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Contest: KOLO

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As a proud scrapbooking nerd, I’m always looking for new ways of displaying my images and memories in fresh modern ways…. which is why I’m so excited about this week’s contest!  {KOLO} creates photo presentation and storage products that are modern, colorful, beautiful, high-quality and archival, so you can showcase your images in a form that will maintain quality for years. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and high-quality materials such as premium archival paper, tightly woven book linen, and soft and luxurious leather. Each can be applied to several different album sizes.  There are so many options! On top of this, customers can create thier own digital Kolo albums online and have their gorgeous albums mailed to them just days later.  Such a great gift idea!

Win:  The elegant cloth-covered {Kolo Newport album}. One lucky reader will be able to choose the color and album size, and will also receive extra album pages and archival-quality album-making accessories. On top of this, our winner will receive a copy of the beautiful and informative new book, {“Photo Album, The Essential Guide for Storing, Sharing + Keeping Photos”} by Vanessa Holden and Susie Cushner. This book, full of stunning photographs and tons of how-to information, is co-authored by a world-renowned photographer and designer team, who offer inside tricks of the trade for creating truly beautiful and personal photo albums. What a perfect way to learn about showcasing your gorgeous wedding images!

To Win: Leave a comment here telling us about your favorite wedding image of all time and why you love it!  It can be from your wedding or one you’ve seen on our blog or elsewhere.  (Leave a comment with a link to it here if possible) We will chose a winner at random.

Contest ends Tuesday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!!) at midnight.  Good luck, everyone!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar Leah Fite reply

    I love one of my own wedding pictures… It’s a photo of me and my father before we walk down the aisle. He’s smiling at the camera and I’m looking at him. I can remember the moment the photo was taken and I had that feeling that he was having as much fun as I was!

  2. avatar Cassie P. reply

    My future sister-in-law and brother-in-law have this silhouette photo of them kissing at sunset on a cliff over the ocean in her hometown. The colors are beautiful, the silhouette is romantic, and the location is very meaningful. For our wedding, I am trying to mimic the silhouette at sunset but want it at my favorite mountain in Phoenix (our hometown) overlooking the city with a cactus in the picture (it’s just so Phoenix).

  3. avatar Angelique reply

    I love, love, love KOLO…what an awesome giveaway. My favorite shot has been by our very own photographer shooting our wedding this August, Travis Hoehne: So grungy, but utterly chic. I love it!

  4. avatar Maggie @ Eat, Drink, Marry reply

    My all-time favorite wedding image is from my sister’s wedding, as my dad is walking her down the aisle. The way they are looking at each other – both grinning, and my sister so excited – is so classic and so THEM. It still makes me tear up like no other photo, five years later. Even though I’ve decided to have both of my parents walk me down the aisle next month instead of just my dad, that photo stands up for me as what having your parents – one or both – beside you in that moment is all about.

  5. avatar katie reply

    I love the picture of my grandparents on their wedding day. They look so happy and knowing how their love lasted makes me excited for my own marriage!

  6. avatar Lauren reply

    i can’t link to my favorite picture because it hasn’t been taken yet! my fiance and i will be married on june 20, 2009, at the same cathedral where my parents were married 35 years ago, almost to the day (june 22, 1974). we plan to recreate some of their wedding shots at our wedding. however, i’m sure my favorite shot will be something candid, captured by my photographer – josh malahy ( – who is amazing. i would use the kolo album for our photobooth guestbook. our photographer is using us as the guinea pigs for this popular new offering, which i asked him to do for us. we plan to hang some festive fabric in a corner at the reception and let our guests ham it up all night!

  7. avatar Patty reply

    My favorite image of all time…it is one I’ve seen of an engagement shoot. This is a time apart from the wedding (the guests, the activities, the dinner, family, etc.). The couple is a week away from their "big day" and taking time to spend with one another. They are in a secluded hill-y and woodsy area. Their expressions show peace, contentment, love, and utter anticipation of spending the rest of their lives with their best friend. I hope to have that same heart and expression before my wedding day. I do not want to forget the special meaning of the day. Thank you!

  8. avatar Missalisa reply

    What a great contest! The best image I saw was when my 90 year old grandparents got up on the dance floor and danced to some 80s music. It was classic!

