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We are having an unfortunate burst of cold weather in North Carolina, and it seems like winter has decided to revisit us once again. I’ve pulled my pea coat back out of the closet and I’m consuming hot coffee 24/7 to stay warm (side effect: I’m also slightly jittery, and super productive). One other thing is making me feeling all warm inside, and that is the gorgeous jewelry of Brandy Pham. Take one look at her jewelry and accessories collection and you, too, will be feeling nice and toasty!

Brandy’s jewelry has just the right amount of femininity, and I would honestly be happy to add every single item to my jewelry collection. Her necklaces are the type that you could pair with comfortable jeans or a drop-dead ball gown. The Amy Pearl Necklace would be a gorgeous addition to that outfit you already have planned for the bridal shower, and couldn’t you just see the Haley stud earrings being the perfect complement to your dream wedding gown?

To Enter: Brandy Pham’s collection is dominated by black and white pieces. Leave a comment below telling us your wedding colors for a chance to win!

Win: A pair of the Haley stud earrings paired with EITHER the All That Shimmers Silver Bangles OR the Amy Pearl Necklace (your choice!).

You have until Tuesday, April 5th at midnight to enter for your chance to win some gorgeous jewelry. I’d enter sooner rather than later if I were you!

Written with love by Whitney
  1. avatar Angela Morgan reply

    pink and green!

  2. avatar Elizabeth reply

    baby pink. antique white. silver. and gray.

  3. avatar Natalie reply

    Navy Blue and Pink!

  4. avatar KC reply

    Cinnamon, Peach and Ivory

  5. avatar Lindsay Weidenhammer reply

    Pink and light beige!

  6. avatar Catherine reply

    Olivine and Marine!

  7. avatar Tiffany reply

    Royal Purple and Cream!

  8. avatar Robin Chrisman reply

    Navy and Pale Yellow

  9. avatar Allison reply

    violet and silver!

  10. avatar Ashley Smith reply

    Hot Pink and Black!

  11. avatar madelynne miller reply

    my wedding colors are grey, green, yellow, and white. i love the amy pearl necklace and the studs are so cute!

  12. avatar Sarah reply

    Our wedding colors are pink and champagne… and it’s the lovely “honeysuckle” pink : ) Amazing jewelry, Brandy- I just love the Amy pearl necklace!

  13. avatar Christi reply

    My colors are light pink/blush, with shades of blue and white. I haven’t finished picking out bridesmaid dresses but I am considering navy since not everyone likes to wear light pink, especially my fair skinned family and friends.

    • avatar Haley Akins reply

      Haley stud earrings for a Haley!

      Winning the earrings and either the bracelet or necklace would be a dream come true for my black and white winter shimmer wedding!

      My wedding dress is black and white and I am going to be carrying a brooch bouquet, so the earrings are just perfect! I tweeted your giveaway and hope to win!

  14. avatar Serena reply

    Green + White with yellow accents!

  15. avatar Joy reply

    My colors are sunset, succulent, and ocean. What that comes down to is different shades of corals, greens, and blues. I love all colors so this was a very hard decision, there is no way I could be a bride that would narrow it down to only two colors! And this way I can have all different shades of the main colors, this way my appetite for color is satisfied!

  16. avatar Jeannine @ Small & Chic in Cville reply

    My wedding colors are ivory and pale green. At least, that’s what they are today. Who knows what they’ll be next week. ;)

  17. avatar S reply

    blue white & gold

  18. avatar Haley reply

    My colors are a mustardy yellow and a sage green for a July wedding. The bridesmaids will be in sage green short dresses, with billy ball bouquets! I adore the Haley earrings… and… my name is Haley… how fitting!

  19. avatar sarah b reply

    we’re planning on charcoal, yellow, ivory & green!

  20. avatar Ashley reply

    Black & White! I can’t believe I’m the first “black & white” comment! Any of these pieces would be a beautiful addition to my gown, but if I win, I might just pass them along to my sweet mom as a gift… they would look amazing with her wedding-day attire and after all of the planning, I think she deserves them more than me!

  21. avatar kasey reply

    Green & Orange!

  22. avatar Bella reply

    White, Lavender and Blue!

  23. avatar Rebecca reply

    I’m doing grey, dusty pink/peach, and a vintage blue and green color. It’s a very vintage and rustic color scheme, slightly Alice in Wonderland!

  24. avatar Cheryl reply

    Teal and Apple Green :)

  25. avatar Melly S reply

    My colors are blue and gray, with pops of yellow accents. It’s a cheery summer wedding!

  26. avatar Allie reply

    Dusty blue, lavender, and cream!

  27. avatar Allyson L. reply

    My wedding colors are black and white! My dress has a black sash and the BM’s will be wearing black dresses and the Junior BM’s will be wearing black dresses with white sashes. The jewelry would coordinate perfectly and I’m still on the hunt for jewelry so I would love this.

  28. avatar Jamie reply

    My colors are lime green, hot pink & orange! Love the necklace!! Awesome jewels!! Great job!! Huge fan of swmag!!

  29. avatar Talah Nikjeh reply

    My wedding colors are magenta, navy blue and gold! Love the jewelry!

  30. avatar Katie reply

    I am working on jewelry now! How’d you know? :)
    Our colors are navy and lime.

  31. avatar Kimber reply

    Our wedding colors are blue and green! Those gorgeous pieces would add some serious lovely to our nuptials!

