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Confession: one of my biggest pet peeves in weddings is ill-fitting pants on grooms and groomsmen. So much thought goes into turning out a gorgeous and impeccably-fitted bride that when her groom shows up looking slouchy and sloppy alongside, it makes me sad! I don’t blame couples, though – for a long time, the most cost-effective option was a standard rental tuxedo, which are not known for being fashion-forward or particularly well-fitted. But no more! I could NOT be more excited to introduce y’all to The Black Tux – the solution to my aesthetic problem and I’m sure many of yours!

Make sure to read all the way to the bottom for a FANTASTIC giveaway!

The Black Tux was founded in 2013 by Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, longtime friends who saw a gap in the suit and tux rental market while preparing for Andrew’s wedding in 2011. The options available looked and felt like rentals (worn-out polyester suits, plastic shoes), and required three separate in-person trips to the tux shop – one to get fitted, another to pick it up before the big day, and a third to return it.

The Black Tux reinvents the old model, offering the first suit and tux rental that doesn’t feel like one. They deliver a fantastic quality product with an exceptional fit, a seamless experience, and a great price. It doesn’t get much better than that!!

These guys are the real deal, y’all. They’ve partnered with the world’s top manufacturers to create the finest tuxedo and suit rentals available. Their suits are made using Merino wool from Italy’s best mills, available in both slim and classic styles. Shirts are 100% fine cotton, shoes are real leather, and premium accessories are offered to complete the look.

For the fanciest folks, they offer peaked and notch lapel tuxedo options, as well as a very stylish midnight blue tuxedo! Light gray and charcoal suits are also available, perfect for less formal affairs.

How it works:

— Choose one of The Black Tux’s curated looks or create your own.
— Order online, and a week before your event, they deliver a perfectly fitted suit or tux to your door (anywhere in the U.S.), along with all of the necessary accessories — cufflinks, button studs, bow ties, suspenders, belts, and leather shoes.
— When you’re done, you simply return it with the pre-paid shipping label included in the box. Shipping is free both ways and they cover the cleaning.

We love The Black Tux so much we included them in one of our V7 editorials! See the full feature here. (Photos by Ryan Ray)

A few more notes on the all-important fit before we get to the good stuff (giveaway!): Black Tux’s fit specialist team reviews all orders and measurements. Once sizing is confirmed, their algorithm calculates the perfect tux and suit. If garments need tweaking, in-house tailors are on hand to make alterations, and in-house cobblers will make sure your shoes look like new. In the rare instance that the fit isn’t right when it arrives, they’ll cover the cost to make adjustments or overnight a replacement. Amazing!!

GIVEAWAY! The Black Tux is kindly offering one lucky reader up to FIVE free tuxedos/suits in any style with any accessories for their wedding party. Think one groom’s tux + four groomsmen!

To enter: Visit The Black Tux and leave a comment below telling us which tuxedo or suit you’d choose. Peaked lapel? Notched lapel? Light gray suit? A random winner will be chosen on Monday, March 16th!

Update: giveaway is closed. Congratulations to Don S.!

Y’all, I hope you find this company as helpful for outfitting your stylish bridal party as we do!! They are doing something special and we’re so happy to introduce you to them today!

This post is brought to you by The Black Tux — thanks for your support of the brands that make Southern Weddings possible!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Allie reply

    I love the gray suit- so sharp!

  2. avatar Katie reply

    Wow, The Black Tux looks awesome! I would LOVE to outfit my future husband and his groomsmen in the light grey suits for our Charlottesville, VA summer wedding! We’ve also considered my future husband wearing a smart black notched lapel tux to set him apart from the groomsmen (I get to dress up compared to the bridesmaids, so why shouldn’t he do the same?)

  3. avatar Landrum Isaacson reply

    For my groom I would definitely have him wearing the Navy Suit with brown wing tip shoes! I probably will be substituting the tie for a bow tie because that’s only fitting for a southern wedding!

  4. avatar Rachel Koons reply

    Gray suit!

  5. avatar Brooks Pope reply

    I would pick the charcoal suit!

  6. avatar Stacey reply

    The charcoal suit would be perfect for my groom and his groomsman for our fall wedding!

  7. avatar Lindsay reply

    The Davis outfit — but with a cummerbund!

  8. avatar Tara Jones reply

    I would love to see my groom and his men in the Notched Lapel Tuxedo. A friend of his used The Black Tux for his wedding and the men looked phenomenal. We’d love to use them again!

