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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another Emily Plans a Wedding post! Yeehaw! :)

I thought I’d use the next two posts to chat about one of my favorite topics: flowers! Today I’ll introduce you to our florist and share some of my favorite personal flower inspiration, and then next time we’ll talk ceremony and reception florals.

First, I’ll come right out and say it: I like some unusual flowers. Oh yes, I love garden roses and peonies as much as the next gal (oh, do I ever love them!). I also adore ranunculus, sweet peas, dahlias, gardenias, and pretty much every other fluffy or ruffly flower known to (wo)man. However, I also have a sweet spot for mock orange blooms. Clematis and dogwood flowers are two of my very favorites. Poppies, camellias, hellebores, and azaleas will also, fingers crossed, be making an appearance at our wedding. Lastly, I can’t get enough of mixing fruit and berries with florals — some of my favorites are crab and lady apples, blackberries, and figs.

Two of my favorite bouquets: on the left, an anemone, ranunculus, garden rose, and peony bouquet by MG Floral (photo by Melissa Schollaert – see more here!), and on the right, an anemone, rose, sweet pea, and jasmine vine bouquet by KLF Floral (photo by Stephanie Williams)

Working with a florist who could source and comfortably incorporate all of these interesting materials was super important to me. Our florist was one of the first vendors we booked (even before photographer, I think!), and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. We found Elisabeth of Blush Floral Design through a recommendation from my planner friend, Candice of Jubilee Events. Elisabeth and I chatted over the phone about my style and some of my ideas, and I could immediately feel that she understood me. After our call, she sent me over some samples of her work which she felt matched what I’d been describing, and she was spot on! Her work is soft and sculptural and a little bit wild, but still refined — just like I like it! Here’s a peek:

All bouquets are by Elisabeth and from her blog. Photo credits: Charlotte Jenks Lewis, Katie Slater, Charlotte Jenks Lewis, and JAG Studios

Of course, I have plenty of inspiration of my own that’s been building in my Pinterest boards (in fact, Elisabeth probably thought I was a little cuckoo when she opened up that email!). Want a peek?

Credits: Poppy and cabbage rose bouquet by Lindy Floral (photo by Ryan Ray via Wedding Chicks); mock orange and garden rose bouquet by La Fleuriste (photo by Lori Paladino via Grey Likes Weddings); white sweet pea bouquet by Salt Harbor Designs (photo by Millie Holloman); dogwood, tulip, peony, and lilac bouquet by Michelle Rago (from Martha Stewart Weddings); dahlia, garden rose, jasmine, and sweet pea bouquet by The Green Vase (from Martha Stewart Weddings); ranunculus, dusty miller, anemone, snow hydrangea, and silk daisy bouquet by Mindy Rice (photo by Elizabeth Messina via Style Me Pretty); garden rose, rose, ranunculus, and dusty miller bouquet by Quatre Coeur (photo by Elisabeth Millay)

LOVE! I’m still trying to decide if I should go all white for my bouquet (with some soft green lambs ear for texture) or mix it up a bit with the palest pinks and peaches. Either way, I plan to tie some sort of pale blue wide ribbon or bow around the stems.

For the gents, I’m also undecided. I might just forgo boutonnieres altogether, as I’m not a fan of most designs. Plus, I feel like they start looking kind of sad after the first hug! If we do go with bouts, I think we’ll do a simple small white flower (like a ranunculus or mini garden rose) paired with lambs ear. I also love blackberries in boutonnieres, but worry they might smoosh.

Credits: Blackberry boutonnieres by The Green Vase (photo by Jen Huang); mini garden rose boutonniere by Shea Hopely (photo by Brooke Images via Southern Weddings); lambs ear boutonniere by European Flower Shop (photo by J-Anderson Photography); white boutonnieres by Holly Flora (photo by Steve Steinhardt via Style Me Pretty)

To finish, I thought I’d give you a few of my tips for those of you still looking for the perfect florist:

1. Ask those you trust for recommendations. They could be from a vendor you’ve already booked whose style you love (they’re at weddings every weekend, and they remember the good stuff and the nice people!). They could also be from a curated online vendor resource, like our Blue Ribbon Directory!

