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Can you believe we are moving into May next week?! The weather is getting warmer no matter what part of the United States you’re in.  This wedding will get you dreaming and longing for the white sand between your toes. Ashley + Zane held their nuptials on the Gulf Coast of Florida at {Carillon Beach}.  Ashley wore a beautiful gown by {Judd Waddell} and the bridesmaids sported dresses from {Bella Brides}.  The gorgeous flowers were by {Nouveau Flowers}.  Photography by {Vue Photography}.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. We have actually known each other for a long time. We are both from the same small town in Georgia but were several years apart in school, so we were never really around one another. We had two really great friends of ours start dating and they were instrumental in reconnecting us. We actually all went on a double date for our first date and 3 years later we were getting married!
Describe the proposal: We were on a week-long vacation at our favorite place (the beach) actually not too far from where we got married. Zane did a very good job of making me think he was not ready for marriage anytime soon. I had absolutely no clue that he was planning on proposing that week but all of our friends and family had a feeling that he was and they continuously made comments about it to him the week before we left. To throw all of them off, he waited until the last day that we were there to propose. Zane’s younger brother, John, came over to join us and we all spent that last day on the beach watching the clouds roll in, as there was a tropical storm headed in our direction! All day Zane kept saying he wanted to take a walk on the beach later but I was completely clueless that this meant anything. We came up from the beach later that afternoon and John and I wanted to go to the grocery store before the storm hit to buy something for dinner (their parents were on the way as well). Zane became very agitated but still, I was clueless. We made it back and still no rain so Zane and I headed to the beach for our “walk”. As we made our way down, the sun actually began to come out. We walked for a little ways and turned around to go back inside. Zane fell behind me (later, I found out this was because he dropped the ring! Later you will find out why this is so funny!) and I heard him say, “hey, I want to ask you something.” I turn around to find him ring in hand and down on one knee.
What attracted me to my husband was: Besides being the cutest guy I have ever known, his loving spirit and his thoughtfulness sealed the deal for me!
Why do you love your husband? I love him because he is so kind and so thoughtful and always lets me know how much he loves me. He is my best friend in the world and I love the fact that we can sit at home with each other and be happy not doing anything but being with one another.
What attracted me to my wife was: I would say her beauty from the outside and her beauty on the inside, I married my best friend. We do everything together and love it that way!!!
A date we went on that we’ll always remember: I would say the second date; “why do I say this is one I will always remember” well I asked her on the first date and I thought the date went very well but I never get too sure of myself. So when she asked me to be her date to her best friends wedding I knew the first date had gone well for her too and I really did not look back after the second date.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I actually love telling this story because I didn’t initially pick out my dress. My mother, future mother-in-law and I went to a bridal shop in Atlanta. I had a stylist assigned to me and I started by picking out about 10 dresses. I began to try them on and as the stylist noticed how the dresses were fitting me and what looked better, she said she had a gown she just had to see me in. The dress was actually not one that they had in the store. {Judd Waddell}, the designer, was there that day for a trunk show and it was one that he brought with him. She brought the dress to me, and it was the one. It was perfect! What was even more special was that I got to meet the designer and he sketched me in it! What a great keepsake from that day.
Describe your wedding flowers: We used white and green orchids in the wedding and they were absolutely stunning! Someone also said that they too looked fake because they were so perfect! I promise they weren’t!
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? The beauty of Ashley as she came over the beach walk-over as I waited for her by the ocean side…it’s one of those moments that only a guy can experience.

More to come from this Florida wedding!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar marian perry reply

    This wedding was every girl’s dream or should I say" fairy tale", The weather could not have been better, the food, the flowers, the decorations everything was perfect. This was truly a blessed day for the two of them. I will also have to say that the pictures are awesome. Of course, all of this is coming from the mother of the bride but take a look for yourselfand see that I am not at all stretching the truth. If anyone out there is planning a beach wedding take a look at this and seehow close to God you truly are with all of his magnificent creation.

  2. avatar Afton reply

    Absolutely stunning! I think I’m going to pinch some ideas for my own big day!

