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It’s about high time that we make someone’s day and announce the winner of our recent giveaways, don’t you agree? With prizes ranging from delectable to delightful, there’s plenty of goodness to go around!

We asked you what you loved most about summer for the chance to win Amy Atlas’ Sweet Designs book.

Congratulations to Sandryte who said, “Good weather – that’s why I love summer! And then comes my balcony with flowers, outdoor furniture, afternoon tea and icecream, watermelons. A camping trip and a few picnics are a must for the year!” and Laura who said, “My favorite thing about summer is going on vacation!!! I live in NC, so I visit the beach AND the mountains during the summer!”

We are just gaga for Plum Pretty Sugar’s new Castelbel & Trumpet collection. We asked you to tell us what you’re doing the morning of your wedding for the chance to win one!

Winner, Virgina said, “The morning of my wedding I plan to first, wake up and have a cup of coffee with my mom and dad to cherish those last minutes of being only theirs before everything gets started. Afterward, I want to have all my bridesmaids over for a morning devotional and then give them their bridesmaids gifts. So looking forward to it!!”

Who doesn’t love cornhole?? We were thrilled when SC Cornhole wanted to give away three sets, but now as an extra bonus, TWO MORE WINNERS will also get a set! Yahoo!! Biggest thanks go out to the SC Cornhole team!

Big congrats go out to our winners:

Lerissa said, “I think it would be awesome to give the girls and guys a couple pints of paint (in pre-selected colors) and let them each have a board to customize, hen have the girls sign theirs and the guys sign their own. To stick with the theme of the wedding, I will go back and add burlap-knitted lace with gold accents along the outer sides and modge-podge the boards to preserve the creativity and the fun times we had preparing for our wedding. All of our closest friends will have partial ownership in its creation and will be excited to see them when we bring the boards out when we get together.”

Kathryn, who said, “My boy and I both love our monograms, so I’d do one of each. Mine might be light blue and white for UNC and his purple and gold for ECU. I could also do light pink and white for my sorority colors and light blue and white for his board, with a quatrefoil shape behind our monograms (my sorority’s badge shape) – his idea, I love it!”

Emily, who said, “Monograms would be cute – but I’d totally make it “ours” by having a bowtie on “his” board and a champagne glass on “my” board.”

Eva, who said, “We would love a cornhole set for our wedding! We would customize by painting them turquoise and then painting the state shapes of Georgia (groom’s home state) on one board and Virginia (bride’s home state) on the other board!”

And Brianna, who said, “I’d love to Monogram this with my new last name and blue and yellow Chevron print!(wedding colors).”

Wahoo! Winners, be on the lookout for an email from me.

Didn’t win this time? That’s okay, we’ve got plenty more giveaway coming up!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole

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Happy day before summer, y’all!! I don’t know about you, but summer is hands down, with a doubt, my favorite season of all time. Long, warm days, catching fireflies, ice cream and hanging out on the porch with good company make the next few months magical. Y’all know us. If we love something, we must find an excuse to celebrate it!

All the gorgeous styling of Amy Atlas!

When Amy Atlas, sweets designer extraordinaire, released her book, Sweet Designs just two months ago, we were dying to share it with y’all! The bright colors, yummy recipes and fun tips were just what we needed to ring in the summer.

We’re thrilled that we can giveaway one of Amy’s books to two lucky winners! It’s a fabulous resource for planning the epic sweets spread at your wedding, but you’re also going to find so many ideas in there that you’ll start styling desserts at all of your parties. (Wait until you see her chapter on picnic spreads! I die.)

To Enter: Leave us a comment below telling us what you love most about summer.

Win: TWO winners will each receive one copy of Amy Atlas’s book, Sweet Designs!

This giveaway closes on June 27. Good luck!

nicoleyang Written with love by Nicole
  1. avatar Liz reply

    Oh my word I have heard great things about that book! fingers crossed. =)

  2. avatar megan reply

    summer is the heart of baseball season!

