never work a day in your life” is true for us. Marriage doesn’t feel hard or like work; as my friend Erin says, “Marriage is our comfort zone and support system. It’s as natural as breathing and just as necessary for making my way through life, with all its good and hard times.”
Tell us about the process of moving in together. Do you have any tips for blending your two styles? This has mostly been an exercise in me learning to not get grumpy when John expresses an opinion. He is incredibly gracious and accepting of my aesthetic choices and priorities in general (which, of course, I try to make with both of us in mind!), so I am learning to follow his example and try to find a gracious solution–or just go along with his idea–on the rare occasions when he does express a strong opinion.
What most makes your house feel like home? Without a doubt, our cats. Again, living away from our families, it was always at best mildly depressing to travel back to NC after spending a holiday or vacation with loved ones. Though we still miss our parents and siblings (and now nieces and nephews!) all the time, things turned a corner when we adopted our two adorable tuxedo kittens. They’re always so happy to see us, and really make our house a home (as cheesy as that sounds).

Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? To be honest, at this point, we have made very few splurges–our priority is definitely paying extra on our mortgage! It can be frustrating to feel like there are so many areas of our home that are not “finished” or that don’t look like I know they could if I had more money or time, but having a firm goal is very empowering and motivating. Also, a plan makes me feel more in control when progress seems slow, so I have two spreadsheets I update regularly: one where I track the improvements we’ve made and the improvements we’d like to make in each room, and another where I keep a list of purchase priorities, ranked in order of importance–I refer to it whenever we have money to spend! In the meantime, I wait patiently for the right furniture pieces to pop up on Craigslist or at our local flea market. (I keep a running list on my phone of the pieces I’m currently searching for and relevant measurements.) I shamelessly do careful research and then ask for easy-to-purchase home things like pillows, sheets, and frames for Christmas and my birthday. Lighting can also make a huge difference, and is not that hard to install, even if you’re not an electrician. We switched out the fairly ugly chandelier and pendant lights in our kitchen/dining room with finds from Home Depot and Overstock for less than $200 total. For those who are local to Atlanta, I’m super jealous that you are so close to the Ballard Designs Outlet–such a great resource, where we’ve purchased several items!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? We both agree that it was without a doubt walking down the aisle to meet each other at the altar. We did a first look, which was joyful but not particularly emotional, so I didn’t expect the intense wave of emotion that hit all of us–bridal party, families, guests–as the music swelled.
How do you remember your wedding in your home? Our photographer, Tanja, took the most beautiful landscape photo of the coastline down the hill from our venue at sunset, and we had it printed on an oversize canvas for our living room. I love that it’s not a huge photo of our faces, and that every time I look at it, I’m reminded of our beautiful day–what incredible weather we had, and what it felt like to be newly married and taking portraits on that beach in the pinky glow.

What’s your best tip for balancing your relationship and other life priorities? This might not be the answer for everyone, but aside from when we’re at work, we are almost always together. We grocery shop together, we exercise together, we work in the yard together, we watch the same TV shows. We don’t really believe in “divide and conquer,” and although sometimes it’s less efficient, we feel our choice makes up for it in companionship and closeness.
What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? John makes me dinner every night, which is a pretty big one!

Which room in your home is your favorite, and why? I would have to say our guest room! I feel like it’s one of the most “put together” rooms in our home, and it houses some of my most triumphant flea market finds (the dresser, bed, and nightstand). The real reason it’s my favorite, though, is because we live far away from all of our family and many of our friends, and establishing a comfy, welcoming place for when they come to visit was one of our highest priorities after we moved in. The reviews have been positive so far :)
How does your family handle finances? Do you use a set budget? Uh, yes. I’d say our passion for financial independence and using our resources wisely is one of the most powerful unifying forces in our relationship! We believe so strongly that the more financially free you are, the more choices you have in your life–about, to name just a few, where to live, where (and how much) to work, how to raise your children, and what causes to support. Over the last few years, we have worked really hard to pay off our student loan debt and both of our cars, save for retirement, and chip away at our mortgage–all while tithing. At the risk of sounding like a cheesy commercial, I believe you can do this, too. As this is one of my biggest passions in life, I blog about it often in my Marvelous Money series. I’d love to see you there!

