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While attending the most recent Engage wedding industry conference, I had the pleasure of hearing the fabulous Lynn Easton speak. She and her team create magnificent events all around the country (and world!), but we’re proud that’s she’s based in the Southeast and that her work has graced our pages many times. (Most recently, in our new issue!)

During Lynn’s talk, she referred to herself as “the queen of Sperry Tents,” and it’s true, they pop up over and again in her design plans. Of course, my ears immediately perked up, because I’m a Sperry connoisseur, as well! :) I asked her to share her best tips from years of working with these beauties, and she graciously obliged. Here they are, along with photos from a few of Easton’s Sperry events!

Photos by Christian Oth Studio

What do you love most about using Sperry tents in your design plans?
Our favorite thing about Sperry Tents is that they assimilate into the great outdoors so beautifully. Their artisan construction, delicate profile, and organic elements allow them to blend beautifully and seamlessly into the great outdoors. The combination of the translucent sailcloth with hand-hewn wood poles, the lyrical lines of the tent, and the flags tossing in the wind creates a welcoming and whimsical backdrop for our design aesthetic.

Photos by Eric Kelley. See more from this wedding in Southern Weddings V9!

Why do you choose a Sperry over other types of tents for your clients?
We love the way a Sperry looks at night when you light the top of the tent. The ceiling of a Sperry tent will glow making them as beautiful from the outside as the inside. We also love how they look from a distance. Their natural beauty stirs anticipation as guests make their way to enter the tent!

Photo by Eric Kelley

Do you have any money-saving or design-maximizing tips to share when working with a Sperry tent?
Unlike a frame or structure tent, Sperry tents are beautiful without a stitch of “clothing” – a.k.a. draping! We do tend to drape the side poles to add a bit of luxury, but it is not necessary. The natural amber wood poles of a Sperry are beautiful on their own, and we use them as a design element of the wedding décor.

Photos by Jose Villa

What are a few little-known tips or tricks from your experience working with dozens of tented events?
— It is very important to consider your historical temps when selecting your tent! When the temperatures rise, the coolest tents will be a white vinyl pole or a white vinyl frame tent as the solid vinyl does the best job of blocking the heat from the sun.
— Sperry tents, while beautiful, are light porous, so you will need to be mindful of how your florals will handle the heat during set up if it’s a very warm day.
— It is also important to remember that a clear top tent acts like a greenhouse, so we never use them during the warm months without AC.
— Ask your tent vendor if they have 10′ poles available for your selected tent. Lifting the side pole height tends to cost a bit more but the extra lift on the sidewalls is worth it!
— If you are working with Sperry tents, remember they come in all shapes and sizes! If you need back of house tents for catering, the band, or restroom facilities, utilizing matching Sperry tents may be more visually appealing. They also make fantastic rain back-up plan tents for ceremonies or cocktail, because they require little to no décor to be aesthetically pleasing.

Photo by Jose Villa

What is the number one thing readers should know about throwing a tented event?
Tented events are expensive! You have to remember you are essentially building a room that needs to have lighting, power, and some temperature control, and that gets expensive. If you need to floor the tent, do not be surprised when the cost of the flooring is typically more expensive than the entire tent itself.

Photo by Patricia Lyons

Thank you so much to Lynn for offering her expertise! If you’re considering a Sperry Tent for your wedding, here are a few other posts you might find useful…
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This post is brought to you by Sperry Tents. Thank you so much for your support of the brands who make Southern Weddings possible!

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