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This past weekend, my husband BDK and I had a fun little trip to the Boca Beach Club planned. Research for the Honey List, you know. Let’s just say it was a blast, but more on that later!

Our Southern Delicacy mini-series is taking a beach trip as well – to Charleston! I know, jealous! Our Southern Delicacy of the week is the benne wafer, and according to the Olde Colony Bakery, “the benne wafer perfectly represents the fine taste and heritage of the Charleston, South Carolina area.” Having never tasted benne wafers (shame!) I cannot concur without further research.

Benne wafer photo by She Wears Many Hats; benne wafer favor photo by Veil and Bow via Style Me Pretty

I can, however, give you a little taste (pun-intended) of what my research found! Benne wafers are unique to the Lowcountry (the region located along South Carolina’s coast), and have been around since the Colonial era. The benne (the Bantu word for sesame) wafer is a thin cookie, made of toasted sesame, and has a almond-y or peanut buttery flavor. The original recipe was brought over from East Africa in the 17th century, and wafers are still made by hand today. Not local to Charleston but still looking to get your hands on this great Southern treat? Try Olde Colony Bakery, Market Street Munchies, or Byrd Cookie Company.

An additional detail for brides? According to Bantu folklore, eating the benne wafer is said to bring good luck; I think the luck alone is a perfect reason to serve this yummy treat at a wedding! (Well that, and its fabulous Southern history!) These sweet little cookies would also be perfect as a wedding favor or tucked into a welcome bag.

Looking to try your hand at benne wafers? Discover South Carolina has the recipe for traditional preparation of this delicacy for y’all!

Have you tried benne wafers? How do they rank among fabulous Southern treats, in your opinion?

P.S. Is this making you hungry? Check out our first feature in this series – grits!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Amy reply

    Oh, I love benne wafers! Living here in Charleston they are a MUST when shopping at the Market or to have on hand for visitors. In fact, I love these little delicious treats so much, I’m planning a Benne Wafer Bar for our wedding! Southern Sisters Bakery ( sells their wafers downtown at the Market and have adapted the original recipe to include some new favorites like pecan, gingersnap and lemon cooler. Oh I’m getting a craving just thinking about them!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Okay, a Benne Wafer Bar?! SO awesome! Thanks for sharing the Southern Sisters link, I’ll have to check out those flavors! xo, Marissa

    • avatar Lindsey reply

      Amy: I definitely think Olde Colony Bakery makes THE BEST benne wafers. They have the perfect yummy flavor and crunch every time. You can buy them all around town and on their website – They are the home to the original benne wafers although my favorite cookie of theirs is the raspberry sassy or the key lime cookies.

      We’re putting them out at my wedding along with the candy and pies from Michigan. It is good luck after all :-)

  2. avatar Barbara stevens reply

    Hope that you had a lovely birthday. I have many fond memories of the Boca Hotel and Resort. My husband and i even went to prom there many moons ago.

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Southern Delicacy: Grits

by in Main, Southern Food on

My husband BDK and I are completely obsessed with Scott Cochran. If you’ve ever been to an Alabama game, you’ve seen this fellow on the sidelines yelling and bouncing, or up on the jumbotron with his famous “yeah yeah yeah yeah!” Last night, we spent a good hour watching YouTube videos of him and his motivational speeches. Seriously, this guy wakes up on fire and never stops! Y’all, I promise I’m going somewhere with this…

Like college football and saying yes and no ma’am, FOOD is crazy important in the South! So much so that it inspired us to begin a new Southern Weddings mini series: Southern Delicacy. Beginning today, we’ll all learn a little more about the yummiest (and yes, sometimes the wackiest!) grub in the country!

Image credit: Luster Studios

What better Southern food to start with than grits? Originating from the American Indian culture, grits are now most commonly found in the Southern United States. They are mainly eaten at breakfast, and made from coarsely ground corn. Grits are often seasoned with salt or sugar, but true Southerners serve them with cheese, butter, country ham red-eye gravy, or – my personal favorite – shrimp! Grits are one of those foods that you either love or hate – there really isn’t an in-between. A cousin of mine thinks they taste like “dirt”! I tend to disagree with her. I do agree that the texture is a bit grainy, and plain they can be a bit bland, but with the right amount of butter and cheese mixed in, they’re rather yummy. Think more ground popcorn than dirt!

