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When we started brainstorming people to reach out to for marriage advice in V6, Sarah Tucker was one of the first names that popped into my head. Sarah is the stylish gal behind Sarah Tucker Events and Sarah Tucker Styles, and I am constantly inspired by the way she talks about her husband and their marriage. They are best friends, and even after four years of marriage, they are still completely smitten with one another. We are so happy to share her sweet advice with y’all!

Jessica Lorren

I always tell people, “I got the best one! How did I do that?” And it is no joke–I really did. One of the best pieces of advice I can give someone about marriage is to tell anyone who will listen to you just how great your spouse is. It’s great when they are in earshot, but it’s really special when they overhear you raving about them. I could write novels about the kindness my husband has shown me, but since I don’t, I make sure everyone knows just how great he is all the time. Including him! If you meet me in person, I can guarantee you’ll hear “I hit the jackpot!” or”I’ve got a big crush on that husband of mine.” I have no fear of mush, and you will never hear me speak ill of my husband.

I was five when I first met my husband, and he was seven. We watched each other grow up; he watched my chicken legs get longer and I watched him become so handsome, my knees would get wobbly. We were “just friends” for twenty years, even though our dates and friends always suspected we had feelings for each other. He became one of my closest confidants and the person I’d always run to for advice. My point is, we were friends before we were anything else, and that has been huge for us. It was an incredible foundation to build our relationship on. He’s still my best friend. I don’t just love him–I really like him too.

Be ready and willing to sacrifice. Don’t keep score in marriage. Never hold a grudge–seriously, never. Get over it.

If you have an argument, make sure you are not just hungry or tired–or worse, both!

Take daily walks together.

For heaven’s sake, talk about your finances! Set financial goals as a couple. Lay it all out there. It may be uncomfortable to talk about at first, but it will give you so much peace!

To simplify most of what I’ve learned about marriage in the last three years, make decisions together. Even the small ones. The two of you must make decisions together, as it affects the whole. You are one now.

Jessica Lorren

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