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Today we have a really fun tradition to share with y’all! You see, my Southern wedding tradition knowledge only goes so far, so when Emily sent me this adorable image from Meredith Melody I knew just who to turn to. Miss Sierra is not only our super adorable and talented assistant art director, she’s quite the sorority girl! Since her sorority does not have a “sorority sing,” she did what any good Southern girl would do… she asked her mama!

On a bride’s wedding day, sisters of many sororities show their love through different traditions. Mrs. Piland says that the tradition of her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, is to give their gift to the bride and her new husband right before the guests send them off on their honeymoon. Often done at the reception if there is not a traditional sendoff, the sisters present the bride with a red rose (the sorority’s flower) and serenade the bride with a song that they had sung together many-a-time.

Photo by Amanda Pair

The tradition is always carried through, whether with a full chorus, a shaky duet, or just a single rose and a hug as the bride makes her getaway. Sierra’s mama says that “the gift to the bride was not the rose or the song, but for her to remember that she would always belong to her sisters, and they would always belong to her.” Seriously, how sweet is that?! Can I please get an “aww”?

Photo by Jenny DeMarco

Does your sorority have a sing or a tradition for weddings? Are you planning something special for your sister’s big day? Are you looking forward to a sing on your own big day? Let us know in the comments!

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marissa Written with love by Marissa
  1. avatar Abby reply

    My sorority (Phi Mu- a very southern sorority!) does sing and I’ve been in many weddings where we sing a song “Never say goodbye” after the toasts! I love it and will definitely have it sung at my wedding too!

  2. avatar Southern Bride reply

    I will NOT being having any rituals related to my sorority at my wedding. I recently went to a wedding where almost every female in the room was in the same sorority. Those of us who weren’t were basically removed from the room during a few rituals. I felt like an unwelcome trespasser in the room. I didn’t want to be there. I vowed not to exclude my guests in a similar way at my wedding.

    • avatar Emily reply

      Aww, I’m sorry to hear that, Southern Bride! We love traditions when the focus is on inclusion, not exclusion. Happily, everyone has the option to choose what to include and what not to include at her own wedding, based on her feelings and guest list!

  3. avatar Meghan reply

    My sorority (Kappa Kappa Gamma) actually sings more than one song. I know different chapters choose different songs, but most of them have one in common and it involves more than just singing- slapping the floor, snapping, etc. I had it at my wedding and wouldn’t take it back! It’s always such a memorable time during one’s reception.

  4. avatar Ashley reply

    I was a Phi Mu @ Alabama and we have a sing that we did at the house when someone was pinned or engaged that we serenade the bride & groom with. We also sing “I Will Be Here.”

  5. avatar Lauren reply

    I am a Delta Gamma and at my wedding, the sisters in attendance sang our Dream Girl song. I don’t think it is an official tradition, but we have done it at all the recent weddings in our close circle of sisters.

    • avatar sadie reply


      Our DG chapter has always sung Dream Girl at every sister’s wedding… even if it was just one poor girl singing alone!

    • avatar Alli reply

      sadie: I’ve heard of DG chapters singing Dream Girls but our chapter does not. Which song is it? We sing Watershed by Indigo Girls often. But I don’t think at weddings (but I might at mine)

  6. avatar Kelly reply

    Eeee!!!! This is one of the parts I’m most looking forward to at my future wedding. I am a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, and we serenade brides at their receptions with our fraternity hymn. I’m also incorporating my sorority’s flower (the yellow rose!) into my wedding bouquet + florals. Love love love!

    • avatar Marissa reply

      What a great idea, Kelly! I love that you’re incorporating your sorority flower into your florals! I’m sure that will be gorgeous! xo, Marissa

  7. avatar Marialeen reply

    I am also an Alpha Gam at the University of Alabama at Birmingham! The song that we sing at weddings is our “sweetheart song” – it’s the same one we sing when a sister get’s engaged. It is such a sweet and touching moment between everyone, especially for the bride! I am so excited to be in one of my sisters weddings this coming spring, who is also our chapter president and cannot wait to continue on this beautiful tradition!

  8. avatar Kate reply

    I am looking forward to doing the Pi Beta Phi “ring ching” at my wedding, since a number of my sorority sisters will be there. It’s a nice way to acknowledge and include girls who are special to you beyond those in your bridal party.

  9. avatar Tammy reply

    I went to college in Memphis, TN and was part of Zeta Tau Alpha. After moving to NYC, i found out the alumnae group that the other chapters throughout the US also sang the same song for special occasions, which brought a sense of connection. I hope when i get married, I will have loved ones from my past and present there to wish me well in such a meaningful manner.

  10. avatar Kay reply

    In my sorority, we don’t have an official song nationally, but our chapter sings ( and dances) to the same two popular songs we do at all our functions. It’s a great way to include the sorority but not make it feel exclusive.

  11. avatar Sierra reply

    I might just have to start this tradition among my friends, Marissa! Thanks for the fun post. Like some of y’all others have mentioned, my sorority has a special candlelight for engagements… my fingers are crossed for at least one this year!

  12. avatar Stephanie reply

    My Alpha Kappa Alpha sorors will definitely sing to me! It’s silly but it’s one of the things to which I’m most looking forward at my reception.

  13. avatar Kristen reply

    Having my sorority sisters sing to me at my wedding reception is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most! I’m sure I will have a mixture of emotions of tears, smiling and laughing like the rest of my sisters. Going to a Kappa Delta (my sorority) wedding is one of my favorite things to do with my sisters. Our chapter tradition is that we wear all black to the wedding. It signifies the sadness of losing a sister (even though we know it isn’t true- but we still do it). We definitely stand out from the rest of the guest. I couldn’t imagine my special day without my sisters. I mean most of my bridesmaids are my sorority sisters!

  14. avatar Caitlin reply

    I am an alumni of Chi Omega at UF and we have a special wedding song! It is also the song we sing during our candlelight ceremonies for Lavalieres and engagements! It’s our way of wishing the bride well on her next journey. It was one of the most special parts of my wedding reception this summer when they all surrounded me to sing. It made me truly appreciate all the special friendships I made during college and I’ll have for a lifetime :)

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  16. avatar Cindy reply

    I think this goes just for my chapter but we have 2 special songs we sing at weddings. At the reception right before the groom takes the bride’s garter off, we have a special song that is a bit risque and is a funny wedding night send off. It is sang only to the bride so that no one else can hear, and we all have a lot of fun with it. Then just before the bride and groom leave the reception we sing her “Never Alone”. It is our chapter’s signature song and is really special to all of us.

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  18. avatar Cassandra Lackey reply

    I am in alpha gamma delta so i assume when the time comes for me to get married that my sister will do this for me. I know one of my sisters is getting married soon so i assume when i go to her wedding i will be doing the same for her.

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