2. Don’t try to change them. Just like you wouldn’t hope to fundamentally change your mate, don’t expect a vendor to stray far from her preferred style. If you don’t like the style of the arrangements or bouquets in their portfolio, you probably won’t like what they produce for your wedding. If you’re unsure, ask them to send over some examples of past work that they think fits with your style, like Elisabeth did for us (make sure you have an initial conversation first, of course!).

3. Be realistic about your budget. Many florists post a minimum on their website. If your budget does not come close, don’t expect them to make an exception just for you. If you are pretty close to their minimum, though, it doesn’t hurt to ask (respectfully, of course). We’re going to come in below Elisabeth’s minimum, but she agreed to work with us anyway. Yahoo!

Check back next time for my ceremony and reception floral inspiration! And please, help me out with a question I’ve been pondering: should I go all white for my bouquet, or mix it up with a little bit of color? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Melissa Schollaert and Brooke Images are fabulous members of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kelly Sauer reply

    Oh you totally need a little color in your bouquet – something for the color in your cheeks!
    I love where you’re going with your ideas, Emily!

  2. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Hi Emily!
    All of these bouquets are gorgeous! I love the idea of incorporating color into your bouquet to mix it up a bit (even if it’s just a little). Pale pink or peach would be so pretty. And I love the use of blackberries in boutonnieres, but like you, would worry that they’d smoosh with a hug. Keep us posted on what you decide!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Will do, Elizabeth! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out, either!

  3. avatar Alana reply

    Oh definitely do a little touch of color! Will look so pretty against your dress and in photos! AND- as a floral designer, I have worked with the blackberries before and the ones cultivated for decorative use are actually much, much firmer…not very squishable! Or even a little lambs ear with a few sprigs of fresh herbs, such as lavender or rosemary could make a handsome boutonniere! Either would surely be a unique and beautiful touch : )

    • avatar Emily reply

      So glad to hear that about the blackberries, Alana! I will keep that in mind :)

  4. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    Your ideas are elegant and beautiful! I love color in a bridal bouquet – as a matter of fact, my bridesmaids will have a more monochrome bouquet and I’m going to have a large assortment of colors in mine! I want my bouquet to stand out. I think THIS – – is so brilliant. One flower that POPS. Then, it’s a win-win!

  5. avatar elisabeth reply

    So excited for your wedding day Emily– I Can’t wait to take all your ideas and create the most gorgeous day for you! I’m looking forward to incorporating your dream flowers into the floral decor and then adding in a few surprises too! Love this post and fun to hear other bride’s thoughts on all your ideas!

    • avatar Sierra reply

      I don’t know about y’all, but I have LOVED following Emily’s wedding planning journey. So helpful, and I can’t wait to see all of this come together!

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  8. avatar Taylar reply

    I’m having the same dilemma!!! But I’m thinking you should throw a little bit of color in there to spunk it up. :) I’m pretty sure I’m going to do the same!

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It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another Emily Plans a Wedding post!

I had a hard time figuring out what to name this post, because we’re not really talking about reception details today – at least, not in the small and pretty sense. No, today I wanted to talk about the big blocks – the big rentals.

As you may recall from one of my first posts, our reception is being held outdoors. The tent will be in the Sunken Garden of The O’Neill, with cocktail hour taking place just outside, on the porch and lawn of what I call the Yellow House (and what I think the O’Neill calls the Hammond Mansion). Here’s the pulled-back view, with my notes:

Let’s walk through this chronologically, shall we? Cocktail hour is up first. As of right now, I think we’re going to do passed and set glasses of Prosecco, white wine, and blackberry lemonade during this time, then open the full bar under the tent. On the porch, then, we’ll have one simple 6- or 8-foot table covered with a linen at each end — one for drinks, and one for the cheese/fruit/bread business. Here’s a closer look at the porch:

Imagine a pretty table instead of a picnic table, and a green and white striped awning instead of metal bars.