  9. avatar Anita reply

    I don’t know if this counts as a wedding image, because it’s an engagement picture, but I really love this Max Wanger photo of a couple and a red balloon. I hope to find some sort of cool prop for my engagement photos as well. Thanks for offering the opportunity to win this Kolo album and the book – I’ve been drooling over the Newport Album for months now, and have so many great ideas for how I’d arrange wedding photos once I get them!

  10. avatar un-bride reply

    "all-time favorite" is tough … but I do love the image of JFK Jr. & Carolyn leaving the chapel. Such simple elegance.

  11. avatar brooke @ claremont road reply

    I have so many favorite images from our wedding day, but one that I always come back to and sigh with delight is this shot: This photo was taken just a few minutes after we saw each other for the first time on our wedding day and the contentment on our faces is just so clear. A little earlier I was nervous about the day and a tad perturbed that my husband’s boutonniere wasn’t delivered to the right place (hence why he is not wearing it in this photo), but once we saw each other, all was right with the world and nothing could go wrong at that point — we were just plain THRILLED to be marrying one another that day. Fortunately the day only got better and it was spectacular.

  12. avatar Steph reply

    I love images that capture the groom, just as the bride starts down the aisle. It’s so much fun to see the big grins on their faces. :)

  13. avatar Cortney reply

    My favorite wedding photo is from my parent’s wedding. They have an amazing marriage and that has added to the sentiment behind this photo. The photo is of my parents’ hands, one on top of the other, on top of a family Bible. The Bible belonged to my great grandparents, who also had an amazing marriage. When both of my grandparents passed my parents inherited the Family Bible. Today it sits in the entry of my parents’ house, I hope to incorporate the Bible in my wedding this fall.

  14. avatar kathleen reply

    I love pretty much anything shot by Our Labor of Love — I’m SO EXCITED they’re shooting my wedding! (I looked and tried to pick a standout, but it’s all incredible.

  15. avatar chandra reply

    My favorite wedding image is a photo of my parents dancing at their backyard wedding in 1976. It is a very sweet moment between them. My father passed away almost 10 years ago and I am now planning my own wedding in a few months, and that photo just brings tears to my eyes on so many levels. I would love to win this book and use it to feature family photos and wedding photos to display at my own wedding!

  16. avatar Jill Carpentier reply

    I’m traveling now, so I don’t have access to this photo I wish to describe: It’s one of those pictures that becomes even more meaningful over time. It was taken at my parents’ wedding reception in 1962 on a beautiful sunny day, in the backyard of the home where my mother grew up. The photo is black-and-white and shows my two great grandmothers, then in their 70s, in their cocktail-length dresses and lace-up black shoes, one wearing a flower-adorned hat and the other a little purse in her lap, and they are both laughing and swinging on a swing set. It’s priceless and is now framed and on display in my dining room. It elicits smiles from everyone who sees it.I don’t think I can win this contest because I’m related to a Kolo employee, but I couldn’t resist sharing — your contests are so much fun!

  17. avatar Emily @ Peach and Pearl reply

    Wow, this question is nearly impossible to answer – you’re really making us work for this prize! I’m not sure if I could ever pick just one favorite, but this one ranks pretty high up on my list ( Lily and John’s wedding is perhaps my most favorite of all, and the photo of them dancing together gets me every time.

  18. avatar Aylee Bits reply

    The photo was taken by the talented Kristin Spencer: When I read "favorite wedding image," I first tried to think of a favorite image of a bride and groom. But I realized no image really stuck to me. So I ventured to a different type of image – ones not of the bride and groom. And there it was. Flower girls are adorable and the flower girl in the photo holding the bridesmaids’ train is just one of a kind. It’s just the cutest thing.

  19. avatar Robyn reply

    My favorite photo is a picture of this bride staring adoringly at her husband as he says his vows. I just love it because her eyes sparkle from tears welling up, and you can only imagine the loving things he is saying to her. Link: Sweet. Full of Love.

  20. avatar Merideth reply

    My favorite wedding picture right now is not of my wedding (Since I am in the planning stages) It is from my photographer’s blog (Todd Pellowe). It is of a groom that gets pooped on by a bird. He is laughing and takes it all so well. It reminds me that the wedding is just a day and the marriage will last the rest of our lives. This picture helps me to de-stress. enjoy! is Todd’s blog for more great inspiration.

