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Winner :: ken + dana design

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Last week, we introduced you to ken + dana design, masters in the art of unique jewelry. The gorgeous Isis engagement band is speckled with diamonds and comes in platinum, 18k gold, and sterling silver. Really, stunning. Here is your chance to feel like a goddess!

We asked readers to “like” ken + dana design on Facebook then choose their favorite design on the ken + dana website. I’ve been reading your entries as they poured in and I am so excited to announce which lucky reader will get the Isis. Congratulations to Allie who gave us this marvelous answer:

I am truly in love with the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring in gold by ken + dana. This genius design combines simplicity and tradition with something elemental and untamed. I am convinced this design has been imprinted in my conscious forever and no other engagement ring will do! This unique piece is a gorgeous take on the traditional engagement ring and to my surprise- incredibly affordable!

Let us know how you enjoy your new Isis ring, Allie!

Well, you already “liked” the ken + dana design Facebook page but if you’re like me, you just can’t get enough of them! Be sure to check out the ken + dana design blog for more jewelry inspiration and head on over to their Twitter (@kenanddana).

Come back soon for some more stellar giveaways!

Written with love by Whitney

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We have something really special up our sleeves for you today! By now, y’all know that I am a deep admirer of all things sparkly. Women have been enamored with jewels and jewelry for thousands of years, and I believe that I know why: jewelry marks all of the special occasions in life. Whenever you wear those pearl earrings your parents got you for your 16th birthday, you remember how it felt to be young. Many of us are waiting for the day when a man gets down on one knee and opens a box to reveal a shiny engagement ring — that’s certainly a memory I’m going to treasure! And I’ll admit it: I would be ecstatic if I opened that box and a ken + dana engagement ring was inside.

ken + dana design offers something that most jewelry lines can’t: their pieces are not created for consumption by the masses. Each handmade piece is more than just jewelry, each is a structural work of art. With a diverse range of lines and an extreme attention to quality and detail, ken + dana design is a great place to start (and most likely end) the hunt for the perfect engagement ring. Better yet, ken + dana have designs for every budget. They sure have me singing their praises!

Lucky for y’all, I’m here today to give you the chance to win your very own ken + dana design!

To Enter: Hop on over to the ken + dana design Facebook page and press the “Like” button. Then check out the ken + dana design bridal line and leave a comment here with which piece you’re swooning over!

Win: Just complete the simple steps above and you might be lucky enough to win the Isis. The Isis—inspired by the story of the Egyptian goddess of nature, magic and motherhood—is a silver and diamond wedding or engagement band valued at $420. It is, quite simply, breathtaking.

You have until Tuesday, April 12th at midnight to enter this giveaway! Don’t miss your chance to show off your own ken + dana design masterpiece!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Jessie reply

    I love all of the simple designs. They are so unique and different. I love the Flora wedding band.

  2. avatar Stacy reply

    Love – Clio Organic Wedding Band

  3. avatar Laura reply

    They’re all so beautiful and unique, but I rather like the Gaia engagement band. The branched lines are so delicate and beautiful!

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  5. avatar Allie reply

    I am truly in love with the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring in gold by ken + dana. This genius design combines simplicity and tradition with something elemental and untamed. I am convinced this design has been imprinted in my conscious forever and no other engagement ring will do! This unique piece is a gorgeous take on the traditional engagement ring and to my surprise- incredibly affordable!

  6. avatar Kelsey reply

    Of all of them, I really truly love the Isis the best. Its so simple and elegant with a bit of sparkle, something you could (and would want to) wear every day.

  7. avatar megan reply

    i LOVE the Sundara 1ct Organic Engagement Ring in Gold! i think it is stunning and love the concept behind the design with the two paths merging into one. on top of the breathless aesthetic knowing that it is an organic diamond makes it simply amazing.

  8. avatar Allison reply

    I definitely have to go with the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring!!! It’s so simple, yet so elegant and timeless…it makes me think of a mountain stream.

  9. avatar Jennifer Eiford reply

    I’m swooning over the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring in white gold with a blue sapphire!!! Gorgeous!!!

  10. avatar Kate reply

    I’ve had my eye on the Sundara for a while now!

  11. avatar Pattie reply

    The Sol Organic Engagement Band
    is exactly what I would design for myself if I had the least little bit of talent. So unique. But I also adore each and every band. The designs bring you back to a simpler, more romantic time. Just gorgeous. Makes me wish I had more fingers…

  12. avatar U-Jung reply

    I LOVE the Isis band. It’s so classy and elegant and ladylike.

