Holly Felts Photography

State: Oklahoma
Category: Photography

Holly serves her Oklahoma couples with love and a touch of flair, and we adore her advice to “make your wedding unabashedly you!”

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Holly Felts Photography exists to create, serve, and encourage couples to believe in their full potential and legacy. Specializing in joyful, timeless photos with a touch of bright flair, Holly serves each couple with unending love!

Name: Holly Felts
Where you call home: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: Named one of the top three photographers in the South by Southern Weddings, voted “Town Favorite Photographer” by local city two years in a row, and published in print and online by various wedding magazines.
Location/Coverage: Oklahoma and beyond!
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? All of the heart that goes into the weddings! There hasn’t been a wedding I haven’t photographed that doesn’t have a special touch of a grandmother’s handkerchief, mama’s veil, or the stitching of daddy’s something blue from a bow tie. The South is full of big-hearted family traditions and I love being a part of that!
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? If you’re doing something just because it’s on the checklist – scratch it! Make your wedding unabashedly YOU! That’s when the best weddings happen and where the most heartfelt moments come from.
Dream travel destination? Ireland!
Early bird or night owl? Aspiring early bird, unfortunate night owl!
Favorite pie flavor? Pumpkin please!
Favorite biscuit topping? Strawberry jam!