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This giveaway is closed. Thanks for participatin’ y’all!

Is it just me or do all y’all ladies just want to win every one of our 12 Days of Southern Weddings Christmas giveaways? They are just that good!

I’m so excited for today’s giveaway! Not only is Ashley one of my dear friends, she is a complete doll and her work is to die for! She even did my and BDK’s Christmas cards last year! I love all her stationery, but I am especially smitten with the Tailored Collection Holiday cards. They’re the perfect card for newly engaged or newlywed couples.

Win: One lucky belle (and/or beau) will win a set of 25 Tailored Collection Holiday cards to be customized by the fab Ashley Brooke.

To enter: There are four ways to enter:

1) Visit the Ashely Brooke Designs website and leave a comment on this post telling us how you’d customize your card if you win (Hair color? Pet?).
2) Follow @iloveswmag on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment with your Twitter handle letting us know.
3) Like Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook and leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know.
4) Link to this giveaway in your Facebook status! Make sure you tag us so that we can see you did so, and then leave a SEPARATE comment letting us know!

This giveaway will close EARLY, on Monday, December 5, to give Ashley time to whip up the winner’s cards! Best of luck, and check back on Monday for our next festive giveaway!

marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar cara reply

    The skin would be light for my husband + tan for me, with black hair for me, and hopefully bebe added in + little calico :)!!

  2. avatar cara reply

    I’m following iloveswmag! carabelladesign

  3. avatar Jessica H reply

    I would include both my pups- a Puggle & an Aussie. And I’d add some blonde highlights- and my guy would have blonde hair!

  4. avatar Jessica H reply

    I follow y’all on twitter @msjessicalynne

  5. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    I would customize blank cards so I could us them for birthdays, thank-yous and much more. I would have myself (light brown short hair) my husband (strawberry blonde) and our black/brown dachshund.

  6. avatar Dara reply

    I would be brown and so would my hubby to be. I’d be in heels either reading or painting my nails and he’d be photographing something or have his camera around his neck. And of course, we have to add our little baby – our dog!

  7. avatar Robbie reply

    I would need my glasses of course, and probably just wearing a casual outfit like jeans and flip flops (because I pretty much live in that), and my future husband would have his bald head, and khaki pants, with a computer or camera. :)

  8. avatar Emily reply

    I would definitely have him much taller than me. And wearing cowboy boots (he ALWAYS weras cowboy boots… hehe :) ) I would put red hair on mine and dark hair on him. He’d be wearing jeans and a button-down plaid top and I would be wearing jeans and a purple shirt. :)

  9. avatar Mary reply

    My hair would be blonde, his brown. Also, he is a whole foot taller than me! Ha! And we don’t have pets so maybe we could put one of our many electronic devices instead?

    Also, if the giveaway ends on Dec 25…how does that work for sending out these adorable holiday cards?

    • avatar Emily reply

      GREAT point, Mary! Thank you for the reminder. I’ve adjusted the deadline to give Ashley time to work her magic! :)

  10. avatar Mary reply

    I follow iloveswmag on twitter! @maryvickery

  11. avatar Brittany reply

    I would customize mine like the one on the Ashley Brooke Designs website with the girl showing off her ring! Blonde hair for me & dark hair for my man! Cute seaside outfits are a must!!

  12. avatar Brittany reply

    Following you on twitter!! @brittHOLLERway

  13. avatar Brittany reply

    I ‘liked’ Ashley Brooke Designs on facebook!!

  14. avatar Lauren Nicdao reply

    I would design the card with the hubs and I (he with brown hair in a suit and I with black hair in a red dress)…and then I would add the little golden retriever puppy I’m getting him for Christmas as a surprise! love these cards! thanks for the giveaway!

  15. avatar Blair Elsea reply

    Im following y’all on twitter! @b_elsea

  16. avatar katie reply

    i love these!! so cute to include the doggies! i have blonde hair and my sweet fiance is a redhead. we have two dogs–one lab mix and a boxer mix. we’re all hoping we win!

  17. avatar Kelsey reply

    These are so cute! I’d love to have one of my fiance and I. He would have to have a bowtie because he loves his so much, but I couldn’t leave out his glasses either!

  18. avatar Kelsey reply

    Following y’all on twitter @kelseydickerson

  19. avatar Kelsey reply

    “Liked” Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook.

  20. avatar Kelsey reply

    I made the giveaway my Facebook status too!

  21. avatar Kristy reply

    I would definitely customize with a picture of our dog, Jack.

  22. avatar Michelle reply

    If I won this giveaway, I would order the Plum color scheme and we would both be light skin color and my hair would be shorter and strawberry blond.