  3. avatar Kristyn M reply

    I love the warm summer early evenings when the fireflies start to appear and running around with my nieces trying to catch them! (They are so good at it! Must be something about being young because I used to be much better at it than I am now!)

  4. avatar Megan P. reply

    I love the carefree attitude of summer!

  5. avatar Desiree reply

    I love summer beers!!! mmm

  6. avatar Kelly reply

    I love being able to open all the windows in our home when the weather is nice! We have a ton of trees surrounding our house, so from the vantage point of my bedroom upstairs, it feels like I’m in a treehouse!

  7. avatar Peyton Marie reply

    My favorite thing about summer is the watermelon, ice cream and backyard cookouts with family and friends. Everyone is more relaxed in the summer and the whole atmosphere is happy happy happy :)

  8. avatar Linden reply

    I love going to the lake! Waterskiing, being on the boat, and just relaxing by the water is the best! I’ve heard great things about this book.

  9. avatar Katie W. reply

    I love the longer days of summer!

  10. avatar Rachael reply

    Love being able to get outside and have picnics by the lake.

  11. avatar Laura reply

    My favorite thing about summer is going on vacation!!! I live in NC, so I visit the beach AND the mountains during the summer!

  12. avatar Laura reply

    My favorite thing about summer is summer cookouts!! Complete with dessert, of course :) Hope I win!

  13. avatar Kati W reply

    My favorite thing about summer is going to the lake on the weekends. It’s only an hour away from where we live, and we always have fun summer traditions — like making homemade ice cream and playing charades!

  14. avatar Nicole reply

    Oh, where to start. Summer is just the best! I love unwinding with the fiance on the back patio with a glass of wine, enjoying the fireflies, and watching our pups run around the yard. Perfect summer night!

  15. avatar Elizabeth reply

    My favorite thing about summer is making homemade ice cream!!

  16. avatar Kaitlin Boles reply

    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to enter this giveaway, so sweet of you! Good luck to everyone who has entered this giveaway! I love summer vacations, a break from nursing school and finishing up my psychology degree as well! I love being able to plan my wedding this summer eventhough it isn’t until October of 2013. I am also happy to spend time with my fiance, family, and friend this summer! I love summer time!

  17. avatar Jessica reply

    What I love most about summer is coming home from college and being able to get back into the swing of doing things with my family. I love weekly Sunday bagels with Grandpa, nightly family dinners that are homemade by a combination of my parents and me, and just hanging out with everyone at night in our living room or on our back porch if the weather is nice!

  18. avatar Kristy reply

    Late night swinging : )

  19. avatar Liz @ Hobby Lobbyist reply

    I love the green grass and beautiful flowers of summer.

  20. avatar Annie reply

    I love drinking sweet iced tea on our patio while watching the fireflies!

  21. avatar Meghan reply

    Cicadas makin’ noise on a lazy hot summer afternoon after having pulled a few crab pots earlier in the day. Having a crab feast outside right on the picnic table complete with Old Bay, Firefly with limeade, and laughter!

  22. avatar amanda reply

    my favorite thing about summer is the peaches, honeysuckles and fireflies! you can just smell it right now… ahh summer..

  23. avatar Erin reply

    My favorite thing about summer? The sunshine! Sunset isn’t until late (like 8:30 pm!) which means more time to drive around with the windows down, more time to sit on the deck and take in the day, more time to spend time with those we love <3

  24. avatar Shea Heimbach reply

    I love eating corn on the cob and ripe watermelon with family on our back porch as the sun sets!

  25. avatar Angela- The Southern Fried Bride reply

    Love the warm breeze in the air!

  26. avatar Tiffany Freeman reply

    What I love about summer is weekends spent camping at the lake and boating all weekend long. The longer days mean more time to enjoy the evenings cooking out and being with family and friends!

  27. avatar Jessica of My Baking Heart reply

    My favorite part of Summer is sitting by the pool sipping Pina Coladas! Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  28. avatar Sandryte reply

    Good weather – that’s why I love summer! And then comes my balcony with flowers, outdoor furniture, afternoon tea and icecream, watermelons. A camping trip and a few picnics are a must for the year!