  3. avatar Alexis reply

    Wow…the photography is simply stunning!

  4. avatar Heather Woodworth reply

    VUE photography is amazing! What a gorgeous and unique wedding… love the photos, so creative! Love the drops of orchids and simplistic, put together details.

  5. avatar Flake4 reply

    Absolutely amazing photography. The photographer must have a natural born talent in the family tree.

  6. avatar Christy reply

    Stunning photography! Colors are amazing and the photographer captured the wedding perfectly.

  7. avatar Tana reply

    Absolutely fantastic photography! I wish VUE could do my wedding!!!

  8. avatar Chad reply

    Photos are so bright and vibrant, and I love the photographer’s unique perspective on the bride and groom’s special day. Somehow she always manages to capture those special moments in just the right way! Such talent…

  9. avatar Molly reply

    Gorgeous! So colorful and fun! The beach setup is sooo awesome!!

  10. avatar Eliz reply

    Love the attention to detail…this couple will love reliving their wedding through these images!

  11. avatar Holly M reply

    So great to see Genya on SW! Her work is amazing – I love the brides green and white colors and the orchids are gorgeous!

  12. avatar Jenn reply

    VUE photography ROCKS! I love these pictures – an amazingly talented photographer! Genya does a great job with family shots too!I love the story too – happy tears – I swear!

  13. avatar Mendy reply

    I attended the wedding and it and the bride were truly as beautiful as these pictures.

  14. avatar Hannah Brown reply

    VUE Photography like always rocked it. Absolutely gorgeous wedding.

  15. avatar Annalee reply

    What beautiful photographs!

  16. avatar Jillian reply

    This is a gorgeous wedding! VUE photography really captured the emotion of the day…absolutely amazing!! Beautiful flowers and really creative ideas! Love Love Love

  17. avatar lg reply

    This is awesome! I was there and is was every bit as wonderful as the pictures show. The setting, decorations, photography(wow, how those girls did labor!) food and cakes were incredible! Have you ever seen such a happy couple? Thanks to ALL who made is so special!

  18. avatar Natalie reply

    These are AWESOME pics! The most beautiful bride EVER! Ash you look gorgeous ! :)

  19. avatar Ashley reply

    The wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Perfect weather, gorgeous couple and a memorable time to celebrate with their friends and family!

  20. avatar Jess reply

    Beautiful!!! These pictures are amazing, I want my wedding to look exactly like this!

  21. avatar Ryan Van Horn reply

    I can only say WOW…the attention to detail is amazing.

  22. avatar Auntie L reply

    Oh my goodness! This wedding was absolutely gorgeous! It was perfect in every way and the VUE photography was fabulous! It was a pleasure to be a guest at Ashley and Zane’s wedding!

  23. avatar Joan reply

    Amazing! The pictures are fabulous. Ashley and Zane were blessed with gorgeous weather for the perfect beach wedding! It was an all together beautiful occasion for a beautiful couple!

  24. avatar Joanna reply

    Romantic story and romantic photos. I’m so impressed with VUE! You don’t see photography like this very often. It’s so gorgeous. And it just helps reflect the couples’ rare and genuine romance. I love it! Congratulations!!

  25. avatar MFEMFEM FOTB reply

    The wedding was actually the culmination,or may I say the crowning event ,of a great week spent with our family and friends. The setting was beautiful.The food was delicious.The band rocked.Such a great time for a loving and wonderful couple.

  26. avatar Kristen reply

    The wedding was beautiful, and these pictures are amazing. It was an honor to be a part of your day!!!

  27. avatar Pure 7 Studios reply

    these are awesome, you guys rock! xoxo

  28. avatar Connie reply

    Spectacular photos! Vue Photography does a beautiful job of capturing the essence of this important day, both from the bride’s and groom’s perspective. You can just feel the excitement and love.

  29. avatar Chris reply

    Gorgeous! What a lucky couple!! I have this same photographer (Vue) doing my wedding in just over three weeks (AAAAAAH!) and I’m almost as excited about getting my photos as I am about getting my husband!! :) She’s got an amazing eye…. it really brings out the happiness between this bride and groom. (I especially love the shot of them kissing as seen through the ring!) Congrats to the happy couple!!