  21. avatar Diana H. reply

    I love a black & white photograph of our wedding. The groom (my husband!) is the only one looking at the camera, and everyone else is looking a different direction (I am looking at him!) He just stands out so much & looks amazing! :)

  22. avatar Sally Y. reply

    I don’t have one favorite photo but I do love all of Jose Villa’s wedding photos. ( All his photos are romantic and innocent. I absolutely love all his work!

  23. avatar Vanessa reply

    We just celebrated our 2nd anniversary- so this is an appropriate time to be discussing my favourite photo. Our photographer, Todd Pellowe, caught this amazing shot in the elevator at our hotel in Louisville. The lighting is amazing and I treasure it because it is so unique. Photo

  24. avatar Mary reply

    I love the ‘first look’ photos where the couple sees each other before the ceremony- but has an intimate potrait session at the same time.

  25. avatar Courtney F reply

    Since my own wedding hasn’t happened yet (and I’m sure my favorite will be one of our own), I love this image found over at Rock N Roll Bride ( It’s so peaceful and beautiful and just the two of them alone in the night! Lovely! This is a great giveaway, I would use the album for our wedding album because we’re on a TIGHT budget and in order to keep photography costs down we will only be getting our images on CD and not an album – so this would be a great opportunity for us!

  26. avatar Christie + Kevin reply

    My favorite wedding image is the photo of my parents right after they were married. My father looked so handsome and my mother was beaming in her adorable short wedding dress. Absolutely classic. :-)

  27. avatar Hallie reply

    One of my favorite photos has always been when a bride and groom are standing around the corner from each other, or on two sides of a door, before the ceremony, holding hands, and have not seen each other yet. :) I can’t wait to have this photo at my wedding in June.

  28. avatar McRae reply

    I love a picture from my friend, Tyler’s wedding in Seaside Beach, FL. There is a picture of she and her Dad about to walk down the aisle, and all of the sudden a frog jumped into the chapel. No one noticed it but the photographer, Vue Photography. I love the quirkiness and contrast of it!

  29. avatar Audrey P reply

    It is really hard to pick just one all time favorite photo, but I absolutely adore this image that was caught at our wedding during the prayer, and right before my father gave me away: bridesmaid Jessie says she rarely bows her head when she prays, but in this photo it just looks like she has a direct connection with heaven and is sending up a special blessing just for us. I just love this image every time I see it.

  30. avatar Felicity reply

    I love photos of the couple sharing a quiet moment while their guests party in the background.

  31. avatar Sandra Gill reply

    My favorite shot is of the couple after the ceremony, alone, enjoying their first few moments as husband and wife. The tenderness, the relief, the love, is a moment that can not be duplicated.

  32. avatar Cristal Vasquez reply

    My favorite wedding image is of my grandparents. They were very young and poor when they got married in Mexico, but they got pretty dolled up for their wedding and took the loveliest picture I have yet to see. My grandmother looks absolutely beautiful.It’s in black and white and they both have the most wonderful glow in their eyes. They have been married for almost 50 years and that picture tells me why.

  33. avatar Hilary Roe reply

    My favorite wedding picture is one I’ve seen by my photographer and I can’t wait for her to capture a similar moment at my wedding… it’s from behind the bride and her father as they walk down the isle… they are almost like silhouettes… and between the bride and father-of-the-bride’s heads, you see the groom just gazing as his bride walks down the aisle to him. :)

  34. avatar LeRae reply

    My favorite wedding picture is from my best friend’s wedding. Our group of four have been together since college and the picture captured us in a group hug on the dance floor before she left for the honeymoon. We all have a copy framed on our desks because it’s a constant reminder of celebration and friendship!

  35. avatar Jennifer reply

    I’ve been obsessed with wedding photography since my fiance and I have started planning our own wedding and there are beautiful wedding photographs out there, but this is easy for me. My favorite wedding photo is one of my parents, but its going to sound strange to explain: My dad has somehow fit into my mom’s wedding dress, veil and all, and she’s carrying him over the threshold to the house. Its hilarious (especially to think that my dad was once that skinny!), but it also speaks volumes about how a shared sense of humor and love of life are necessary ingredients for a long and loving marriage and a happy family. I am SO thrilled to celebrate (on the same day as our wedding!) my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary this September!