  23. avatar Michelle reply

    Following on Twitter (paw_mommy)

  24. avatar Michelle reply

    I liked the Ashley Brooke Design page on Facebook

  25. avatar Andrea I reply

    My fiance and I both have brown hair. We are actually having a Christmas themed engagement party. This would be perfect for thank you cards to send out afterwards! I also follow iloveswmag on twitter @andreainguanti

  26. avatar Amy Strickland reply

    I love the card as the example for the opening page for Holiday Style. That would definitely be my customization- my boyfriend, our dogs, and me! Too cute! (And, I may even take a few pounds off myself, too!)

  27. avatar Amy Strickland reply

    I liked Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook! Love her stuff!

  28. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    This is so cute! I would love this for Christmas! My husband and I are getting a puppy soon, and I’d definitely add Savannah (yes, good ole Southern name) to the card!

    • avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

      Other customizations would be that my husband Nate has light brown hair and green eyes, and I have dark auburn hair and blue eyes. Our new puppy is a yellow english lab so she would definitely have to be included. I love the emerald collection!

      I love her designs, and would love to do one of the other custom cards. My husband is a huge hunter and I am a former ballerina – complete opposites, but it works! Plus he’s 6’5″ and I’m 5’2″…would be interested to see what she came up with. :)

  29. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    Oh and of course I follow on Twitter…just tweeted about the cards @katieoselvidge

  30. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    Just liked her on Facebook too…my head is full of ideas! :)

  31. avatar Lindy reply

    I’d use the “plum” scheme and obviously change the hair color to red since I’m a redhead! We don’t have any pets, so I’d have to take out the little dog! These are so cute!!

  32. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I would pick the Ruby color scheme, two straight haired blondies with fair skin, signed Corey and Madelynne! So cute!

  33. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    @smaddogmiller follows y’all on twitter!

  34. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    I liked Ashley Brooke Designs on Facebook!

  35. avatar Madelynne Miller reply

    Told my friends about this contest on facebook!

  36. avatar Britney reply

    I love the emerald color scheme. My husband would be tan with dark brown hair and for me blonde hair with light skin. No baby or dog to add:(

  37. avatar Britney reply

    I follow ya’ll on twitter:) @bkg713

  38. avatar Britney reply

    I like Ashley Brook on FB too!

  39. avatar Katie O’Donovan reply

    Just checked out her website! She is so talented. I would keep both our hair and skin color the same and add his pup, Bella and my tabby cat, Tiger. And of course add our names -Katie and Beau!

  40. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    What cute cards! We would definitely have to include our chubby house cat Jasper.

  41. avatar Elizabeth P. reply

    Liked Ashley Brooke on FB!

  42. avatar Allyson L. reply

    We would have to include our Boston Terrier, Cooper, in his red bowtie. I like the party outfits that are in the samples on Ashley’s website. I would probably do the a red dress though. These would be so fun to send out!

  43. avatar Mandy V reply

    Love her work! My husband and I are newlyweds and just got a puppy. This would be so fun!

  44. avatar Mandy V. reply

    I follow you lovely ladies on Twitter. My handle is @mandyvolpe

  45. avatar Bridgett reply

    I’d definitely have her do our holiday cards next year with my husband, little lady and our growing baby. She’s the best!

  46. avatar Taylor J reply

    Ahh these are so cute! I’m going to have to bookmark this website. I would have to have the couple (light skin for both, light brown hair for me and black hair for the beau!) on the front in party gear with our little dachshund underfoot!

  47. avatar Jori reply

    I love the ruby scheme! I would have long brown hair and my husband would also have dark hair but it is really short. We would include our two dogs Weimaraner and English pointer and my husband would probably not be wearing a jacket. Think Ashleys work is great! Thank you for such a great giveaway!!

  48. avatar Taylor reply

    Ahh these are so cute! I’m going to have to bookmark this website. I would have to have the couple (light skin for both, light brown hair for me and black hair for the beau!) on the front in party gear with our little dachshund underfoot!

  49. avatar Susannah S reply

    Oh my gosh! So adorable!! I would have so much fun customizing these to our new family! I would definitely have to include our Wheaten Terrier puppy Beau in a matching beau-tie with my fiance Gardner:) Good thing for us the hair-color is already right on in the sample!

  50. avatar Susannah S reply

    and I obviously follow y’all on Twitter! @sstone716

  51. avatar Susannah S reply

    I have a new “liked” page on facebook too! Hopefully my friends will see that I like Ashley Brooke Designs and check her out too!

  52. avatar Megan reply

    I’d customize the male and female with dark hair and light skin and would dress us up in a christmas outfit! We have a toy schnauzer that we would add in the picture and would put him in a christmas sweater or scarf! I LOVE this idea! They are absolutely adorable!

  53. avatar AshleyHH reply

    This is so neat!!! I went to the University of Central Florida with Ashley! We had a class or two together Freshman year and even though we lost touch, it is so cool to see her with such success!