  30. avatar Brittny reply

    Gorgeous bride, gorgeous groom, gorgeous pictures! Love!

  31. avatar Kristin reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful and creative attention that the photographer brought to even the tiniest of details. VUE did a great job of of bringing all of these details to life so that everyone can see the big picture, being that this was a GORGEOUS wedding, and an even more beautiful couple!

  32. avatar Blaine Palmer reply

    Amazing! Truly picture perfect!

  33. avatar Beverly reply

    I was not at the wedding, but heard it was perfect and simply breath taking! After seeing the pictures and the how VUE photographers captured the sweetest moments I can agree it was amazing!

  34. avatar Karoline reply

    What a beautiful wedding! The photography is AMAZING! VUE photography are more than photographers…they are ARTISTS!!!!! I want put on my wedding dress and have her take my pictures. Congrats to the beautiful couple.

  35. avatar Lori reply

    This wedding was absolutely stunning. The pictures show how beautiful the entire day turned out! Not only is Ashley and Zane the cutest couple EVER, but to have fantastic pictures in such detail is awesome too!!!

  36. avatar Lee reply

    WOW !!!! I absolutely love the beautiful pictures of Ashley and Zane’s wedding. What an amazing day captured by true artistry!

  37. avatar Leon reply

    Not one bit surprised over here! Genya at VUE Photography has an amazing signature look that you just have to love: bright, fresh and vibrant. Cheers- this one is beautiful!

  38. avatar Andrea reply

    This wedding looks magical. Beautiful couple, beautiful location, beautiful colors, and beautiful photography!

  39. avatar C. Griffin reply

    This was such a beautiful wedding! I wish I could have been there!

  40. avatar Brooke reply

    Ok this is totally random but did you by any chance try on wedding gowns at House of the Bride in augusta, ga? I work there and for some reason I feel like I have met you before! I know, totally random! Love the gown and the wedding!!

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Our guest blogger, Karen Tran, has previously created inspiration boards incorporating the traditionally-romantic colors of white and pink, but today she proves just how romantic blue can be!  Few hues imply love and life-long commitment like the iconic Tiffany blue.  As Karen says, step outside the box!  Look for more of Karen’s inspiring posts here:I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX ,X, XI and XII.

Oh the infamous light blue box wrapped in white ribbons! These romantic colors have tugged at the bride’s heart since the proposal, but who says it has to stop there? Here, at my engagement party I requested that all my guests to dress in white while the groom and I wore vibrant Tiffany blue. The entire décor wrapped around these two colors. Although not many blooms exist in the iconic Tiffany blue hue, your options are endless with containers, candles, ribbons and linens. Think outside the box when it comes to colors that are not available in blooms. Have fun with it!

All photos by {Darin Fong}

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
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  1. avatar Micha Everett reply