  36. avatar Junage reply

    One of my favorite photos is from my best friend’s wedding, where I was the MOH. It’s of the 4 kids in the wedding all stuffing their faces with cake. It totally captured the fun of the afternoon and also was a great completely non-posed photo of the wedding action.

  37. avatar Taryn reply

    This is definitely one of my favorites from my own wedding:’s in black and white and my husband and I are leaning on a vintage car, and I love how old-fashioned it looks. The photographer pulled us away from mingling with all the guests at the reception and it was just us together in our own quiet little photo shoot, away from all the chaos… it was very cool.

  38. avatar lana reply

    i love the photo of me and my husband where we are on the floor, lying down and feathers are being dropped down a us. We both have these silly grins and at the very last moment our dog jumped on my stomach and looked up at the camera. priceless. <3

  39. avatar Amanda reply

    I love photos where the bride is showing off her brightly colored shoe under her white dress.

  40. avatar Cheryl T reply

    Its the only picture from my grandparents wedding. Them standing in front of their car before heading into the court house. Its simple, its beautiful, its full of love.

  41. avatar nancy reply

    This is an awesome giveaway! I use KOLO albums for scrapbook gifts ALL the time and people love how clean, modern and durable they are! My favorite wedding image is from my oldest sister’s wedding. (Taken before photographers were providing CDs of their digital images, so unfortunately I can’t provide a link!). It is of her first dance with my father. He was terminally ill with cancer and we knew he only had a few months to live, so the wedding was a really special time to capture pictures of him and our family together. He has the HUGEST smile and she is laughing through tears and the mixture of emotions moves me every time. This image really embodies the importance of great photography and albums to showcase and safely house such memorable treasures!

  42. avatar Cammie F reply

    The best wedding image is always the picture of the groom’s face, the first time he sees his bride. More emotion is captured in that one picture than in anything else. It is always so touching to see.

  43. avatar mLee reply

    i love all the pictures taken by jose villa! i especially love the shots from tec and chelsea’s wedding. he’s going to be our photographer for our wedding this fall and i can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  44. avatar Ally reply

    I love this photo: like a lot of the photos from my own wedding, but none of them compare to this image (sadly). I’ve had this Kolo album on my wishlist for a very long time!! They’re so beautifully made!!!

  45. avatar Vicki reply

    My favorite wedding photographs are ones of the newly married couple caught in a sweet moment together. Here is one of them taken by a friend of mine, Mark Adams from LaCour Photo:

  46. avatar Brianne reply

    My favorite wedding image is from my mom and dad’s wedding about 25 years ago. They sacrificed having a big fancy wedding in order to buy a home together. They had a small church ceremony with just immediate family and went to lunch at a golf course afterward. But my favorite image comes from after the wedding when they took their family/guests to visit their new home mid-construction. My mom is in her wedding dress and my dad is in his rented tuxedo, and they’re walking across a new foundation, within the wooden frame of the house in which we’d someday share so many wonderful memories. I love my parents so much and am so inspired by their love and by the sacrifices they have made for me my whole life.

  47. avatar Jessica reply

    Dianna & Charles – definitely ! The royal couple had the most beautiful wedding –

  48. avatar JoDee reply

    I feel like my favorite wedding photo should come from my own celebration, so instead I’m going to choose one from my engagement session. Our photographer took us to an old historic building with beautiful columns and captured a fantastic shot of my fiance and me laughing together in front of this gorgeous building.

  49. avatar J reply

    My favorite wedding picture is of a couple leaving the reception in a vintage rolls – those pictures are always so beautiful!

  50. avatar Meredith reply

    One of my favorite images is from John and Carolyn Kennedy’s wedding….they are coming out of the small African church on Cumberland Island where they were married, and she is wearing her simple white slipdress. I love that they got married in such a secluded place on an island filled with such natural beauty. They were such a beautiful couple and I have never forgotten that picture.