  13. avatar Heather Taylor reply

    Love the Aurora!

  14. avatar Jennifer reply

    I love the Jasmine, but unfortunately, they’re sold out.

  15. avatar Kimber reply

    I am totally in love with the ISIS ring! It’d go great with my e-ring, and we haven’t picked out bands yet, so perfect timing! Love it!

  16. avatar Angela Robinson reply

    These are stunning! I’m a big fan of ken + dana design. Thank you for featuring them!

  17. avatar Pam reply

    Just breathtaking.

  18. avatar madelynne miller reply

    I love the Clio organic wedding band. It is so elegant and unique and would be perfect to wear every day!

  19. avatar Natalie reply

    They are all so pretty! I like the rustic unfinished look of some of the plain wedding bands, but I like the Aurora best.

  20. avatar Gem Gossip reply

    I love their designs–especially the Siduri band. It has a gorgeous flow to it and is so organic looking. I’ve featured Ken + Dana Designs on Gem Gossip in the past…always favored by readers!

  21. avatar Sarah Cowart reply

    I love the first engagement ring shown. I instantly feel like I’m in a Jane Austen movie just imagining it on my finger.

  22. avatar Luzdary Leest reply

    I love the 4th ring, which almost looks like a snake. But when reading the description it actually symbolizes the merging of two paths into one. It’s so beautiful!!

  23. avatar Wedding Invitations Australia reply

    Beautiful! I love the simplicity in the first set!

  24. avatar Katie reply

    I loooove love love love the Indira engagement ring! It’s so hard to pick just one from their designs, but I would have to say that one took my breath away :)

  25. avatar Christine reply

    I love the ISIS engagement band – My father often tells a cute story about my and the 1970″s TV show Isis and this would be a cute reminder of that great childhood memory!

  26. avatar carrie reply

    I love the ISIS – SO beautiful and elegant!

  27. avatar Amy reply

    I just LOVE the Aurora! Think it is just the most beautiful ring I’ve seen :D

  28. avatar Karen-Emmanuelle reply

    Since I’m a sucker for costume jewellry, I’m ”swooning” over the Sundara ring. Love love love the design! :-)
    Great giveaway! Thank you!

  29. avatar Kate reply

    Sheesh that was hard. Not looking at all those beautiful pieces of jewelry but picking a favorite! But after much thought, I was able to say that Daya Organic Engagement Ring is definitely my number one pick. The Clio Organic Wedding Band & Clio Organic Wedding Band & Pax Textured Band gave it a tough running though.

  30. avatar Shelby reply

    Swoon is the perfect word to describe the entire Ken + Dana Design bridal line. The second I saw just one Ken + Dana ring, I fell in love, and subsequently spent about 2 hours pouring over their website and trying to pick out which ring I loved best. I then found the Isis. So simple, yet so beautiful, The Isis is the perfect Southern Wedding band. How can two things be any more related? This ring is elegant and charming and even has a good story behind it, just like any beautiful bride that would be lucky enough to wear it.

  31. avatar amber reply

    i loooove these deisgners! these guys have a special place in my heart for two reasons: #1 their work is unique and has this organic, natural feel…like the jewelry just fell out of a tree that way. #2 their processes are ethical and environmentally responsible. does it get any better? my favorite is hands down the isis…i saw it for the first time a year ago (maybe longer?) and have been smitten ever since. a close second? the iris…love the stone, the setting, everything!

  32. avatar Maggie reply

    These pieces are amazing! Truly unique — I love that they are not made for the masses!! Thanks SWMag for introducing!

  33. avatar Cherie reply

    I like ken + dana design on FB!! I love the Daya Organic Engagement Ring :)

  34. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    I love the Siduri organic engagement band. It reminds me of the ocean for some reason. Maybe the wave in the design… I dunno but I love it! :-)

  35. avatar Katherine reply

    I actually LOVE the isis the very best. It’s stunning. How unique and beautiful these are!

  36. avatar Emily reply

    My fiance already gave me a ken & dana engagement ring, and the isis band would go super well with it!

  37. avatar Emmie reply

    I would have to say the Carmentes Organic Engagement Ring!!!! Its so beautiful! I just adore the craftsmanship of their pieces!