    If I won, I would customize the card by: Hair – Light brown/blondish hair for both my boyfriend and me. We don’t have a pet so maybe we would leave that out. The skin colors on the example are perfect. The color of the dress? Maybe purple or blue. If I could pay extra I would put my bf and I in cowboy boots. We are both always in them!! And our names are Ryan (RC) and Ashley.

  54. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I follow yall on Twitter!!


  55. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I definitely “like” her on Facebook.

  56. avatar AshleyHH reply

    I just tagged both yall and Ashley Brooke in a facebook status!!

    Thanks for so many opportunities to win!! =)

  57. avatar Brianna reply

    These are precious and I’ve been so caught up in wedding stationary that I haven’t even thought of holiday cards!

  58. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    I love the Tailored Holiday Collection! I would choose the Holiday Couple in the Plum scheme! My soon to be husband would have black hair, and I would have blonde! We don’t have a pet yet, although I’m pushing for a puppy, so if by luck I won him over then we would of course include our adorable new pet in our cards! Such a great giveaway! I’m loving learning of all these new stores and companies!

  59. avatar Emily Franklin reply

    And obviously I follow y’all on twitter, @emily_franklin!

  60. avatar Laura reply

    love these cards! It would be so cute with a blonde couple :)

  61. avatar Ariane Marsh reply

    I would personalize the cards with brunette hair and two orange kitties!

  62. avatar Lauren Nicdao reply

    Love these cards! How cute can you get? I would personalize mine with a dark haired girl and her cute curly haired fiancee accompanied by the puppy we are thinking about getting for christmas! (fingers crossed!)

  63. avatar Ariane Marsh reply

    I also “like” ABD on Facebook. I mean, who wouldn’t? ;)

  64. avatar Friday Fresh Squeeze | Floridian Weddings reply

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  65. avatar Laura reply

    They would be perfect just the way they are as far as colors! Would have to add my son and a few more dogs though! LOL

  66. avatar laura reply

    following on twitter @lauralong1

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  68. avatar Kassi reply

    I wouldnt change a thing! that couple with the puppy is perfect for us!

  69. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I absolutely love the “tailored collection” cards! All I need is to customize it to my fiance and I….we also cannot forget our black lab baby, Hank! :)

  70. avatar Carrie Joy reply

    I love these! OMG! I would change the hair to dark brown & would love to change the dress color to green. We don’t have a dog… but I do want a dachshund one day… so I might add one on there ;)

  71. avatar Carrie Joy reply

    I’m following iloveswmag! @carriejoyphoto :)

  72. avatar Carrie Joy reply

    I liked Ashley on Facebook too! Yay! She’s so cool :)

  73. avatar sarah reply

    I would be blonde, with a boston terrier, and my husband too (: love these!

  74. avatar Emily reply

    These are just the cutest darned thing I ever did see!! On my card, there would be a boy and a girl (my fiance and I). He would be wearing cowboy boots (his trademark, haha) jeans and a button-down plaid shirt. He would have dark brown hair with his beautiful doughy brown eyes (hehe). He would be significantly taller and I, and I would have red hair, brown eyes, and jeans and a royal/kentucky wildcat blue (our wedding color :) ) blouse on.

  75. avatar Emily reply

    I’m already followin’ y’all on twitter!! @emilywilson011

  76. avatar Emily reply

    I “liked” ashley brooke designs!!

  77. avatar Emily reply

    Tagged/linked in facebook! :)

  78. avatar Emily reply

    Scratch the whole elaborate one I posted a second ago. Just dark brown hair on him, red hair on me, blue dress on me, and a collie and we’re good to go!! It would say Merry Christmas…. from Emily & Johnathan :)

  79. avatar Sarah reply

    I would definately add in our dog!

  80. avatar Taylor reply

    Also, following @iloveswmag!


  81. avatar Laura reply

    I really wouldn’t have to change anything about the card you have pictured, except we don’t have a puppy :( Hopefully soon though!

  82. avatar Kristi reply

    All of her designs are adorable but my favorite is the Holiday Couple in the plum scheme. I’d dress him down a little…from the suit to khaki slacks and a button down. He’d have strawberry blonde hair and I’d have brown. I love the purple dress (its our wedding color)! We’d also include our puppy that we adopted from a rescue earlier this year. This is a great giveaway!

  83. avatar Melissa W. reply

    I love the tailored holiday couple in the ruby color scheme. Both of us would have brown hair. If I could have glasses, that would be great. Oh and maybe my hair pulled up:)

  84. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    it would include me, my husband, and our golden retriever!

  85. avatar Dana Laymon reply

    follow ya’ll on twitter! @danalaymon

  86. avatar Kennedy reply

    In our card, I would have red hair and my fiance would have brown. I would like us to both be wearing ugly Christmas sweaters! How funny!

  87. avatar lauren reply


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