    Lots of my favorite color! Beautiful

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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Another wedding from {Jonathan Canlas Photogrpahy}.  Yes, Jonathan sent us another great wedding.  But there is more here then a cute couple, a Frank Sinatra inspired reception and amazing photography.  Nicole and Amelia (from our wedding earlier today) are sisters.  The two chose to marry back to back, on Friday and Saturday.  Although each place unique and different touches on their wedding, family and friends had quite a weekend with back to back weddings.  Congratulations to Nicole and Amelia’s parents that made it through with smiling faces (bottom left photo). Nicole + Josh had their “Frank Sinatra” reception at the {Grand America Hotel}.  The flowers were created by {Flower Patch}. Wedding cake by {Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes}.  Check out all the shots on Jonathan’s {Blog}.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story: Josh and I meet my senior year of high school. I just happened to be taking a college theatre class that he was in as well. We became really good friends and hung out for about 6 months until my cell phone broke down and I lost his number. I had no way of contacting him so we lost touch and he thought that I had ditched him. A year and a half went by and I found myself thinking about him more and more, which was weird because we were never even that serious. I knew that he was probably serving a mission for the Latter-Day Saint Church, but I had no idea where he had been called to. So after putting it off for a couple of months I wrote him a letter and just sent it to the Mission Training Center in Provo, Utah. I put in a description about all the facts I knew about him. I never thought that he would ever get the letter I just sent it out there so I would feel better about it. Two months went by and all of a sudden I got a letter from him, which shocked me. He was very enthusiastic and sounded really glad that my cell phone had broke down and I had not just been avoiding him. He had about five more months of his mission left so we wrote back and forth to each other very casually. In the back of my mind I wondered if we this was going anywhere but I did not want to get ahead of myself. Well five months went by and I knew Josh was coming home. I just assumed I wouldn’t see him for about 4 months, seeing how he just got back from his mission and was still probably a little weird (they abide by pretty strict rules on the mission so many come back and are very awkward with girls). But the next week I was coming home from a date with my then boyfriend and low and behold Josh was standing on my doorstep about to knock on the door. Obviously I was extremely excited to see him, but I tried to play it casual, probably not my best acting job, but I was able to maintain my composure. To make a long story short it was pretty much off to the races from there on. I immediately got rid of the guy I was seeing and pretty much spent every spare second with Josh that I could. It was like we’d never stopped being friends. We clicked immediately and became best friends again. And all he had to do to woo me was mention the fact that he loved golf and sushi and it was pretty much a sealed deal from there. Any sentence that contains golf and sushi makes me weak in the knees. So that’s our story. We were engaged six weeks later and then set to marry on December 27th 2008. And so far it’s been the best decision of my life.
What was the design inspiration for your wedding? I have always loved the concept of white, black, and red. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted my husband to wear a white tuxedo jacket at our wedding. To me it is suave and reminds me of Frank Sinatra. I feel that the “Frank Sinatra” era (as I look to put it) is timeless, and it worked out perfectly that we got married in the winter because my white dress and his white jacket looked incredible against the snow. And the red roses were what tied it all together.
Favorite design element of your big day: I have to say that I loved the room in which our reception was held. It was a beautiful room at the Grand America Hotel called “The Grand Venezia Salon” and it just had a great design to it, with yellow wallpaper and high white ceilings. The food was Italian themed, not to mention I was going for the Frank Sinatra style that I mentioned earlier, so the atmosphere reminded me of a warm Italian get together. Everything just tied together really well, and to top it off the music we made our entrance to was the “Godfather” theme song. So that really was just a fun moment for me and Josh.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I found out about this little boutique on Center Street in Provo, Utah and I pretty much walked with the mind frame that I was going to buy because I hate having to shop for hours on end, and to be honest I just wanted to get the dress part out of the way. I am not the typical bride in that I just don’t care about all the details; this is pretty much why I handed over the reins to other people to plan my wedding. All I really cared about was the food, the color scheme, and the honeymoon, other than that I left all the rest to Jean’s (my wedding planner/sister) judgment. I saw a dress I liked in one of their magazines at the store and asked if they had one in stock. They had only one in my size so I tried it on, looked at myself in the mirror, liked what I saw, and they had themselves a sale. They kept on asking me if I wanted to look at more dresses but I didn’t really see the need because I’m sure they had some other dresses there but I felt like the one I found was functional and actually complimented my figure, so I didn’t see the need.
Describe your wedding flowers: They were from The Flower Patch and they were all red roses.
Describe your wedding cake: It was made by Ambrosia Wedding Cakes. It had white frosting with a chocolate interior and had red ribbon around the three tiers.
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding? If possible hire or find someone else to do it. It saved me the hassle of doing it myself, which was greatly appreciated, especially during my finals, which was only one week before my wedding day.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future? I am a psychology major and planning on graduate school and Josh is a business major planning on law school. So right now we are finishing up our undergrad at Brigham Young University and hoping to move back to my hometown Washington D.C. and go to schools out there. I think Georgetown University is the place where we would both like to end up, but we are considering other possibilities on the west coast. As far as kids go we want to hold off until we have both finished school and at least have established somewhat of a career.

Congratulations to Nicole + Josh.  We wish you the best as you continue your education and your newlywed life.

Written with love by Southern Weddings
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