  32. avatar Erin A. reply

    My wedding colors are blues and greens with a touch of white and purple. All different textures and tones!

  33. avatar Maggi reply

    Midnight blue and gold… with fall fruits!

  34. avatar Jessica reply

    What an awesome giveaway! We don’t have a set wedding color scheme – we’re eloping with a few friends – but we’re focusing on jewel and neutral tones – cream, burgundy, dark blue.

  35. avatar Shevaun reply

    Ivory, Black, Grey and Deep Eggplant <3

  36. avatar kaleigh reply

    my colors are vintage, natural tones. I would love to win these earrings, they would totally be a pop of color on my big day. beautiful!

  37. avatar kaleigh reply

    my bridesmaids are wearing black – I think those earrings would tie in beautifully!

  38. avatar Erin reply

    The colors for my September 2012 wedding are emerald, black, and silver–so Brandy Pham’s black and silver pieces would be a perfect fit!

  39. avatar Marie reply

    Our favorite color is blue, so it made picking wedding colors much easier, blue, white, and some silver.

  40. avatar Laura reply

    My color is bright blue. Then we accented it with a whole slew of jewel tones. It’s fantastic!

    • avatar Joni reply

      My colors are orchid, ivory and a spring green. I just got my ears pierced so I could wear earrings for my wedding. And those are gorgeous!

    • avatar Joni reply

      My wedding colors are orchid, ivory and spring green. I just got my ears pierced so I could wear more jewelry at my wedding (I’m marrying into a southern family). Those earrings are gorgeous!!

  41. avatar Courtney reply

    Oooh I love those bangles and those earrings!

    My colors are pink and navy with a touch of gold : )

  42. avatar Katherine reply

    Kelly green and peach. I would LOVE to win the jewelry :)

  43. avatar Quynh reply

    My wedding-chic all white wedding :)

  44. avatar Cali reply

    French blue, moss green and white. LOVE the necklace!

  45. avatar Adrienne WIlson reply

    My wedding colors are black, white and, blush. What could be more perfect?

  46. avatar courtney reply

    i couldnt choose just one color or two. i choose an array. BRIGHT reds, pinks, oranges and a touch of yellow. any of this jewelry would work so well with my dress, flowers and mothers veil. exquisite jewels!

  47. avatar Melissa W reply

    Our wedding colors are cobalt blue and silver with hints of lemon yellow.

  48. avatar Lindsay reply

    Our wedding colors are light pink, ivory and champagne!

  49. avatar Robin V reply

    Shades of pink with an accent of black

  50. avatar KK reply

    Coral, Navy and Ivory!

  51. avatar Heather Taylor reply

    Purple and Grey

  52. avatar Jennifer reply

    My sister has picked out navy and green!

  53. avatar Elyse G. reply

    yellow & black & white

  54. avatar Leslie reply

    pink and grey!

  55. avatar Hannah Neal reply

    fuchsia, plum & slate grey – vintage, loft/museum venue, lush & romantic florals with a touch of feathers!

  56. avatar JLT reply

    Terra Cotta, light grey, and black.

  57. avatar Kayla C. reply

    Our wedding colors are black, white, and red!

  58. avatar AshleyHH reply

    Navy and a warm yellow for a fall wedding at a ranch

  59. avatar Leslie R reply

    our wedding colors are orange/peachy pinks and gray for a fall wedding in downtown wilmington nc!! these pieces would be perfect for our vintage romance wedding!

  60. avatar Kayla reply

    Purple, lavender, and tan 11.11.11

  61. avatar Jessica reply

    Sooo for our wedding we are choosing sage green, ivory and white. I love the contrast of ivory and white and plan to do those colors for our cake. The flowers will also have a touch of blush pink. I think it will turn out really amazing.

  62. avatar Leah reply

    Royal Blue and Spring Green! :)

  63. avatar Maranda H. reply

    My wedding isn’t for a super long time, but my colors will involve raspberry red, spring green, and a light, bright blue (my favorite color). I love Brandy’s stuff and the Amy Pearl Necklace is especially lovely. :)

  64. avatar Jamie Montgomery reply

    Pink, Peach, and Chocolate Brown :-)

  65. avatar Katie reply

    Mine are black and white, with touches of red and silver thrown in.

  66. avatar Wendi reply

    Hi, My wedding colors are White, Green (lime) with accents of Yellow and Purple.

  67. avatar Sarah Chandler reply

    My wedding colors are yellow and gray! The BEST color combination out there!

  68. avatar Stacy reply

    lavendar and grey

  69. avatar Jenna reply

    chocolate brown, grass green, deep bluish purple, and gunmetal grey
    so cute!

  70. avatar Brynne Koontz reply

    Navy, Silver & Pink

  71. avatar Angie O reply

    My colors are plum & platinum

  72. avatar Sophia reply

    Navy blue and gold…so elegant!

  73. avatar Jessica reply

    My black & white themed vintage wedding NEEDS these adorable accessories! =)

  74. avatar Aubrey Gideon reply

    My colors are a classic cream, green, and brown.

  75. avatar kathleen reply

    my wedding colors are reflecting the natural colors of my venue (the farm where my man grew up) from the white picket fence to creamy magnolia flowers…. creams and greens will mimic mother nature in all her glory!

  76. avatar Angela Zhang reply

    my wedding colors are peach, ivory, and gold :D

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