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Hi belles! Every season we like to find a way to get to know you more, and to share our hearts. To dovetail with our current Cozy Fall focus, each of the Southern Weddings gals will be sharing our favorite ways to simplify and get cozy in our home lives over the next few months. We hope our ideas are helpful as you work to streamline and simplify your own lives for what matters most!

Photo by Blue Ribbon Vendor Katelyn James

Say howdy to: Emily Thomas, our Creative Director

Favorite simple beauty routine or product: I’ve recently started using Clinique’s CC cream, and I love it! It’s not quite moisturizing enough on its own for my skin, so I layer it over One Love Organics’ Skin Savior, and then top everything off with a swipe of Bare Minerals’ Ready foundation. (On more casual days, I sometimes leave off the CC cream and just do the powder, but I like that the cream gives me my SPF!)

Favorite simple fall activity: In terms of simple and fall, it doesn’t get much easier than my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Here is the “recipe:” 1) Take a Betty Crocker chocolate chip muffin mix (the one in a bag) and dump it in a bowl. 2) Add 4 tablespoons canned pumpkin puree (like Libby’s), a 1/2 cup water with 4 tablespoons removed, and a few healthy shakes of cinnamon. Stir together. 3) Bake for 16 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

Favorite tech device/app/strategy that simplifies your life: It sounds obvious, but my iPhone’s native Notes app is my go-to! This incredibly simple and incredibly handy app helps me seem more together than I am and be a more thoughtful person than I would be otherwise. I keep so many lists on it, including gift ideas for my husband, restaurants I want to try, books I want to read, things I’m looking for at the flea market, measurements of crucial areas in my house, and the food preferences of my friends and family members (which makes buying treats for them easier!).

Favorite morning routine that simplifies your life: Hrmm. I would not really say I have a morning routine… I’m more the roll-out-of-bed-and-out-the-door-in-twenty-minutes type. (Really. 20 minutes.) However, I have been making smoothies for breakfast recently, and I love that they give me a nutritional “win” to start my day. I’m not picky about the makeup, but right now my go-to combination is half a banana + frozen blueberries + plain Greek yogurt + chocolate protein powder + whole milk + a splash of OJ + spinach.

Favorite evening routine that simplifies your life: A walk around our neighborhood, pre- or post-dinner. Unspooling my day through conversation with John is the best way I know to settle my thoughts and get clarity.

Favorite trick for simplifying your schedule: I have finally admitted to myself that I can ONLY use a monthly view calendar, and it has to be paper (see mine here). So much of what I’m scheduling needs to happen in relation to other things, and I hate having to click back and forth between days or switch between the day view and the month view so I can see every event happening on a certain day. Seeing everything at once helps me to keep my schedule simple and balanced, and not overload any one week or day.

Favorite simple weeknight recipe: When the most important factor is getting dinner on the table fast, these are three of our go-tos: Vegan Chana Masala, Vegetarian Black Bean Enchiladas, and Lemon Parmesan Pasta with Grilled Chicken.

Favorite simple date: I am continually inspired by all of the couples who share their date ideas in our Southern Newlywed series, because the Thomas household is the worst at date nights. Honestly, just not making dinner ourselves is a treat since we usually cook seven nights a week! So, grabbing dinner from Chick-fil-a or Noodles & Company feels indulgent and fun on a weeknight, and gives us extra time to just be together and talk instead of rushing around getting dinner on the table.

Favorite simple way you love on your beau: Listening to him. It’s embarrassing to admit, but too often I think I can write an email or sort mail or read a blog post at the same time. News flash: I can’t. Listening to him with both ears and both eyes is a great way to show him how much I appreciate him and the fact that he wants to talk to ME! That is a privilege I try not to forget!

Next up in this series: Kristin!

P.S. Looking for more ways inspiring gals simplify their lives? We love our friend Emily Ley’s Simplicity series!

Written with love by Southern Weddings
  1. avatar Rachel Nordgren reply

    Oh my goodness…I have a feeling I’m going to LOVE this series! Simplifying is just my favorite, and so is autumn! Emily, your pumpkin muffin recipe sounds like the perfect way to slow down and enjoy a simple Saturday afternoon with my husband! Cannot WAIT to read more from you lovely ladies!

  2. avatar Maureen reply

    I just love reading about your team! It’s so nice to have such a personal connection to you even though we’ve never met. It feels like we have. Thanks for taking the time to make sure readers really know you. :)

  3. avatar Meg Gravley reply

    I feel like Emily and I would get along quite well – I am a fan of pumpkin (anything), monthly calendars AND breakfast smoothies! Really enjoy this series so far.

  4. avatar Ashton Dreyer reply

    I 100% agree on the monthly PAPER calendar. I added the Simplified Planner to my birthday wish list a few months ago. Fingers crossed I get it!

  5. avatar Elizabeth Lane reply

    So excited for this series! I am definitely going to be trying out your pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe :)

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Introducing Cozy Fall

by in News on

When I moved from New England to the South, the one thing I was hoping I wouldn’t lose was the seasons. There’s something so right and necessary about an external switch-up every few months — it always seems to come exactly when we need it, doesn’t it? The flip of the calendar or the change in the weather so often mirrors exactly the change I’m craving on the inside, in my life or in my relationships.

And so it is with fall. After a whirlwind season of Summer Love – trying new things, recreating memories, traveling, wringing every minute of joy and excitement out of those long, hot days — I’m ready for something different. Something quieter, and cozier, and simpler. When the Southern Weddings gals got together to chat about what we wanted to focus on in these next few months (and what we imagined y’all would want to focus on), those are the words we kept coming back to. And thus, “Cozy Fall” was born.

Whatever season of life you’re in — jumping back into the college hustle, juggling full-time work and the full-time work of wedding planning, or making time for date nights around managing a household and holding down a job — we are with you. For the next few months, our goal is to help you simplify, not just for the sake of simplicity but so that you can make room for what matters most to you. We’ll help you to get cozy and reconnect with the one you love. We’ll make date nights easy for you. And we’ll provide lots of inspiration along the way from folks who’ve got things figured out – at least a little bit, at least for right now!

As much as a pumpkin spice latte, a walk through crunchy leaves, or a slice of pecan pie, we hope this is just what you’ve been craving. We’re eager to come alongside you in this season, encouraging you and learning from you. Use the hashtag #CozyFallYall through November 30 to share your fall. We’ll be doing the same! As an added bonus, we’ll choose one hashtag user every week to win a cozy fall goodie on us – just a little added motivation to share and share alike.

Here’s to simplicity, coziness, and deep love — all beautiful things to be savored for the next few months. We hope you’ll join us!

With love,
The SW gals

All photos by our delightful Blue Ribbon Vendor Caroline Lima. Shot at the beautiful Merrimon-Wynne House, with thanks to our adorable models, Amanda and Nick!

emily Written with love by Emily
  1. avatar Courtney Wolf reply

    I absolutely love this! Fall is one of my favorite things about the South and there is nothing quite like the State Fair, crisp air, and cozy nights that come with the season. I’m so excited to see what yall have in store for these next few fabulous months!

  2. avatar Creating a Cozy Fall Home reply

    […] Have you seen the #CozyFallYall campaign that Southern Weddings is doing right now? I am loving following this hashtag to get inspiration […]

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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