  29. avatar Afton reply

    The thing I love most about summer are picnics and summer nights around a bonfire roasting marshmallows!

  30. avatar Kimberly reply

    I love summertime because I can spend precious moments with my closest friends and family! Picnics at the park, hiking by the creek, and enjoying time at Bible study are some of my favorite things to do in the summer =)

  31. avatar Theresa reply

    Spending time with family outdoors for cookouts!

  32. avatar Megan reply

    I LOVE that it stays daylight so late, so we can enjoy a great summer evening with a glass of wine while doing some front porch sittin’! :)

  33. avatar Megan reply

    I LOVE that it stays daylight so late, so we can enjoy a great summer evening with a glass of wine while doing some front porch sittin’! :)

  34. avatar Katie O’Keefe reply

    What I love about summertime? Fireflies, lake weekends, frozen lemon pie, bright (neon) clothes, watermelon, grilling, roasting s’mores at night, freshly cut grass, the smell of sun tan lotion, pistachio ice cream, spending time with family outside and never needing a sweater! Thanks for doing this giveaway – I love Amy Atlas.

  35. avatar Lindsey D reply

    I love long, lazy days at the beach!

  36. avatar Kori reply

    I love the lake in the summertime with my family!

  37. avatar Brittney Perryman reply

    My favorite thing about summer is the way it brings Southern families together. Whether we’re attending concerts in our small town, hanging out at my aunt’s pool, or just sitting on the porch making homemade ice cream, my huge Southern family always spends the summer together and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  38. avatar Anne M reply

    Picnics…fireflies…homemade ice cream…the warmth of the sun and the comfort of spending time with family and friends!

  39. avatar Susan Trexler reply

    Oooh, sitting in the backyard under the trees with a sweet breeze cooling the end of the day at sunset, while sipping a glass of wine. It’s so peaceful and quiet!

  40. avatar Whitney reply

    What isn’t there to love about summer?! I would have to say my favorite thing about summer are the lazy days spent on the beach that turn into lazy nights grilling out. Oh and of course homemade Cheerwine icecream!

  41. avatar Brittany reply

    My favorite part of summer is there’s always a reason for good food and yummy desserts! Whether it’s grilling hamburgers on the porch with friends, or trying a new Popsicle recipe by the pool.

  42. avatar Samantha Jones reply

    What’s not to love about summer? Any Southern girl knows that summer is a time to break out cute sundresses and heels (or wedges!), fun jewelry, and spend time outdoors with loved ones. My personal favorite is to a host a family BBQ with home cooking and drinks in mason jars.

  43. avatar Emma reply

    My favorite thing about summer is 4th of July! I always spend the day with my family and friends soaking up the sunshine and cooling off in the pool then eating lots of delicious food (and drinking ice cold sweet tea, of course!) and lighting fireworks.

  44. avatar Brenda reply

    Summer reminds me of good times with friends near the water. The breeze off the water and the hot sun are an invigorating combination and give a great tan. Outdoor weddings are lovely and we recently enjoyed our daughters at a historic barn, tented tables and a rented dance floor and band. The patio lights around the dance floor were so romantic when the sun went low…tuxes, frills, and sweet memories with loved ones. The deserts were arranged for a southern belle at teatime.

  45. avatar JennaLea reply

    Traveling, going to the beach, and enjoying foods fresh from the garden.

  46. avatar Katie reply

    My favorite thing about summer is summer dresses. They are so cool, pretty, and easy.

    Also, the all white display is gorge.

  47. avatar Paula reply

    Summer in Australia means Christmas for us ! Christmas, and BBQ’s, beaches and holidays! Summer in Australia signals the end of one year and the beginning of another – how can we not love summer (our biggest celebration period of the year) !