  9. avatar Samantha reply

    I love the midnight blue tux–so fun!

  10. avatar Emily reply

    AHH LOVE. I have to go with the Midnight Blue tux… the guys would look stunning in my October 2016 wedding!! :)

  11. avatar Ruthie Fenger reply

    I love the notched lapel tux!!

  12. avatar Valery Bach reply

    This is so perfect! My fiancé has been searching for a navy tuxedo that wasn’t crazy expensive. He would definitely go for the midnight blue option (and look sharp). Love it!!

  13. avatar Kaylee reply

    Such a great concept! I love The Broadway Outfit.

  14. avatar abby means reply

    I’d love to see my future husband and his groomsmen in the Davis outfit! He’d look SO handsome and the groomsmen would be quite sharp. Perfect for our romantic but glam garden wedding in San Diego!

  15. avatar Chelsea Chapman reply

    We are having a traditional southern wedding in Louisville, KY. My girls will be be in floor length gold gowns and the men will look phenomenal in, a classic Hollywood look, “The Wallace Outfits”. Our 10 groomsmen will feel like movie stars. They will feel like a million bucks in these outfits. Pick me!

  16. avatar Michele reply

    Loving the Navy Suit

  17. avatar Sarah S. reply

    What a great concept. I like the look of the gray suits for my groom and his guys.

  18. avatar Lisa reply

    I would love to outfit my groom and his men in the classic black tux!

  19. avatar Victoria H. reply

    I saw an article about Black Tux a few months ago, what a fantastic concept! We’re thinking the groomsmen would wear charcoal suits with my groom in the notched lapel tux, since it’s his day too ;)

  20. avatar Megan reply

    What a wonderful giveaway! I’ve finally picked out my bridesmaid dresses and my fiance keeps asking me what he’s supposed to wear, but I’m clueless! SW girls to the rescue!

    I think I like the Peaked Lapel Tuxedo best… though I’m sure he will look handsome in anything. :)

  21. avatar Lee S. reply

    LOVE the Davis outfit and notched black tuxedo!!! This would be perfect for a downtown Charleston wedding- the style is so classic!!! Thank you for sharing SW!!!

  22. avatar Nikki reply

    I love the navy suit!

  23. avatar Cate reply

    Definitely the shawl collar- so timeless and classic! Love this idea!

  24. avatar Caitlin reply

    Love this company and the idea! I too can’t stand the frumpy groom standing next to a stunning bride. While I’m loving the navy suit, I think we’d probably stick to a classic black tux. Not sure of the collar style though!

  25. avatar TylerM. reply

    I was just saying how I was concerned our guys might not be able to all match since they’ll be traveling from so far- this would be fantastic! My vote is for shawl collar!

  26. avatar My fiance put me up to this (Jimmy) reply

    Blue Midnight Tuxedo for me, black peaked lapel tuxedo for the groomsmen. This is probably the only place I’ve seen a blue one so 100 cool points to The Black Tux for that!

  27. avatar Susan reply

    The navy suits. This is such a fantastic idea!

  28. avatar Brandon Johnson reply

    I would choose the black on black tux with peak lapel.

  29. avatar Taylor Derr reply

    Ethan is a big fan of the Peaked Lapel Tuxedos. I’m glad I’m marrying a guy with such great taste! Definitely hope he gets to outfit his groomsmen in these!

  30. avatar Casey B. reply

    I would love the charcoal suit for my groom and his groomsmen for our October wedding!

  31. avatar Don Squires reply

    Our wedding is only 5 months away and I’ve been searching like crazy to find the perfect suit to wear. Like most, when I saw the phrase “Free Tux Giveaway” my full attention turned to The Black Tux. But then I began to learn about their story and how they are helping others in their community and I was hooked. The Black Tux symbolizes all that a company should be. Regardless if I win this contest or not, I plan to rent from this amazing company. HUGE FAN OF THE KENNEDY OUTFIT, Absolutely perfect for our outside wedding.

  32. avatar Hannah reply

    We love the Black Tuxedo! If we won this amazing giveaway we would choose the Black Shawl Collar Tuxedo for our wedding.

  33. avatar Vanessa reply

    I would love to win the notched lapel tuxedo for the groomsmen in our wedding!

  34. avatar Jessika Williams reply

    I’m a classic girl and know my honey’s boys would look fantastic in the notched-label tux! What a awesome find in The Black Tux! Thank you girls!!!