Image credit: First two images from Martha Stewart Weddings (here + here); grits sign photo by Melissa Schollaert via Southern Weddings; next two images by Veil & Bow via Style Me Pretty (bag design by Sarah Jane Winter); grits favors by Calder Clark (photo by A Bryan Photo)

Grits make a great Southern addition to any wedding menu, but don’t stop there! We love the idea of a mix your own grits bar, and a shrimp and grits appetizer station would be perfect to start your reception off on a Southern note. I also adore the idea of adding a personal touch to favors by tucking a bag of grits and a copy of your grandmama’s best recipe into some pretty packaging for guests to enjoy at home.

What’s your favorite Southern food? Let me know in the comments below, and you might see your name and favorite food up in lights! (Okay, in my next feature. Who needs lights anyway?)

Melissa Schollaert is a fabulous member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Perryn reply

    LOVE It! We had a Grits Bar at our wedding and it was amazing! (of course some of our northern friends weren’t fans…) But it is such a wonderful Southern touch..and Very yummy! P

  2. avatar Liz reply

    I have been on the hunt for small bags of grits for wedding favors— any suggestions???

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Hi Liz! Any small muslin bags with a drawstring will be great, but I’m a BIG fan of these adorable muslin bags with mason jar thank you’s printed on them.×5-set-of-25 Good luck! xo, Marissa

  3. avatar Annie reply

    Grits are so good! My husband and I got married in VA, and we had grits at our rehearsal dinner (a fun Southern-style dinner) and at the brunch the next day.

  4. avatar Katie reply

    One of the best memories of my wedding has to do with grits! Seeing this post, I have to share. There is a grist mill in my hometown that still makes grits the old fashioned way – fresh ground with a stone and no preservatives. I was going to do them as favors in little muslim bags with our new initials handstamped on them. I picked up my order of freshly ground grits 2 days before the wedding and stayed up all night with my dad bagging away. The next morning, over breakfast no less, my mom and I noticed weevals in the grits! We both started crying, with a little laughter mixed in! I was terrified to send my guests home with bugs in their grits! (especially my in-laws to be from New England!)Turns out the mill had ground the grits a week to early! We fixed it though with a trip to the grocery store to pick up store-bought stone ground grits with perservatives!!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      Oh, Katie! That is horrible, but I do see why y’all laughed! I’m glad to hear that it ended up working out in the end! Thanks for sharing your story! xo, Marissa

  5. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I ABSOLUTELY must agree that grits are amahzing. Gouda grits? yes! Cheddar grits? yes! Mixing bacon and eggs into your grits? yes! stone ground grits? more please! Shrimp and grits is the BEST.

    • avatar Sierra reply

      We are definitely on the same page… I don’t eat grits unless I mix bacon, eggs and cheese in there (sort of like how I prefer a loaded baked potato)!

  6. avatar Kelly reply

    I love love love my Granny’s cheese grits! Favorite food ever. I do have an addition to your perfect-accompaniments-to-grits list, though: bacon! As much as I’m not one of those people who likes to put bacon on EVERYTHING, the salty crunch of bacon goes perfectly with stone-ground grits! Yum! :)

  7. avatar Laura reply

    Although I’m a born and raised Southerner, I never was much of a fan of grits, fortunately when I started dating my boyfriend, he opened my eyes to their wonders :)

    But I have to say that my favorite, quintessential, southern food has to be corn bread! I’m going to insist that corn bread and biscuits be served at my southern spread reception (family style of course!) with lots of fresh butter and preserves at the ready.

  8. avatar BrittanyElizabeth reply

    hmmm, I think by far one of my favorite southern foods is the Barbeque! :] It’s just so good! And no other place does it better than the south! :] But grits are pretty good too! My fiance likes his with syrup! :]

  9. avatar AmandaR reply

    FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!!! Man alive, they’re good and fancy people even eat em and add special “coulis” and what-not to em. We are having them as an appetizer during the cocktail hour at our wedding in June. Oh ya, mac n’ cheese too! I love food.

  10. avatar Vanessa reply

    I love this idea! I’m from PA but my father is from the south so I’ve grown up eating grits and obviously love them! :)

  11. avatar Jackie Briggs reply

    My daughter is planning a Charlston wedding within the next year. Since we are true “grits lovers,” we’d love to send guests home with a favor of grits. Any suggestions on where to purchase, how to package, etc. small samples of grits? Thank you!

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