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Something I love about the South is the slower way of life here that reminds me of what’s most important. The smell of the magnolia blooms and the hum of bees on my crepe myrtles makes me take a deep breath in and forget the stresses of life. Fireflies make my email inbox suddenly seem unimportant. Driving by the cow farms on the way to the grocery store takes my heart to a place where nothing matters but family, deep friendships and the simple joys all around us.

Photo by W+E Photographie via Southern Weddings

Dear brides, my wish for you today and always is that the sweetness of the South would sink into your soul as you plan for your very special important day. May you take a moment to slow down in the hustle and bustle of planning and remember what’s most important.

Photo by Green Tree Photography

So often, I see the statement, “You need ___ for your wedding.” The truth is, you don’t actually need anything at your wedding except your love and someone to marry you. The rest is up to you and what matters most to you. Favors and decorations are not obligations, but rather things you choose to celebrate your love together. You make the rules for your big day and how you want to honor your story, your family and your guests. Choose what matters most to you.

Photo by Adam Barnes via Southern Weddings

Forget your wedding Pinterest board for a just a moment and picture you and your love 50 years from now, enjoying a Southern sunset together, sharing a glass of cold sweet tea. What will you want to remember most about your wedding? What will matter then? You will remember the things that truly came from your heart. The flowers and favors and cake take on a whole new meaning when they are truly a reflection of your two hearts becoming one.

Photo by Jamie Clayton via Southern Weddings

Give your hearts a break from planning this week and drink in the summer sun. There are so many things in the South that can help to remind you of the simple joys in life. Our Southern #SummerDoin list is a great place to start! Tell me — what simple joys do you love about the South? I’d love to hear from you. One lucky commenter will get a Love Notes Notepad from the Southern Weddings Shop!

CONGRATS to the winner from my last post, Dana! Dana, please email Lisa and she’ll get your South print to you right away!

Adam Barnes is a delightful member of our Blue Ribbon Vendor Directory!

lara Written with love by Lara Casey
  1. avatar May reply

    I absolutely love this post and couldn’t agree more! It is the perfect reminder for every bride!

  2. avatar Patti reply

    I love LOVE sitting on my best friend’s porch looking out over the Gulf watching the birds dive for fish and the mullets jump in the water with all our grown kids there, just “visiting” – talking about old times, old friends, new experiences and catching up – without cell phones or Ipads on our laps. We always tell the same old stories again but nobody seems to care and there’s a lot of laughter.

  3. avatar Jessica S. reply

    Nothing makes me believe more in the fact that God is pursuing my heart than the smell of Spring in the South. I absolutely love walking outside on those first days of Spring and feeling my whole body smile at the smell of flowers and trees blooming!

  4. avatar Ashley McGee reply

    I love that when I came home from work too tired to fix supper yesterday, my husband was perfectly satisfied eating pimento cheese sandiches with mason jars of cheerwine while we “unplugged” and watched a late afternoon shower roll in from our front porch. And it definitely doesnt hurt that Charleston is where we’re blessed enough to call home.

  5. avatar sarah reply

    the gulf coast. i love being on the water– its so simple, yet so magnificent– calming & energizing all at the same time.

  6. avatar Lucy Taylor reply

    I love this post! Can’t wait to share it with all of my brides as a dear reminder to focus on what matters most on their wedding day! Thank you Lara!

    I love front porch swinging. It allows you to slow down and meet your neighbors and really form lasting relationships with those around you.

  7. avatar Lauren reply

    Amen, Lara!

  8. avatar Anna reply

    i love lingering over meals with family and friends

  9. avatar Brittany Carr reply

    I read this post right after a stressful meeting with a caterer for my wedding – could not have asked for more perfect timing! Thanks for the much, much needed reminder.

    I love the unspoken hospitality of the South – everyone says “ma’am” and “sir”, men hold the door open for women, etc. It’s a feeling of respect that just makes you feel at home, instantly.

    • avatar Lara reply

      My pleasure! It’s so easy to get stressed with the details. Thinking of you! : )

  10. avatar Marcie reply

    Exactly the type of weddings I want to help couples design/create!!
    LOVE THIS Lara!

  11. avatar Kristy reply

    Swinging on my grandparents porch.

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