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Who’s already thinking about Valentine’s Day plans?! While I love a delicious dinner out, John and I usually opt for something else on February 14th, since restaurants can be crowded and expensive in the evening. If you’d like to do something out of the ordinary, too, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite date ideas with the help of Texas jewelry company Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. (And just saying: if your love language leans toward gifts, you might want to leave this browser open where your significant other can see it… any of these pieces we’re sporting would make an amazing Valentine’s Day present!)

Before we get to the date ideas, though, I want to make SURE you don’t miss the amazing giveaway we’re hosting with Bailey, Banks, and Biddle!! I know, we usually put these at the bottom of the post, but this one is just too good for you to miss…

From left to right: Statement Round Quilted Engament Ring, Intricate Basket Engagement Ring, and Quilted French Pave Princess Cut Engagement Ring, all by A. JAFFE

One lucky person will WIN his or her choice of one of three A. JAFFE engagement ring settings and a .55 carat loose diamond. We saw these rings in person to photograph them, and let me tell you: they are extremely beautiful. Whether you’re engaged or not or already have an engagement ring or not, ENTER below! One of these would make a great right-hand ring, too :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Official rules for this giveaway can be found here.

And now, on to the date nights! First up, Kristin and Kyle opted for a mid-morning get-together. Many of y’all already know our Editor-in-Chief’s love language is brunch, so pancakes and swirly coffee were just the tickets for their love day celebration. If you’d like to try a brunch date yourself, head out on the weekend or take a few hours off work mid-week (a sure-fire way to beat the crowds!).

All photos by Blue Ribbon Vendor Jacqui Cole. Kristin’s jewelry includes pearl earrings, a pearl bracelet, and a pearl cuff bracelet. Girl likes her pearls :)

Date Idea No. 2: Marissa and Brandon also chose to forgo dinner, and instead focused on the best part of any meal: sweets! They hit up three different dessert spots for what we like to call a “dessert crawl.” Ideally, your dessert locations would be in walking distance from each other, so you can burn off a few calories in between indulging! “Since I work days, and Brandon works most evenings, the ‘dessert crawl; was such a fun way to celebrate without the time constraint of a dinner reservation,” says Marissa. “We even chose to get our last desert to go, so we could enjoy some time walking and chatting!”

All photos by Blue Ribbon Vendor Jessica Bordner. Marissa’s jewelry includes a diamond station necklace, stackable rings (available in store or via special order), and a custom A.JAFFE map necklace. Brandon is wearing a Jack Mason watch.

Date Idea Number 3: If you don’t want to brave the crowds at all, you can try what John and I did, and order in! We picked up pasta from our favorite local spot, then gathered all of the throw pillows from the rest of our house and cozied up in front of the fireplace. For dessert, we made these molten chocolate lava cakes – YUM!

All photos by Blue Ribbon Vendor Julia Wade.

There you have it! Three easy and fun Valentine’s Day date ideas, and a great source for a Valentine’s Day present, if you’re looking for one :) Don’t forget to enter our engagement ring giveaway at the top of the post, and please tell me: what do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?

This post is brought to you by Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. Thank you so much for your support of the brands who make Southern Weddings possible!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Allison reply

    All such fun ideas! I guess I’ll just have to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the new few weeks. :)

  2. avatar Brooke Paris reply

    These are all so cute! I love seeing the real lives of the southern weddings gals!

  3. avatar Bob Weiss reply

    Just love Southern Weddings

  4. avatar Connie Nicholson reply


  5. avatar Darrick Barrett reply

    Taking her to a mountain hot springs spa!

  6. avatar luther reeger reply

    very nice thanks for the chance

  7. avatar kristin romine reply

    So elegant and feminine!

  8. avatar Deanna Garrett reply

    That ring is sooo pretty

  9. avatar Bernice Wright reply

    Beautiful ring

  10. avatar Donna DePaolo reply

    How lovely and classic!

  11. avatar Constance Smith reply

    Thank you!

