Cynthia Rose Photography

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Cynthia’s work is sharp, clear, and colorful. It’s full of light and emotion, and it perfectly captures the feeling of each wedding day of which she’s a part.

Cynthia Rose Photography began as a dream between my husband Victor and I, back when our love was brand new and before we shared a last name. We’ve now been married and working together for six years as a creative duo. We enjoy creating modern, high quality, timeless photography and take great care in crafting a wonderful client experience.

Name: Cynthia Cano
Where you call home: Havelock, NC
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: I’d write home to my momma, but I happen to reside in the same neighborhood where I grew up, just a few houses down from my parents, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We’ve been published in local wedding magazines in Eastern North Carolina and a handful of wedding blogs, but we feel our greatest and most important accomplishment is making our clients happy.
Location/Coverage: North Carolina and available for travel
How I got into weddings: I was an engaged bride-to-be when I fell in love with photography and as we started our business. It simply made sense and was an obvious fit for us.
Favorite thing about weddings in the South? The people! You simply can’t beat Southern hospitality!
Favorite part of a wedding day? The exchanging of vows, for us, is the most emotionally charged and sweet moment.
Best piece of advice you can give to brides and grooms? Don’t sweat the small stuff!
Dream travel destination? Italy
Favorite Southern city? Beaufort, NC (I had to go super small town local for this one!)
Early bird or night owl? Night owl, though I’m a morning person, which is a strange combination!
Pie bar or red velvet cake? Red velvet, my absolute favorite! Victor would say the pie bar.
Pottery Barn or Anthropologie? Pottery Barn
Succulents or peonies? Peonies