  35. avatar Natalie reply

    We love Black Tux. One of our friend’s used them for a wedding in Austin, and my fiance is planning to do the same. We’re leaning towards the Broadway Outfit, but really love the Wallace Outfit too. Thanks for offering this giveaway Southern Weddings and Black Tux! We can’t wait to bring your suits to Knoxville!

  36. avatar Terri reply

    WOW! This is a awesome! This service so needed. Love the idea of special order and my future son-in law will be using this service for his marriage to my daughter on June 20th. We went to a great lengths to select her dress and am so excited about this opportunity for him.
    Thank you will share with everyone I know.

  37. avatar Julie reply

    What a great giveaway! We will be having an elegant and romantic wedding, and I think the Broadway outfits are perfect!! So classic and handsome. Thanks SW!!!

  38. avatar Haley Cain reply

    I would love to dress my future hubby and his groomsmen in the light gray suit! The Black Tux seems like an awesome company, and I’ve only heard good things!!

  39. avatar Marissa Laohoo reply

    dark grey suit!

  40. avatar Wendell Concina reply

    I would choose the gray suits!

  41. avatar David Klein reply

    Gray suit with vest for myself. Charcoal suits with vests for the groomsmen. Everyone wears the black leather shoe with wood sole. One of my favorite things about The Black Tux is that they offer stylish shoes to pair with your suit or tux. I would also have different bow ties in the same color family for everyone. Thanks.

  42. avatar David Klein reply

    Gray suit with vest for myself. Charcoal suits with vests for my groomsmen. Everyone wears black leather shoes with the wood sole. One of my favorite things about The Black Tux is that they offer stylish shoes to pair with your suit or tux. Thanks.

  43. avatar Fiona reply

    I would love to have the Groom in the the Beardsley outfit and the groomsmen the the broadway outfit!! This is an amazing service thanks for bringing it to light!

  44. avatar Max reply

    Navy tuxedo all the way!

  45. avatar Stewart reply

    My favorite option is the Davis outfit but I’m also planning to talk my groom into donning a white dinner jacket.

  46. avatar Chase reply

    I plan to use Black Tux for my guys and me. Since I have 16 tuxes to rent, getting five free would be awesome! I like the Wallace and Broadway outfits.

  47. avatar Chelsey Bahlmann reply

    The Midnight Blue Tuxedo will look daper on my Groom for our Fourth of July Wedding!!

  48. avatar Elizabeth reply

    Charcoal, fitted pants, suspenders, and vests.

  49. avatar Allison Brown reply

    I looooove the gray suits! This service sounds like a dream. The 2 entrepreneurs really did a good job identifying a gap in the tuxedo rental market. I can’t wait to work with them on our wedding day!

  50. avatar cMay reply

    Midnight blue suit for our Charleston wedding!

  51. avatar Michelle reply

    What a great concept! My bridesmaids are renting their dresses so it’s good to know there is a comparable service for guys as well! I love the midnight blue tux with the black lapel! They would look awesome against the bridesmaids dresses I chose!

  52. avatar Emmy G. reply

    My fiance wants a navy suit with black lapel!

  53. avatar Anna Bodenhamer reply

    I would pick the midnight blue tuxedo with a black bowtie. I love the modern, stylish look of mixing black and navy– something we’ve been told is a “no no” for so long! It’s a dapper combination.

  54. avatar Mary reply

    The Broadway!! Classic and traditional. Can’t go wrong.

  55. avatar falon reply

    I’d choose the midnight blue tuxedo!

  56. avatar Molly G reply

    I love the wrigley outfit! The light gray and skinny black tie are perfect!!

  57. avatar Taylor reply

    Charcoal suit for sure!!

  58. avatar Matthew Bollinger reply

    I love the midnight blue tuxedo. I have tried on a tux from the black tux and the fit was superior to any at a traditional brick and mortar store. I want to try one of the grey suits as well!

  59. avatar Meredith reply

    This is Amaazing! I saw this on Southern Wedding Instagram and got so excited! Alex and I are getting married in September and I went and looked at renting suits for him & his 8 groomsmen and I was so Unimpressed! They were so baggy and unattractive and I felt like the guys were going to look like they were going to a high school prom, not an elegant wedding. We actually were looking in to having the guys buy some nicer ones. I would love for them to look just as great as the girls do in their beautiful Navy Lace full length dresses. Alex and I both love either the Grey or Navy Suit and the all the bow tie options are out of this world :) Thanks for bringing this awesome business to our attention. Cheers!

  60. avatar Nikki reply

    I would absolutely love to see my future husband in the notched lapel tuxedo for our Charlottesville wedding next April. Clean cut, classy and so good looking!