On the lawn, we’ll have a few high-top cocktail tables for guests to cluster around. I haven’t decided yet if we’ll do floral arrangements or just candles on these. Guests are at cocktail hour for such a short time, and are so busy during it, that I’m guessing they would hardly notice the difference, and it pains me to pay for something like that when it doesn’t really matter to me, either!

The O’Neill also has this interesting little area off to the side of the porch (outside of the walled garden):

I’m thinking it will be a great space during cocktail hour, but I’m not really sure yet what I’ll do to enhance it, if anything. Maybe just candles on the rock ledges, or custom pillows on the chairs? Any suggestions are most welcome.

After cocktail hour, guests will move into the tent. I am SO excited to say that the tent itself will be a Sperry. This is for sure a splurge, as a normal pole tent would have shielded guests from the elements just as well. However, the price differential was not as much as I had initially expected, and in talking to vendors and other brides, it seems like the “feel” that a Sperry tent as opposed to a regular tent can give an event is more than worth the price difference. Plus, since the sheer loveliness of a Sperry means fewer decorations or add-ons (like a tent liner or pole treatments), perhaps we’re saving money in the long run?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sperry Tents, let me introduce you. You can recognize these beauties by their swooping, dramatic peaks, gorgeous sailcloth and pine pole details, and merrily waving flags – my absolute favorite detail. The flags can even be customized to match your wedding colors! Here are a few of my favorite images:

Credits from top to bottom: Cramer Photo via Snippet & Ink, Eric Barry, Landino Photo, Lisa Rigby, two by Justin & Mary, and Weddings by Two via Snippet & Ink

These tents take on a life of their own after dark.

Credits, top to bottom: Snap! Photography, Iris Photography, courtesy of Sperry, and Justin & Mary

Gorgeous! I have been so pleased with my interactions with my local Sperry office, too. They’ve been polite, courteous, and prompt, which, unfortunately, is not something I can say for every vendor we’ve been in contact with!

Now, what will go under that tent? As you may recall, we’re planning an unusual food service, which means we won’t be doing the typical chairs and tables things. Instead, we’ll be doing a mix. We’ll have several high-top cocktail tables:

Credits, left to right: Mel & Co and Gia Canali

We’ll also have a few smaller round tables to seat 4-5 guests each. I’m thinking 36″ or 48″ rounds, about the size pictured below.

Jen Fariello

For chairs, what I really want is these bamboo beauties:

via Ariella Chezar

They’re less formal than chivaris, but fancier than folding chairs – perfect for an elegant garden evening wedding. Happily, they’re also fairly reasonably priced – usually about $4 per chair, from my research. However, I have not been able to turn up a single rental resource for these in the New England area. If you know of a source, please help!!

If I can’t find my bamboo pretties, then we’ll probably go with something like this, a dark stained folding chair.

A Bryan Photo

Lastly, we’ll have two lounge areas. We haven’t nailed down these rentals yet, but here are a few I like:

Image credits: Lisa Lefkowitz, Michael & Anna Costa, via Matthew Robbins, and personal photo

Last but not least, we will have a dance floor from which to enjoy our awesome music. I have my fingers crossed for a black and white one.

Image by Abby Jiu, via Southern Weddings

Tell me: Are you having a tented reception? What sort of chairs are you having? And do you have a New England source for my bamboo beauties??

Up next: As long as I get my act together and get them out the door, it will be our save the dates!

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emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Kelly Cummings reply

    Gorgeous tents, I love those merrily waving flags too! Your wedding is going to be amazing!

  2. avatar Emily reply

    Lovin those tents!! Our wedding is at a very large house also. With a tent. And I totally underestimated how stressful the rental situation would be. ($8,000 for twinkle lights in the tent?!) Glad your rental process is going smoothly! Wish I could help with those gorgeous chairs!

