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Hey y’all, it’s Alexia here with our last behind the scenes bow tie giveaway. The release of V5 is just 7 days away, and we can’t contain our excitement here in the SW office! You’ll see why we’ve been countin’ down the days when you get your copy! (Haven’t pre-ordered yet? Get your copy here.) To celebrate all that Southern goodness, we’ve been giving away two bow ties a week to some very excited readers. Congratulations to last week’s winners Natalie and Martha!

For me, there is nothing more Southern than a gentleman in a bow tie. If I had to pick one of these bow ties for the dapper gents in my life, I would go for the Carolina blue seersucker (In honor of the Tar Heels, of course). Don’t miss your opportunity to win one of these Southern bow ties for the man in your life!

To Enter: Leave a comment below naming your favorite bow tie.

Win: Two winners will each receive the bow tie of their choosing.

Good luck, y’all!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar gabi reply

    The blue plaid tie!!!

  2. avatar luke reply

    The green tie is the one i would pick!

  3. avatar Elizabeth reply

    I love the red and orange madras bowtie! My man would look good in it.

  4. avatar Kristy reply

    Love, love, love the plaid one…the reds, black, greens, yellows…love :)

  5. avatar Sarah reply

    The red-ish 4th from the top– GO DAWGS!

  6. avatar Emily reply

    The top right red! Perfect for the upcoming holi-daze!

  7. avatar Liz reply

    Black and white stripes all the way! So classic.

  8. avatar Anna reply

    I love the blue, 4th from the bottom!

  9. avatar Krashelle Fisher reply

    I love the blue plaid tie (second from the bottom) because it would be perfect for my boyfriend on gameday in The Swamp! Go Gators!!

  10. avatar Madelynne Moulton reply

    I am loving the purple seersucker! I’d give it to my newly engaged friend because he wants a purple bow tie at his wedding to show his love for TCU!

  11. avatar amy reply

    I love the yellow floral….swoon

  12. avatar Kelsey Lou reply

    My southern guy would love the beau that’s second from the top on the right! I can just see him smoking a post-holiday party cigar in that gorgeous red tie!

  13. avatar elizabeth reply

    LOVE love love that blue guy, 4th from the bottom on the left – would look snazzy on my photographer boyfriend who makes pictures of the prez. The Whitehouse needs some classy blues :)

  14. avatar Courtney Cross reply

    The mint julep one would just look darling on my husband =)

  15. avatar Jami Ray reply

    Loving that blue seersucker! :)

  16. avatar Emily Tuohy reply

    Love the green gingham and blue seersucker! :)

  17. avatar anne marie cale reply

    love love love the pink and green watermelon stripe!

  18. avatar Emily Martinez reply

    My fiance keeps asking if he’s won yet. His goal is to bring bowties into the everyday-ware of all his friends. We love the orange/peach/pink plaid.

  19. avatar Lauren @ Chocolate Cheese and Wine reply

    I am loving the peachy plaid. SO cute!

  20. avatar Ashleigh reply

    Still crushing on the lime green + navy stripe tie (3rd from the bottom). Would be perfect for my sweet paw paw to wear as he walks me down the aisle next August!

  21. avatar Amber J. reply

    The orange gingham of course! Go gators!

  22. avatar Nicole A reply

    I love the orange seersucker one! I’m a Clemson grad, and my fiance will soon be too, so, naturally, our blood runs orange! Would love to see him dressed in this bow tie for our engagement party!

  23. avatar Taylor J reply

    Loving that green bowtie with the navy stripe!! (3 down from the left)
    Thanks y’all!!

  24. avatar Jen reply

    My fiance’ would look stunning for our Mardi Gras themed Rehearsel Dinner in New Orleans in the bowtie fourth from the bottom on the left!!!

  25. avatar Jbird reply

    Lets try this again. I’d love #10 on the right. It has the colors that my wife picked out for our wedding pink and orange. Camo appaerently is not considered formal. Ya’ll can present it to me on the 15th.

  26. avatar Rachel reply

    I like the solid green one!