  51. avatar Anne reply

    My parents would be mortified if they knew I was sharing this, but it’s just too funny not to! My dad’s groomsmen forced him to leave his wedding wearing tighty-whitie’s that had a cut out in the front with a stuffed animal tiger sewn in. My favorite wedding picture is the look on my grandmothers face as she see’s my dad run from the church to the get a way car. priceless.

  52. avatar Stacey reply

    In the entry hall of House Plantation (where my brother got married this past weekend!) is a photo of a ring bear in his little black tux holding up a big bright green frog! His expression is "come on kiss your Frog Princes"Too cute! I love the fairy tale idea the photo captures!

  53. avatar sky reply

    i have 2: one favorite is from our first wedding on the steps outside my church. we’d changed into mongolian traditional dress during the reception but i had my white wedding dress back on. my husband picked me up and we both look so happy and relaxed. the second is from our 2nd wedding, in mongolia: i think he’s carrying me again but we’re in a field of tall green grass and it’s just beautiful. sorry i can’t link to them…

  54. avatar staceys reply

    I got married a year ago in St. Augustine, and I still have yet to find the perfect album, but being able to create my own with a lovely, classic and archival quality kolo album would be perfect. I have so many favorite images but here’s one we love[email protected]/2482556107/

  55. avatar Ann reply

    One of my favorite wedding photos of all time is a picture of my parents, 36 years ago, leaving their reception, rice everywhere, my mom with a great ’60s wedding hat on, and my dad with a bottle of champagne in his hand. It’s just such a great party moment.

  56. avatar Emily Ann reply

    It’s not a single image, but I love any image of people jumping on their wedding day. There’s one that comes to mind of a groom and his groomsmen jumping in the sanctuary of the church. I love that energy in a photo!

  57. avatar May reply

    I love this one picture from the 2excitednests blog – Lynn and her husband have their heads together and looking into each other’s eyes – they look so much in love. It’s inspiring!

  58. avatar Ellen reply

    I am a scrapbooking freak and have saved tokens of every last detail from my relationship with my fiance. However, he loves all things modern, so the Kolo scrapbooks would be perfect for us!My favorite wedding photo is of my parents…they both look so happy! We have very few photos of my dad, so it’s even more special to me. Also, I will be wearing the pearls that my mother wore for their wedding at our wedding in just a few weeks!

  59. avatar allison reply

    My favorite wedding photo is from my wedding. It was taken from my grandparents perspective looking on as my husband and I are saying our vows and the location was where we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, so it is such a special shot. I love it.

  60. avatar Michelle reply

    I love my Mom’s bridal picture because of the story behind it. The lady who was supposed to do her hair didn’t show up so her sister had to do her hair and my mom didn’t like it and she had been crying ever since the lady didn’t show up so her eyes are all red and puffy but luckily this was back in the 60’s so the picture in in black and white so you can’t really tell but I still love thinking about my poor little mom at age 21 and how it just makes me connect with her more especially as I prepare for my own wedding.

  61. avatar Bethany O. reply

    I’ve seen a number of photos like this, but my all time favorite wedding photo type is of a bride and groom’s silhouettes, sharing a special, quiet moment. Just captures the feeling and intimacy of their special day, yet also classy and artsy.

  62. avatar Jessica B reply

    While I can appreciate almost any wedding picture… I do have a special place in my heart for a picture from my parent’s wedding 37 years ago and the fact that they are still in love is just the topper! It is a priceless picture of my mother looking at my father and my father looking serious as usual, but with a smile that shows just how happy he truly was that day (and now). I also have a special reservation made for the field near my house… I’ve grown up here and have always taken pictures of this beautiful piece of land. Now that I’m engaged, I hope to take engagement photos in the same exact field. Here’s a picture:

  63. avatar Michelle @ My Wedding Report reply

    My favorite wedding image is of my 86 year old grandpa dancing to Beyonce at my cousin’s wedding this last November. While that is not his type of music, he and my grandma stayed out on the dancefloor to dance with all us grandkids. It is one of my favorite memories. I wish I had the link to share. I’d love to win a KOLO album!