  61. avatar Olivia Pritchard reply

    The Notched Lapel Tuxedo for sure! With patent leather (black) shoes & classic black bow tie.

  62. avatar Kendra Parrott reply

    My fiance’ would look so handsome in the light gray suit and cream underneath! Our wedding colors are peach, cream, and gray and we’re having a May wedding. I just know that our handsome groomsmen would absolutely love to have these beautifully made suits! I honestly don’t think there is anyone who would appreciate this more than we would!

  63. avatar Caitlin reply

    My fiancee and I would pick the charcoal suit. Its the perfect midpoint between formal and casual and will make him look like a modern James Bond on our day.

  64. avatar Jennie reply

    I love the look of a navy tux. Their Midnight Blue notched lapel Tuxedo with a black bow tie is so sharp!! This is such a great find… what a great deal for a well-fitting tux! Thanks for sharing!

  65. avatar Whitney reply

    I love the dark grey suit!

  66. avatar Leah reply

    Such a wonderful option for suits! I love the charcoal suit!

  67. avatar Ann Girasole reply

    Notched lapel
    What a nice idea- mailing the tux back- many times a couple leaves right away
    For honeymoon on and they can have the hotel desk semd it back for them

  68. avatar Lindsey reply

    What a fantastic company and idea! My fiance and I love the grey suits, but honestly, any would be a huge blessing. We are trying to keep the costs down for our wedding party and would be so honored to be chosen! Thanks!

  69. avatar Stefano Daneri reply

    Our wedding is coming up at the end of May, and this would put the icing on the wedding cake. What a great resource the Black Tux has provided for people going through the wild world of wedding planning. The Light Gray suit would match perfectly with the wedding’s theme and would create less stress for both me and my lady if we were selected for the giveaway!

  70. avatar Mindy reply

    I do love the Charcoal. Sharp looking details.

  71. avatar Nate reply

    The gray suite is my favorite! Also love all the bow tie options.

  72. avatar Richard reply

    I have always been drawn to classic styling for formal wear, so the notched lapel in dark grey is the one I would choose.

  73. avatar Mindy reply

    I was first drawn to the Charcoal option, but the truth is that you have four really classy options to select from. What a terrific giveaway you’re offering! You’ll surely make five men happy and handsome – I’m hoping for the groom and his four groomsmen in my family’s wedding coming soon in May.

  74. avatar Beth Ann gaier reply

    my fiancé has really been struggling with here to find good suits for his groomsmen. When I showed him the light gray and charcoal suits from the black tux he loved them and so did I. What a great business model and quality suits!

  75. avatar Vince reply

    The Davis outfit looks fantastic. What a great offer!

  76. avatar elizabeth reply

    I love the gray or the charcoal!

  77. avatar Donna reply

    The shawl collar tuxedo is amazing!

  78. avatar Chelssi reply

    Love the Hemingway Outfit!! Think it would look great for our spring wedding.

  79. avatar Scott Galla reply

    I’d be so stoked for the gray! While the traditional ones also look fly, the gray is a classic look that will pair amazingly with our orange and Carolina blue wedding colors!

  80. avatar Julie reply

    The midnight blue tuxedo looks awesome.

  81. avatar Linda reply

    The navy suit is handsome!

  82. avatar Olivia reply

    The charcoal!? But oh but I love them all! Thanks The Black Tux for being so fantastic!

  83. avatar Suzi reply

    This is AMAZING! I scroll through Pinterest and see so many amazing photos of grooms in navy suits, but when I try to find a place to rent them, they are seriously like unicorns. We would be so excited to outfit our groomsmen (and the groom of course!) in the Navy suit from the Black Tux. A 3-piece suit for the groom, and 2-piece for the groomsmen. We are the first in our group of friends to get married and I know that our tech-savvy Berkeley grad groomsmen will definitely choose TBT again if they got the chance to try it :D

  84. avatar Owen Camden reply

    When it comes to weddings you really want to make sure that the groom and all of his groomsmen look classy in their tuxes. However, it can be really hard to find a good tux that everyone looks good in. When it comes to things like this you want to make sure that everyone is properly fitted and sized. There is nothing better than being able to have all of the men match in fancy tuxes.

  85. avatar Evolzation reply

    Wish I had these guys for my Wedding. My trousers were fine but the jacket was a bit short in the arm department. On the other hand, my, arms are unusually long. Cool that they deliver a week ahead of time too. Great service.

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