Do you have children? One on the way!!! We just shared the news this week. I am 17 weeks with a due date of January 15. It took a full year of concentrated conversation amongst ourselves and close friends, soul searching, and prayer before getting to this place and really being able to define why we wanted to have kids. I think we worked out all of the nerves in that time, so now, we are just excited!
Is there anything else about your home or family life that you think our readers would be interested in? Every single night as we fall asleep, I say to John, “I love you. You’re my best friend.” Even if it’s been the busiest day and we haven’t had any other meaningful connection, I take such comfort in that knowledge. Marriage is the best.

Thank you so much for sharing, Thomases! Keep up with Emily and John (and baby Thomas, too!) on Emily’s blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

lisa Written with love by Lisa
  1. avatar Abby Nyquist reply

    Congrats Emily + John! So exciting! Your house is also adorable!!

  2. avatar Maureen reply

    Love Emily’s design style and I am SO HAPPY for them!

  3. avatar Kyla Fetzner reply

    Congratulations Emily and John! :)

  4. avatar Julie reply

    Swooning over your beautiful home, Emily!

  5. avatar This Weekend reply

    […] A sweet (and realistic!) newlywed house tour. […]

  6. avatar courtney reply

    You’re such an inspiration, Emily!

  7. avatar Shannon Shaughnessy reply

    Hooray Emily & John! So excited for you two!

  8. avatar Amy reply

    Yay!!! How fun!! Your house is beautiful! My birthday is January 15 too! Congrats!

  9. avatar Rachel Nordgren reply

    YAY! I absolutely adore this home tour and I couldn’t be happier for Emily and John! Those walls are going to be holding so many new and precious memories soon :)

  10. avatar Brent and Anna – Live View Studios reply

    I didn’t realize you all were in Apex! We are over in Fuquay – we should grab coffee together sometime :)

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Amanda first popped onto my radar on instagram, where her bright and colorful life caught my eye. I figured there must be a bright and happy house and a bright and happy couple, as well, and I was right! Tyler and Amanda have created a very sweet newlywed nest in Fort Worth at the ripe old age of 25, and I think y’all will love taking a peek inside. Huge hugs to Heather Rowland (who just launched a new site!) for these colorful photos!

The couple: Amanda Lackey, 25, and Tyler Lackey, 24
Years married: 1 year 10 months
Where you live: Fort Worth, Texas
Tell us a little bit about yourselves. We’ve known each other as long as we can remember (yes, that includes the awkward pre-teen years), and we’ve walked through a lot of seasons together! Amanda is a lifestyle photographer, wardrobe stylist, and blogger. She loves community, giving back through acts of service, and saying yes even when that means figuring it out later. Tyler works with a commercial electric company by day, and he is a musician, songwriter and producer by night. We are first and foremost the best of friends, and we dream of traveling the world together.

Tell us your love story in one sentence. We were childhood friends turned high school sweethearts, and today we call one another husband and wife!
Do you rent or own? We live on the outskirts of downtown where we can walk to museums, parks, shopping and dining. Everything is accessible and we feel extremely blessed to live in such a beautiful place. As of now, we rent from Amanda’s parents who bought our condo as an investment, so we’ll more than likely live here until we feel our time here is complete.
Tell us about the process of moving in together. Luckily, we were always on the same page with visual aesthetics and our styles have always been compatible. We really enjoy all forms of art, so we brought together our two loves of music and art to make it a place we can call home.
Which room in your home is your favorite, and why? Last fall we had our entire home painted a bright, refreshing white and it was love at first sight! As much as Amanda loves her pink office, the living room is where we come at the end of each day to rest and enjoy one another.

What is your favorite part of being married? Going through life with a teammate by your side, and the comfort of knowing we’ll always end the day together.
What has been the most surprising thing about marriage? People tell you communication is key, but we never knew how true that really was until we were married. It’s a bit cliché, but communication is everything. When we don’t quite see eye to eye, we’ll talk it through until we really understand where each other is coming from. When we listen to one another, it makes our days together that much more fun!

Who cooks dinner? Tyler’s goal is to be the master chef of our kitchen, and I’m quite okay with it!
What is your go-to weeknight meal? Weekend meal? On weeknights we can usually make a pretty mean pasta in less than an hour. It fills us up, and it’s quick and easy. On the weekends we love exploring new places, but sushi is our go to.
How does your family handle finances? Tyler previously worked for a bank, which gave us an incentive to spend our money wisely. I prefer to have Tyler set the budget as he is better with saving. This way our budget stays on track, and each week we touch base to make sure we’re on the same page. We appreciate that we both bring different aspects to the table when it comes to budgeting.