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Reply to:

I am in love with this wedding! First, because of Jennifer’s dress. How classic with a chic twist. Jennifer shares that she went bridal dress shopping but couldn’t find what she was looking for. She went to Page Bradshaw who created this masterpiece of a dress that fit this wedding perfectly. This leads me to my next love, the ceremony site. Jennifer + Briggs were married at a old school house converted to a wedding chapel. Lucky for Jennifer + Briggs they were the first couple to say “I do” in this Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia chapel. After the ceremony, the couple and guests headed to {The Water’s Edge Country Club} where they were met with dinner by the staff and a wedding cake from {Billie’s Cakes}. This wedding was planned by {Smith Mountain Lake Weddings} and the flowers came Melinda at Petal Pushers. Photography by {Holland Photo Arts}. See more images on Holland’s photo {Blog}.

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story. We met at Benjamin Franklin Middle school in the Sixth Grade. We were an item throughout Middle School, but the awkward phases hit, and we parted ways until right after High School. During the summer of 1998, we realized that there was a flame that could not be doused and we have been together ever since.
Describe the proposal: The ring was burning a hole in Briggs’ pocket! He wanted to wait for a special occasion, but was too antsy, so on a Tuesday night, he asked me if I wanted to do something fun for dinner and I said, “Absolutely!” (As a teacher, I have lots of free time in the summer). When I walked downstairs after I had gotten ready, there he was ring in hand!
What attracted me to my husband was: His silly personality.
Why do you love your husband? Briggs is the perfect man, he is gentle and sweet but still masculine. He is my biggest fan and would do anything to protect my wellbeing.
What attracted me to my wife was: I cannot remember not being attracted to her at any point – that means from age 11 until this very day. She is beautiful in a very unique and delicate way. I am thankful for everyday we have together.
A date we went on that we’ll always remember: More like a summer-full of them. When we first started dating, Briggs would pick me up on his parent’s boat and we would go to an Irish Pub across the lake. Briggs’ brother John used to embarrass us by saying that we were a cross between Dawson’s Creek and the Blue Lagoon!
The weather on our wedding day was: It was made to order, a perfect October day.
What was the design inspiration for your wedding? I wanted a very casual and relaxed feel to our celebration
Favorite design element of your big day: My dress.
Tell us about finding your wedding dress: I only tried on maybe five dresses and felt so overwhelmed in them all, finally I decided that I wanted something fun and it just was not out there. I found a wonderful lady, Page Bradshaw, who worked with me to design my dress. We went through so many different designs until we finally ended up with the final product.
Describe your wedding flowers: I really don’t remember much except for the fact that they were beautiful. My philosophy was to hire good people and not worry about the rest.
Describe your wedding cake: Our cake was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers.
Our favorite detail of the wedding was: The chapel was our favorite detail of the wedding. The moment we saw the chapel we fell in love.
What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while planning your wedding? Logistics, we were married in a very rural area with a five hundred mile lake separating the only resort and our wedding location. It was a challenge getting everyone where they needed to be.
What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? It sounds so cliché, but I loved when the chapel doors opened and I saw Briggs waiting for me at the end of the isle, I wish I could go back and do it again in slow motion.
Scariest moment? The bouquets and boutonnières were lost for a short while, I think there was some miscommunication between the wedding planner and florist.
Funniest moment? Our bungled attempt at a wedding dance!
Hardest decision you made in planning? Whether or not to elope, we were very close, but we are so excited we did not!
The most unexpected event on our wedding day was: My beautiful new wedding ring. Briggs was very secretive and picked out my ring on his own. I was absolutely what I’ve always wanted. I was so impressed with his choice.
Three adjectives that describe the day are: Initially nerve-wracking, then beautiful, then relieving!
Did you write your own vows? If so, what was your favorite phrase/verse/or line? My sister was the reader in our wedding and she read a selection from the Velveteen Rabbit.
What advice would you give to someone planning their wedding? Be nice to your mother.
Best advice or most memorable comment someone made to you during the wedding celebration: Don’t eat the yellow snow.
Who was your most honored guest at the wedding? Briggs’ 92-year-old grandmother who made the twelve hour trip from Florida.
What’s next for you as a couple? What are you looking forward to in the future? Lots of good days before children, and great days raising them!

Congratulations to Jennifer + Briggs. We wish you the best and enjoy all the days ahead!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Annette reply

    Dig that dress and shoes!

