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Emily and I wrote the Southern Weddings Planner in early 2014, and one of the best things about that timing was that it fell right after I got engaged! Having just scored the shelves of Barnes and Noble for a planner that fit my needs unsuccessfully, being able to turn around and help create exactly what I was looking for was quite a luxury. I know not every bride can do the same, but we created the Southern Weddings Planner to include everything we thought you might need–from tips and tricks we’ve gathered over a decade of working with vendors and interviewing brides, to plenty of space to dream and gather inspiration, to tons of organizational pages, to a few fun features we created just for the Planner (the dress shopping journal is my favorite!). However, for as much as we jam-packed into these pretty pages, there’s still more you can do to customize your Planner to fit your needs, and we hope you aren’t afraid to do just that! Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. Add pocket pages for collecting important paperwork. While lots of the logistics are handled digitally nowadays, it’s inevitable that some papers will accumulate throughout your engagement. Clear sheet protectors are just a few dollars, and you can use as many or as few as you like for corralling loose pages. I personally added a pocket page for each of my major vendors, and used that pocket for any papers (contracts, scans of checks, brochures, etc.) corresponding to that person/company. If you prefer, three-hole-punch folders are another great option!

2. Rearrange the pages in a way that makes the most sense to you. Along with your overall inspiration board, we included pages in numerous sections for more specific inspiration boards (one for your look, one for your bridesmaid style, one for your flowers, etc.). Angela of Saffron Avenue rearranged the inspiration board pages to put them all together and make sure her vision was super cohesive–we love that idea! Since the Planner is a three-ring binder, it couldn’t be easier to move things around if you want to.

3. Supplement with printables. In a few places throughout the Planner (like the Calendar pages and Thank You Note Tracker, to name a few), we give you access to a link where you can download additional pages if you need them. Don’t let running out of space be an excuse to fall behind in keeping track of the important stuff–download and print a few extra pages right off the bat if you think you might need them!

4. Skip pages. We tried to include everything we thought a Southern bride may need while planning a wedding in the Planner, but every wedding (and every couple!) is different. If you and your beau prefer a different tracking system, are planning a nontraditional celebration that requires some different planning strategies (maybe an elopement or two receptions in multiple locations), or something simply doesn’t apply to you, skip it! You don’t need to fill in every page in order to use your Planner well.

5. Repurpose the Planner after your wedding. While we love the idea of keeping your Planner intact as a keepsake, we’ve also heard of some really fun, creative ways brides have transformed their Planners post-wedding! Here are a few: add photo pages and create a scrapbook, use it to keep your newlywed life organized (we love these free printables from our friend, Emily Ley!), or add pocket pages to collect mementos from vacations and adventures.

If you have more ideas for personalizing your Planner, we’d love to hear them in the comments below or via the hashtag #SWPlanner! And if you haven’t picked up a Planner yet (for yourself or your favorite bride-to-be–they make a perfect engagement gift!), find them in the Southern Weddings Shop.

lisa Written with love by Lisa

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Oh my stars, it has been an exciting few days in the Southern Weddings office!! On Friday we revealed the sweet as a peach cover of SWV7, newsstand photos of V7 started to pop up over the weekend on Instagram (!!!), and today, we have the supreme joy of introducing y’all to the newest Southern Weddings Shop signature product: the Southern Weddings Planner!

We’ve been hard at work on our Planner for eleven months, and when I say that we are excited to finally be offering it for sale, know that that is a massive understatement! Our office has a burning passion for getting really, truly GOOD information into the hands of our readers – the exact pieces of advice and the same resources we’d give to our sisters and best friends – and our Planner is the best way we know how to do that. This short (one minute) video from our friends at Good Earth Films helps share the heart of this product:

From the “First Steps After Getting Engaged” to the “Anniversary Gift Guide,” our planner encourages brides to plan marriages more beautiful than their weddings, but also gives them the tools to feel confident and equipped throughout their engagements. True to the mission of Southern Weddings, it includes a special “Marriage Planning” section that will help couples begin married life in a joyful and intentional way!

In addition to being ridiculously useful, we created our Planner to be a gorgeous keepsake for long after your wedding day, with a gold foil cover, watercolor tabs, and illustrations throughout.

You’ll find it to be very interactive, with worksheets and bonus downloads to keep you organized, inspired, and on-track throughout your entire engagement.

I know I speak for all of the Southern Weddings ladies when I say that this Planner – out of everything we’ve created over the last seven years – might be the product we are most proud of. It is useful, it is inspiring, and it is just so darn pretty. It’s worthy of accompanying you throughout your engagement, and we are honored to walk alongside you, too.

The Southern Weddings Planner is available for pre-order in the Southern Weddings Shop now, and we expect these precious packages to ship to their new homes in mid-December! In the meantime, there are tons of new goodies in the Shop, including a brand-new Sweet Tees line and holiday goodies! Proper introductions coming soon for both, but if you just can’t wait… :)

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Erin reply

    Ladies, it looks SO BEAUTIFUL! I’m so honored to have been a (tiny) part of this incredible project, and I hope it inspires countless brides (including me in a few years!!)

    • avatar Emily reply

      So thankful for you, Erin!! Thank you for all of your help with this big project!

  2. avatar Lisa reply

    SO excited about the Planner!! I can’t wait to move all of my wedding planning notes into it!

  3. avatar Kat reply

    It’s STUNNING!!!!! Amazing job, ladies!!!!!

  4. avatar Stephanie reply

    Congrats!! This is such a treasure, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one (and give them to my brides, too!). Thank you for creating something so very useful, much needed, and oh so gorgeous, too!

  5. avatar Emily reply

    Is it weird that I want to order one and I’m not engaged..? MEH. It’s adorable!!

  6. avatar shelby reply

    love love love love! what a perfect idea. I’m not even engaged, but I want this so bad! :)

    Congrats girls!


  7. avatar Cayleigh Hopkins reply

    Absolutely in love with the new wedding planning binder! We are so excited to get our own so we can show it to brides too. Well done Southern Weddings! It is awesome.

  8. avatar Anastasia Kristina reply

    UM excuse me while i swoon over lisa and dave!!!!

  9. avatar Jadzia reply

    Love this!!

  10. avatar Kirsti reply

    EEEEKK! So exciting!! I can’t wait to give this beautiful planner as gifts to newly engaged friends!

  11. avatar Ellen Tully reply

    The SW Planner is stunning! Must have! Two! I follow you all on Instagram! Love y’all! Great work. Keep it up!


  12. avatar Dilshad Ikramullah reply

    Hello ladies, my daughter is getting married the summer of 2016, is it too early to order the planner? We’re so excited to get started!

  13. avatar Misty Cousins reply

    My daughter recently got engaged, on New Years. I would like to purchase this for her. Could you please email me on how I can go about this.
    Thank you,
    Her mother & soon to be his mother in law,
    Misty Cousins

  14. avatar Kristen reply

    Is the planner suited for people not from the South? I’m in Minnesota. :)

    • avatar Lisa reply

      Hi Kristen! Absolutely! There are a few Southern touches, but it would work for brides everywhere :)

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