  12. avatar Janice Lee reply

    I and my husband have different schedule for Vday… so i planned to have a post celebration og sunday.. Maybe a dinner date and watch a movie after.. for me true meaning of Valentines day is not how much you spend or buying expensive gifts but to make your special someone feels how you truly love them and valued… I may not have much money even how i wanted to get him a nice stuff but being with him is priceless specially on heart day… Happy Valentines Day to all!! And to all folks behind this… I do really love your rings and hope i could wear one of them oneday…. Goodluck!

  13. avatar Cynthia Rieke reply

    My parents named me thinking I would be a southern belle as my father’s family was from the south. Whenever I visit the south I always feel like it is Deja Vu.
    These rings are beautiful! Recently married, my engagement ring was my husbands grandmother’s over 100 years old. While it has sentimental value, it is showing its age and I would love have my own ring to pass down.
    These rings are gorgeous and thank you so much for making it possible to win one.

  14. avatar Chris Jarboe reply


  15. avatar Ronnie Trompeter reply

    Hope we win

  16. avatar Joseph Fleming reply

    Nice looking diamonds.

  17. avatar pat reply

    beautiful jewelry

  18. avatar Melanie Alioto reply

    My sweetie and I exchanged cards and had a wonderful prime rib seafood dinner on Valentines Day!

  19. avatar Mary Wawrzonkowski reply

    A relaxing night in with my wonderful husband. I’ll make his favorite dinner and dessert and we’ll Netflix binge. Perfect.:)

  20. avatar James Barczak reply

    Nice to win that ring!

  21. avatar Karen Waring reply


  22. avatar Brenda reply

    Love the rings

  23. avatar Sue Doersam reply

    I would love to win one of these beautiful rings!! My ring size is 7.

  24. avatar Donna Godfrey reply

    Love these rings

  25. avatar marcia hunt reply

    i would love to win this ring its so lovely and would make my wedding the best

  26. avatar Sue Doersam reply


  27. avatar Twilla Hardy reply

    I’ve be.en married for over 30 years , never had a ring like this . Sure would like to win this

  28. avatar oksana ognevchuk reply

    would love to win!!!!

  29. avatar walter tucci reply

    love is not something you find, it is something that finds you.

  30. avatar Jacqueline Charles reply

    That is something that can be handed down through the family.

  31. avatar Deborah Fuller reply


  32. avatar Barb Eck reply

    My wedding & engagement rings were recently either lost or stolen, I would love to have this as my ring for our 45th anniversary which is coming up in April. Thank you for the contest. Barb

  33. avatar joann reply

    I want to win this beautiful ring

  34. avatar Corinne Soper reply

    Love to win one of these rings.

  35. avatar Cecilia Griffin reply

    Hope I win Than k. YouFor letting me enter.

  36. avatar yuri reply

    To tream my lady with a full breakfast in bed ! she just got her sabbatical from school approved !. she need a lot of pampering ….
    Thanks GUYS !

  37. avatar Karen Gallaghef reply

    This would be a wonderful romantic time. We have been married for 15 years. We have not taken another anniversary since our fifth anniversary due to my declining health. My health causes me to walk with a cane or in a wheelchair. This would really be a great time for us!

  38. avatar Karen Gallagher reply

    It would be wonderful to win one of the diamond rings.

  39. avatar Stephanie Anderson reply

    Your diamonds are so beautiful!

  40. avatar Karen Washington reply

    The ring is beautiful I would love to win one

  41. avatar Linda Baillie reply

    Thank. You

  42. avatar Patricia Fugate reply

    I love all kinds of rings.

  43. avatar Paula Deeter reply

    Love them all….

  44. avatar Carson Fallquist reply

    My bride would love this ….

  45. avatar Donna Brever reply


  46. avatar Becki Cannon reply

    Cool ideas

  47. avatar KATIE KICZA reply


  48. avatar Madeline reply

    This could be a great stress relief for my fiance its absolutely gorgeous

  49. avatar Roxanna Kennedy reply

    I would love to win this .

  50. avatar Nancy Price reply

    Been married for 46 years this April, I would love to win a new ring!

  51. avatar Nakishia Stile reply

    Late but spend time with my family.