  48. avatar Sara M. reply

    I love walks on the beach with the dog, ice-cream, sunglasses and margarita cookouts :)

  49. avatar Liz Rotz reply

    Summer means baseball games (Go STLCards!), hanging out on our back deck, and working in the garden!

  50. avatar Sarah H. reply

    Chicago comes alive in the summer. Late night dinners outside, running along Lake Michigan and sundresses.

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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This might sound a bit strange, but I think breakfast on day 2 might have been my favorite meal of the entire trip.  Think I’m weird?  Here’s the rundown of what I had: oatmeal brulee, a fruit and yogurt spoonful, a mini skillet of scrambled eggs with sausage and peppers, banana beignets, and a custom mix from the juice bar.  Yummmm.  Plus, breakfast was outside in the Mediterranean Courtyard, which was beautiful!

We then headed into the Venetian Ballroom for a morning of sessions from fabulous speakers.  Paul Leone of The Breakers spoke first, then Rebecca spoke on the “state of the wedding industry.”  I think I took the most notes during her presentation!  After that we read from the hilarious and heartfelt Mindy Weiss, who spoke about “the good, the bad, and the ugly” in her career and the wedding industry.

After that it was time for a snack in the adjoining ballroom.  Let me tell you, these people don’t let you go hungry!  This time around, we had petit macarons and yogurt parfaits.  Delicious!

Snacktime was followed by a panel of design experts: Tara Guerard, Todd Fiscus, and David Beahm.  The things they are doing with events and flowers and lighting are truly spectacular!  Lastly that morning we listened to a dynamite presentation from business expert and road warrior Cindy Novotny

Pictured below :: Cortnie Purdy of Canvas and Canopy Events, Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar, Lara, and Lindsay Pitt of TOAST Events; Chris Confero and Lara

We were then ushered into the spectacular Circle Room for lunch.  The room itself is breathtaking, and with the addition of gorgeous decor and a fabulous string quartet, the experience as a whole was magnificent.  Plus, I just about fainted from cuteness overload — yummy boxes?!  The work of Smock and DK Designs.  Oh yes, then I almost fainted again when I got to help THE Sylvia Weinstock decorate a cake.  For reals.

After lunch we headed back to the ballroom for a few more sessions.  First up was the hilarious and brutally honest Marcy Blum, who spoke largely off the cuff.  Next was a panel lead by Martha Stewart Weddings editor in chief Darcy Miller, who was speaking with Amy Atlas, Abby Larson, and photographer Donna NewmanThe Knot founder Carley Roney moderated the next panel of Randy Fenoli and stationery designer Ceci Johnson of CECI New York.  Finally, we ended the afternoon with a talk by Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli Events, and I am not exaggerating when I say he blew everyone away.  He was definitely my favorite speaker of the conference.  P.S. You may have heard of him — he designed a little thing called Chelsea Clinton’s wedding!

Oh yes, then there were some more snacks — orange-themed this time.  I thought of my dear Katharine when I spotted circus peanuts in the mix!

We ended the night with dine-arounds at a few of The Breakers’ fabulous restaurants.  I was thrilled to dine with Marilyn Oliveira of Inside Weddings and Siri Eklund, as well as fellow attendees Susan Murray, Julie Sabatino, Josh Madans, and Christine Gallagher.  After that, it was — you guessed it — time for more food at the dessert reception on the Ocean Lawn.  Annie Lee of Daughter of Design and I couldn’t get enough of the custom donut station — delicious!  I also enjoyed speaking with Tim O’Neill of the Piano Brothers — we love playing his CDs in the SW office!

Pictured above :: Marcy Blum, Mel Barlow, Jeff from The Breakers, Lara, me, and Harmony Walton

Back with more from the third and final day soon!

All photos in the post are from Mel Barlow, DVB Photographers, Lara’s camera, or one of our iPhones!

emily Written with love by Emily

Southern Weddings reserves the right to delete comments which contain profanity or personal attacks or seek to promote a business unrelated to the post.  And remember: a good attitude is like kudzu – it spreads.  We love hearing your kind thoughts!

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