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Brent and Anna’s photos are dreamy and romantic — almost like out of a fairy tale. No surprise, then, that they draw their deepest inspiration from your love story!

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Hello beautiful! We’re Brent & Anna Deitrich of Live View Studios: lovers, new parents, and hopeless romantics. We are inspired every day by the organic beauty and light around us, and the heirloom quality of an image that has survived several generations of being carefully passed down with love. This is what we want for you on your wedding day: to have a collection of beautifully crafted photographs that tell the story of your love like no other. The happy moments, joyful tears along the way, and the celebration that comes with love. We love honest and timeless images. We will photograph your wedding in the only way we know how, carefully and deliberately, in a way that honors the devotion that you two share and creates fine art heirloom memories for the generations that come after you.

Name(s): Brent and Anna Deitrich
Where you call home: Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Things we’d write home to Momma about: We’re honored that we’ve been featured in wedding publications from North Carolina to California, and internationally from Canada to Prague. We also love that we get to work together as husband and wife full time. Our moms are our biggest fans – always encouraging us and making us blush with their sweet compliments!
Location/coverage: North Carolina, South Carolina and destinations worldwide
How we got into weddings: We fell in love with photography and weddings in general, after our own wedding. We’ve found that working with people who are in love is so fulfilling, and completes our inner romantic. The anticipation and thrill of seeing you look through a collection of images that tells your wedding day story is one of the things that makes us smile the most. Photography for us is capturing one second, beautiful moments of life that have the emotion to bring a smile to your face, or joyful tears to your eyes.
Favorite thing about Southern weddings: WThe pretty light, spanish moss, and the feeling of a laid back, family event in the south is so charming. Seeing wedding guests in bow ties, hats, and pretty dresses always makes us smile!
Favorite part of a wedding day: Our favorite part of a wedding day is when a bride and groom see each other for the first time, especially during a first look. The Kiss, and the elation that follows after their announcement as Mr. and Mrs., are a close second. Seeing the heartfelt touches and details that reflect the couple and their personalities always makes our day, and we adore the moments we get with the newly wedded couple, as they bask in the quiet moments of the biggest day of their life.
Advice for brides and grooms: DDon’t be afraid to show your love… the most natural, romantic photos come from two people that are passionately in love with each other. Your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, so surround yourself with your family, and wedding vendors who you are as comfortable around as you are with your family. Look for ways to slow your wedding day down – and give yourself plenty of time in your schedule. Invest yourself in the things from your wedding day that have the biggest memories. Pour your heart not only into your wedding day, but also your marriage.
Favorite Southern city: We probably don’t have a single favorite Southern city, but we love small coastal towns like Beaufort, Ocracoke, and Ocean Isle. Beach towns are so romantic! We love Nicholas Sparks’ novels, and walking into coastal towns always feels like stepping into one of his books.
Early bird or night owl: We stay up way later than we should — we’re definitely more night owls :)
Pottery barn or Anthropologie: Anthropologie, and Ruche clothing