What most makes your house feel like home? Although we both have pretty busy schedules, the past year has really taught us to enjoy the little things. Our favorites include a chubby cat named Olivia, an extensive collection of vinyl records, the smell of scented candles, and a couch that allows for the best naps of all time.
Where do you splurge and where do you save when decorating? We splurge on the essential pieces we know we’ll love forever. Pieces that are made with great quality, and can possibly even be passed down to next generations. I find conversational pieces and statement pieces all over: yard sales, shops found while traveling… HomeGoods and Target are always in the running for something fun and inexpensive.

What is your favorite memory from your wedding? Besides having all the people we love in one room, a memory that always makes us smile is when we shared a dance together after the reception with just us and the band in the room. We soaked it all in, and the memory of that moment was the perfect start to our beginning!
How do you remember your wedding in your home? I love having our wedding album on our coffee table so guests can view it at anytime. We also have photos of our wedding spread out in each room in subtle ways. It’s a small and sweet reminder of the beauty that day held.

Which items from your wedding registry do you use the most often? We registered for a steamer at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and although it wasn’t the most expensive thing on our registry, it’s 100% what we’ve used the most! I use it almost every time I do laundry, and we often have friends and family who ask to borrow it! It’s much easier than ironing and it makes your clothes look new and fresh!
What different decisions, if any, would you make for your registry if you knew then what you knew now? We would register for more vital pieces versus small pieces. Register for things you’d have a hard time buying for yourself! I was too afraid to register for anything too expensive, but people often like to go into gift giving together so they can always split the cost.

What’s your best tip for balancing your relationship and other life priorities? Communication, putting each other first, and knowing everything else falls second. Marriage comes first.
Do you have a favorite date night idea to share? We love going to the museum for new exhibits. If you’re on a budget, some museums are even free! You can never go wrong creating new adventures together and getting creative with date nights. It works well for us to switch who picks date night each week, that way, we both get to choose often and do something different each week.

What is one small way you love or serve your spouse? Tyler: I like being a helper when needed as it relates to her business. I love watching her in her profession. Amanda: I love keeping a clean home for Tyler, a place that always feels comfortable, inviting and warm.
Do you have children? We don’t have children yet, but if it’s in the Lord’s plan we are open to the idea in a few years. Right now we are loving the stage of life where we can travel and go on an adventure on a whim on any given day. With kids comes a lot of responsibility, and right now we’re really enjoying the stage of newlywed life.
Before getting married, I wish someone had told me… how many clothes girls actually DO have in their closets (Tyler). …that dreaming together provides one of the sweetest forms of romance (Amanda).

This year, our family is most excited about… our second annual Christmas together. Since we got married on a holiday (New Year’s Eve), there’s something special about holidays for us. We love the feeling of community and the traditions that come alive during the holidays. We are excited to continue another year of gift giving to our family and friends together, and look forward to creating new traditions as well as carrying on the ones started in our first year of marriage.
Is there anything else about your home or family life that you think our readers would be interested in? Six months into our marriage, Tyler’s dad was diagnosed with stage four melanoma cancer. Nobody prepared us for that during our engagement season, but it has taught us so much. Through our trials, we have learned to extend love and grace in all circumstances. The Lord will never give you something you can’t handle, and we are thankful to be on a team together. Through any season of life, prayer and communication are vital to our marriage, and at the end of the day, we just have to find a reason to laugh!

We’re so grateful to Amanda and Tyler for sharing their hearts and home with us! Be sure to follow along with them:
Amanda Marie Portraits
Amanda’s instagram
Tyler’s music

Friends, any favorite spots in their home? I think mine is those hot pink planters!!

P.S. We’d love to hear from you! Our hope is to feature REAL couples in the South – your inspiring friend, super talented cousin, or neighbor with the cutest house – the kind of person everyone would love to “e-meet.” If that sounds like you or someone you know, take a peek at our Southern Newlywed submission page and shoot us an email!

emily Written with love by Emily
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    I love your style Amanda! Especially those golden animal wall sculptures.

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