  52. avatar Linda Meyers-Gabbard reply

    Been so long since we’ve been on a date night….lol love these ideas. Thank you

  53. avatar Lora Huffman reply

    out to eat NO dishes yahoo

  54. avatar Assia Elhiba reply

    Thank you

  55. avatar Teresa Stroup reply

    my fiancé could not afford to purchase a diamond ring for our engagement, so my ring is sterling silver with a CZ. It would be nice to be able to replace it for him.

  56. avatar Cheryl Hill reply

    I love the way the ring looks, it’s elegance and so detailed design with it’s perfection.

  57. avatar Corina reply

    Out to dinner and a movie!

  58. avatar Linda Clark reply

    These rings are so beautiful!!

  59. avatar linda Ingle calloway reply

    i want it

  60. avatar Paula VanSlyke reply

    Would love to have one of these rings!

  61. avatar Alexis Garcia reply

    These rings are beautiful

  62. avatar Michelle Baker reply

    Diamonds are a girls Best Friend?

  63. avatar Debbie Weaver reply

    Lovely gift

  64. avatar Rinda Jarvis reply

    Lovely pictures

  65. avatar Kseniya Krivoruchko reply

    Picnic on a cliff of LA Jolla in California while overlooking the ocean.

  66. avatar Vanessa Royal reply

    Go on a romantic getaway for 4 .

  67. avatar tara mckenzie reply

    Thank you!

  68. avatar Carolyn reply

    A walk in the sea breeze.

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Any Friday Night Lights fans in the house? (Raising my hand high!) Tami and Coach’s life had its ups and downs through the five seasons we followed them, but it always centered around family and football. Kutter and Lauren are in the same mold, including the ups and downs AND the sweet love story. From a tumultuous start to their relationship to the simple ways they like to spend time together, I loved learning more about these two and their five favorite date nights!

Thanks to Ally and Bobby for these wonderful photos!

Names: Kutter and Lauren Miller
By day: He is a Texas high school football coach and health teacher and I am the owner and lead wedding planner at The Simply Southern.
Where they live: Currently, Weatherford, Texas about 30 miles west of Forth Worth, but being married to a coach means that could change at any time!
Their love story: I am a North Carolina girl — born and raised in Raleigh. I moved to Texas to go to college for athletic training, and was assigned a clinical rotation with the football team at a local private high school. At my first football game, this really cute coach came up and introduced himself. I wanted to talk to him, but it was against my college’s rules for me to date a coach that I worked under. After much debate, I decided to ask for his number, and then invited him to a football game date the next weekend.

Soon after our return we were found out, and I was suspended from the Athletic Training program at my college. My world felt like it was crashing down around me, but he was by my side through the entire process, and I knew that if we could make it through all of that in the first few months we had known each other, then we could make it through anything. On June 27, 2015 we tied the knot in my hometown. Our ceremony was at 9:30am, followed by brunch, and by 1:30pm we were off to our honeymoon as newlyweds!

Five Favorite Date Nights:

1. Tossing the football. Being married to a Texas high school football coach means my life looks a lot like a scene out of Friday Night Lights. We met on the football field, our first date was a four-hour road trip to watch the Sooners take on the Horned Frogs, and a lot of our dates revolve around football season and finding ways to spend meaningful time together despite the hectic schedule. Some days we take the football and play around in our backyard, or we’ll walk the nature path behind our house with our dogs. Other times we make a date night out of going to scout upcoming opponents! One perk of coach life is that we get free tickets to local football games, so we frequently have date nights to TCU football games. Our lives really do revolve around the sport, and we never get tired of it!

2. Downtown and local eats. We love dressing up and heading downtown to explore. We make a trip out of it, and if the weather permits, always try to eat outside. I love trying new restaurants, and eating local is one of my favorite ways to find the best cuisine. It always evokes good conversation, and I love the small town feel.

3. Camping. Coming from families that grew up camping, I love to tie my hair up and have a relaxing weekend outdoors — we’ll bring the dogs, unplug from technology, and enjoy nature to its fullest. Sometimes we fish at the lake, other times we explore the countryside, but no matter what, we have uninterrupted time for meaningful conversation and to enjoy each others company.