  27. avatar Anna Thompson reply

    I would LOVE to be able to give the carolina blue seersucker (Go Heels!) and the green gingham to my boyfriend for Christmas! He can never have too many bow ties!

  28. avatar Afton reply

    I love the bluish gray bow tie with polka dots in the left column at the bottom. Polka dots are in style right now, and the color would go with so many different things!

  29. avatar Sydney H reply

    i LOVE the navy/black seersucker. Perfect for my southern gentleman!

  30. avatar Caroline reply

    Still loving the gray. Pick me, pick me!!

  31. avatar Jessica M reply

    I love the third one down on the left hand side. The light green with the navy and white pinstripes going across it diagonally. So handsome and so southern. It would look wonderful on my mister! (and with me beside him in a navy dress and pearls!) Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  32. avatar LIesl reply

    Still loving the green hounds tooth, top left! Perfect for my groom in our March wedding!

  33. avatar Lindsey reply

    I’m loving that polka dot cutie on the very bottom! My man would look so dapper in it!

  34. avatar Danielle reply

    I love the mint julep bow tie!

  35. avatar Jimmy Malone reply

    Hey, y’all. I love, love, love the floral bow tie that is fourth from the bottom in the right column. How unique!
    xoxo Jimmy

  36. avatar Carolyn reply

    The 2nd from the bottom on the left side is my fave! My fiancé loves purples and blues!

  37. avatar Meg S reply

    I love that polka dot one on the bottom!

  38. avatar LaShanda reply

    I love the very last one on the right side, the solid grey bowtie.

  39. avatar Mandy V reply

    I love the green SP Bow Tie…4th from the top left! I am not sure who would look more dashing in the bow tie, though, my handsome hubby or my adorable fur baby.

  40. avatar Laura reply

    The blue madras tie is still my favorite!

  41. avatar Courtney Porter {Dogwood Events} reply

    I love the orange seersucker!

  42. avatar Lauren reply

    As my boyfriend is so unfortunately a NCSU fan (I went to Carolina! Go Heels!!), I have to say I love the fourth red tie on the right, since girls aren’t as adorable in bowties as men are! The pink and green is also precious!

  43. avatar Whitney Evans reply

    I still want the polka dot in the left bottom corner!

  44. avatar Jessica M reply

    I would like the 6th green tie from the top. My beau would just love this tie and would look so cute standing next to me and my pearls. He has been dying for one of these ties and would wear it well! Thank you so much for the offer!

  45. avatar Melissa V reply

    The Orange seersucker! Perfect for my Clemson lovin’ cousin!

  46. avatar Anna R. reply

    I love the green gingham one! Would be the perfect tie for my boyfriend to wear to Keeneland in the spring!

  47. avatar Katie reply

    Adore the blue fish bow tie for my outdoorsy fella!

  48. avatar Lauren reply

    I LOOVVEE the orange plaid one!! So does the bf (He said “Vols 4 Life!”– I responded “Go Dawgs!)

    (14th from bottom on the right!))

  49. avatar Jenny reply

    I love the red gingham bow tie!

  50. avatar Kelly reply

    Navy blue is my favorite color so I would probably choose one in navy gingham or stripes!

  51. avatar Morgan Gallo Events reply

    Light green seersucker/checked bowite, because what southern man should ever be without one!?!? (my husband is swooning!)

  52. avatar Paige reply

    Love the yellows/gold!! reminds my fiancé of his love for App State!

  53. avatar Zach J reply

    I Love the orange plaid bowtie! Sixteenth one down on the right!

  54. avatar Romi reply

    The baby blue one is my favorite!

  55. avatar Michaela Myers reply

    My favorite is the pink and white damask bowtie!

  56. avatar Anna reply

    LOVE the green plaid and Carolina blue seersucker bow ties – my boyfriend needs some new dapper ties for law school!

  57. avatar Anne reply

    LOVE the green gingham!!

  58. avatar Colleen McAllister reply

    mellow yellow is the the ticket, you heard it here first!!

  59. avatar Bryce Grady reply

    The pink and white checkered bow tie. Nothing shows confidence like wearing pink

  60. avatar jennifer emory reply


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