    • avatar Emily reply

      GOODNESS, Emily!! No one should be charging you $8,000 for twinkle lights!! Hang those babies yourself! Just for reference, we’re getting string lights around the perimeter of the tent from Sperry, and they charge $.85 per foot, so it will be about $150 for our whole tent. Hope that helps!

  3. avatar AmandaR reply

    Your wedding keeps sounding more and more like my own wedding I am planning! Love black and white dance floors – must have. Great plan for the tents! Love them and I am jealous. My mom and I wanted pole tents (I assume the same as “Sperry” tents??), but the dimensions and square footage limitations of the back yard at her house made a pole tent impractical. Her back yard is an English garden with a brick wall and box woods, which limits where tents can be placed. So we went with a frame tent (not as pretty) AND it is more expensive than the pole tent our vendor offers. UGH! I think you will be extremely pleased with your Sperry splurge! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with next!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Great minds think alike, Amanda! :) And while I think Sperry tents would classify as pole tents, not all pole tents are Sperry tents (if that makes sense…). Just wanted to clarify!

  4. avatar Kelly reply

    Love keeping up with your wedding plans! Looks like it’s going to be lovely! While we would’ve loved to have an outdoor reception with a Sperry tent, our hot July date required an indoor facility. We’ll still be hanging swags of Italian string lights and trying to make the most of the barn space. Good luck finding the bamboo chairs!!!

    • avatar Emily reply

      I’m sure your barn space will be just lovely, Kelly! And congratulations on your engagement — I know you were waiting for it! :)

  5. avatar Meredith reply

    I’m so in love with Sperry tents! This post makes me so excited for your wedding, Emily!

  6. avatar Jennifer @EsqEvents reply

    have you tried calling NECR?

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Jennifer! Someone actually suggested NECR on Twitter yesterday, and I’ve already emailed them! The chairs themselves are very reasonably priced, but the delivery fee is a little much considering we’re based in CT and they’re in MA. However, they’ve been super helpful, and have helped me think of some alternative options! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  7. avatar Jennifer reply

    Love the plans so far. Have you considered some type of luminaries for that little stone seating area? Maybe some ribbons or lanterns in the trees? Good luck on your chair hunt.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi Jennifer! I most definitely have! I’m kind of strangely enamored with the look of candles on stone walls, so we’ll definitely be doing something like that. Hanging some votives or lights in the trees could be so pretty, too!

  8. avatar Desiree reply

    Hey Emily, great post! :) I wanted you to know that towards the end of December, I successfully pulled off this fun cocktail reception style at my last wedding of 2012. It was a joint effort with the catering BOE, band, & myself. We coordinate flights of food to come out with certain phases of music & the 36in rounds with 4 chairs, plus some high-tops, & 5 lounge areas was more than enough to give ppl a rest…but most of the time they were shakin their groove thangs! It was really awesome to see – not a lull in the whole evening. I’ve used those awesome bamboo chairs at 2 of my weddings down here…too bad New England isnt as into the island-y look as my beach brides…hmm, good luck! OH OH and as far as your cocktail tables, what I suggest to brides is to have lots of your photos printed (engagement, of your first home, from school, from when u were dating, family, as kiddies, pets, etc) & frame them with little tags that have ‘conversation starters’ or ‘fun facts’ on them. Like, “did you know that the newlyweds met at a football game?” next to a pic of you two, ahem, at a football game..”Emily & her beau plan on going to >> for their honeymoon, what do you suggest they see?”. Stuff like that. No flowers, candles or expensive decor needed. And then, you can just reuse the frames for your wedding photos afterward! :)

    • avatar Emily reply

      So glad to hear something similar to what we’re planning worked out for you, Desiree! And I like your cocktail table idea, too!

  9. avatar Allie reply

    Try New England Country Rentals. They’re out of Massachusetts, but they work in all of New England (thank goodness!) and they have those bamboo chairs you like. I am finding them very useful, slightly more pricey, but really great. Hope this helps!

