Blueberry Creative Photography

Category: Photography

From their passion for their craft to their huge hearts for their community and couples to their beautiful images, we adore everything Blueberry Creative does — and know you will, too!

We built Blueberry Creative firmly around the concept of inspiration. To us, it is the largest motivating factor in doing what we do. It’s fleeting and hard to nail down, but when you can grasp true inspiration, you enable yourself to build something that transcends your day-to-day. It is the catalyst for the exceptional and it is the engine that powers our work.

Name(s): Adam Gilbert & Austin Stinson
Where you call home: Wilmington, North Carolina
Things you’d write home to your Momma about: We’ve won a few awards with our photography and film work, but we’re more proud of being recognized as Emerging Leaders of the Year by our local United Way organization. We love to find creative ways to make a difference in our community!
Location/Coverage: Southeastern US and international
Favorite Southern city? This is a tough one! It may be a tie between Charleston, Charlottesville, and Austin, TX! We’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel with our career and we love discovering new cities and inspiring locations to create!