4. Past and future. Between the busyness of football season and wedding season, date nights in are some of my favorites. We love to lounge around with a glass of wine and take a walk down memory lane. I am still amazed by all of the things that we have been through as a couple, and I’m in awe of how we got to where we are. We also love dreaming about the future on these slow nights in!

5. Ice cream. Whether we’re at Goodberry’s in Raleigh or Sweet Sammies in Fort Worth, we love to take trips for ice cream. There’s nothing more refreshing in the Southern heart, and it gives us a good excuse to just focus on each other!

Thanks so much, Lauren and Kutter! Find lots more date ideas in the Southern Newlywed archives.

emily Written with love by Emily
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  1. avatar Southern Date Nights | Hollow Hill Event Center reply

    […] of weeks ago our wedding planner, Lauren from The Simply Southern, and her husband were featured on Southern Weddings Newlywed Date Night […]

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Jeremy and Stephanie’s date night ideas might seem simple on the surface, but upon closer examination, each one has a luxe twist that takes their whole dating game up a notch. For example, instead of just going for a drive in the country (a tried-and-true favorite), they make their weekend on-the-road adventures feel novel by renting a convertible! They’ve inspired me to add a little something extra to my and John’s next date night, and I hope you feel the same way!

Big hugs to Susan Hudson for these sweet photos!

Names: Jeremy and Stephanie Capan
By day: Jeremy does sales/account management in commercial flooring and Stephanie owns and designs for the online lifestyle brand Winnie Jean.
Where they live: Loveland, Ohio

Their love story: I had recently moved home from Nashville (I was born there and lived there four years after college) and during a moment that at the time I thought of as weakness, I prayed for God to bring a man into my life who loved Jesus and who would love me unconditionally. Two weeks later, I met Jeremy. And, believe it or not, we met on Tinder! (Yes, I’m serious!) We both swiped right, and, as they say, the rest is history.
Their wedding: We got married in Tennessee at the Cades Cove Primitive Baptist Church (where we got engaged!), and our reception was held at the Appalachian Clubhouse – both are located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I’m from Nashville, and my family goes to Gatlinburg every year around Christmas, and Jeremy has been camping in the Smokies with his family since he was a kid, so it made the perfect location for our destination wedding. That area has been special to each of us separately for years and now it’s a place where we’re making our own memories. “On a Tennessee Saturday night. Couldn’t feel better, I’m together, with my Dixieland delight” was our unofficial “theme,” and it was a laid back, intimate day. I wore a blush dress and a flower crown and I married my best friend. It was literally the best day of my life.

Stephanie and Jeremy’s five favorite date ideas:

1. A drive with the top down. Our favorite thing to do together is go on a drive. Every couple of months we rent a convertible and take a day to explore. We don’t usually have any plans except the way we’re heading and we just let the day take us where it wants. Sometimes in the evening we just hit the country roads near our home in Loveland. We love the time in the car together and it’s always fun to explore new places that are just around the corner.

2. Eating local. We love to try out locally owned restaurants. Our town is really quaint and has some delicious options and there are a bunch in Cincinnati that we still need to try!

3. Quick picnic. We love to pack up a simple dinner or pick up something on the go and take it to a park nearby and have a makeshift picnic. It’s quick and easy but it gets us away from the TV trays and our cell phones and outside together.

4. Maxed-out movie date. Cinebistro is our favorite way to go to the movies. We love being able to get dinner at the movie and the recliners are so comfortable. We’ve spoiled ourselves and can’t imagine going to a “regular” movie theater again.

5. Pizza at home. We also love pizza nights at home! These usually fall on Sundays because it’s been a busy week, a busy weekend and we are ready to just relax on the couch with our pups and an episode of Game of Thrones.

Thanks so much, Stephanie and Jeremy! Find lots more date ideas in the Southern Newlywed archives.

emily Written with love by Emily
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  1. avatar Stephanie Capan reply

    Thanks so much for including us in this feature! We had so much fun and Susan was amazing to work with. I never thought I’d have photos of one of our road trip dates but I’ll treasure them forever! <3

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