  38. avatar lindsey reply

    I love the Aurora wedding bad.. its so simple and elegant! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  39. avatar Erin A. reply

    The Isis is totally my favorite!

  40. avatar Ashley reply

    I love the Dakota! These are such unique pieces of jewelry. Love them!

  41. avatar Holly reply

    I love the “Rose” ring! The purple and gold would match my wedding perfectly!

  42. avatar Lauren reply

    I absolutely love Aurora Organic Engagement Ring!!! Wow! So simple and elegant. Absolutely Beautiful! I’ve been a fan of Ken & Dana Design for a while now and coming from South Africa, I always wish we could have similar jewelery available to us here and it’s so affordable! Here everything is so so sooo expensive. Wow! absolute perfection

  43. avatar Eleanor reply

    love love love the Gaia Organic Engagement Band

  44. avatar Larissa reply

    I can’t get enough of these beautifully imagined designs, but if I had to pick I would have to say the Carmentes Organic Engagement Ring might just be my favorite. I love how all the designs are as uniquely beautiful and painstakingly crafted as love itself!

  45. avatar Melissa W reply

    I love the Clio organic wedding band the best!

  46. avatar Samantha Pasciuta reply

    I love the Devi Organic Engagement Ring Gold with the Emerald stone! It is so elegant, yet raw and earthy!!!! Thank you for the give away!!!!!!

  47. avatar Sarah reply

    I love the Daya organic engagement ring. It’s so unique and stunning. I’m in love with all of ken + dana design jewelry I haven’t found anything else like it.

  48. avatar Ginger reply

    I LOVE the wedding day bands…I can’t think of anything more romantic than your wedding date being carved into such a special ring!

  49. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    I love love LOVE the Aurora Organic Engagement Ring. it is so so elegant!

  50. avatar Amy reply

    Really beautiful! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I think I will have to with the Siduri Organic Engagement Band. I love it because it looks like it’s just been picked up out of the sea having been lost for years. It’s got such romance to it! I love the sea.

  51. avatar Kfloveinme reply

    Amazing & beautiful! I am swooning over Gaia Organic Engagement Band! Its gorgerous & elegant!

  52. avatar Joy reply

    I love the Devi. So different and stunning. It seems like it would be a piece that would get noticed a lot! I love the organic feel of everything they make. It is all so beautiful!

    • avatar Mikey reply

      I think the Hera engagement band is both beautiful and unique — any girl would feel lucky to wear such a stunning piece of jewelry!

  53. avatar Cassie reply

    I love Sundara 2ct Organic Engagement Ring! It is so unique! I have never seen anything like it! I’m definitely showing it to my fiance!

  54. avatar Melody reply

    LOVE the the Clio Organic Wedding Band! Such a classic design with an artistic touch.

  55. avatar Meghan reply

    I actually love the Isis band that is being given away.

  56. avatar Lindsay H reply

    I love the organic engagement ring!

  57. avatar KendraDaveen reply

    I love the Indira Diamond Engagement Ring. It’s the last in that collection of images BUT it’s simple and sweet – and oh so beautiful! I love the crazier ones too, but something about this little gold ring made me want it to bad! :)

  58. avatar Thelma reply

    My fav is the Sundara 1ct Organic Engagement Ring
    [email protected]

  59. avatar Ashton reply

    These rings are truly stunning; simple and understated in a way that makes them unique and priceless. In true southern belle fashion, I found it hard to pick just one ring. The one that I ended up falling in love with was the Daisy. It reminds me a lot of my Great Grandmother’s ring. It was a plain gold band with a tiny little chip of a diamond, but she rocks it like it is a Harry Winston! The Daisy fits my down to earth, one of a kind personality so well that I might have sent the link to my boyfriend (just for reference of course!)

  60. avatar Lala Sams reply

    Sundara is stunning! I love the strength but softness of the lines. Gorgeous. Oh..the Isis too :-)
    The hubby I have been married for 19 years and getting an engagement ring just never came up! I’m swooning over all the rings.

  61. avatar Charlene reply

    I LOVE the Sundara 2ct Organic Engagement Ring, GORGEOUS!!

  62. avatar TIFFANY reply


  63. avatar Ann Garrett Hughes reply

    I absolutely LOVE the isis ring. It’s simplistic modern style and yet classic appeal. :)

  64. avatar kelly reply

    i am so obsessed with the ken + dana line!!!!!! i want that sundara ring! it’s my dream engagement ring.

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