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Hey, y’all! Welcome back to Emily Plans a Wedding! After my last post, which was quite long, I’ve got a bit of a simpler one to share with you today. Let’s talk about music!

I’m going to leave the ceremony for another day, and just concentrate on what we’ll be listening to at the reception in this post.

Right. So there are a few things you should probably know going into this discussion:

1. My taste in music is embarrassing. As in, it doesn’t embarrass me, but it probably should. One way to figure out if I’ll like a song? If your Grandma danced to it, it’s probably my groove. For real. I love big band and swing, and almost every song that was produced in the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Sam Cooke, Frank Sinatra, The Young Rascals, The Marvelows, The Contours, The Pointer Sisters, The Supremes, Glenn Miller… yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, please.

2. John does not enjoy dancing. Actually, that’s not true — he does enjoy dancing, and he is a good dancer, but he’s also kind of shy, and prefers to bust a move in the kitchen while cooking dinner instead of in the middle of a crowd on the dance floor.

3. I firmly believe that the number one factor that determines whether or not a dance floor is full is not the quality of the band, but whether or not the bride and groom are cutting a rug. And since we want a dance floor as full as this one below, we needed to figure out the best way to get John to shake his tail feather.

A Bryan Photo

Luckily, I was armed with the one memory I have of him actually pulling me onto the dance floor: our college senior formal. A live big band/swing band played that night, and we both loved it. We weren’t the only ones, either: all of our classmates were on the dance floor, too, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t all share my particular taste in music. There’s just something about those tunes that make people want to dance, regardless of their normal musical preferences or age! Ever since that night, I knew we needed to have a band at our wedding.

Can’t you just picture us cutting a rug like this? Photos by Brooke Schwab and Brooke Courtney.

We’ve requested info and demo CDs from a few bands, and are close to making a decision. The other day, though, I had a bit of a revelation: as much as I LOVE me some oldies, I also have a weakness for, umm, Rihanna. I was totally fine with not hearing her at our reception, but then, as John and I were car-dancing to “We Found Love” the other day (come on, you know you do it, too!), he said, “Why aren’t we going to play this at our wedding?” Excuse me?

Now that we are both at least tentatively interested in hearing Rihanna at our reception, we’ve come up with a possible new plan: the band plays for all but the last hour of the reception. With an hour to go, we switch over to an iPod playlist (piped through the band’s system, which will already have been set up to cover their breaks) and some more contemporary tunes. Creating a playlist ahead of time will allow us to pick songs that have a similar vibe as the band, so I’m hoping the transition wouldn’t be too harsh.

Both photos by Bryan Johnson

Since this is SUCH a new plan (literally hatched this week), I’d love to get some feedback. What do y’all think? Should we just stick with the band for the whole night? Should we go ahead and switch over at the T-1 hour mark? Will the transition be too harsh? Will it be weird to have an empty platform after the band leaves? Have any of you tried something similar? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

P.S. In case you missed a post…
The main characters
Where we’re getting married
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I ponder bridesmaid style
Mini food!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar uberbrides reply

    Our idea? A combo – The band IS going to take a break or two. That’s just the facts when they are playing 110%. To fill the gaps, work with a Pro DJ that you love to craft a dance playlist that can be run from an iPod.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hi uberbrides! We don’t really have a budget for a professional DJ since we’re already spending the money on a band, but we’re hoping a carefully crafted playlist, on a professional sound system, managed by professionals (the band members) will do the trick!

  2. avatar Lindsay reply

    Great thoughts! We had a band and it was a huge sticky point with our parents, but it was worth every single penny. People danced the entire night! I saw people dance that I have never seen dance including my new hubby and his brothers. It was a blast! I still have guest talking about them. I would talk to the band about what they recommend. Ours said that they usually play jazz type music during cocktail hour, light music during dinner, oldies to get the party started and when it was going they switched to more pop music. It was a nice transition and worked out really well. By the last hour everyone is having so much fun, they will want to pep it up a bit. Good luck!

