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Welcome back to our discussion of all things anniversary! I loved learning the history of the traditional gift materials last week, and now we’re back with suggestions to fit the first five years. The best part about the traditional list? It’s SO flexible! In fact, it might help you come up with something even more creative than you would have with no direction, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box on these, friends!

First anniversary: Paper
They gave us an easy one to start with! An album of wedding photos is a natural pick, and something that would be cherished for years to come. We also like the idea of purchasing a fine art print — Rebekka Seale will make an amazing one from her drawing of your house, and of course, we love some of the ones we have in our shop! Classic stationery (maybe a joint set with your married monogram?) is always a good bet, too.

Second anniversary: Cotton
Try a decadent sheet set or blanket (this one is hand-loomed) — we love the idea of matching it to your wedding colors! A commissioned painting (canvases are made from cotton!) would be an amazing addition to your home — choose a photo from your wedding day for extra points. For a Southern twist, we suggest a bow tie or a cotton boll wreath.

Third anniversary: Leather
The goodies are endless in this category! Think wallets, belts, shoes, bags, or watches (pictured above: this watch and this monogrammed tote from Mark & Graham). This “places to remember” leather book would be a great companion for a lifetime of shared experiences. If you skipped on an album for your first anniversary, a leather-bound volume could be a great pick on your third!

Fourth anniversary: Fruit and Flowers
At first, this one might seem fairly restrictive, but think outside of the box with me, here. You can, of course, go the traditional route, and order an arrangement of flowers. But what about a hydrangea or gardenia bush from White Flower Farm? I love that it would bloom every year — the gift that keeps on giving! An indoor lemon tree or outdoor flowering tree could be darling, too. Or what about a gift certificate for landscaping, to make your yard an oasis for lots of romantic dinners to come? If all else fails, there are LOTS of flower-patterned goodies to choose from — we love these casual plates.

Fifth anniversary: Wood
Trees would be acceptable here, too! Or perhaps a beautiful planter for outside, or a piece of beautifully-crafted furniture for inside. (My college graduation gift from my parents was a mahogany dining table that expands to fit twelve, and I love remembering that every time we sit down to eat!) For a smaller gift, a custom address stamp, wooden iPad case, or heirloom cutting board would be lovely.

What do you think, friends? Any suggestions to add to our list? I’d love to hear!!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Melissa reply

    So fun! I have been thinking about what I might get my husband for our one year anniversary. I thought tickets might be fun! To where? Is the only question… I know we would like to go on a trip, so plane tickets to each other sounds great to me! :)

  2. avatar Kelly C reply

    We were just talking about this the other day in the office because several of our team members have anniversaries around this time of year. I suggested a Jenga set for a co-workers 5th anniversary. She could write some of her favorite memories of the past five years on the pieces and give it to him. On each anniversary going forward, they could get it out and add new memories.

  3. avatar Cassie reply

    Loved our first anniversary gifts…I got my husband a framed world map so that we could pin all the places we’ve traveled together and he framed a photo our wedding photog (the amazing Eric Kelley) took of the grape vines we were married in front of and then he also framed a wine label for the wine that was made using those grapes. I mean seriously? Major props for my sweet husband, I thought that was so creative of him!

  4. avatar Cheryl reply

    My husband got me a special gift certificate (paper) for an anniversary sundial (a cool clock that uses the sun) and did both traditional and modern 1st anniversary gifts in one! I thought he was pretty clever doing that, but the sundial was wonderful – it is made of glass and sits on the windowsill indoors in our family room, and it makes beautiful rainbows in the room whenever the sun shines. It also has a personalized date line that the time shadow follows on our anniversary day each year. I don’t remember what it’s called but you can find it online with a search. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

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