  2. avatar Allyson reply

    What a sweet wedding! Sooo very pretty! Congrats to the happy couple!

  3. avatar Jess @ The Finer Things reply

    Her dress is fabulous! I love the simplicity and short, full skirt.

  4. avatar Jenifer Simpson reply

    I love this wedding…the chapel is so picturesque…and her dress is very unique! Thanks for posting this.

  5. avatar Emily @ Peach and Pearl reply

    That little chapel is too sweet! And the dress – swoon…

  6. avatar Amanda reply

    ABEAUTIFUL wedding, AMAZING dress. I am seriously lusting after that dress- how unique, and one of a kind! I don’t even know you and it totally seems like that dress matches your personality beautifully! Awesome!!! :)

  7. avatar magpiesandmagnolias reply

    Oh how I love this dress. It reminds me of the Oscar De La Renta one that MS featured awhile back that I have been lusting after. The colors and love in this wedding are breathtaking!

  8. avatar katrina + andrew = sedona bride reply

    The pictures are fantastic! Bill and Ann are an amazing photography team! And that dress! Sooooo cute! – Katrina

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We saw this photoshoot on Kelly of {Kelly Moore Photography’s} blog and it was love at first sight! I love the vintage clothing, the hairpiece by {Bella Donna}, the setting, the gorgeous models, oh my! Take it away Kelly…

“I have always had ideas in my head….beautiful scenes that aren’t exactly based in reality. Over the past year, I’ve realized that to make those images in my mind come to life…I have to make them happen! As a photographer, I offer something called a “Give Me Moore Session”. This is a one on one workshop where photographers come spend a day with me to learn my tricks. We spend half of our day on an actual photo shoot. These photo shoots have been so fun because I’m able to take a concept and bring it to life. My stylist/fashionista assistant, Brandi and I have collaborated to make these dreams reality. This particular shoot was first inspired by the vintage simple blue dress that Blythe is wearing. Brandi found it on e-bay for a little bit of nothing, and from there, we pieced together the models, the location, and the fabulous Bella Donna Headpiece. One of Brandi’s jobs here in the studio is styling all of my GMM photo shoots, and she does whatever it takes to make things happen! She stalked both Blythe and Eric for at least a week because she knew they were perfect for the vision we had. Brandi also searched tirelessly for the vintage jewelry, umbrella, bowtie, and accessories that were featured in this photo shoot. Our original location fell threw at the last minute, and by divine intervention, we were able to use our friend Carolyn’s home as the backdrop that made this shoot so special. It was literally meant to be. Once the styling and location were set, my job was easy! My GMM student, Pascale Wowak and I were able to have fun and create beautiful images.”

Check out more shots on Kelly’s {Blog}.  Thank you Kelly for sharing these inspring images with us today!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar chrissy reply

    Such a cute & charming wedding.

  2. avatar Sarah reply

    I’m loving these pictures big time! I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite, but the bed picture and the bottom right are up there.

  3. avatar Susan reply


  4. avatar sandra p reply

    too darn cute. i Love the 2nd image on the right , fave!!

  5. avatar Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) reply

    Love that last shot. Very Alice in Wonderland-esque!

  6. avatar Christina Littleton reply

    I LOVED this session you did!! That’s awesome you got it in the mag.!! Congrats Girl!!!

  7. avatar Mandi reply

    Congrats, Kelly. This was a great GMM session.

  8. avatar Amber reply

    Great job Kelly! I also love the fact that you used one of Katie May’s Bella Donna’s. It fits so well with the theme. Love it, love it, love it. Amber-West Monroe

  9. avatar Trevor reply

    I’m amazed every time I look at her work, absolutely amazing!

  10. avatar Erin @ Blue-Eyed Bride reply

    These are seriously some of my favorite Kelly Moore shots ever! They are so timeless and haunting. The models and the clothes are fantastic!

  11. avatar ashley baber reply

    SWOOOOOON! Love these images!

  12. avatar Luc Jenson reply

    Sweet. This is the perfect concept that I look up to. Kudos for the photographer and for the people behind this vintage wedding concept. That house is nothing but lovely. Wish I could personally see that house. Luc JensonVintage Clothing Website

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