  3. avatar Clair F. reply

    Love that idea! I would like to do a mix of a fun band and then more contemporary music on an iPod. Let us know how that turns out!! I’m curious!

  4. avatar Amanda Noel reply

    We are actualy switching between ipod and band throughout the night since the band we have is a “friendor” and we want to be able to give them long breaks to try the food and join the fun! I think as long as your sound system is good enough and you are enjoying the mix you will be fine! It should really only take you a song or two to transition between any style. And you will probably judge the transitions harsher than anyone else so if you are happy, your guests will be too!!

  5. avatar Katie reply

    Don’t be embarrassed! Oldies, motown, swing…it wouldn’t be a southern wedding without a big band!! I think you may be surprised at how many pop songs must big bands cover, which would eliminate the need to switch over to an ipod (which may be a buzz kill if the crowd thinks the party is over as the band exits and tears down their equipment). My fiance’ and I were at a wedding recently and when the big band lead sister busted out “Party in the USA” the crowd went NUTS! Good luck planning!

    • avatar Emily reply

      Hey Katie! The only thing is, if I’m hearing Rihanna (or a country song, or whatever else we’d choose to put on our iPod mix) I think I’d want to hear the original version, not the band’s version. We’re choosing our band based on their repertoire of swing and big band tunes, so I’m not sure if they’d be able to (or I’d want them to!) play all of our current favorites.

      And yes, it would DEFINITELY be a buzz kill if the band starts taking down their equipment, so we’re going to have to figure out a way around that!

  6. avatar Hi-Fi Weddings reply

    I’m a HUGE music buff, and I love seeing what type of music couples choose to be on their Big Day soundtrack. I LOVE the idea of a band and an ipod! It’s the best of both worlds! It’s also a way for you to have the songs you truly adore serenade you on your wedding day (cause uh, someone try to tell me Sam Cooke doesn’t make you weak in the knees).

    As long as the music on the ipod has the same volume as the band, I don’t think it would be a huge deal. As far as the empty platform – you could always make that part of the dance floor one the band is off…maybe?

    Good luck picking out the tunes! I have a whole site dedicated to this if you need any help along the way :)

    PS – If you did go the ipod route I’d LOVE to know what you put on your mix ;)

  7. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    This is my idea – find the best of both worlds! A lot of good musicians can play contemporary stuff as well as old school and/or original stuff. Our guy plays dave mathews to usher to journey to ray lamontagne! They’re out there and they’re awesome!

  8. avatar Whitney reply

    I love that idea!!

    I feel like there is always one or the other, and generally a band (esp. a big band focused one) let’s you have all the “cutting a rug — partner” moments.. Whereas Top40s let’s you just cut a rug with whoever is around you, which is equally fun.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Exactly! The swing/big band is definitely more geared towards those with a date, and though I think most of our guests will have a date, I think it will be fun to just get everyone together on the dance floor at the end of the night!

  9. avatar Desiree reply

    Hey Emily! I really love reading about your snippets from your wedding planning. It’s an awesome peak into what my brides are going through {love}! I think since you’re getting a live band – ask them if they can incorporate some newer tunes (pick like 5-10 songs that they could learn, maybe?). I know my band leader was stoked bc he hadn’t heard of Zac Brown Band (this was over 2 years ago, btw) and he was so tickled to have learned some of their music for future gigs…all bc we really wanted to dance to Chicken Fried. And…yes, if you’re having a band, they’ll need breaks! So I think its a great plan to have a playlist ready for them to play in between…perfect time for “yellow diamonds in the skyyyy” :) xoxo

  10. avatar Kelly reply

    Go for it!!!! I’ve been to several weddings & dances where they do the more contemporary music at the end {when the older guests leave, usually}, and it’s always a huge hit!

  11. avatar ashley reply

    hi emily! i’m trying to plan my wedding now and had the exact same idea as you with having a live band for most of the night then wrapping up the last hour with a playlist. could you let me know how that turned out? would you recommend doing that or just having the band do more covers of songs we want? any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!

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